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Aurora works online as a sexual entertainer. She follows the orders of anonymous people online and gets paid to do things to herself for their pleasure. A long-standing client convinced her to agree to an in-person session for two weeks, and she agrees.
Aurora was nervous as she drove up the driveway to her first client’s house. It was far out from the main road, down a well-kept but discreet dirt road. She had almost missed the turnoff for it, and would have, if it had have been nighttime.

She had been stripping online and doing special requests for some of her regular clients for a while, winning them over with her hourglass figure and petite curves, but she had always refused to meet any of them in real life until today.

Something about this client though, her first in fact, finally gave her the courage to make the next step and service him in person. They had talked about it intensively, setting boundaries and going over what was acceptable and what wasn’t, and their interactions up until this point had been nothing but professional and complementary.

Still, she was nervous as she wound down the long road, finally driving into a large yard of grass hemmed with flower beds. It looked homey, but elegant. The house was the same, a huge wooden cabin with a covered front porch and bay windows overlooking the front yard and surrounding forest.

Aurora carefully pulled her car down the drive and parked next to the truck already sitting just off the path. There was a worn patch where other people before her had clearly done the same, and she nervously patter her hair as she checked herself in the mirror.

She was wearing a dove grey oversized sweater that fell off of one shoulder, the bottom hem falling past her butt to rest mid-thigh, and a thin pair of black semi-transparent leggings with flats. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, as per the agreement they had made, so her nipples were hard and standing at attention in her state of nervous excitement. Her chin-length curly red hair was pulled back with a clip, and her face was bare of makeup, something she wasn’t entirely comfortable with, as it made her look younger than she was.

At twenty five, she still got mistaken for being a teen, and several of her real ID cards had been cut up by doubtful bouncers and bartenders who didn’t believe she was of age. She blamed it on her height, being just under five foot. It had led to a lot of high-school teasing and insecurity, which was probably why she felt more comfortable meeting behind a screen instead of in person.

Shaking herself out of thought, she got out of her car with her suitcase and made her way up the stairs to the front door, knocking lightly as she took a last glance around the yard. The door opened, and she whipped her head around, shocked at the sight before her.

He went by Giddyman762 online. She had never seen his face before, and she had only recently found out his name. Gideon Dimitri Baker. He was easily six foot tall, towering over her with a gentle smile as he crossed his arms. He had wide shoulders and a trim build, all wired muscle and toned limbs. His face held sharp angles and a gentle, kind twinkle in his eyes, and she was immediately comforted and breath-taken by his soft, wavy brown hair and warm hazel eyes.

She remembered herself, holding out a hand for him to shake. “Gideon?” She asked nervously, “I’m Aurora, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

He took her hand, bringing it to his lips to give her a kiss before speaking. “It’s nice to meet you too, Aurora, come on in, I’ll show you where you can put your things and then we can go over the contract.”

“Of course.” She replied, following him inside with a nervous smile.

The house was just as nice inside as it was outside, made for comfort but minimal in decoration and simple in design. It smelled natural, like pine and wood oil, and she found herself excited for her time here. He led her through the living area down the hall, past a few closed doors to the last room on the right.

It was spacious, a four poster bed in the center of the room with a single nightstand. a dresser against the wall and a closet to the left side of it, open and empty. On the right side was a bathroom, with a door attached to a second bedroom.

“I hope you like it. I’ll leave you to unpack while I get the paperwork set up.”

Before she could turn to thank him, he was gone, but she dutifully unpacked her things, familiarizing herself with the room. She hung up some of the clothes he had requested she bring, and put her casual clothes in the dresser, along with her purse. Her toiletries went in the bathroom and she finished up by putting her IPad on the dresser next to her bed and the suitcase under it.

Finished, she made her way back to the living room and then to the adjoining kitchen, where Gideon was sorting out paperwork. He smiled up at her, standing to pull out a chair and offer her a seat, a true gentlemen. As she settled in and looked over everything he started explaining it to her, his deep, rumbling voice distracting in a way that sent tingles up and down her body.

“Now, here are the papers, and this is the two week addendum. You’ll stay here for two weeks under my care and instruction, doing as I like until the time is up. Right behind it is the authorized list of toys and constraints. You’ll see I got rid of the harsher things, as you requested, and the next page is the confidentiality agreement, stating that any and everything done here is not to be disclosed of outside of the two of us.”

Aurora gave the papers a scan. He had indeed taken the harsher things off the list, like tasers and spikes. She shuddered at the idea of them, but flushed at the things that were listed. Dildos, collars, spreaders, clamps, ropes. She hadn’t really spent much time with them outside of posing for her clients, and she’s never used them with another person. In fact, she had only had sex twice, and both times were less than memorable.

Satisfied with what she saw, she signed the various pages, stacking them back together to hand to him. He went over them, signing his own name next to hers, and handed over a second copy for her to sign. Right, a copy for them both. She signed the second set of papers quickly, trading stacks with him again once she was finished so he could sign those as well. Finished, he took the second copy and folded it, putting it aside on the table and smiling at her.

She smiled back, twining her fingers in her lap as she said, “Now that all the paperwork is out of the way, what would you like to do?”

“I’d like you to take your clothes off and put these on yourself, then do a little walk for me.” He rumbled, pulling a set of small devices out of his jean pocket and setting them on the table.

Aurora picked them up, inspecting. Clear, simple suction clamps. There were three of them. She smiled up at him, shaking off her nerves as she took off her clothes and set them on the chair she had just vacated. Her breasts bounced gently, nipples hardening further as the met the cool air. She pulled down her leggings next, slowly, temptingly, like she knew he liked from the videos she had sent him before.

He watched with appreciation, leaning back in his chair as she applied the clamps to herself, squeezing the cups and gently pressing them over her nipples. She could feel her heartbeat pounding through the nerves in the tips of them, sending sparks of lighting to her clit. She lifted her leg quickly and rested it on the tip of the chair, trying to get the third clamp on before she got too wet. She placed it over herself, looking up at him as she squeezed the tiny bulb and stuck it over her clit, watching the hunger grow in his eyes as it pulled at her, her pulse heavy in her clit now as well.

She slowly dropped her leg to the floor, adjusting to the new sensations, and took a few steps into the living room and then back, breath hitching as the bulb against her clit pulled with each step. She was becoming wet quickly, and her face flushed as he slowly looked up and down her body, signaling her to do it again. She did, and this time, his eyes were on her face as it heated further, liquid building between her legs.

He made he walk once more, and this time when she finished he pulled her to him, making her straddle his legs as she stood before him. He slowly trailed his fingers up her inner thighs, eyes on her mound, one hand wrapping around to her rear to hold her in place while the other went to the clamp, flicking it lightly with his finger.

Aurora made an involuntary little shocked whimper followed by a gasp as she covered her mouth in embarrassment, and his eyes shot up to her face.

“Don’t cover up those pretty little sounds, pet. I want to hear every bit of pleasure I give to you.”

Aurora slowly lowered her hands, and he flicked it again while looking directly into her eyes. She let loose another high pitched noise, and she saw his jeans tent with his own excitement. She knew from their exchanges that he had an impressive length, the head much larger than the rest of him, like a rounded mushroom top. He had admitted that it was a source of self consciousness for himself, but she had found it extremely attractive, and she could see the line of it bulging against the material holding it in.

He followed her line of sight and growled at her, pulling on the clamp between his fingers, Aurora letting out a cry. “Not yet. Now head back down the hall, to the room across from yours, we’re going to play.”

Aurora nodded, head swimming with lust as she walked down the hall, feeling the heat of him behind her and the clamp pulling between her legs. She opened the door and took a step inside, pausing as she registered what was in the room in shock. Tons and tons of equipment filled the room. Along one of the walls were all sorts of crops and ropes and toys, spaced out evenly and prettily. The other walls had hooks and restraints, even some contraptions she had never seen before. The floor had several different restraint or sex machines in the middle. She recognized the breeding stand, and the cross. Some of the others she could guess at, and more still she had no idea how they worked.

She felt a hand press on her bare back, and shook herself, walking into the room. Gideon cleared his throat. “Have a look around, and pick something to play on. I’ll grab some toys.”

Aurora slowly walked through the room, trailing her fingers over the equipment as she inspected it. There were two posts sticking out of the wall that caught her attention, and she made her way over to them. Made out of a sanded and polished wood, two rounded pieces of wood were bolted to a plank on the wall at about her rib height, about two feet or so apart. Leather cuffs were attached beside them, above them and under them in various sizes, heavy metal snaps left open.

She inspected them, looking for anything more intricate, but they seemed to be just what they were.

“Good choice.” She heard behind her, and turned to see Gideon taking off his shirt. He was tanned, probably from maintaining his yard, and Aurora felt her pulse quicken as he crooked his finger at her and she stepped towards him. He lifted her under the arms, directing her to spread her legs as he set her on the two posts, the backs of her knees catching against the posts as her hips dipped between them.

He steadied her with an arm as he slipped first one, then the other ankle into the straps below, holding her legs spread and taunt over the poles, her back pressed against the wall, her mound and ass exposed to the world, clit swollen and red. She watched Gideon take a moment to appreciate it before he strapped her waist against the wall, then her neck. He strapped her hands last, pulling them down by her knees, checking to make sure everything was secure before stepping away to grab toys.

Aurora shivered against the cool surface of the wall and poles, feeling utterly exposed and vulnerable as he turned back with a small glass ball and a vibrating wand.

“First, let’s remove that clamp.” He said, plucking it from her clit with a quick movement and letting it fall to the floor. The sound of it popping off was covered by the sharp gasp of pleasure that escaped her, echoing through the room and reverberating in her ears.

“I love that sound.” Gideon said, dropping to his knees, face inches away from her dripping sex. Her heart pounded as she looked down at him between her legs, as he slowly rolled that glass ball in his palm, and then pressed it against her opening. She could only watch as he pushed it lightly, barely entering her before letting it slide back out.

He pressed it again, going a little further, then groaned. “You know, I can see right into your tight little pussy when I push this into you. You’re so wet for me, it’s hard to keep from getting carried away.”

He pressed it in again, and Aurora’s breath got heavy as he started a rhythm, her watching him as he watched and pushed the ball further into her, letting it push back out. Her entrance stretched and closed, stretched and closed, until the ball was finally at it’s widest point and Aurora could feel her entrance muscles pause around it, clenching until it slipped that final curve and gently sucked into her, her inner muscles settling around the heavy new fullness inside her.

She watched as Gideon sighed and shook his head in satisfaction, looking up at her. “What a damn pretty sight. Are you ready pet? I want to play with you until you’re pleading with me to stop. Let’s see how many orgasms you can take.”

Aurora tried to nod, awkward with the collar on, and instead just responded with a breathy, “Please.”

Gideon smiled, turning on the wand. “That’s what I like to hear.”

The wand pressed against her opening, and she closed her eyes as the vibrations shook the ball inside her, sending little sparks flying against her walls. She felt Gideon rub the wand up and down her slit, covering it in her juices before lightly pressing it against her clit. The breath rushed out of her, and Aurora knew she wasn’t going to last long if he kept that up.

She didn’t have the breath to make noise as he removed her nipple clamps, first the left, then the right, vibrator steady against her clit as his other hand massaged her breasts and then played with her nipples. She could feel herself building, and let out a whine of protest. Not yet. She didn’t want to cum yet, so soon.

“No, Gideon, please.” She pleaded.

“What’s wrong pet? Getting close already? You’re so responsive. Don’t be shy, let it out. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

Aurora writhed as he applied just a little more pressure to the vibrator, his free fingers twisting and pulling on her hard nipple gently but fervently.

Her climax built quickly, and her body pulled tight against her restraints as she arched and her head tilted up, breast pressing into his palm as she let out a small high pitched moan and came, inner muscles gripping the ball inside her tightly in waves as she rode it out, made all the more intense by the fact that she couldn’t move.

The vibrator dropped from between her legs,

And she felt his hand leave her breast as he continued to stimulate her, using his fingers to prolong her climax while he spread her lips wide and angled his head to look inside her, the glass ball barely visible with her spread apart. He ran his tongue along her slit, fingers easing up as her orgasm finally started to fade, and used his mouth to lap up all the liquid that had been slowly dripping from her sex.

He lapped at her like he was dying of thirst, his warm tongue rasping against her in ways that made her desperate for more. Her hands pulled at their restraints, and she moaned as he placed his hands on her thighs, thumbs pulling her further apart so he could nuzzle her clit with his nose.

He took a deep breath, taking in the scent of her, licking between each word. “You. Taste. So. Good. Cum. On. My. Tongue. Pet.”

He punctuated his words with little flicks of his thumb against her clit, and Aurora felt herself building again, mouth going dry as she panted and strained, muscles tense as she whimpered and climbed ever so slowly back up to climax.

By the time she felt like she might explode, she had been steadily mewling, a rhythmic sound that she could feel had Gideon smirking as he lapped at her. With a final flick of his tongue he sent her over the edge and she saw stars, falling apart as he kissed his way up her body to her ear.

One hand massaged her lower stomach, easing the tension in her body, his other arm resting above her head as he whispered, “You respond so well for me, pet. I want to fuck you so bad my dick is aching.”

He emphasized how badly he wanted her by pressing his erection against her, the tip now resting above the edge of his jeans, tucked up into a more comfortable position. “For now though,” he said, trailing the hand he was massaging her with down to her opening. “We’re gonna see if you can push that ball out. Give it a try.”

His finger circled her entrance as he waited, and Aurora closed her eyes as she panted and clenched her muscles, trying to push the ball out. She felt it move inside her, the pressure slowly working it out. She felt her entrance start to stretch when suddenly the ball was forced back inside of her. She snapped her eyes open, looking down to see Gideon’s middle finger pressed inside her up to the second knuckle. She looked back up at him, saw his smirk, and licked her lips.

“Again, pet.” He said, pulling his finger back out to circle her hole.

She pushed it back to the same place, stretching her entrance, before he did the same thing.

“Again.” He said. So she did. Again, and again, and again. Her muscles were starting to give, and her insides were sensitive and full, blood rushing, before she finally started to beg.

“Please Gideon. Please.”

“Please what?” He asked, pushing the ball into her yet again, this time leaving his finger inside of her, pushing the ball deep.

Aurora whimpered, pushing again, feeling her muscles tighten against the ball, against him.

“Please, it’s torture.” She pleaded again, letting out a soft moan of relief and then anguish as the ball again pressed out, and then was pushed back into her.

“Again.” This time he put two fingers inside her, cupping them under the ball. When she squeezed he pulled, and the ball ground tightly against her g-spot, driving her wild. He pushed the ball back deep again.

Aurora cried out, insides trembling as he commanded her to push again.

“Please Gideon. I can’t. Please.”

“Oh that’s right pet. Beg me. Push it out. Don’t stop.”

She clenched, and he pulled, raking her g-spot again, and she held back a dry sob as back in it went, this time with three fingers. She was feeling stretched and spent, but he commanded her to push again. She did as she was told, crying out loudly as the ball moved powerfully within her, moved more by Gideon now than herself. She felt a tight pressure at her entrance, a weird rolling sensation as the ball spiraled inside her, and then two of Gideon’s fingers were out of her, the third and the ball tightly stretching her tight before coming out, a wave of relief and longing washing over Aurora as they did.

Aurora gasped as Gideon pressed the wand against her again, holding it in place with his hips, gently thrusting as his hands cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. Aurora could feel sweat dripping down her skin, and she shook as she felt herself building. No more. She couldn’t take any more.

“Gideon.” She moaned, tears welling up in her eyes.

Gideon met her gaze, assessing.

“Say it.” He demanded.

She didn’t know what he wanted her to say, but her voice broke as she begged anyway. “Please!”

She heard Gideon groan, and then his three fingers were plunging deep inside her rubbing against her g-spot violently as he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked, wand kicking up in power to buzz like crazy.

Aurora’s entire body seized, moan cut off as she let go and came, the entire world around her disappearing as pleasure so intense she wasn’t sure she would survive it washed over her. Somewhere distantly she heard a curse, a short laugh, maybe, but she was all lighting and white light for longer than she could count.

When she finally came down, Gideon’s forehead was resting against hers, his breath heavy, that permanent lazy grin on his face.

“Aurora, sweet thing. You have to let go of my fingers. I need them, pet.” He emphasized the last word by flexing said fingers, causing her to clench more and gasp before she slowly, oh so slowly released him and he pulled them free.

She watched as he brought them to his mouth, making sure she was watching as he sucked her juices off each finger before starting to get her down.

She moaned in relief as she was freed, body sore and aching, and collapsed under her own weight when he tried to set her on her feet. He caught her, chuckling as he scooped her up.

“You are absolutely spent, aren’t you pet?”

Aurora only nodded, exhaustion taking over. She vaguely remembered him cleaning her up, and tucking her into bed, remembered that he had started to massage her aching calves, and then the world went dark.
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