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Terri likes to wear girls clothes especially panties.learns to love oral and anal sex. 6th installation,read along on her wild adventure.


When I last wrote of my sexipades.....I had spent a drunken night in a tent,kinda in and out of consciousness.Quite obviously,there were other things in and out of me....

After eating our breakfast,and I had dolled myself up in a denim

skirt,pink blouse and white cotten panties(with little pink flowers of course).My friend, threw a few things into his athletic bag,we headed back down the hill." Where are we headed"? I inquired. "I have some people I wanted you to meet....besides,you're dressed just fine for where we're goin'".

We passed the mobile home behind the chainlink fence,I had noticed when we drove in.Then we came apon a little road with a gate, same side as the mobile. Gary turned in and stopped at the gate. Pushing the intercom button,a female voice squaucked."Yeah". "It's me". Gary replied.The gate raised and we drove through.

It was a short drive and we came apon 4 or 5 trailers in somewhat of a circle, I could see a few more trailers skattered around as well.I asked. "What's this"? Feeling a little nervous about my attire. "It's ok,I told you". He retorted sharpily."My friend owns this place...." Then he smiled a devilish smile."It's sorta a summer camp for sissys" He followed it up with.

Shocked and very awestruck,I saw lots of people running around,many involved in activities like swimming, volleyball and sun bathing. I realized that,I wasn't the only"Pretty boy" here today.

We pulled up and parked,slowly got out of the truck.My shyness overwelmed me,when I suddenly felt a little like "The new girl at the princess party".There were some really pretty girls here. Did I look good enough or like an amateur in drag?I was careful,the way I got out of the truck,not wanting to show too much.

Just then an asian woman aproached us and Gary said "Hi Linda". "Terri,This is Ling,but all the girls call her Linda". "Hi,nice to meet you". I said shyly while shaking her hand. She was absolutely beautiful and I wondered right away....Was she a girl,like the rest of us. "This one is a cutie,Gary.Where did you find her?" Linda asked."She came up on the bus". Gary

replied."Where's Nathan". Linda just motioned her head towards the largest trailer.

Gary reached down and took my hand. He proudly led me up on the deck and into the trailer. The cool air hit me right away, "Don't let all the cool air out!" came from the back. Then a man walked into the room,There was an aire about him.

"Hey Gary....Who's this sweetie"?he asked with a smile. "Nathan,this is Terri....Terri,this is Nathan".Gary stated with a hand gesture.

Although he was bald,Nathan was a handsome man probably in his late 40's. He wore typical 70's attire,angel flights. ,satin shirt and gold chain"Well,hello there". He said ,taking my hand and kissing it. His naughty little smile made me blush. Gary turned and left. Funny thing....When I look back,I was being groomed for bigger and better things. I had no idea....what was instore for me. I was about to dive,head first,into the the deep end of the pool. Problem was.....I could hardily swim. Everyone had been so nice and accomidating,I thought I was the one, taking advantage. In reality,my own desires would usher me into sexual enslavement. Ironically enough,I still get aroused just recalling it.

This intire experience (last few weeks)was a jump into a land of exploration and hedonism, with no reins let alone

supervision or even willingness to say no. I felt absolutely free to be me. So who knew......

As I looked around,I noticed,many of the portraits and pictures on the wall were very attractive girls in all sorts of provocative poses,and most in there underwear. This instantly made my little pecker hard.and I think I tried to conceal my little indiscretion.....alas Nathan noticed,and he slyly approached from behind.

Almost cuddling me,he said in a low voice."You like my work, I'm quite proud of it". He put his strong arms around me,and placing his hands on my crouch. Gently,he palmed the small bulge under my skirt,grinding his large bulge between my butt cheeks. Slipping his right hand up my blouse,he started teasing my nipple through the sheer material of my bra."Do you smoke pot"?He said kissing my cheek softly. "Ah.....yeah,sure". Not wanting to sound inexperienced or uncool. Turning, he walked over to a small fridge across the room. Opening the door,he pulled a couple of bottles out. He handed me a wine cooler and opened a perrier. Reaching into a wooden box and extracted 2 joint's,he sparked one up. Taking a toke,he passed it to me and I puffed on it awkwardly,almost coughing. He looked at me and said."You'll do just fine"...

"Do for what"? I naively asked, swallowing a gulp. "I 'm looking for a new model,think you'd be interested"? I quickly responded. "Would I"!!!!

I was on top of the world, feeling like all my dreams were coming true.....and alot of my fantasies as well. " Ok...you have to audition first". He said with a chuckle. "What do I do,I'll do anything".just leaped out of my mouth. He smiled and reached for a camera. Hanging it around his neck,he approached me and proceeded to adjust my skirt. " Here,like this".

He said pulling it up higher,so it appeared shorter.

"Turn away and look over your shoulder,sweetie". He coyly directed me. As we started taking pictures,he continued to direct me to show my panties and flash my bra,holding my now budding little titties. It seemed the more I drank and smoked, the easier,more sexy and more fun,it became.

By the time we were finishing,I was pretty high and quite tipsy. Needless to say my flirtatious inner me was showing,as well as my panties. Nathan had me,not just hot and bothered,but he knew he had me, as well. All this kissing,grinding and picture snapping had brought me to the edge,and Nathan knew it. "Why don't we walk over to my place, it's not far,just across the property". He said. " What about Gary"? I asked. He quickly responded with." Oh...he had some errands he needed to run for me". He began turning off lights as we headed out the door,grabbing a flashlight.

It had gotten dark and there was a cool breeze in the air. I was more than a little drunk and Nathan helped me down the path. We kissed and fondled each other as we strolled to his mobile home. We stopped briefly,as we passed a trailer and quietly peeked in. There was one of the girls,I had seen earlier, bent over in an arm chair. There was a man mounting her,cock in hand,penitrating her round ass. She moaned and smiled in satisfaction. We watched for a time when Nathan whispered "I think,you want me to butt fuck you,just like that". I just nodded my head,not taking my eyes off the raw sex, happening before my eyes.

We continued on our way and arrived quick!y. Walking in you couldn't help but notice a lot of video equipment,I had just assumed because his work. We sat on the couch and started making out. As we kissed,I coyly started rubbing his crouch through his slacks. I could feel his boner and unzipped his pants. Opening them,I slid my hand in and traced the outline of his cock in his bikini underwear. I let out a slight gasp of air,releasing my anticipation of pleasure to come. Nathan put his hand on the back of my neck and pushed me down quite forcibly. " Suck it baby"! He said harshly. I realized...in that moment,he was gonna fuck the hell out of me. Holding my head by my hair,he began fucking my mouth. "When you work for me, you do as you're told! Is that clear,you little sissy bitch....". Pulling my head back,by my hair,so I could look him in the eyes and answer. " Yes". " Yes...what"? "Yes Master". I submissively answered. " You'll suck when I tell you to suck,and fuck who I tell you to fuck". He said slapping my face. Then he slapped my face with his half hard cock. I have to say,as humiliating as it was,I liked it. Then,he bent me over the couch and slapped my ass...hard. Pulling my skirt up,he bit my butt,through my panties. Then yanking them to one side,he started licking my hole,darting his tongue deep into my bung. Spitting on his boner,he pushed it in and proceeded to hump me. Pretty soon those yelps of pain,turned into moans of pleasure and ecstacy. "You really like this, don't you,sissy s!ut". He growled. The rhythm of his hips while he butt fucked me,drove me crazy with desire. Although my ass was really sore,I was swimming in uforia. He pulled out of my ass and rolled me over,slamming his rock hard cock in my ass again. Holding my legs over my head,he continued humping my brains out. "I'm going to cum"! I cried. "No you're not" he gasped. "Wait for me,bitch". With that,he errupted in my ass,as I exploded in those panties that made me feel demure and innocent.

I lay there,in an exhausted heap. He got up and went in the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later,just in his underwear.

"Get your as up and c!ran up...NOW". He barked. I stood up with my clothes all dishoveled. "There's something to put on in the bathroom....GO". He said,slapping my ass.

Fearing the length of my story, I'm stopping this episode into my sexy and sorted past,promising to be back soon with

#7 My next sissy adventure.
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