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This adventure is about returning to the same laboratory job while in college. After highschool holiday started, some students were hired as assistants. They helped regular staff and senior students with simple procedures and collecting used glasswares to the wash.
One tall thin girl attracted my attention. Blond, 5'9'' with an attractive smile. Her biggest feature was her DD tits that couldn't be hidden even under the loose lab coat. She was assigned to the area that included my workstation. She was trained to collect glasswares and operate the wash station. I enjoyed her help and always expressed my appreciation when she collected and returned my glasswares. She always smiled back. I learned that she finished Grade 11 when we chatted during breaks.

Karen was efficient and worked hard. After a month, the supervisor asked her to learn some tests that might help her career goal. She requested and was then assigned to help me part time! I of course enjoyed the help and her company as I was already bored with the same tests. She took a bus along my route so I began picking her up and dropping her off. Those gigantic tits were just too attractive and tempting!

Every Friday the staff went to a local bar for after work drinks. I usually joined them since my sweetheart was away. One Friday I was walking towards my car when a voice behind me said 'Can I join?' I turned and saw Karen smiling. 'Of course!' I said without thinking. We sat down in the usual large space almost reserved for us regulars. The waiter took our orders. He stared at Karen 'Could I see your ID Miss?' She turned red and mumbled 'yes'. She showed her ID and he said you have to leave. She got up and turned to me 'Coming?' I came out of my shock and took her out of the bar. She certainly looked mature enough but I never thought of her age! 'Should I take you home?' 'No just drive!' I drove to water front nearby and parked facing the water.

Her tears were flowing down. I put my arms around her shoulder and kissed her cheek softly. 'It's ok. I am sorry I didn't think of your age.' She said nothing but more tears came. She started sobbing. I didn't know what to do and started rubbing her shoulder and back. I rubbed all over her back and reached below her waist. She sat up soon as I reached her buns accidentally. I noticed her breath fastened as I rubbed lower down and kissed her again. I felt her body tightened as I reached the crack between her very firm buns. She turned and our lips locked together. My tongue reached inside. We started kissing passionately as I slipped my hand inside her sweat pants. Her buns were so smooth and soft as my cock expanded fast. I slid my finger down her crack. She took a deep breath as I reached her ass hole. Her breath getting heavier while my finger massaged around her hole. With her weight on my hand, I couldn't reached her pussy but I felt wetness as I stretched my finger forward. Juices began flowing down which lubricated my finger so I started rubbing around her tight ass opening and slipped it in and out of the warm hole. She was panting while I sucked on her tongue and her fluids. I put my other hand to feel her giant tits. So so soft yet so firm... but then she pulled my hand down on her thigh with both hands and kept it there. Her arms straightened, pressing hard on my hand on top of her thigh. I took the opportunity to squeeze and massage her firm and smooth thigh. Then Karen tightened and straightened her body, froze all of a sudden and climaxed. My finger felt her contractions and spasms inside the tight warm hole. After a long time she let out a deep breadth and finally released my hand on her thigh. She opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at me. I smiled back and said 'That was really intense!'

I put her hand on my rock hard cock. She started rubbing slowly but firmly. I moved her other hand to rub my super sensitive nipple. I moaned as shivers went up my spine. (My Asian sweetheart found my sensitivities because she got immediately aroused whenever I licked, massaged, rubbed or sucked her super sensitive tits and nipples.) Karen felt on my t-shirt my nipple hardening fast and smiled. 'So you have sensitive nipples too! Mine are so sensitive I cannot bear when I am cumming!' So that was why she pushed my hand away! 'Could I now?' She smiled again and nodded as I started massaging the soft but firm mountain. Her nipples immediately stiffened as she moaned. I reached inside to unhook her bra to get the actual view. Oh my God! They were the prettiest tits I had ever seen, Playboy magazines included! Those gigantic melons were heaven's gift. I started licking one hard nipple while my hand gently massaged the other. I put my face between her tits and started massaging and licking them all over. They felt so smooth and soft yet firm. My other hand slipped between her thighs and found her wet patch. Her breath got faster as she rubbed my manhood faster and faster. I pulled out my rock and she stroked hard and fast while she slipped her other hand inside to scratch my other nipple! Our moaning got louder as I slipped my hand onto her soaked pussy lips. While massaging her pussy, my palm gently rubbed her hardened clit also. Karen started panting as she thrust her hips forward. Suddenly she shouted 'Off my nipples and kiss me!' I moved up and she stuck her tongue in my mouth and took a deep breath. She squeezed my mushroom head and nipple real tight as she froze into an intense orgasm. I pushed my finger inside and felt her spasms as I let out a scream and sprayed my cum everywhere. She kept the pressure on my cock and nipple. Our mouths continued to lock together for minutes before breaking. I looked around, luckily nobody was around. I so looked forward to adoring and tasting those gorgeous tits again.

Obviously I tried to get my tall blond summer assistant Karen to spend more private time together but she did not seemed interested. Finally an opportunity came, an early farewell get together for summer students since some were taking vacation before school in September. After the tasty early dinner I took Karen to the same water front and parked in the same place as our last 'date'. 'You just have to remind me!' 'No I just love the peaceful setting! Sorry but that was nothing to be ashamed of!' Karen looked in my eyes. 'They told me about your Asian girl friend!' I froze then realized that was the reason she was not eager in dating me. Co-workers saw Karen and I coming and going a lot and knew about my sweetheart working with me all last summer. I thought the best was to tell the truth. 'She is spending the summer in Asia. I don't know what will happen after her return.' 'And I really like your pretty face and enjoy your company so much.'

She smiled and kissed my cheek. I reciprocated, then our lips met as we embraced. Our kiss became passionate as I rubbed her back then moved down her hips. Suddenly she scratched my t-shirt over my nipple with her nail. 'Oh wow!' I shivered.

Finally my prayers were answered as I found her nipple. 'Let's see whose are more sensitive!' Karen giggled 'you are on!' I was instantly aroused as my cock and my nipples all stiffened when Karen scratched both my nipples. 'That's not fair since you have an extra layer of protection!' I reached behind and unhook her bra and lifted her t-shirt. Once again those prettiest tits I'd ever seen were staring at me! Determined to win this competition, I immediately flicked her already hardened nipple with my tongue and gently drew circles with my finger on her other nipple. Karen's breath fastened and moaned. But she was not giving up. Karen slipped both hands inside and rubbed my nipples. I must be in heaven! She moaned louder so I said 'looks like I am winning!' 'Don't be so sure, your cock will push through your pants any time now!'

I reached down and found her pussy lips already soaked. I pulled down her panties and saw a glistering golden patch illuminated by the warm setting sun. I moved down to fully examine this amazing beauty. I wanted to keep my hands fully occupied with those unbelievable DD tits, so I licked around Karen's love nest and tasted her juices. My Asian sweetheart had not allowed me to taste her pussy due to her cultural background. Karen's juice was totally intoxicating. As I gently licked her outer and inner pussy lips, more juices flowed into my hungry mouth. Her moaning got loud and her hips thrust forward as I lightly circled her hardened clit. My hands continued to massage those amazingly soft yet firm melons while flicking both firm nipples lightly. Suddenly Karen pushed my hands away from her tits and started panting as her orgasm approached quickly. I lubricated one finger with her juices and rubbed her asshole just like last time. I reached behind to massage her firm buns. She straightened her body and screamed as I slipped my fingers inside both tight warm holes. She took a deep breath and froze for what felt like forever! Her spasms squeezed my fingers tight.

When Karen regained her breath, she smiled 'That was amazing!' 'I fully agree. So who won?' 'Well you deserve a prize anyway!' and reached for my manhood. Yes I was so so desperate for relief. Karen squeezed my rock hard cock and bent down to licked my purple mushroom head. 'Oh my God!' It started throbbing as her tongue played with the bottom of my glans. Afraid of losing control I thrust my cock deep inside her mouth. She started sucking while her tongue rubbed my shaft. I reached for her gorgeous tits again to gently massage, with special attention to those pink hard nipples. Her breathing fastened immediately. I slowly fucked her mouth as her tongue continued to play with my manhood. After a while she pulled my super hard cock out and started licking my balls while slowly stroking my pulsating cock. At the same time she rubbed my stiffened nipple with her other hand to send me to heaven. I felt tingling sensation up my spine and my balls tightened but I did not want to give up. I took my wet rock and slid it between her super soft but firm natural DD tits. With my hands holding her tits and thumbs rubbing her hard nipples, I started slow fucking her amazing melons. She stared intensely at my super hard cock sliding between her gigantic tits. Karen stuck her tongue out to taste and wet my purple head each time it emerged from her breasts. Both of us were moaning now as Karen massaged my nipples. I moved one hand down to her soaking wet patch, paying gentle attention to her hard clit. As I massaged her clit with my palm, her loud panting indicated another orgasm was fast cumming. I slipped my lubricated finger in her vagina as Karen starting stroking my manhood hard and fast. Again Karen pushed my hands away her giant tits, took a deep breath and tightened her body completely. I took over my rock from Karen and stroking feverishly. She grabbed my balls and squeezed a nipple. Staring at the hard pink nipples on those unbelievable tits and felt her spasms inside her vagina, I yelled and squirted again and again on her DD melons...


2021-11-24 06:58:52
I'm sorry but this was ABSOLUTELY horrible writing. Premise of the story was ok but boring overall. How in the hell this is this story rated so highly is beyond me. Major thumbs down.

Space out some of your dialogue so your paragraphs don't seem so jumbled together.

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