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I had some requests for another part, so here it is. I had posted it before, but while reading it, it struck me that I didn't like the end result, so I deleted it and edited it. If you read it before, give it another try, as it reads completely different now. Sorry about that.

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Broken Little Thing: Chapter 2

DarksX for sexstories.com

Ava's words were still ringing inside my brain, "I'm all yours."

After a while, she didn't shake anymore. She was still hugging me, her face snuggling comfortably on my neck while I remained lying on top of her. With my weight pressing her against the sofa, I could feel every single movement of her little body. For the first time in a long, long time, I felt like staying that way for as long as she wanted to. I kissed the top of her head once, and she snuggled even tighter against me. I could feel her enjoying a blissful moment, being completely accepted by someone she loved. In my case, I tried to convince myself that, yes, it was happening. Yes, that broken little thing was mine.

That same morning, Ava was radiant. The young girl had gone upstairs to clean herself up, take a shower. I had offered to take her there, but she said she was ok, that she just needed a second and would be back in no time. A subtle way to tell me she preferred to go by herself. So I just watched as Ava, still beautifully naked, got up from the couch and slowly moved her way up the stairs with her slender legs trembling, cum running down her inner thighs, stained in red. I heard her turn the shower on, and I imagined her there, washing her nubile body, her entrance so sensitive after all I've done to her, and I wondered - worried, actually - if she wouldn't take that time to think and regret giving herself to me like that.

However, when she came down the stairs twenty minutes later, almost excitedly, she leaned forward to give me a peck on the cheek. I was sitting at one of the chairs around the big table in the kitchen, where I intended to start making lunch but ended up just absorbed in my own thoughts about the whole situation.

I could smell the sweet, fruity scent of her shampoo all around her. The girl had a large and black Mickey Mouse t-shirt on, covering her petite body down to the top part of her thighs, and I had the feeling she wore nothing else but it.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me, Ava letting out a startled but playful little scream, and I made her sit sideways on my lap. I exhaled slowly and had to recompose myself after feeling the warm folds of her bare young entrance pressing against my thigh where she sat. I was right. She had decided to come downstairs to meet me at eleven in the morning this exposed, no more than forty-five minutes after we had sex for the first time - her first time ever. I knew that little girl since the day she was born, and I would never have imagined her as the type who could pull off something like this, all of this. This was a brave Ava I hadn't experienced before.

I took a deep breath. "Everything ok?" I asked, smiling.

"Yes..." she replied, shyly giggling, both hands on her lap while I had my arm around her.

"Do you feel any discomfort?" I questioned her. It just came out, the openness I always had with her mixed with this newly created intimacy.

The question made her feel awkward, and it made her blush and look down at her hands. She didn't like me asking that. It was all over her face, and I regretted that instantly. I was still sailing this unknown area, a sea that divided me being an uncle and being a lover, and apparently, I sucked at it. However, it was beautiful to watch her struggling with shame, more beautiful yet hearing her answering to me anyway.

"A little bit… Yes," Ava answered, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to make things weird, but it's hard for me not to worry about you," I explained.

"It's ok… Like, I know you're just checking on me. You're the only one who does," and Ava gave me another peck on the cheek, still shy though.

"And I always will," I said, kissing her back but going for a light peck on her lips instead, which not only caught her by surprise but also made her smile. "In fact, there's another thing we have to talk about…."

My face turned serious for a moment, and Ava, even smarter than I thought, caught on to what I meant almost instantly.

"We're fine," she said, blushing but confident. "I was counting the days in my head before I said yes… This is why it took me a little longer to answer when you asked me if I wanted to… You know… I was just making sure we were safe."

"Wow." I was static. While I had to ponder so much if we should do it or not, Ava was already doing the math to know if she would get pregnant. "I didn't know you felt so comfortable with the idea of being with me or doing what we did," I said.

"I… I do. I feel weird… I always admired you and everything... But after you openly said you found me to be attractive too..." She said while running the tip of her finger around my shoulder muscles, deep in thoughts. I only had my shorts on, no shirt, so she took the chance to, now openly, admire how muscular I was, "I couldn't think of a reason not to… It just struck me. I mean, who better than you?"

I stopped to think for a moment. Social conventions apart, who better than me? Who would take care of her like I did? Who would appreciate having her like I did? It was clear that she was ready for it, and with all the rejection she dealt with her whole life, such low self-esteem it created, Ava would most likely end up in the hands of a boy - or a man - who would abuse her. Not only sexually but mentally. So, no, nobody was better than me.

"I guess you're right," I lightly kissed her lips again, and she took it so beautifully, smiling for me with her eyes full of a deep feeling, peace, lit by acceptance. I reached down, and I cupped her little butt with my hand, and she gasped, "So, no panties…."

"Well… I said you could see me anytime you wanted, didn't I?" Ava had flushing cheeks once again.

We had an amazing morning and afternoon. We cooked while taking turns playing our favorite songs on the sound system I had installed all around the house. She was familiar with most rock bands I liked already, but I took my time getting to know the music she was into, which was a good idea seeing that we would certainly be spending even more time together. Mainly, it consisted of female pop singers, the likes of Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. Not my style, but not bad. I could live with it. Although, nothing compared to how I enjoyed her singing along to one of my favorite Queens of the Stone Age songs.

It was fast cooking, a simple pasta with heavy-cream-based white sauce and ham my mother used to prepare when I was a kid, and she had no time to do anything more elaborate, and I loved that. I remember making this for Ava the very first time she came to spend time with me when she was little. I had such mixed feelings with all these memories now contrasting how I felt at the moment when I didn't lose a single chance of looking at her, hugging her… I felt guilty, yes, but I felt good.

When we sat to eat, I decided to be by her side, as at any other position, I knew I would be tempted to gaze between her legs, and we would end up not eating at all. I tried to make conversation as casual as possible. Still, the way she seemed happy, comfortable with herself now, irradiated and made her look so different that my mind was constantly going back to what made that happen, to the morning events.

After eating, we went back to the couch, where she sat down in between my legs with her back leaning on my chest, my arms hugging her tightly right under her young breasts. Ava seemed very comfortable like that, and I was having a perfect time feeling her petite body on mine once again.

We didn't go further than one hour into the movie, though, nor into the plans I had to take her out for dinner because at one moment I couldn't resist the urge I had to let my hand travel down her body, groping one of her tiny breasts. I watched the little nipple getting hard under her long black t-shirt. I felt her petite frame squirm anxiously while my hand slid down her flat tummy, and it ended up right there, my fingers gently touching her tiny clit.

Ava inhaled deeply when she felt it, lightly shuddering and instantly parting her legs to give me access. Soon as I started moving, circling the tips of my fingers on her love button, she leaned her head back on my shoulder, her face against my neck, and the little girl started panting, softly moaning for me. Her reaction was beautiful, I could feel her shiver, but her little body was completely relaxed, my niece gladly giving herself to me once again.

We didn't say a single word to each other, I focused on feeling her, and she started panting, her young slit getting wetter by the second. Three minutes. That was the time I needed to make her little body start shaking and contorting into a beautiful, long overdue orgasm that made my girl arch her back and moan loudly, her breathy voice so beautifully twisted by that sweet agony.

"Huuuuh… U-Uncle A-Allen!" She called my name, trying to deal with that feeling that rocked her to the core, burying her little face on my neck, under my chin.

I kept her coming by alternating the motions, the speed, the pressure I put into it, making her thin, toned thighs tremble. Ava raised her hands a couple of times in what would be her trying to gesture to me that it was enough, but she always stopped herself before actually doing so, and I only ceased to keep her coming when I was absolutely sure she couldn't stand any more of it. Every other orgasm was a spectacle by itself, making her shyly hold her groans as much as she humanly could and then releasing a beautiful succession of choked gasps and loud moans. She squirmed, the entirety of her tiny body convulsing in waves of pleasure.

Ava was lying languidly on top of me, her chest heaving, and I hugged her tightly, satisfied but also absolutely erect under her. A couple minutes later, she leaned to the side to be able to look me in the eyes, and she had a marvelous, shy smile on her tired, blushing face.

"Feeling good?" I asked, a grin forming on my lips.

"Very…" she said in an embarrassed, cute tone. "Do you want to…" Ava started saying it, and she didn't need to finish the sentence for me to understand what she asked.

"I thought about letting you rest for today."

"But I can feel you… There… And I'm yours, remember?" She then freed herself from my arms and leaned forward, putting herself on all fours on the couch and giving me one of the best views I ever had, my niece's little and heart-shaped butt in the air, right in front of me, her thighs still shaking and the small red, lips of her young pussy glistening wet for me to see.

There wasn't much I could do to hold myself after that. I kneeled behind her, not even wasting time by taking off my pajama shorts, just pulling my member out. I avidly moved, just wanting to be inside of her again as fast as I could.

With one hand on her hip, the other, I used to start rubbing the tip of my thick thing on her delicate mounds, making it wet, ready. Soon it was between her petals, spreading them, and she let out a gasp. What I wanted, instinctively, was to push it inside to the hilt, but that was Ava. I had to hold my arousal, my excitement, and do it right.

"Tell me if it hurts, sweetheart. I don't want to hurt you," I said with it in place before making any movement.

She looked back from over her shoulder, her long brown hair canvassing her cute, apprehensive but determined young face, "You don't need to worry about me, Uncle Allen… I can take it. I… I want you to fuck me..." I could see the mix of arousal and extreme shyness on her beautiful little face, and I basked in the excitement of knowing she went that far just because she knew I liked to hear her say that.

"Oh, baby girl..." I exhaled the words, and I started pushing my way in, feeling her entrance stretching around me just like before. I had to force it in a little to surpass all that tightness, her pussy struggling to take me.

"A-Augh!" She groaned, and her thighs shook even more as soon as the head of my member popped abruptly inside of her, making me moan in pleasure.

I couldn't notice any difference from the moment I first got inside of her some hours before, as Ava's entrance gripped around me just as tight, and I wondered if that's how she would always feel like.

Her little butt started shaking too as soon as I began to push more of it in, and the young girl gasped and wailed while I paid attention to her voice, to her reactions. I had been taken by the moment, carried away by what she said and how. I went on burying more and more of me inside of her at each in and out, and this time I could see how much of my little girl my thick thing stretched, the delicate lips of her young pussy being forcibly spread open to accommodate me.

"Ugh! Uungh! Ungh! Huh-Huh! Augh!" Ava's voice changed accordingly to how it went in, how fast, how rough, from a moan to a groan, to a wail. Inch after inch going in, I was starting to realize she would never ask me to stop, never refrain, even after I began thrusting, humping her. It was on me to avoid going too far.

"Talk to me, my love," I told her in between deep breaths, trying to make sure it wasn't too much for her, that she was ok.

"I-It's big U-Uncle Al-len… It's bi-ig..." She answered in an almost crying voice.

"Oh, Ava… Does it hurt, my love?"

She didn't respond, she just groaned more and more, and I had my answer. The more I fucked her tight slit, the more I forced myself deeper, the more I felt her start twitching inside, her voice louder, more responsive. It was escalating. I let more of my avidity take over while my little girl tightened and spasmed inside, another orgasm boiling into ebullition.

"Guuuuuh! O-Ohhh Ohh God! A-Auugh!" Ava's little body shook terribly, and she let her torso fall onto the sofa.

I got a tight grip on her hips, her little butt even more exposed, and even though my length wasn't completely in yet, I felt my dick reaching the deepest part of her entrance once and again.

"A-Auugh!! Aaaaugh! Guuuuuh!!" My little thing wailed loudly, the last part through gritted teeth, following my rhythm. Her legs tensed up, as did her shoulders, and her insides started twitching even faster. She was enjoying it, Ava was enjoying me pushing her to her limits.

The feel of her deepest parts rubbing the tip of my member, completely surrounded by her, brought me even faster to an already impending, massive orgasm. With a last few deep thrusts, I burst in jolts of hot cum, loads of it, straight to the entrance of her nubile womb.

"Oh my God!" I groaned, loudly, panting.

"Gurrrr-Huuuuuuhhhh!!!" Ava groaned even louder while biting on the couch, her little fingers clawing on it.

I moved one last time all the way inside of her, then slowly pulled it out, feeling her pussy spasming tightly around me, gripping, trying to keep me in place. It came out with almost a pop, and cum instantly started dripping from her ravished, tight little entrance.

I leaned back, breathing hard, letting that image sink in: her little butt up in the air, shaking, while I could see her entrance twitching, my cum running down her thighs, dripping on the sofa.

Soon as I started thinking about how she could be feeling, I wrapped my arms around her thin waist, and I pulled her lightweight body to me, half sitting, half lying back on the sofa with her on top of me. She heaved, gasped, her eyes shut tight. I kissed the top of her head, then her shoulder, her neck…

When she finally opened her eyes, she gazed at me for a moment, as if in surprise or admiration. I knew very well how one felt after the action was over, and you only have that lingering feeling of ecstasy. It is also the moment your mind suddenly starts to work again, and the realization of what you have done sinks in. The beautiful smile she gave me, the giggle that was followed by my own smile was all the assurance I needed to know that everything was fine. More, that my little thing was enjoying being taken more roughly. Holy fuck…

"I won't ask if you are ok," I said while brushing the sweaty brown hair out of her face.

"Yeah… I don't think you need to," she chuckled.

"That was… Intense."

"That was awesome," Ava said, still catching her breath.

"For a moment, I thought I was hurting you."

"Is… Is it bad if I don't mind? I mean… It felt good, all of it…" The little girl said, looking down, trying to understand herself, her head lazily resting on my shoulder.

"Not at all. It is only bad if you don't like it," I explained, and I kissed her on the temple.

"It feels so dirty to say it, though..." I couldn't see her face, but I knew she was blushing hard. I just knew.

"Hmm… Little Ava is a dirty girl..." I played with her, to which she slapped my hand.

"Stooop iiit…" She whined cutely then laughed with me.

Our laughing died out, and there was silence. We were both deep in thoughts until Ava spoke again, "Uncle Allen?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Will it always be like this now? You and me?" I could sense the apprehension in her words, although I couldn't understand what exactly she was afraid of.

Maybe she was already afraid of losing me, losing this. Perhaps the shadow of reality was striking her, how hard it would be for something between us to keep going on in the future. I worried about that myself, and I didn't have an honest answer to give her, so I went with how I felt.

"What depends on me, yes. I'll do everything in my power to keep having you like this for as long as you want to."

"Hmm… So I think we should start making plans… Because I want this… And I don't think that will change so soon..." She said while snuggling her face on my neck the way she did in the morning, and that I found myself enjoying so.

"Plans… I have some. But, why don't we start with dinner?"

Ava chuckled, "Sure. As soon as I can stand up. My legs feel like Jell-O."

"Really? Maybe I'll have them for dessert then."

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Excellent story! Erotic and caring.


2021-06-09 03:25:11
Great story, loved how he cared for her as he took her virginity. Hope to see chapter 3 soon. Perhaps we will see what he will introduce her to next and will he consider the fact that she likes it a little hard and rough...mmmmm

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Absolutely loving this story. The eroticism is a real turn on . more please!

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