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This is a work of fiction and fantasy.
“Please don’t make me stay with Aunt Mildred!” I heard my step sister Megan plead to our parents as I came down for breakfast. “Why can’t I stay here if Jake’s home all weekend?”

“Woah, what’s this?” I ask.

It was Friday and the folks were going out of town apparently and didn’t want Megan at home on her own even though she was a high school senior now. I was in college and lived with a few roommates near campus, however our house had some major flooding due to a recent storm so I was back home for a few weeks.

“I was gonna go to Randy’s to hang out, but I guess if you don’t mind the guys coming over here instead I can watch Megs”

Megan gave me a dirty look “I don’t need watching”

“Well fine then, I can go to Randy’s!”

“Nooo that’s not what I meant! Sorry!”

“Alright fine” Mom conceded, “Just clean up after yourselves and no parties!”


Both Megan and I knew the “no parties” promise was just a little bit of bullshit. I wasn’t going to throw a kegger or anything, but by the time my buddies came over and we called up the girls, and a few friends of friends joined, it wouldn’t exactly be a small get together.

None of my buddies had classes Friday afternoon so some of them were already over, Randy, Darryl, and Sam were all on the football team with me, there’s a joke that 2/3rds of the team looked exactly alike, the four of us ranged between 5’11” and 6’1” and all had varying shades of blonde hair. My other roommate Tom wasn’t on any team at school but he was into running and skiing instead, he was 6’, had brown hair, and a slimmer build than us football players. We were shooting the shit and having beers in the kitchen when Megan and her friend Cecile came home from school.

Megan is a skinny blonde whose best feature was her long legs despite only being 5’5”, her friend Cecile was 5’8” and has long wavy brown hair all the curves in the right places though. They were both wearing similar T-shirts and shorts, probably just came from a gym class. Megan’s clothes were loose on her, but when she bent over to put down her bag you could see up the leg of her shorts and catch a glimpse of her lace panties underneath. Cecile’s T-shirt was stretched over her chest, I wondered how much of her mid riff might be revealed if she were to reach for a snack from the top shelf of the cupboard.The gym shorts were also much shorter on her, showing off all of her thighs and accentuating her round ass.

“Hiii Jake” Cecile said to me “that beer looks good, so you have any extra?”

“Not for you” I replied.

Cecile pouted but Darryl came to her rescue. “You can have one of mine, but put more in the fridge for me” he pointed at a case of beer on the floor across from him.

Cecile smiled at him, turned around, and bent over purposely keeping her legs straight so that her ass jutted in our direction to grab the beers for the fridge. Darryl admired the view of her ass and mouthed “worth it” to the rest of us.

“Are all those beers for your party?” Megan asked

“It’s not a party” I said

“So then can we hang out too?”


“Why not?”

“Because you said yourself this morning you didn’t need anyone to watch you”

“You won’t be watching us, we’ll just be around”

“Exactly the problem” What the heck were my friends going to think if a bunch of kids were there?

“Please? We’ll keep the beers stocked and help clean up”


“We won’t embarrass you”

My buddies were having a chuckle watching me argue with my step sister.

Megan wouldn’t let up though. “Pleeeease let us come, we’ll do anything!”

I was about to say no again when Randy cut in.

“Wait. Anything?” He asked.

“Anything at all!” Cecile joined in now.

“Dude don’t encourage her” I said

“Anything at all?” Randy repeated

“Yes!!” Megan and Cecile both replied.

“Fuck…” I muttered.

“Show us your tits”

“What?” Megan asked

The guys laughed at Megan’s disgusted reaction. It should be noted that Cecile didn’t outright object.

“Take off your tops and show us your tits and I’ll make Jake let you come party with us” Randy said

“Yeah, I’ll make him agree too” Tom chimed in.

“Guys…” I began but didn’t really finish the sentence. I wasn’t exactly against seeing Cecile’s tits. Megan’s dad and my mom only married the previous year so while we’re siblings we hadn’t exactly grown up together, I felt no real brotherly obligations towards her.

The girls looked at each other.

“What if we flash you?” Cecile countered

“You said anything” Randy said. “And I want titties on display”

After a little more hesitation Cecile began to take off her shirt, she was wearing a red bra underneath. You could see the excited looks on the guys faces. Megan wasn’t sure what to do.

“If I show you my boobs but Megan doesn’t can I come party?” Cecile asked

“Of course” Randy replied.

Not wanting to be left out Megan began taking off her t-shirt as well. Cecile unhooked her bra and freed her bouncy D cup tits, they defied gravity as only a teenager’s tits can. Megan surprised me as I always thought she was quite flat from all the loose clothes she wore, but her tits were almost a C cup from the looks of it and were well proportioned to her skinny frame.

Randy motioned for Cecile to come closer while Megan stood awkwardly in the middle of the kitchen. When Cecile was close enough Randy reached out to give her breast a squeeze. She giggled self consciously. “Didn’t you say show? Not touch?”

“Don’t be shy, your tits are the most amazing I’ve seen” Randy said. He reached out his other hand and now squeezed and massage both her tits. He then turned her around so that Cecile’s ass was pressed against him, his hands cupped her breasts from behind. Now that Cecile faced the rest of us we could all get a good look as well. Cecile liked having her boobs touched and leaned back into Randy, her ass was pressed against his crotch and she could feel he was getting hard.

“Ok, we took off our tops” Megan said “are we done now?” She was holding her t-shirt still and made a motion to put it back on, but Darryl grabbed her hand and took the shirt and her bra from her.

“We didn’t say anything about putting your tops back on” Darryl said.

Megan looked at me in alarm “Jake!”

I leaned back in my chair and shrugged. “You don’t need me to watch over you Megs, you just said so. Besides you wanted to hang out so bad you’d do anything. Now not only are you hanging out, you have the entire room’s attention.”

Darryl took Megan’s hand and led her over to where him and Sam were sitting. Sam handed her a beer which she hesitantly took, then took a big swig for liquid courage.

“That’s it!” Darryl said. He cupped her breasts now and squeezed them together, I knew what he was thinking, Darryl loves titty-fucking. Sam also rubbed his crotch watching them and Randy and Cecile.

One of Randy’s hands had slid beneath the waistband of Cecile’s shorts, they were elastic waist so they slid down a little revealing the straps of a skimpy thong. Randy was such a team player, he made sure we all had a clear view of his every move and every inch of Cecile’s flesh that he was exposing.

“What’s this?” Randy asked and in a quick motion tugged her shorts down to get a better look. Once the shorts were past Cecile’s hips they fell to the floor. Cecile tried to grab them before they fell but Randy stopped her. “You’re not putting those back on when we can look at these instead” he said about the red thong she was wearing. It was a sheer material and we could see her bald pussy, from behind her ass was rubbing against his hard cock underneath his pants. Despite her protests it was clear she had no problems being felt up by a college football player while his buddies watched. He rubbed her slit over the flimsy fabric and noticed that the fabric was already moist.

Now that Randy’s hands were busy elsewhere, Tom, who was closest took over playing with her tits. He gave one of her nipples a suck which made Cecile moan.

Sam was now sliding Megan’s shorts down, her panties were pale blue lace. She looked nervous and the guys momentarily took pity on her. Sam sat on the edge of the table and invited her to sit next to him, he put his arm around her waist. He gave her more beer and pointed at the bottle of tequila on the table to ask if she wanted a shot. She nodded.

Cecile was so wet now from Randy’s probing fingers, he had pushed the itty bitty fabric of her thong to the side and we could see that her pussy lips were all red and shiny. We were all hard.

“Do you mind if we take a selfie?” Cecile asked Randy out of nowhere. These high school sluts were really something.

“Do I? Only if you promise to send me a copy so I can jerk off to it every night!”

Cecile giggled and I passed her phone over to her. After I sat back down my cock was pressing against my pants so hard that I decided to unzip.

Cecile was a selfie expert, she flipped her long hair to the front so that they covered her nipples and angled the phone so that it was evident Randy’s fingers were under her thong without showing her pussy. Then in the 2nd photo she moved her hair to display her tits, and now positioned the phone so that you could see Randy was finger fucking her, but this time cutting off their faces so that the only distinguishing factor was Randy’s championship ring on his pussy penetrating hand.

“What are you doing Cecile?” Megan asked. She was now on her 2nd shot of tequila and pouring a third. She was finally feeling more relaxed.

“I’m going to show that bitch Marie, she thinks she’s so hot cause she’s the head cheerleader and dating a basketball player. Who needs a high school basket player when I got college football players?”

We all had a laugh at Randy for being used as a revenge fuck boy. He shrugged, wriggled his two fingers in Cecile’s slit until she moaned and said that he was more than ok with it.

I was getting tired of watching my buddies have all the fun, it was time to get in on it. “Hey Cecile, I got a photo op for you, come have a seat on me.”

Cecile walked over not quite sure, she stood in front of me, tits jiggling slightly, her thong was stretched and stained from her juices.

“Thong on or off, it’s up to you…” I said

She paused a second and took them off like a good little slut.

I handed her my quarterback letter jacket that was on the back of my chair. “Drape that over your shoulders, turn your back to me and sit on my lap”

As she put on the jacket, kicked her thong aside, and turned. I pulled down my jeans and boxers in one quick motion, my cock was standing straight up and as Cecile sat down I lined it up to her pussy. My aim was perfect, Cecile’s eyes widened and she gasped as she realized she’d just impaled herself on 8” of cock. She was so wet my entire cock slid right in with no resistance at all. Randy had my back, he’d had his phone ready and recorded the whole thing. My buddies cheered their approval.

“How’s that for proof you’re fucking a college quarterback?” I held Cecile by the hips bouncing her up and down on my cock as Randy took some video on her phone. Cecile knew this video was gold and went along with it. She moaned each time I pushed her down harder and harder on my cock.

After Randy was done filming her (and forwarding the video to his phone so he could share with us later) I took the jacket off Cecile so I could play with those magical tits myself. “Ok” I said to her “it’s up to you if you want to stop or keep going”

Her moans sounded like she was close to cumming and she was dripping juices, so I wasn’t surprised when her reply was “Nooo! Don’t make me stop!” She did get up to turn around so she could face me while riding me, I liked this because I could suck on her tits and play with her asshole with my free hand instead. I bounced her up and down on me even faster.

Sam had been going easy on Megan but seeing me and Cecile was getting him wound up. He was rubbing her tits again. She was a little less nervous after some tequila but still a long way from Cecile’s cock hungry pussy.

“What about me?” I heard Megan ask “you gave Cecile a choice, can I stop now?”

I detached my mouth from Cecile’s nipple long enough to tell her “That was Cecile, I didn’t say you could stop Megan. In fact, I’m going to leave it up to Sam, Darryl, Tom, and Randy what they want to do to you” I turned my attention back to Cecile, putting my hand around her neck, choking her slightly as I forced her down on my cock hard and fast, I could feel her body begin to tremble, she was close to cumming.

Megan was at the others’ mercy now. Sam was rubbing her over her panties and she didn’t entirely hate it now that she’d had a few shots of tequila.

“Let see if you really want to stop” Darryl said. He reached a hand into her panties and Megan knew that she was in trouble because despite her hesitation, it was hot to watch Cecile getting fucked, and to be groped by college guys, she knew she was wet too. When Daryl took his glistening fingers out to show the others he declared “I don’t think Megan wants to stop at all”

Darryl wasted no time slipping her panties off as Sam undid his pants. Sam decided to check her out her pussy with his own fingers and got no resistance, he then spread her legs wide so he could get a taste of her. Megan couldn’t help herself and moaned as Sam lapped at her pussy with his tongue. Darry had also dropped his pants now, he didn’t want to crowd Sam so he took Megan’s hand and placed it on his erect cock, she took the hint and started stroking it.

Cecile’s orgasm hit her in waves, her pussy clenched my cock, under normal circumstances I would have shot my load in her then and there, but I’d just finished fucking my girlfriend not an hour ago so I wasn’t going to cum again so soon. My girl had gone home to change and drop off her laptop shortly before Megan and Cecile came in, I reminded myself to text her and make up an excuse for her not to come back until later, I couldn’t very well have her walk in to find us balls deep in a couple of high schoolers.

When Cecile’s orgasm subsided, I decided to give Tom and Randy a turn with her. I bent her over the serving cart so that her ass was sticking up in the air. I gestured to Tom to take over and he stepped in with no hesitation. Tom began pumping Cecile from behind as she let out more screams and moans, she could really take her dick, she was still dripping wet and ready to take more cock despite the pounding I’d just given her. Her head hung over the other end of the serving cart which was the perfect position for Randy to feed her some dick. She was a little resistant at first but soon had his cock in her mouth, like her pussy her mouth was just as greedy as she sucked him off.

Sam noted that Megan’s pussy was ready for some cock too, but her pretty mouth looked like a good place to stick his cock as well so he gave her a choice. She thought for a second and got on her knees and started sucking. She hadn’t too much experience with sex but had gotten dared to suck a boys dick at a party when she first started high school and everyone had commented that she was a natural at it. Sam was not disappointed, her lips were clamped tightly over his cock and she didn’t gag no matter how deep he thrust down her throat.

Darryl continued playing with Megan’s titties by reaching around her, then slid his hands down to her pussy, he massaged her clit but found the position difficult to reach any further. Without detaching her from Sam, he lifted her ass until she was on her hands and knees, now he could properly give her a finger fuck. But that’s not all that position was good for. He had three fingers inside Megan, which he now replaced with his throbbing cock.

Megan gasped when she felt Darryl’s thick cock stretching her tight pussy. “I thought I had a choice where I wanted to take your cocks” she protested, not that her pussy was protesting in any way, no spit or any kind of lube was needed to fuck Megan.

“Sam gave you a choice Megan, I do what I want” and with that Darryl and Sam both rammed their dicks into Megan and she had no choice but to take it. She actually liked having her holes filled with cocks more than she’d thought she would.

On the other side of the kitchen Tom was driving his member into Cecile faster and faster, he would soon be ready to shoot his load.

“Randy, wanna switch? I wanna come in her mouth” Tom asked.

Randy had yet to fuck Cecile’s pussy and was agreeable to the swap. Because she was already on the serving cart which had wheels, all they had to do was spin her around. Randy thought to himself they had to get one of these things for their place, imagine just spinning bitches around to swap holes, it would be so hot. The idea was now getting him on the brink of shooting his load too.

Tom finished first, he filled Cecile’s mouth with his cum, he loved seeing girls with a mouthful of his cum, and then she even swallowed. Randy blew his load seconds later, right inside Cecile, he wasn’t wearing a condom (none of them were) and he didn’t know if she was on the pill and he didn’t care, he just wanted to fill her with cum.

Darryl and Sam watched Randy and Tom and Cecile and decided to swap positions as well. Megan took Darryl’s cock in her mouth without complaint though he was thicker so her jaw ached a bit as she wrapped her lips around it. Sam’s cock was naturally curved and when he entered Megan he hit her g spot without even trying. She started moaning like crazy as the waves of pleasure hit her, she couldn’t even remember why she hadn’t wanted to do this in the beginning. She thrust back against Sam, encouraging him to fuck her harder. Darryl was in a hurry to finish and grabbed the back of Megan’s head forcing himself into her face harder and faster. Megan took his dick as a trade off for the fucking she was getting from Sam. Darryl finally came and Megan dutifully swallowed all his cum.

Sam continued his deep hard thrusts into Megan as the room watched. She was screaming in pleasure and I had my phone out to capture it all on video, Sam was going to want to watch this over and over. Megan repeated begged Sam to keep ramming her hard as he could. “More! Fuck me harder! Don’t stop!” she pleaded.

When Sam finally he came he also unloaded inside Megan, she wouldn’t have had it any other way anyway. Sam pulled out his cock and Megan got off her knees, cum dripped out of her onto the kitchen floor but all she wanted to do was lick Sam’s cock clean, her juices, his cum everything. She was obsessed with his cock, who knew my step sister was such a slut?

“So I guess Cecile and I better get cleaned up before the party” Megan finally said.

“What party?” I asked innocently

“Your party! You said we could come!”

“I did, but the party is tomorrow night girls. We’re just getting started on you girls doing anything we want”


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