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The family that fucks together, has more fun!
This is part 4 of Little Olivia and it continues from Cindy's POV. It is best that you start from part 1 to get a better understanding of the characters.

Good or bad, let me know what you think. Just don't be an ass about it. Be well


I got up the next morning and went straight to work from my hotel. I figured keeping busy with work was probably the best thing I could do to keep my mind off the situation for a while. The bombshell I had discovered coming home early the day before had left me stunned, to say the least. As much as I tried, I did not get much sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, visions of my daughter on her knees with Tom's hard cock down her throat played over and over in my head. Also, visions of her on the bed with her gorgeous ass in the air as he penetrated her bald cunt, slowly fucking her in and out, in and out, over and over. I continuously watched the video on my phone, pausing it at the moment they became one with his cock completely submerged in her. As the night went on, I became more and more aroused, excited and confused.

Eventually I fell asleep and caught a few hours before my alarm went off. The whole day I walked around in a fog. As much as I loved what I saw last night, I was having a hard time processing it. I knew they had obviously been at it for some time, but everything had seemed so normal around the house up until last night. That thought got me a bit upset, thinking about how they had been hiding their secret affair from me and wondering for how long?

Had this started because of the way she liked to dress with her crop tops and short shorts, showing Tom her cute little butt? She had started flirting with him from a young age. From the time we first started dating, she would sit on his lap and kiss him good-night right on the mouth. I thought it was cute that she had a crush on him. However, when she got older and started walking around in her camisole and panties when her breast were starting to develop, I felt a need to put a stop to it. It was now obvious that she had finally acted on her feelings for him. How could I blame Tom? He was simply a virile man that could only resist her hot young sexy body for so long. The fact was that I too started noticing her, admiring her gorgeous developing body.

On the other hand, how could I blame her? Tom was a very handsome man that always stayed in shape? One of the reasons I said yes when he first asked me out on a date was his sexy physique. I knew he was younger than me, but he was persistent with a nice body. Looking back, I suppose it did not help that he would at times walk around the house shirtless, especially when he was out doing yard work. How many times had I caught Olivia staring at him out the window as he mowed the lawn? They had both betrayed me and yet I did not feel anger. I felt so aroused. My thoughts would always go back to how beautiful they looked as they made sweet love on our bed.

When I got home that evening, I had not decided to what to do, so I chose to act normal. I walked in and as I walked towards my bedroom I stopped by Olivia's room to say hello, pretending I had just arrived from the airport. She jumped out of bed and said “Hi mommy” as she approached me to hug and kiss me. My pussy actually got wet as I had flashbacks of Sheri doing the same during our little games. I hugged and kissed her and noticed that she still had her head wrapped in a towel. She had obviously just gotten out of the shower. After a brief chat regarding school, I walked to my room.

I opened the door and caught Tom standing in front the sink brushing his teeth with a towel wrapped around his waist. Obviously, he too had just showered. I got even hornier just thinking that they had fucked before I got home. It made me want him even more. I walked up to him and kissed him. Where I would normally give him a peck on the lips before I focused on changing out of my work clothes, we started kissing like long lost lovers. I dropped my purse and threw my arms around his neck. I so wanted him to take me right then and there. Perhaps Olivia would hear us and want to join. Obviously, just a fantasy of mine. He brought his arms around my waist and held me close to him. After a few minutes, I reached down and removed the towel. He was now standing completely naked while he held me in his arms as we continued kissing.

“Baby, I want you to fuck me right now. I'm so horny and my pussy is so fucking wet for you!”

I reached down and frantically pulled my skirt up and pushed down my panties. I threw off my shoes and he completely removed my panties. He started walking away to close the bedroom door. I stopped him, telling him to leave it alone. I desperately needed his beautiful hard cock deep in my wet cunt. I jumped onto the cold sink and he came and stood in front of me. I pulled my feet up to give him full access to my needy cunt as I grabbed his cock and brought to my entrance. He knew exactly what I needed at that very moment and did not waste time teasing me. I needed him to fuck me. No foreplay, no bullshit teasing. He entered me forcefully and immediately started pounding his hard cock into me. I was so turned on knowing that he had fucked my own daughter the same way just before I got home. His lovely cock had given her the same fucking he was now giving me.

Mother and daughter were sharing the same cock on the same night.

He knew I needed to be fucked hard. He simply had to fuck me hard until I came and that was very near. I was already worked up and knew that with the door open there was no doubt she could hear what we were doing. As he continued, I opened my eyes and thought I saw movement from the corner of me eyes by the door. Had she been watching us? Had my moans and groans aroused her? The thought of that did it for me.

“I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming. Cum with me... cum in pussy!” He pushed his hips forward and came in me. There was no wondering why he did not cum as much as usual. When he normally cums, he produces large amounts of semen. However, this time, he only gave me a small amount. I suppose that is what happens when you are expected to perform so quickly afterwards.

“Wow babe! What got into you?”

“Fortunately, it was you that got into me.” He laughed at my silly joke as he walked back into the bathroom.

We both showered again before jumping into bed. We watched TV and were asleep not too long thereafter.

For the next two weeks life hummed along as normal as possible. Knowing what I now knew, I started noticing little things that I had not paid attention to in the past. I noticed how she would allow her hands to casually graze across his crotch or how his hands would ever so softly caress her ass when they thought I wasn't looking. It actually turned me on watching them be so naughty towards each other.

Many times it was in the morning when we were getting ready to head out for work or school. I noticed that I was always the first one out the door and they were the last two to leave. I could only imagine they were embraced in a lovers passionate kiss before saying goodbye. My favorite thought was that Olivia was on her knees, giving him a blowjob to last him the day. She got to go to school with a belly full of cum. There were so many times I wanted to pretend I forgot something and have a need to go back to the house and catch them in the act. I never did.

The following week, when I got home from my last trip, I had decided I was going to have to do something to make my fantasy a reality. On that trip, it was the first time I had been with Sheri knowing that Olivia and Tom were together. Sheri and I talked about it and she convinced me that it was time. I thought of how I would go about it and I finally put a plan together that would unfold that very weekend.

It was May and summer was around the corner. That Saturday morning, I invited Olivia with me to go swimsuit shopping. We headed to the mall and we tried a couple of stores, but not really finding exactly what I was looking for. We finally hit Victoria's Secret and found exactly what I needed for tonight. We tried on a few bikinis and settled on a white one for me and a red one for her. I loved how the white one contrasted so nicely against my skin tone and Olivia looked so fucking sexy in red. We made our purchases and made our way to the food court before heading home.

If I was able to pull of my plan that evening, our lives would never be the same. It was a nice night and I suggested we have dinner out on the deck, with both Tom and Olivia in agreement. During dinner, we had a few glasses of wine, including Olivia, and were having a great time sharing stories and laughing. I made a comment on what a beautiful night it was with no moon and all the stars shining so bright.

“Hey, let's turn off all the lights in the backyard and jump in the hot tub.” They both agreed and we all went to change into our bathing suits. As we headed into the house, I told Tom that he was going to love our new swimsuits, failing to mention that they were both string bikinis that were probably a size too small. We headed to our room and I stalled while he changed. I asked him to get the hot tub ready while we finished getting ready. I tied on my bikini top and tied the knots on the sides of the bottom piece. I looked at myself in the mirror and right away I knew it was going to drive him crazy. I know he loves my ass and I have always tried to stay in shape, doing extra exercises for my gluteus maximus.

I walked over to Olivia's room, anxious to see her in her bikini. I lightly knocked before walking in. She was completely topless, struggling with the knots on her bottom piece while trying ot keep it on. She looked up at me with a sad puppy look, asking me for help. I stood there staring at her beautiful breasts and feeling my pussy already getting wet. It took all my will power to not bring my mouth down to her chest and take one of her breasts into my mouth. If all went to plan, that would be happening later tonight. I helped her with the knots and she put on her top, covering up her precious breasts.

Before we walked out the backdoor I asked Olivia if she felt like being a little naughty and teasing Tom. I was still buzzing from the wine we'd had with dinner and I'm sure she was too. She immediately nodded her head with a shy smile on her face. She then got a look on her face as if she wanted to share something with me, but was not sure on how to approach it. I did not ask, I already knew.

We exited the door and walked towards the hot tub with Tom already waiting for us. He had a big smile on his face and was looking as handsome as the first day we met. Olivia and I stood in front of the hot tub wrapped in a towel, ready to reveal our sexy bikinis. On three we both removed our towels and I enjoyed it as his eyes got big and he was checking us out from head to toe. He had the horniest look on his face and made no pretense of not checking out Olivia as well. I spun around, showing how very little material there was covering my ass and then grabbed Olivia's hand and spun her around. I was presenting my daughter's tight firm ass for his pleasure. He had a shocked look on his face and could only say “Wow!”

I brought Olivia close to me where we were now face to face and our nipples were touching. I allowed lust to think for me as I moved in closer and whispered to her “Just follow my lead, this'll drive him crazy.” I looked into her eyes and closed the small distance between our lips. The minute my lips touched hers, my bikini bottoms were drenched and my nipples were stiff. In my fantasies, I had kissed her so many times and every time she had kissed me back. Tonight was no different.

We kissed with closed mouths for maybe 10 seconds before she slightly opened her mouth and our tongues started playing with each other. Her hands were wrapped around my neck and mine around her waist, pulling her closer to me to the point where our tits were pressing hard against each other. We stood there kissing a bit longer than what I had planned, but I was certainly not complaining. We were kissing as if we had done it so many times before. Her lips were as soft as I imagined they would be and her butt felt so nice in my hands. She gave out a very soft moan and I felt even more hopeful that things would go well tonight.

I can only imagine the show we were putting on for Tom. There we were, mother and daughter, embraced in each others arms, engaged in a passionate kiss. There was nothing motherly about the way we were kissing and shoving our tongues into each others mouth, with my hands grabbing and squeezing her full round ass. I am sure he had seen something similar in a porno, only now it was happening live right in front of him with his two lovers. I finally came to my senses and looked over at Tom who was sitting there staring at us with a shit eating grin on his face.

“Isn't that a fantasy for a all guys, babe? For a mother and daughter show.” Both Olivia and I laughed as we made our way into the hot tub, with her on his left and me on his right. He now had a sexy girl on each side of him. We grabbed our glasses and toasted to a beautiful night. We sat there talking a lot about nothing, enjoying the stars and delicious wine. I asked Tom how he liked our bikinis and were they sexy enough for him.

I pointed to Olivia and asked if he thought she looked sexy. He was a bit cautious, telling me that she was my daughter and he did not feel comfortable talking about her like that. I told him it was only us three and to stop being silly, asking him again if he thought she was sexy. He only nodded his head. I asked Olivia to stand up and asked him what he liked best, her ass or her tits, admitting to him that both were obviously great and it was a hard choice. Olivia started playing along, asking him with a coquettish smile which was his favorite. I suspect Olivia was losing her inhibitions due to the wine, openly flirting with him in my presence. He shrugged his shoulders, refusing to answer.

“Honey, I would say he loves your ass the best. I know because a couple of years ago, he couldn't stop staring at your ass until I caught him if he was checking you out as you walked away. Do you remember babe, when you wouldn't answer my question at the diner?” I teasingly asked him with a smile on my face before taking a sip. He had a surprised look on his face, shocked that I had remembered. Women ALWAYS remember everything.

We were in the hot tub for a bit, with my hands all over Tom's chest, and at times when Olivia would tilt her head back and close her eyes, I would grab his dick that was getting hard. I decided to move things further along. I reached behind my back and undid my bikini top. “What are you doing?” Tom asked, obviously surprised I had done that. I told him it was okay, the lights were off and it was dark. It's not like the neighbors would be able to see anything. Olivia looked up and saw me topless. Her comment caught me off guard.

“Wow Mom, your tits look great!”

“Thank you baby. You also have nice looking tits. Take your top off so

we can see them?”

“Right now?”

“Sure. I'm sure your daddy wouldn't mind.” I chose my words very carefully. I always referred to Tom either by his name or dad. Never daddy. “You wouldn't mind, would you?” I asked, looking at my obviously horny husband. He simply shook his head, not sure what to make of what was happening around him. She shrugged and reached behind her back to undo the knot before I said to her “Turn around so your daddy can help you.” She got a big smile on her face and quickly turned around and stepped back to get closer to Tom. It looked so perverted with him undoing the bikini top of my daughter so that she could show him her tits. I squeezed his cock hard when I felt it twitch after saying that. After he untied the knot, she turned around and stood there, with her tits right front of his face.

“Babe, doesn't your baby girl have lovely tits? Come on, you're allowed to look, not like I haven't noticed you looking at her around the house in her little shorts.” There, it was now out in the open, I was telling him it was okay to desire my daughter in a not-so-fatherly way. He looked up and stared at the same girl he had been fucking for who knows how long and pretending as if it was the first time he was looking at her tits. The same pair that he'd had in his mouth the night I caught them. He nodded his head and said that yes, her tits were lovely.

I turned his head to me and started kissing him hard. Fuck, I was so fucking horny by then. Olivia was not sure what to do and was still standing there in front of us, I'm sure getting turned on herself with us making out in front of her. I interrupted our kiss and told Tom that Olivia was feeling left out and perhaps he should kiss her too. He got a surprised look on his face. Olivia was buzzing and failed to act surprised. She leaned down and immediately started making out with him. Her tongue was quickly in his mouth, struggling to reach his throat. My god they looked so hot making out, with Olivia sitting on his lap with her tits pressed against his chest.

I got close and started making out with them, with our tongues exploring each others mouths. Tom would take turns kissing us and at times Olivia and I would kiss each other, leaving Tom to enjoy the show. I reached down to stroke his dick and found her hands already there, grabbing and rubbing lt. I smiled to myself and started caressing her tits. They were as soft and firm as I had always imagined with stiff little nipples.

Things were happening fast and I wanted to make sure things kept going strong. When Tom went back to kissing her, I got up and stood behind her as I undid the knots on either side of her bottoms before I undid mine. His hands were caressing her back as I reached down to also undo the string on his trunks before I grabbed his waistband and pulled them down and away. We were all now completely naked with my daughter and husband making out right there in front of me. I loved it!

I sat back down and grabbed his hand, guiding it to her sweet hairless cunt. We were all kissing and touching with moans and groans and no one said anything, I suppose were all afraid to break the spell and this would all come to an end.

I was caressing and squeezing her tits and Tom, by this point, had a finger going in and out of her pussy. She soon started breathing heavily and moaning louder and louder. She was getting ready to cum and Tom kept fingering her sweet little pussy. “Do it harder babe, fuck her hard with your fingers.” She started shaking out of control, announcing that she was about to cum. “Ah, ah, ah, oh fuck, oh fuck. I'm cumming, daddy, I'm cumming” Tom went into overdrive finger-fucking her faster and harder - giving her an intense orgasm that had her whining as she came.

While she sat there recuperating, I had to have him myself. We started kissing and I reached down, wrapped my fingers around his pole and started stroking him. I started fast and hard in the beginning and them reminded myself to slow down. I wanted to keep him in an excited state without making him cum. My sexual adrenaline was on overdrive at this moment. My pussy was drenched and I knew it was not from the water I was sitting in.

My little Olivia finally came back to life and decided to join the party once more. As Tom and I were heavily making out, she stood there next to us, not sure on what to do, as if she was waiting for permission from me. I reached out and pulled her in once more. “Come here honey, come kiss daddy” I said as I moved out of the way, allowing her and Tom to kiss while I watched.

I sat there with my hand between my legs, slowly sliding my finger up and down my slit as I watched them. At that moment, I realized that he was no longer just mine. I would now be sharing his love with my daughter, as well as his cock. She was in love and I wanted them both to be happy.

I snapped myself out of my daze and went back to join them. When she and I once again started kissing, I grabbed her hand and brought it to his cock. She knew what I wanted and she immediately grabbed his stiff cock and started stroking him. I looked at him and suggested he get up and sit on the edge of the hot tub. As soon as he sat down, I held his cock in my hands and turn to Olivia telling her “Suck your daddy's cock, baby girl. He loves it when you take it down your throat.” She did not hesitate. I held his cock as I started feeding it to her. I watched as she opened her mouth and took him in She swallowed it like a starving little girl.

Without any hesitation, she had him in her mouth and down her throat. As I had mentioned before, the fact that she was deep-throating him was proof that she had done this for him many times before. I did not care and simply found it exciting to watch her taking him all the way in. I encouraged her, telling her what a great job she was doing and asking Tom “Babe, are you enjoying having your cock in your baby-girl's mouth? Isn't she a good little cocksucker?” “Mm-hmm” was the only sound he managed to make as he sat there enjoying a blowjob from his baby-girl right in front of me.

Olivia was now on her knees in the hot tub and Tom was leaning with his head tilted back, with a look of total pleasure on his face as she continued to aggressively suck his cock. Unlike the last time I saw her do this, I was determined to share the prize with her. I got on my knees next to her and started licking up and down the bottom part of his shaft as she worked on the head, with his balls in her hands. My mouth was working on the bottom half and my other hand was caressing her tight little ass.

After a while, we switched places and I now had him in my mouth and she had his balls in her mouth. She also had her hand closest to me reaching for my cunt. She started rubbing her hand up and down my slit, but she was a bit hesitant on what to do. It reminded me of the first time I made love to Sheri. Nonetheless, her hand felt wonderful. A few minutes later, all the stimulation was too much for Tom and he was close to cumming. Olivia took her mouth off his balls and announced he was about to cum. She could literally feels his balls start to tighten up.

I moved aside to let her take him back into her mouth “Be a good girl and suck hard on daddy's cock. Make him cum and don't forget to share.” His arousal was to the max. When he came, he exploded into her mouth, making her choke and his delicious white cum started dripping out of the sides of her mouth. I wish I had a camera at that very moment. His cock was in her mouth with his cum all over her lips. What a sight! She quickly regained her composure and took him deeper down her throat. He was pumping his cum straight down her throat and grunting as he did. That only made me want her more.

When he was done, Olivia took his cock out her mouth and I immediately put my hand behind her head and brought her to me. Our lips locked onto each other and she shared with me the cum in her mouth. We continued to swap back and forth with each other, with us swallowing a little bit at time until it was all gone. We turned our attention back to Little Tommy (our new nickname for his cock) and we licked it completely clean. Tom laid on his back breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath while Olivia and I continued kissing with our hands exploring each others body.

It was getting cold and I suggested we all go to bed. Tom said he would join us in a bit. Olivia and I made our way back into the house and to my bedroom. It felt so liberating walking around naked in the backyard and now in my house with my little princess naked next to me. I was holding her hand, leading her to my bedroom to make love to her and she was following willingly. I would be devouring her gorgeous young body for my sexual pleasure. I would soon have my own daughter's pussy in my mouth to give her the pleasure that only a woman can offer another woman. I was actually glad we would have some time to ourselves.

We embraced in a kiss as soon as we were in my bedroom. We slowed things down a bit, just really enjoying our kiss and caressing each others body. There was no hurry and I wanted to make this special for her. I asked if she had ever been with a girl before and she said she had. Her and her best friend, Tiffany had kissed and made out when Tom and I had left for a romantic weekend, but it did not go further than kissing and heavy petting. I asked if she was ok with what we were dong. Her answer once again caught me by surprise.

“I've always thought you were beautiful mom and when I wonder what it would be like to make love to a woman, you are the only one I picture doing it with. Mommy, make love to me, please.”

I cried when I heard her say that. She looked at me and wiped away the tears before she brought her lips to mine and we went back to our sensual kiss. Her lips felt great on my mouth and her ass felt so nice in my hands. I walked her back until she bumped into the bed. She fell back and landed on the bed with both of us giggling, knowing what fun we would be having. She scooted up as I crawled on top of her, between her open legs, as I lowered my head. I started kissing her neck with both our arms stretched out, holding hands with our fingers interlaced as lovers.

I continued making my way down, enjoying every inch of her young smooth body as I made my way to her collarbone, eventually finding her perky little tits. They felt heavenly in my mouth. I'd had other tits in my mouth before, but Olivia's were different. I suppose it had a lot to do with the forbidden act of incest. Mothers and daughters are not meant to be lovers, yet here we were, entangled in this incestuous act. Our pussies were wet for each other and we chose to act on it.

Her tits had perfect nipples on them. She continued moaning as I took each breast into my hands as I licked the whole breast before sucking on her nipples. I found out how sensitive her tits were when she started pushing her pelvis up and down as she had another orgasm. I continued my way down to her tummy and then to her cunt. I had hungered for her cunt for a long time, but now it was inches away from my mouth. I wanted to really tease her and run my mouth up and down her smooth legs, but I had waited too long and I need to taste her. I needed to know what my daughter's pussy tasted like.

Her pussy was completely bald. It felt so smooth as I started exploring with my tongue the area between her legs. I teased her cunt the same way I loved having my cunt teased by Sheri. I savored her sweet little pussy, purposely going nice and slow. Her taste was amazing! She tasted so fresh and sweet. I started licking from as low as possible up to the top of her slit, really shoving my tongue in her pussy as much as possible on the way up. When she started moaning extremely loud, I knew I was giving her the pleasure she deserved from mommy.

I continued licking, kissing and sucking on both her labia and clit, the same stimulation that I also enjoyed. Before long, she got even louder “Don't stop, don't stop. Oh fuck mom, I'm so fucking close.” I went up to her clit and began a full-on assault on her little bean. My fingers were pumping in and out of her cunt as I sucked on her clit, sucking it in and out as fast as possible. She was “ahhing” and “AAHHHING” louder and louder while she pushed up hard, trying to shove her little cunt into my mouth while she reached down and pulled my head against it. She finally came, panting “Mommy...mommy...mommy!” over and over as her orgasm brought her immense pleasure and drained her of all her energy. I attempted to continue licking her pussy, but she pushed my head away, telling me she needed to recover, that it was too much for her.

We laid there, facing each other and looking at each other with love on our faces, but not saying much. We were simply enjoying the moment. Ours lives would never be the same. For me, the future was of full of fun adventures. I focused on simply enjoying the moment right then and there. After a few minutes, my baby-girl closed the gap between us and brought her mouth to mine. As we started kissing, she gently pushed me onto my back and straddled me.

She had a look on her face that made my pussy tingle. She had the same look my college girlfriend had on her face the first time we made love. A look I'll never forget. It was an anxious look of lust. My baby was lusting for her mommy and that perversion was getting me extremely wet. I was excited that the attraction was mutual and she was anxious to bring me pleasure. She lowered her mouth to my neck and kissed me softly. She moved down to my tits quicker that I would've liked, but I was certainly not complaining. When her mouth finally made it to my tits, it felt so familiar having her suck on my tits. She was back to where she nourished herself as a baby and I wondered if they felt familiar to her.

She was being gentle and I was enjoying her suckling, knowing that my tits were hers. They had always been hers. I reached down to caress her head, similar to how I would when she was breast feeding. The whole situation felt like a wonderful dream to me. After spending time on my tits, she made her way down, showing how much she loved her mommy. It gave me goosebumps knowing it was my daughter giving me sexual pleasure. It was hard to believe that this was her first time with a woman. She moved with such confidence. She continued southward, with us both knowing her destination.

She was a little more disciplined than me. She took her time licking, kissing and teasing my inner-thighs, with only her nose bumping into my pussy every time she switched from one side to the other. She was so good at it, I started to wonder if she was telling the truth about her and Tiffany. She made me beg for it without saying a word. She knew I was desperate and needed her mouth on my cunt, but refused to lick it until I begged her. My labia was completely engorged with blood and wet with my juices.

“Please baby, please. Stop teasing me. Lick mommy's pussy!”

She finally brought her tongue to my vagina. The same vagina that had given her life she was now pleasuring with her tongue. She licked up and down the middle very slowly, tasting every part of my pussy. It was too much for me. My dream was a reality and I just exploded and started shaking and quivering as I started cumming, with my pussy flooding her mouth as my juices poured out. I was moaning and pushing my pelvis up, trying to get more of her tongue into my cunt.

She allowed me to rest before she continued, her tongue now on my clit, teasing and sucking on it as she finger-fucked me. She was doing everything so slow it felt so deliciously wrong. My head was tilted back and I was enjoying as my daughter played with my pussy.

Suddenly, I felt her mouth harshly push up against my pussy with such force which made me look up. What I saw made me want her to attack my cunt and make me cum immediately. Tom was behind her. He had grabbed her hips and was fucking her hard from behind. We looked at each other and both knew at that moment that everything was now different. I gave him a nod, giving him permission to continue as I silently mouthed to him 'I love you.'

He had no intention of being gentle. He held on tight to her hips and started pounding into her, hard. The sound of their bodies slapping against each other filled up the room. Her tongue was on my clit, with her fingers in my cunt and I was enjoying her tongue jerking up every time he pushed into her. He had spent time recovering and I knew it would take a long time for him to come again. I started encouraging him to fuck her, telling him “Fuck her hard baby. Your baby-girl likes having her daddy's big cock in her tight little cunt. She's your little fucking whore, fuck her hard!”

His continuous pounding and my words got the best of Olivia. She came with a loud scream and fell on me. I kissed her as she rolled over and laid on her back, too tired to move. Tom crawled into bed and got between my open legs. He aligned his cock and slid right in.

The same cock that had just driven my young teenage daughter to orgasm was now in my pussy and trying to also get me to orgasm. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him down to me as he started fucking me and telling how much he loved me. I told him how hot it made me watching Olivia suck his cock and watching him fuck her from behind and asked him if it felt good fucking her. He nodded and continued pumping his stiff cock hard into my cunt. I looked him straight in the eyes and asked him

“How long have you been fucking my daughter?” he gave me a surprised look that quickly turned into a mischievous smile.

“Ever since you left to your conference. I couldn't help it, she begged for daddy's cock.”

“Good girl! Now fuck me hard, I've missed you and I wanna feel you cum in my pussy.”

We continued fucking each other, with me having a few mini-orgasms before I started feeling a strong one starting to build uup in me. I felt my heart beating hard and my vaginal muscles were contracting hard. I told him I was extremely close and I wanted him to cum with me. “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” I said to him at least two more time before I started cumming and everything went blurry. Fireworks were going off in my pussy and I felt exhausted. I felt as Tom exploded in me, shooting his hot cum in my cunt.

When he was done, he pulled out and walked over to offer me his softening cock. I always loved tasting his cock when were done. I loved the taste of both our juices combined. It was the delicious taste of sex. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but I thought I could tastes all three of us.

As I took him in my mouth, I also felt Olivia's mouth back on my cunt. She was digging into me with her tongue, trying to get out most of Tom's cum. She licked and sucked my cunt clean.

It was going to be nice having a girl around the house that I could make love to whenever I wanted.

We all fell sleep soon thereafter, with three naked bodies entangled with each other. We were all exhausted and needed some rest after all the family fun we had fucking and sucking.


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Cannot wait for part 5


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I've always done the daddy daughter, mum daughter sessions ,brothers too , family time is just lovely . Brilliant sexy story thankyou .


2022-01-02 22:28:55
i was reading this to my brother and rubbing my wet cunt when he stiffened and came in his jeans without either of us touching his big cock, your story must have hit a nerve in and made him cum hard. after he was done i opened his jeans and sucked him clean, naturally he got real hard and ended up fuck my cunt like crazy making me cum also!


2021-11-29 14:51:58
Loved the whole series. Stroked myself most of he way thru. Hope you have more to share with us..


2021-10-23 20:01:24
i dont know how you are but when i write sexy stuff i get carried away and make mistakes too, especially while writing and cuming.

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