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In this side story, Tegan has a chance encounter at the gym
I have labelled this chapter 42b as it immediately follows the events of 42, but is a short side story rather than a standalone entry. I hope you enjoy reading it but it is unlikely to effect overall continuity so may be considered non-canon, if that matters.


After exiting the storeroom, hoping no one noticed just how dishevelled she was as she took her walk of shame across the gym floor, Tegan hit the showers. As much as she liked acting like she was slutty enough to walk around with cum under her clothes, there was some basic hygiene expectation to participating in civilised society.

Hal seemed convinced that their story was on the level. Ok, so maybe Trevor hadn’t saved her life, but he had rescued her from some harassment, or worse. It was close enough. And she absolutely would do anything he told her to – she trusted him, and he seemed to understand her desires. Maybe it was the Nightingale effect? Maybe she just really liked his dick.

She slunk into the gym bathrooms and began to strip out of her clothing. She had a towel and change of clothes in her bag and laid them out, wrapping her dirty gymwear into a bundle and shoving them into the corner of the bag to deal with later. Leaving her things on the bench she stepped into the nearby communal showers and turned the water on, leaning against the wall as the warm water ran through her sweaty, messy hair, reflecting on her session with Trevor and Hal. Hal seemed nice enough, but she didn’t know enough about his personality to make a real judgement of his character. At least the first time she’d hooked up with Trevor two minutes after meeting him he’d rescued her first. They had an immediate connection. Hal on the other hand was happy to just have sex with her because she was available. She couldn’t really fault him for that, but still, it was an entirely different situation.

“Rough workout?” said someone behind her. Tegan glanced over her shoulder and used her hand to scoop her fringe out of her eyes. A woman had joined her in the showers. A curly haired brunette, tanned skin. Possibly of latin or Mediterranean descent, Tegan wasn’t sure. Muscular but not overly so. Lithe, but not skinny. Small pointed breasts that she was currently soaping up with shower gel, and a wild barely tamed bush the same shade as the curls on her head.

Tegan realised with a start that she’d been silent too long and the other woman was eyeing her curiously.

“Sorry, my mind is all over the place.” Tegan said, trying to act like she wasn’t just taking in every inch of the stranger’s body like some locker room creep.

“I asked if you had a rough workout.” If Tegan was making her uncomfortable she didn’t show it. Her hands moved lower and she briefly soaped her pubic hair before moving to her thighs.

“Yeah.” Tegan, turning away from the other woman and raking water through her hair. “Pretty intense.”

“You forget soap?” The woman asked.

“Shit, yeah, I did.” Tegan said. She was so exhausted and eager to get under the water it hadn’t even occurred to her.

“Here.” The woman’s voice was suddenly right by her ear, and one of her hands had snaked around from behind her offering her a small bottle with a hooked end that she had hung from an elastic around her wrist. Tegan jumped. This felt intimate all of a sudden, and she realised that the reason her staring hadn’t phased the other woman was because she was hitting on her – which was wildly inappropriate – but given what Tegan had just gotten up to, who was she to judge.

“Thanks.” Tegan opened the bottle and took some gel which she began to lather on her body and work into her sweatiest crevices. The other woman had moved away, adopting the same casual indifference she had as before. With some distance between them, and realising that she was not the locker room creep in this situation, Tegan turned back around to face the other woman who was boldly watching her while she rinsed herself.

“Olivia.” She introduced herself.

“Tegan.” Tegan replied.

“Nice to meet you, Tegan.” Olivia said coolly. “You new to the gym?”


“Thought so. I don’t remember seeing you here before, and I think I would.”

“Look, Olivia… I hope this isn’t a weird question, but are you hitting on me?”

“Would that be a problem?”

“I’m flattered. But I’m going to be level, some people don’t take kindly to being approached in a gym locker room when they’re naked and vulnerable.”

“True, but not every girl has eyes like yours.” Olivia retorted.

“My eyes?”

“They sparkle like emeralds.”

Tegan felt her stomach flop. That was the code phrase that Jackson had given her. She had accepted it at the time but the reality of it had not really occurred to her and she didn’t expect it from another woman. How many people had he told, and shown the videos to? Silently she turned toward the water and finished rinsing the soap from herself before turning back to Olivia, who was watching her with an air of amusement. Tegan could dry off, get dressed, walk away, and leave. She had no obligation to Olivia or to Jackson. But she knew she wouldn’t, and Olivia seemed to have guessed it too. She beckoned to Tegan with a finger to call her over and Tegan did, turning off the water and moving to where Olivia was. She was aware that anyone could walk in on them but as her mind whirled with that possibility she dismissed it, her swirling doubts dissipating like smoke. She didn’t care.

Olivia took Tegan by the wrists and pulled her close, their chests rubbing together momentarily before Olivia leaned back against the wall and put a hand on Tegan’s shoulder, coaxing her to her knees until she was faced with Olivia’s crotch, water cascading down their bodies.

Tegan assessed the situation before her. Under her thicket of hair Olivia’s skin became darker as it got closer to her lower lips, her labia a dark brown in contrast to the olive skin everywhere else. Her inner labia were just as dark, protruding obscenely. Tegan placed her hands on the other woman’s upper thighs and gently parted her with her thumbs, exposing the bright pink skin between her lips. Having decided to see this through she stopped wasting time and brought her mouth to Olivia’s pussy, using her tongue to familiarise herself with the soft folds of her labia minora, and her feminine flavour mingled with the fragrance of the soap. After a little exploration she found her small clit, a pea sized junction of nerves hidden away, and lapped at it gently with the tip of her tongue, testing to see if Olivia responded to anything in particular.

After finding that she seemed to like high pressure on the left side Tegan continued doing that, then gently eased a finger inside her, followed by a second, curling her fingers towards herself, applying pressure and making small circles from behind her clit while alternating between sucking and licking on the outside. It only took a few minutes before Olivia was panting heavily and she pulled Tegan’s free hand up to grasp her breast, which Tegan obligingly squeezed and massaged, finding her nipple with thumb and forefinger and gently twiddling it as she began to fingerfuck Olivia faster, harder. Olivia threw her leg over Tegan’s shoulder and Tegan pushed against the back of her leg to better support her as Olivia began bucking her hips against Tegan’s mouth, letting out a relieved moan as she came, her thighs quivering.

Tegan brought her down gently, gradually easing off the licking of her clit and slowly pulling out her fingers, then slowly easing out from under her thigh. Olivia took Tegan by the hands again and pulled her to her feet, then gently kissed her.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

“Don’t mention it.” Tegan said, maybe a touch sullenly as she left the showers to dry off and get dressed.

“I mean it. I haven’t come without the help of machinery in years. My husband is selfish like that.” Olivia insisted as she followed Tegan out of the shower and began to dry herself as well.

“Husband? Great, now I’m a fucking homewrecker.” Tegan sighed.

“Oh honey.” Olivia said. “I wouldn’t have approached you if my house wasn’t already in ruins. Besides, now we’re even.”

“What?” Tegan said, pulling on her panties.

“My husband fucked you first. I’m just getting mine.”

“I take it your husband is a friend of Jackson’s then.” Tegan said, connecting the dots.

“Uh huh. Well, friend of a friend. I found the videos in our joint dropbox account, the fucking fool.” Olivia looked Tegan up and down as she got dressed. “Imagine just running into you here.”

“So, what, you followed me in here to get revenge?” Tegan pulled on a t-shirt. She wasn’t properly dry but was suddenly more interested in getting out of here.

“Not on you, honey, on him.” Olivia said, contentedly. “You did nothing wrong. From what I saw, you didn’t have much say in the matter.”

“Look, I know I kinda signed up for this when I agreed to Jackson’s… terms. But you got what you wanted, ok? Leave me out of the rest of it.” Tegan pulled on her casual shorts and stepped into her thongs.

“I’m just getting started.” Olivia chuckled as she started putting on a bra.

“What… what do you mean?” Tegan said in a panic, worried what Olivia would do with the information she had on Tegan.

“Honey, relax. I have no grudge against you. But I want your friend’s number. Jackson, was it?”

“What do you want that for?”

“Because I’m going to have him arrange another party, and make a new video starring me and every son of a bitch my husband knows, and get that shit trending on xvids.”

“You’re going to fuck a bunch of his friends to get back at him?” Tegan said, genuinely perplexed.

“Friends, enemies, coworkers. His boss. His brother. I am going to cuck that asshole into the fucking stone age.” Olivia said. “He won’t be able to walk outside our front door without bumping into nine guys who’ve had mi cono.”

Tegan didn’t quite catch the last part but Olivia accentuated it by gesturing at her crotch, which disambiguated it somewhat.

“That seems kinda like you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.” Tegan suggested.

“A small price to pay. Besides, maybe I’ll even enjoy it.” Olivia shrugged. She took out her phone and looked at Tegan expectantly. With a sigh Tegan took out her phone and showed her Jackson’s number to copy down.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the issue in the bedroom? You’re an attractive woman, surely if you want sex from your husband it can’t be hard to convince him.”

“Oh yes, he says I’m beautiful and he loves me, then two pumps later he rolls off and goes to sleep.” Olivia saved Jackson’s number then put her phone away to continue getting dressed. “But some small-titty girl he just met – no offence – he can go all night. It’s not me, sweetie, it’s him.”

“Well… alright. You go, girl.” Tegan pointed awkward fingerguns at Olivia then grabbed her bag and hurried out.
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