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This is my first time writing anything serious since I left school and had an itch to try my hand at it. Was a fun experience and hope that you will enjoy it.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and all feedback will be taken onboard.
Unexpected Weekend


This short story follows Charlie on his rather unexpected weekend.

The day is Friday and Charlie is making his way back from work, he enters his flat building and begins to climb the stairs.

"What a day today has been, can't wait to collapse on the seatee" he says between huffs and puffs. Making his way up to the 3rd floor of his building Charlie retrieves his keys.

*Klink* *Klink* *Click*, the door shuffles open and two feet make their way through the door. Flicking on the light to the flat and putting his keys on the hook.

He collapses on the seatee and begins to take his works boots off.

A little backstory may be useful here, so allow me to fill you in.

Charlie, Charles or Chaz depending on who is asking is your "average" man making a living and trying to get by in life.

Standing around 6ft tall and about 16st he isn't the trimmest lad around but not what you would call fat neither.

Recently celebrating his 32nd birthday, but not feeling more than a day older than 30 (at least that is what he will tell himself to forget the fact he wasn't in his 20's anymore).

Anyway... back to the story.

*Thump*... *Thump*... both boots were off now and Charlie was now finally able to relax. Laying back and staring off into space the thought of sleeping had crossed his mind on more than one occasion since coming home.

But being only 1830 it would be far to early for sleep now, that and he had not even eaten yet.

With that in mind he got up and shuffled over to the fridge, there wasn't much in there but some leftover Chinese takeaway would be enough.

He bunged the food onto a plate and then the microwave, "6 minutes should be enough" he thought to himself. Humming a tune whilst putting odds and ends away whilst he waited for his food to be done. *Ping* The sound that he had been waiting for. Steam pouring out of microwave, Charlie swiped the plate out and closed the microwave door.

The food did not last long, and a hefty burp followed.

"That was nice" he said to himself.

Flicking on the television Charlie scrolled through the channels to see what was on. "News...News...News... Oh and what's this? Oh yeah, more news... Ugh." Turning the television off and throwing the remote to the side. He reached over to the coffee table and grabbed a lighter and a packet of cigarettes.

He flipped the top of the packet open and there were none in there. "Great..." he said in a frustrated tone, throwing the packet across the room.

"Looks like I won't be relaxing anytime soon". Charlie got up from the seatee and slid his trainers on. Grabbing his keys and coat he slammed the door on the way out.

Thankfully for Charlie there was a off-license around the corner to him and he could be back not before long.

*Bing Bong* went the door alarm, the bright strip lighting was particularly blinding on these dark winter nights.

"Yes Boss?" said the shop clerk, "Hey Mo, can I have a 20 pack of my usual please?" Charlie replied.

"Here you go, anything else?" "Yeah, that bottle of Kentucky Bourbon and... this bottle of Cola".


After paying for the goods Charlie headed out of the shop and made his way back to his flat.

He once again collapsed and finally was able to spark up his cigarette. Charlie didn't smoke outside of his flat or when at work. But started forming the habit when he was with his former partner.

A wave of calm rolled over him with the first inhale and he felt he could relax properly now.

Stubbing out the remains in the ash tray, Charlie heard a knock but it sounded faint. Not at his door but maybe his neighbours.

He thought nothing of it and scrolled through his phone, Twitter was all the same, people complaining about everything they could imagine and Facebook was full of photos of people he had long since seen and cared even less about.

During this brief time on his phone the knocking at his neighbours door was still going on. Charlie thought to himself "Whoever that is must really want them, or maybe it's a parcel? I should check I suppose".

He got up and made his way to the door, just as he was about to open the door there was a knock at his door.

He opened the door and it was a woman standing at the door.

"Oh" she said, "You scared the living daylight out of me, didn't think the answer was going to be that quick".

"Sorry about that" Charlie replied "I was going to open the door to check what was going on".

She looked embarrassed when he said that "Sorry, I was coming to see my sister Tammy but seems like she isn't home".

"Ah okay" Charlie said "She is normally home by now, I occasionally hear her come in, walls around here are paper thin."

The woman checked her phone and read what Charlie presumed to be a text message, her face dropped as she read the message.

"Are you okay?" Charlie asked.

"No, no not really no." The woman replied in a rather frustrated tone. "My sister has decided to only just tell me that she is staying at her boyfriend's house this weekend".

There was a level of anger forming across the woman's face followed by a outburst. "Urgh..."

Here mood had changed from one of anger to a deflated tone.

"She does this every time, I say to her, "Oh I will come a see you, it's been ages since we last caught up". And something always happens". "I am so sorry, you must think I am a wreck" She said to Charlie. A small tear was creeping down her cheek.

"No need to apologise, siblings are great at that. You live with them for years on end, they move out and you barely hear from them". Charlie said to her, trying to lift the woman's spirits.

"You've got that right" she replied.

"So what will you do now?" Charlie asked.

"I don't know" she said "I don't live in the area and don't have the money to afford a hotel".

"Could you not make your way home? The trains and buses are still running" Charlie said.

"No not until tomorrow morning, the problem isn't so much the transport it is more about not being able to get back" she sighed.

"By the time I get into London from here It'll be around 1200 and the last train leaves at 1215. I physically cannot make it back in time".

"I don't know what I can do" a more panicky tone was creeping into her voice.

"She does this every time" now the barrier was gone and tears were rolling down this woman's face.

Charlie felt awful, seeing this woman break down on his doorstep and there wasn't much that he could do.

If he had a car he would have drove her back but sadly only had his work van which was at the depot and could not be retrieved until Monday.

And even then he bosses would probably have his head for driving that far away.

"Well if you have nowhere else to stay, you are welcome to stay with here" Charlie said to the woman. "It isn't much but..."

"You are very kind" she replied "But I couldn't possible impose on you like that"

"I offered and it isn't a problem whatsoever" He said.

"Only if you are sure" the woman replied, her tone was more calm and collected now.

"Of course" Charlie said with a laugh "Now come on, you make yourself at home I will take your suitcase and pop the kettle on".

The woman made her way into Charlie's flat looking around seemingly inspecting it like it were a hotel.

"It's a nice place you got here" she said.

"Nothing special" Charlie replied "Does the job and keeps me warm, all I can ask from it".

Charlie entered the Kitchen and filled the kettle, flicking it on and laying out two cups.

"Tea or Coffee?" he called out

"Coffee please" the woman replied

Charlie came back in and stood in the kitchen door. "I do apologise for the mess, I don't normally have visitors". He said jokingly

"No need to apologise" she said "I have been in far worse places before".

"...My name is Alice by the way" she said nervously

"Nice to meet you Alice... I am Charlie, mates call me Chaz" he replied

Charlie brought in the cup of coffee in for Alice along with milk and sugar.

"I didn't know whether you had either so thought it be best to let you do that" he said.

"Thank you so much... oh that's hot..." Alice replied.

"So were you going to be down here long?" asked Charlie.

"I had originally made plans to spend the long weekend down here. I thought that as we have the bank holiday this Monday might as well spend the time with family. My parents are away on Holiday and my Brother is currently overseas in the Army, so that only left my Sister really. And I haven't seen her in ages". She said

"Oh I completely forgot about it being a bank holiday, one extra day off for me" raising his arms in victory.

Alice laughed at this, Charlie knew the ice was breaking.

"Do you have any plans for this weekend Charlie?" Alice asked

"At this moment in time I don't" he said in between sipping his coffee. "Originally I had planned to chill out tonight, do some bits around the house tomorrow and get some shopping. Then do all the laundry done on Sunday for Monday". He said finishing off his coffee and placing the cup on the table.

"Sounds like you have everything sorted down to an art" Alice said.

"More like if I don't do it, I'll only end up getting a bollocking from some" he laughed.

The pair continued chatting away into the night, Alice was becoming more and more comfortable around Charlie and started to relax.

Charlie reached for his cigarettes and lighter once more. "You don't mind if I smoke do you?" he asked "No not at all" replied Alice "I was going to be cheeky and ask whether or not I could bung one of them?, tonight has been one stressful event."

"Of course you can, in future take one when you need it".

They both sparked up their cigarettes and Charlie could see that a weight had been lifted from Alice's shoulders.

"I needed this..." she said slumping back into the seatee.

"Would you like another drink?" asked Charlie. "I have Tea, Coffee, Squash or some of the hard stuff".

"I won't say no to the hard stuff" she giggled.

Charlie smirked at her whilst he got up and grabbed two glasses and poured the bourbon into them, and topping off with some Cola.

"Sorry it isn't anything fancy, my go to is a Bourbon and Coke" he said.

"Nothing to be sorry over, the simply things are normally the best" Alice replied.

The pair sat and drank for the next long while, getting slightly tipsy but certainly not drunk. At least the levels that Charlie was used to, he lazily looked up at the clock and saw that it was nearly 1130.

"Wow!" he said "look at the time, where has it gone?" he chuckled.

"I know right!" Alice replied. "Time does fly by when you are having fun".

Charlie looked at Alice, glancing over her body. Her slightly tanned skin, mousy brown hair neatly tied in a ponytail.

He would have been a complete liar if he said that he didn't fancy her.

The inspection carried on a full chest that wasn't too much on display but accentuated her figure, what looked like a forming hour glass figure was certainly pleasing to Charlie's eye.

Even her legs were long and silky smooth. Everything about her seemed to compliment.

After all of the ogling he could feel a stirring coming from his trousers. He had to snap out of it lest he have a full on and have to awkwardly hide it.

Alice stretched which gave Charlie an excellent view of her mid riff, toned but certainly not taut. This certainly did not help keeping his member down. Maybe drinking wasn't the best idea he thought to himself.

"I hope you don't think I am taking the mickie, but would you mind if I were to use your shower?" Alice asked.

"Of course not" he replied "Just pull the chord and you should be good to go".

Alice exited the room and entered the bathroom, the sound of running water emanated from it, Charlie thought that this would be a good time to get himself ready for bed.

He headed into his bedroom and took off his dirty t-shirt and flung it into the washing bin. Next came his socks and then trousers. A rather large tent was still present in his briefs, and a small but growing wet spot.

"Didn't realise that you were that excited?" he joked into the mirror to himself.

He looked at his body for a short while, most of it covered in a thin layer of hair growing thicker as it descended towards his groin and legs.

While his body was certainly not chiselled like a Greek Adonis he did have clear muscle lines, years of labouring and tending to heavy machinery had done that to him.

His mind snapped back into reality when he heard the water turn off, he quickly threw on a clean top and some pyjama bottoms.

He headed back to the living room where he was met by Alice, who had changed into her pyjamas. A top which did nothing but show her chest off even more and a small pair of bottoms.

"So much for calming down" Charlie thought to himself.

"Feel better?" he asked

"Much" Alice replied "Seems like the weight of the world has dropped off of my shoulders"

"I had a thought, the seatee isn't the most comfortable thing to sleep on. So why don't you have my bed for tonight and I sleep out here?" Charlie said to Alice.

"No. I couldn't let you do that" She replied "I can't expect you to give up your bed for me".

"It isn't a problem at all, honestly" He said

"Oh you are so nice, I appreciate this so much" Alice said softly. She hugged Charlie and looked him in the eye, "Thank you for doing all of this for me".

"No problem at all" He smiled back

They looked each other in the eye longingly, drawing ever closer. "Well, I suppose I should get my pillow and a duvet" Charlie said.

"Oh okay" Alice said in a rather sad tone.

Charlie collected a pillow and a spare duvet from the wardrobe.

"Well, goodnight Charlie" she said "See you in the morning"

"Good Night Alice, you too" he replied

As the house went into darkness, Charlie laid there and thought to himself what an idiot he was. He could have had the chance to kiss her. And he blew it. "Mr Nice Guy" he said to himself.

What seemed to be hours went by before Charlie found himself fast asleep, but he was awoken when he heard the bedroom door creak open and some soft steps coming across the room.

Alice came to Charlie and whispered to him. "Charlie? Charlie?"

He opened his eyes feigning to be asleep "What's the matter, Alice?" He said

"Could I grab a snack from the fridge I haven't eaten since yesterday lunchtime" she said.

"Of course you can, there should be a Pre-Made sandwich in the bottom of the fridge" he replied.

"Thank you so much" she whispered.

Alice made her way over to the fridge and opened it up, light pouring out blinding both Alice and Charlie.

She bent over to retrieve the food, Charlie could not believe his eyes.

Alice wasnt wearing any underwear and she was giving him a perfect view of her sex.

Charlie couldn't help but stare at her, taking in all the details. This of course caused member to harden very quickly, with the light of the fridge easily showing a lump in the duvet.

Alice turned around with her food and saw Charlie staring. "You know that it is rude to stare" she smirked. Her eyes drawn to the lump.

She closed the fridge and made her way over to him. She turned on the table lamp and looked at lump then back at Charlie, giving him a dirty smirk. "Seems like someone enjoyed the show" she teased, brushing her hand over the tent.

"Maybe I can show you more as a way of saying thank you" she smirked.

She put the food down and stood in front of Charlie, pulled her top up and her chest was free.

Charlie could not comprehend what was going on, he thought he was dreaming but his ever straining member was telling him other wise.

He reached under the duvet and pulled his bottoms off, relieving some of the pressure.

Alice then slid her hands down the sides of her bottoms and lowered them slowly until they lay in a heap on the floor, Charlie licked his dry lips, he stared at her smooth mound.

She threw the bedding to the side and went down to the large tent in Charlie's briefs. She lay her hand on his mound and squeezed it gently, feeling it's length and heat.

"Someone really wants to come out and say hello don't they". She wooed.

Alice continued to squeeze and fondle his member, lowering her face to kiss it through the underwear. Inhaling his scent and savouring it "I love the smell of a hardworking man, let's have some fun".

She grabbed the sides of his briefs and pulled them to be greeted by his member, now it was her turn to ogle at him and his assets. Whilst certainly not the longest he made up for it with a very impressive girth, and to complete the set two large eggs lay underneath his member.

"Well, Well, you've got nothing to be ashamed of" she said licking her lips.

She pulled his underwear off and threw them aside. Her hand made it's way to the base and softly grabbed it, gently tugging it, feeling how hard she had made it.

She got on her knees and pulled his foreskin back revealing his crimson helmet, licking up and down shaft and around his helmet.

Charlie threw his head back in ecstasy, it had been too long since he last had some form of sex and forgot just how good it was.

He ran his hands through he hair pushing her head down his shaft, she kissed his sack and took in its smell. Her hands had made their way to her mound, teasing and rubbing her sex.

She could tell that she was more aroused than she had been before. Her body had been aching for this and she was going to savour every moment of it.

Alice returned to his helmet and began to lick and kiss it more, then she opened her mouth and took as much in as she could. She had never had this amount of girth and was struggling to take it all in. But she knew that Charlie was enjoying this, the sounds coming from him made her push on. Taking more into her mouth until she was on the verge of choking.

Charlie's mind was spinning, he never had a woman give this good of a job and he was loving every moment of it. Even his ex girlfriend couldn't do this, in fact she refused because of his girth.

He could feel the pressure building and knew that it was going to be ending soon. He was able to blurt out in between his moans "I am going... to... cum".

Alice found a new vigour and began to go faster and squeeze his eggs for his seed.

She felt him tense up and then a stream of his seed hit her throat. Swallowing his bitter fluid she drained him for what seemed an eternity until he collapsed panting.

"That was amazing" Charlie Huffed

"I think that was good enough for a thank you, don't you?" Smiled Alice.

"Just a bit" He laughed back.

"Why don't you come back into your room and we can share the bed? At least you can keep me warm" She smirked.

"You don't need to tell me twice" he chucked back.

They both entered the bedroom and cuddled up under the duvet. Kissing each other before drifting off.

End of Chapter 1


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