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First story in a mini series. This one mainly sets the scene but helpfully keeps you interested.

Please leave positive reviews and let me know thoughts for future instalments
Coronavirus really has messed everything up for my generation! I know it’s bad for everyone but having just turned 18 and had an amazing night out with my friends we were then forced to stay indoors, not see friends, no go out, not have any fun!!

To make matters worse i lost my job but still had the payments to make on my new car. My parents helped me out but they’re struggling and I don’t want to have to sell it.

I’d applied for hundreds of jobs and been rejected from hundreds of jobs. There was only one that I had instantly ruled out!! Sales assistant in a sex shop on the industrial park. As much as I needed money there was no way I was going to sell sex magazines and videos to dirty old men and have to look at them. The thought made my whole body crawl and my stomach heave!!!

A couple of weeks passed and I still hadn't got a job and I’d started getting letters from the garage and the finance company threatening to seize my car!

I searched the job sites and on social media but nothing! It had got even harder as more and more stuff was forced to close!

Looking out the window at my car and with a tear in my eye I picked up the phone and called the sex shop. I thought, and deep down hoped, they would have been made to close but after a few rings they picked up.

After a quick chat about previous jobs etc they invited me for an interview the next day.

I could barely sleep thinking about it and working out in my head how long I would have to work there to pay the car off before I could quit!

Knowing what to wear was difficult, I didn’t want to dress too sexy as didn’t want to give the wrong impression, and as much I wanted to cover up head to toe I really needed this job. I decided on a pair of jeans that showed off my skinny legs and small ass and a high neck top that would show my C cup chest without revealing any cleavage.

Grabbing my biggest sunglasses to cover my face, I headed out for the interview. I decided to park around the corner so that no one would see my car outside the shop. Walking past several times building up the courage to go in and making sure no one would see me I quickly made my way into the shop. Glancing around I was happy to see the shop was empty. Making my way to the counter I quietly said “hi I’m Jenny, I’m here for an interview about the job”

“Ah yes” he relied “follow me” and he came out from behind the counter and led me to an office.

He offered me a drink which I accepted and was really nice, not at all what I had imagined. He was probably mid 40’s, normal build and well just normal really! Not the fat old perv I had been imagining lol.

We spoke for about an hour, just generally about my work history and also about COVID and what was going on. It was just like chatting to an uncle or something like that. He offered me the job and I started straight away on a 2 week probation. The shop was open 9am to 7pm but I was only needed between 10am and 6pm. Fine I thought. It was just before 10am and the shop was dead so I guess he opens and closes.

He took me through how the till works, the ordering system, and a quick orientation of the shop so I knew roughly where everything is. I was amazed by what stuff there was! Everything from magazines, to lingerie to sex toys. If you stepped back it just looked like any shop, just the produce was a bit different lol.

I was feeling nervous but relieved I had a job, and the pay was better than I would get in the supermarket.

It was about 15 mins until the first customer came in. He just came in, picked up a couple of bottles of lube and paid. Didn’t really say anything but wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. The next customer surprised me as it was a woman! Probably late 40’s who bought a sex toy. We had a pleasant chat about the weather and she left. The day went really quick and I was amazed how bad it wasn’t! I mean it’s not the job I wanted but wasn’t anywhere near what I thought it would be.

The two weeks went pretty much the same. There were some inappropriate guys but I guess you’d get that anywhere and not as bad as I expected. Generally everyone was polite and it was the people buying stuff that seemed more awkward than I did!!

During the second week was when I noticed something strange. There was a customer toilet at the back of the shop. I’d never gone in there as we had a staff one which was nice and there was a cleaner who did all that stuff. What was weird though was on Tuesdays and Thursdays were the only days it was busy and generally guys would come into the shop, have a quick look and then use your toilet and leave straight away.

Like I said I only really noticed in the second week. All I could assume was people on the industrial park were using it because the fast food restaurants were closed.

I told the boss about it and he told me not to worry and just focus on the shop.

The following week I had my 2 week review and he said he was happy with me and that if I wanted to stay on he was more than happy to make it permanent. I of course accepted.

Two more weeks passed and I spotted the same trend with the toilet. After one customer I went to have a look and saw noting out of the ordinary. Just a normal toilet.

I watched for another week and again Tuesdays and Thursday lots of people using it, and quite often the same people. I finally confronted my boss and asked him what was going on. He again said nothing but when I told him I was going to stop people using it if they didn’t buy anything he told me to sit down.

“Do you know what a gloryhole is” he asked me.

“No, what” I replied.

“Look you cannot tell anyone this because we’ll be closed down and if you want to quit I fully understand”.

I just looked at him not saying anything.

“Behind the toilet roll holder there is a hole in the wall. This hole goes through to another room which is accessed from outside. In the room every Tuesday and Thursday is a girl who for £20 will suck the guys when they put their.... you know, through the hole”.

“What” I shouted, “are you serious”

“Ssshhhhh keep your voice down” he said “yes I’m serious, that’s why the guys are coming in just to use the toilet. Some stay and buy things which is the idea but some just get their rocks off and leave”

“Wow” was all I could say

“But like I said you can’t tell anyone ok”

“No. Ok”

I couldn’t believe what he had told me. I’d never heard of anything like that before. I finished my shift and went home. That night I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking back the days in my head. ‘There must have been 10-15 guys in today. And the same each day last week’. ‘That’s £200-£300 a day. That’s £400-600 a week’. ‘That’s insane’

My mind was still in shock at what I had heard as I drifted off to sleep.

That night I had the most amazing sex dream I’ve ever had. I imagined it was me on the other side of the wall and I woke in the middle of the night covered in sweat with a different sort of puddle on the bed.

‘I can’t’ I thought to myself. Followed by ‘£600 a week any my car will be paid off in no time!’ I fell asleep, my head still spinning.

I went back to work all week, me and the boss not really speaking.

It was Thursday and I decided to keep check of how many guys went into the bathroom. I counted 12. I think I missed some but then some may have just been using the bathroom, not knowing what was behind the wall!

I’d made my decision. I walked into the office at the end of my shift

“Right, if you want me to keep quiet I need a payrise”

“Ok done” he said “I thought you would say that”

“And I want to be in the room on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays” I said boldly

“What” he shouted back. “Are you serious”

“Deadly serious. I’ll work in the shop Tuesday and Thursdays and I’ll be in the room Mondays, Wednesday and Friday”.

“Ok if you’re sure then it can be done” he said as he reached into his desk drawer and gave me a key. “But you have to be in everyday, and whatever comes through the hole you have to suck. You don’t have to swallow but you have to suck until they cum or they pull out is that agreed?”

“Yes” I replied

“It’s usually £50 a week to rent the room and you keep everything else. But for now until word gets round you can use it for free”

“Great. I’ll start from Monday” I said and left to go home.

The weekend came and went and I spent most of it watching gloryhole porn. I’m no expert but I’ve sucked a few dicks and always made the guy cum so I was confident in my ability but not totally sure how it would work through a wall so had to do my research!!

I parked in my usual spot round the corner and walked towards the shop, only this time I opened the side door with my key and walked in, locking the door behind me.

The room was nicely decorated, a desk against the wall, a small toilet and shower room and a fridge full of drinks. On the table was a multi pack of mints, that made me laugh.

There in the corner of the room was the gloryhole. The hole itself was large enough for both the cock and balls to poke through, on the wall around the hole was porn pictures and a few motivational quotes. There was cushions on the floor but a really think plush rug to keep the knees happy!!

It was just after 9 and I got ready. I arranged the cushions how I thought would be best, I put a bowl next to the hole for spitting into (I hadn’t yet decided what to do) and got a packet of mints from the table. I was ready, well almost, I opened my bag and took out a bottle of vodka and took a shot for courage, quickly followed by another. Now I was ready.

It wasn’t until almost 11 that the buzzer sounded letting me know someone had opened the door. I gave myself a quick pep talk and made my way over to the hole. I got on my knees as the hole was exposed and a bit of light shone through, followed by a £20 note and then followed by my first customer.

Now from watching the porn I had hoped for a nice thick clean shaved cock already standing to attention. What I actually got was an average size cock, trimmed but flaccid. I swallowed, closed my eyes, opened my mouth and lent forward taking the tip of his cock into my mouth. It instantly twitched and started to grow, with muffled moans coming from the other side of the wall.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down his shaft increasing the speed trying to get him to cum as quick as I could. I could feel him tensing his body trying to hold back so taking as much of him in my mouth as I could I cupped his balls and gently massaged them until his shot his load. Before I could think my natural reactions kicked in and I swallowed it all. Before he could take his dick out i shot up, ran over to the desk took a shot of vodka and ate as many mints as I could.

I won’t say that I enjoyed doing it but I didn’t hate it either. There was something exciting about it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But £20 for about 10minutes work wasn’t too bad.

It was a slow day and only 2 more guys came in all day. They were similar to the first guy, all similar sizes, all reasonably trimmed and all came within a few minutes.

I’d not had any vodka since the first guy and didn’t feel drunk so drove home. On the way my boss phoned me to see how I was. “I’m good”. I said. “I’m good” thinking through exactly how I was feeling.

“I’m pleased to hear that. I know it was quiet but it will take a few days for word to get out but all the guys sang your praises so I’m sure you’ll be busy in no time”

“Thanks” was all I could reply

“Get a good night sleep and I’ll see you in the shop tomorrow” he said as he hung up the phone.

Wednesday was another slow day but with more guys, I sucked 5 in total and swallowed all of them. Seemed I’d made mind up! I was still eating the mints but I’d stopped needing the vodka!!

Friday was when it really started. I was in the room at 9 and the buzzer went off shortly after. Getting into position I waiting for the money and then the cock. Not bad for the first one of the day. Quite small and could take most of him in my throat, I quickly got to work sucking up and down and waiting for the right time to cup the balls to make him cum. I’d got a nice little technique going how. I could sense a few of the guys were annoyed at how quick they had cum but I found a “mmmm yum” always made them feel better!! It felt like a never ending stream of guys and cum and I’d sucked 8 guys before lunch. My jaw was staring to ache so I was happy for the break, although I didn’t eat much as my stomach was full!!

The afternoon was similar and i sucked and swallowed a further 7 guys, taking my total for the day to 15 and I felt extremely pleased with myself and even happier as I put the money into my purse.

As I was leaving my phone buzzed. It was my manager. “Never seen the shop so busy, did you have fun”

“Yes, my jaw aches though!!”

“Im not surprised. It will be like that most days now and even busier”

“That’s good. Have to rest my jaw tomorrow and eat soup lol”

“lol good idea, and by the way.... best £20 I’ve spent for a while ;)”

“Cheeky fucker”

“You annoyed”

“Yea. I’d have charged you double!! See you tomorrow”

Dirty SamoneReport 

2021-10-06 20:22:43
She could back that hairy pussy up to the hole and charge more.


2021-10-06 12:13:42
Hot story, wish I was in her place.


2021-09-28 10:21:52
Good start to your story, I'm looking forward to the next part. I'm hoping she ends up fucking her boss


2021-09-23 04:48:18
Loved. Keep up the great writing.


2021-03-14 04:34:04
Good story! You have a good instinct for writing. Looking forward to more.

A quick note: go over your story a couple times for spelling and grammar errors.
“Ah yes” he relied “follow me” --> “Ah yes” he replied “follow me”

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