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Mother-in-law and Me - Unlimited Pleasure


I had been away at work for 3 weeks and was coming to the end of a 16 hour drive home. I had called my partner Cathy about 5 hours ago and told her I should be home around midnight. She replied “ I will be well asleep by then, don’t wake me when you get home. Drive safe I love you" I arrived home just after midnight and parked my ute in the back yard. Living on a corner block I had a side gate into the back yard and with the vehicle securely locked away I entered the house through the laundry door. I stopped off in the kitchen a grabbed a quick glass of oj before heading to bed. I stripped of… Read more

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Siblings Reunited.

First TimeTaboo

When I was th*****n and my sister was t** our parents were on the verge of divorce. Then Dad was offered a position on the other side of the country for a huge increase in salary. They decided to move and take the job in a last ditch effort to save their marriage, hoping that with the increased income they would be happier and get along better. So we moved, and for a short while it seemed to work. But their problems were too deeply rooted to be wiped out by the extra money. Mom had found a well-paying job 500 miles away, and she thought it was her best option to accept the position and leave,… Read more

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Moving back with my mother


Moving back with my mother As I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, I contemplated the sequence of events that has led me back here to my c***dhood bedroom. It all started when I lost my small building business as the recession hit, then my wife ran off with someone else when the house was repossess. It was better for me to take my mother’s advice and come back home than waste money on renting a flat. That’s basically why at the grand age of 28 I am back living with my mother, having my own room was a lot more attractive than sleeping on some friends sofa also. I stared at the ceiling again, w… Read more

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Dad's Crush on Tina

TabooFirst TimeVoyeur

All while I grew up, I had a fascination with my Dad, wanting to please him since mom had left us. I always did my best to do whatever was necessary to make him happy. I was, of course, jealous at first, seeing him have relations with other females, but as our relationship grew, I really wasn't concerned with my jealous, just about keeping a smile on his face was all that I needed. One afternoon, Dad called me into his office for a chat. I knew I was not in trouble, the accounting books, all feed orders and things to keep the farm operating were in perfect order, so I was not quite sure what… Read more

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Son's Friend


Son’s Friend It was just before xmas in 2018 and the wife and I were sitting together in our home office. We were both on facebook her on hers and me on mine. Well a friend sent her a private message. It was one of our son’s buddies. She opened the message to find a dick pic from this young man he is 19 she immediately showed me. She thought that must have been a mistake all of a sudden before she could type anything another message came from him apologizing saying I totally didn’t mean to send that to you I am so embarrassed. She typed don’t be pretty good looking from where we are sitting.… Read more

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My Mom

First TimeHardcoreMature

Do you remember last Christmas Eve? Outside my house looked like a post card. The snow was still clean and the air was crystalline. Mom and I were laughing after too much eggnog as we started opening presents. As she unwrapped the last glittering red box, tears suddenly filled her eyes. It was just an iPod she'd been thinking about buying. She hugged me and then kissed me, and then hugged me hard. I thought I heard her sniffle. I knew it wasn't the iPod and I said, "What's wrong mom?" She said, "It's nothing," and kept holding on. Her body moved against me as the crying became evident. I beca… Read more

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Grandma's Boy

TabooFirst TimeMature

I grew up with divorced parents, in the rural midwest, and I never experienced having a family household. My father was really not there, he tried to spend time with me, but he failed, so most of my time was spent with my mother. Now as a c***d of maybe 4 to 5 years old, my mother obtained a new position at a nursing home, so she had to begin to leave me at my grandmothers to be watched. Now my grandmother has been a widow my entire life, I have never had the chance to meet my grandfather. As a c***d our bond was completely appropriate. She did her best to be a wonderful grandmother, she would… Read more

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Straight Until I Sucked Cock

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

As I walked into the bathroom, I immediately took note of its strange cleanliness, considering its location off of a highway. I sat down in one of the stalls and closed the door. As I finished my business, I turned around to flush the toilet, and noticed a hole in the wall, about 3 inches in diameter. Inspecting it more closely, I began to notice a variety of vulgar slurs along the edges of the hole, all alluding to oral sex and times to meet. I notice one was 3pm as I looked at my watch it was almost 3pm. Then the noise of footsteps could be heard on the other side of the stall. A man had ju… Read more

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Honey We Need to Talk

Group SexVoyeur

Honey we need to talk, when my wife of Sue said those words, I knew it could not be good. You could not guess all the things going thru my mind! Was it she was leaving me for another guy, her widowed mother was coming to live with us, did she think I was cheating on her (I wasn’t and never had)? Sue said Steve come sit beside me, I did, and she asked me are you happy in our marrage, do you feel you are missing anything. I just had to ask why you would ever ask that, I love you with all my heard and sole you are all I have ever wanted or needed. She said Oh I know that baby, but we bot… Read more

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Not a little Gay, a lot Gay.

First TimeGay Male

Like most teenage boys, I dreamed of someone, anyone sucking my cock. So horny, so inexperienced, sex was all I could think about. I met James at my job. It was my very first time working and although he was older, he seemed nice, easy going and seemed to take a liking to me. All very innocent at first, at least to me. One night, after work, James offered to give me a ride home. I accepted. The conversation turned towards girls and sex, but since James was so easy going and friendly, it didn’t seem out of place, and I admitted that I wasn’t very experienced. Nothing up til then had prepare… Read more

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Nude Beach--We have to take care of those!

FetishTabooGroup Sex

My wife and I were on a vacation a few years back in the Caribbean. As it turned out the resort (we honestly didn't know when booking), had a nude beach section. This section was secluded, and past all the rest of the beach away from the resort a bit. But as we heard from other patrons, they actually had a bar and small pool over there as well, which belonged to the resort. The first day or two we had no intention of making our way down there. We were content to enjoy our trip and stick to the regular section of the resort. However, we made friends with another couple the first night and the… Read more

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Paying the LandLord

FetishFirst Time

Maggie sighed. It was almost midnight when she began to approach the building where she'd now been living for almost three months. At 25, this wasn't exactly how she's imagined herself to be, but given the circumstances, the small apartment in this worn-out building would have to do. As Maggie put the keys into the building's front door and turned the lock, the usually feisty and upbeat redhead wondered how she'd managed to lose her job, her boyfriend and her house --- after the bastard threw her out three months ago. She let herself in and quietly snuck by her landlord's flat on the ground f… Read more

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Being watched in the pool changing room

VoyeurGay MaleMasturbation

This is a very recent experience that i thought I'd share. Last week I went to the local pool for a swim. It's in the town centre and it was lunchtime, so lots of office workers getting in a quick swim during their lunch break. I'm going through quite a fem phase right now, so have shaved everywhere from the neck down - totally smooth, body, arms, legs and of course everywhere in between. I wore a pretty small pair of swimming trunks - tight black speedos that are quite low rise and cut high. Nothing too outrageous but not for anyone modest! The pool has communal changing rooms and showers… Read more

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My step daughter

AnalGroup SexHardcore

I have a lot of stories about my ex wife and her family and would like to share one of them with you It's about my step daughter and the way she finally got me to fuck her I was married for almost 20 years my now ex wife had three k**s but I don't think it's a good idea to bring the other two into it but I have to tell you about the one that was bound and determined that I give her my cock and not very long ago I finally gave in to her desire for the first time and it was more than she ever imagined She's in her mid thirties and since I first started dating my wife I noticed that the older of… Read more

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Camping trip

MasturbationGay MaleFirst Time

Back when I was in Jr high it was a couple of days before Easter break. My friend David said he and his dad were going camping and wanted to know if I could go. When I got home I asked if I could. Mother said as long as it was OK with his parents. The next day I told David I could go. Great he said. We made plans when to meet up and what to take. Thursday after school I packed my bag and waited for him and his dad. A knock at the door and off we went. It took a couple of hours to get to the camp site. Rick, David's dad had a large tent, and David and I shared a smaller one. After pitching t… Read more

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Losing your Hymen, 3 naughty stories

First TimeTabooMasturbation

1.) Frida's awakening I was fifteen when my younger brother have me a clock as a present. I thought nothing off it and got on with being who I was in the confines of my room, growing up and experimenting on my devices and my computer. What I did not know, was that the clock my brother supposedly bought me, was in actual fact, a gift from our downstairs neighbour, with a secret wed cam linked to his computer, recording my every waking moment and the things girls do as they grow up. He had stuff on me for thousands of hours, like the proverbial fly on the wall, he watched me interact o… Read more

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A pleasant treatment with my new Gyno

VoyeurInterracial SexMature

When we moved to Savannah, I got a new gynecologist doctor. He was a black man, in his early fifties. At my first appointment, a nice young black nurse led me to the examination room and told me to strip and put on a special gown. A few minutes later my new Doctor came, asking me how I was doing. I confirmed him I was there just for a routine checkup. He surprised me by telling I was a very attractive woman, although I was in my late forties. I blushed a bit, but thanked him. Then he asked me about my sexual appetite and I told him that my beloved Victor and I had sex almost daily... I looke… Read more

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Sister-in-law surprise... Part 1


Part 1: This part lays down the main premise... parts 2 through however many there end up being ... explore the remainder of this encounter plus others... I decided it was time for me to get my ass in gear and mow the lawn. I grabbed my hat and shades, and headed out the back door. I unlocked the shed, and opened the doors so that I could back the mower out. I surveyed the yard, and concluded that the best place to start was inside the back yard. My wife Hannah helped me go through the yard yesterday afternoon to make sure everything was picked up. I lowerd the deck, turned the blades on, an… Read more

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My Sister

First TimeHardcore

Have ever had a sister and looked at her and felt something more than brotherly love. Have you ever had that urge to step over that invisible line of i****t? Well I am unfortunately one of those people. I have that wanting desire for my lovely sister. I don’t know for how much longer I can keep my urges in check. We used to move around a lot when I was younger and we still do. We’d move because of my Mom’s job and because Dad wasn’t around anymore to help to support the three of us we had to move around. We finally stopped at one place and Mom said it would be the last time that we would move… Read more

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My Girlfriend's little Sister part five

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Early the next morning, I got up quietly and let the girls sleep. It had been an eventful night to be sure. Downstairs, I brewed a pot of coffee and was busy making blueberry muffins when Jennifer appeared. I hoped she wasn't sore about all that had happened this weekend. I hoped she wasn't sore but, if she was, well I figured I could live with her moods in the long run. Or not. Jennie fixed herself a cup of coffee and waited patiently for the stove timer to signal the muffins time to be devoured. I was attempting to be jovial about things but I could tell Jennie was still pissed. Finally, sh… Read more

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So much lust.

Gay Male

There was no denying my urges now. After so many years, denying the lust I had, so many years wanting and needing cock, but resisting. I needed to explore my desires, and now seemed to be the right time. On my own for the first time in decades, my mind drifted back to my teenage years. So young and innocent, everything was so new and exciting. I tasted my young friend’s cock at a sleep over. I was so curious and that first brief encounter only made me want to experience more, only fueled my lust. My attraction to cock grow over the years, to the point where it was almost all I thought about. I… Read more

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My first GirlxGirl Experience

First TimeLesbian Sex

I don't know why, but i've always wanted to talk about my first time with another girl. Her name is Rebecca, I was 13 at the time, she was 17 and she was the first person to find out I was Gay. I haven't been with her for years but maybe she will see this..... Rebecca, I'm still thinking about you...... So here we go....... I was sleeping over at my best friend's house one summer night. School was out and her parents had already gone to bed. It was after midnight and we we were up late in pyjamas talking in her bedroom. I don't remember exactly how old we were, but I reme… Read more

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Back in the 1980s it was difficult to obtain sexy videos unless you wanted to pay lots of money, but one of the buildings I worked security was a warehouse for all sorts of things including pornographic videos and sex toys. One evening I caught three burglars trying to break in so rang the police and saved the customer from losing a lot of stock so as a reward he gave me my choice of ten current porn videos and I couldn,t wait to look at them, but my work schedule meant it wouldn’t, happen for a week or so and finally I had two straight nights off so decided to surprise wife Sarah. She enjoyed… Read more

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Daughter fulfills her wish

HardcoreFirst Time

My father is a certified DILF as I've heard from my friends. From the time I was a little girl I'd always thought my daddy was handsome and he spoils me wonderfully. I remember the day I first witnessed him naked. It was a moment I'll never forget, I was walking out of my room and the bathroom door was opened. He'd just stepped out of the shower and his body was glistening with steam and his cock...Oh god. It was so fucking huge and powerful. I wanted to fuck him right then and there. Ever since that day I couldn't stop fantasizing about it. Even during class I sometimes felt myself getting… Read more

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Grass Cutter

First TimeGay Male

I decided to begin cutting grass as a side job about a year ago. Our k**s were grown so I wasn't needed to take care of anyone at home. I wanted to make some extra cash to buy myself a boat. With my wife's blessings I quickly mustered up 5 yards to cut. It was more work than this 45 year old could handle, so I scaled back to just three yards. I had messed around a bit with a couple of women years before without my wife's knowledge and thought maybe, just maybe, I could hit upon a lonely housewife. To my surprise my life was about to take a complete turn. The last customer I took on was two men… Read more

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The Cleaner Part 8


After a quick shower I put on a pair of ‘Choke Hazzard’ boxer shorts that Lisa bought me as a novelty and cracked open a beer, a text from Ashleigh told me she was going for a run with her Mum and then be round, I wondered in excitement if Julie would accompany her. I replied back telling her to come round the back way as the gate was open and she (they) could walk straight in. It wasn’t long before the gate opened and the ‘Cameltoe Twins’ walked down the back path, both dressed in a sports bra and tight yoga pants, they really did look like twins and you would never think they were mother and… Read more

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Ambers story

Shemale PornAnalTaboo

My mom married john. He was pansexual and so is my mom. So gender wasn’t a big thing in our household Which was great for me since I considered myself transgender. They helped me through the years the best they could as to helping with my transition. I was skinny and on hrt, long hair and almost passable. Almost. Being on hrt for a while I had small tits, wider hips and a great ass. My cock has always been on the smaller size of 4.5” soft it’s a mere inch. It’s so small most chastity devices fall off. I only cum using my dildo . I’m a virgin in every aspect. I been just working on myself… Read more

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Helping my sister

First TimeHardcore

For days the feeling of my cock in my Sister Michelle’s mouth haunted me. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. The way she had solved my little problem with the tissue shortage had been completely unexpected, and totally marvelous. Funny, I had grown up with my little Sister and my Mom running around nude half the time, showing me and Dad all their considerable charms, and even felt free to jerk off around them, and yet it had never even remotely occurred to me that I might one day know the pleasure of being inside either of them. Which made the fact that the other morning I had cum right do… Read more

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Wife's Night Out

First TimeTaboo

It felt good to be out. To be away from work and responsibility, and yes, it felt good to be away from her husband and c***d. Holly needed a night out and she was excited for the upcoming weekend with an old friend: Kim. She had let Kim talk her into bar hopping. She loved San Francisco and she could hardly say no; even when Kim mentioned hanging out with people she didn't know. It was fun getting ready to go out; it reminded her of college. They tried on outfits and gossiped about people they both knew. She thought about how much her husband would have liked to have been a fly on the wall as… Read more

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Plain Jane


As it was the weekend I was up quite early, I decided that as I was going to visit my neighbour I had better dress in something more than my usual shorts so decided on a pair of boxer briefs under a pair of dress shorts and a polo shirt. I rang the bell twice and was just about to leave when the top window opened and a weary looking Jane popped her head out, “Oh Frank” she said in a sleepy voice, “Hang on a second”, so I waited patiently as she got herself together and came down. “Sorry” she said as she opened the door, “I wasn’t expecting you so early, come on in” I walked in and she kindly… Read more

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Pregnant Wife Caught With pregnant friend

FetishVoyeurLesbian Sex

My Wife (amy) and I who have been together for around 4 years expecting a c***d had a bbq one summer evening. It was put together fairly late and only Amys friend Alice (who was also heavily pregnant) and her partner could make it. I remember when Alice turned up I couldn't help but stare at her magnificent Figure her huge round tits bounced as she walked or giggled, her Ass was incredible and was barely contained in her tight jeans. my cock was beginning to throb as I watched her and my wife talking. an hour or 2 passed and the girls seemed to be getting bored so they decided… Read more

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Female Fucking has taken a turn for the better


Come on, I know it can be embarrassing, but the truth is, apart from the real thing, women and girls today, are jumping on the alternative bandwagon for their fucking needs. I am not saying this girl has anything to be ashamed off, but girls are more adventuresome than boys, and their pets are chosen for love and curiosity. Do you know a girl who has a particular affection for her pet? There are three penises a girl will readily come into contact with as she grows and develops into a hot blooded woman, man, horse and dog. As a vet myself, I have handled all three, with men coming last (Yes I… Read more

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Boy Scout Invasion

First TimeTabooVoyeur

I so looked forward to the slow times on the farm, summer-time near the 4th of July, when most were to busy to have plans travel to visit friends and relatives, amusement parks and recreation areas; things that have much more interesting activities than just riding horses. Most all of the help was given the week off, and my family planned to go visiting old friends in the city, leaving me alone to man the farm. I eagerly called my old friend Kelly and arranged for her to come visit thinking we would be free to spend lots of time together getting reacquainted. It had been almost six months sinc… Read more

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$50.00 Bet Cross-dresser

FetishFirst Time

My friend Cristina and I were just sitting around watching porn. It's something we do for fun now and then. Believe it or not, it has never led to anything. A scene came on where a guy was put in a wig and satin nightgown and fucked by a beautiful blond dominatrix with a strap on. We laughed at what an ugly girl he made and somehow it came up that I had a girlish look to me. She said that I would look much more like a girl in the wig and nightgown than the guy from the movie. I just smiled. Later that day out of nowhere, she told me that she'd like to test that theory. She wondered if I'd let… Read more

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With Coach in Her Motel Room

Lesbian SexFirst Time

“We shouldn’t be doing this…” my soccer coach said with that strong, maternal, authority that made me want to fuck her even more. I felt safe with her, even though sex with her was forbidden and could get us both in trouble. I wanted her more than I’d ever wanted anyone. “But, we both want to, Michelle. So much…” I touched her neck, letting my fingers trace the edge of her collared, coaches golf shirt, emblazoned with our team logo. Down between her breasts my fingers found their way until I could feel the fabric of her bra.… Read more

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Countess - Gang Groped in Elevator

MatureGroup SexHardcore

When I was forced to temporarily move to the Public Shelter for the recent Florida evacuation during Hurricane Dorian, I met a lovely young man named Pepe. He instantly recognized me as the Countess but was careful to share my identity with only a few of his guy friends (who, of course, enjoyed using me in the bathroom one evening). One week after having been released from the Shelter, Pepe contacted me via text message; excited that he had obtained a new job, for the city’s largest sports training, medicine and rehabilitation facility. He was the Elevator Operator in the four-story building,… Read more

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Paul part 2


I'd made all of the arrangements for the gardening work with Paul, so his mobile number was in my contacts. The day after he and his friends had been in our garden for the afternoon, he rang me in the morning. I was at work, still feeling a bit dazed that I'd had four young men inside me the previous afternoon, the last drops of their cum dripping out of me and making my panties damp. Wishing I'd let them all have me again (and again). And horny as hell. But I was at my desk, so couldn't take his call. I sent him a text to say I'd ring back when I got home. His reply was a WhatsApp message wit… Read more

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Once you go black... you’ll really want to do it a

Interracial SexFirst Time

Here is how I came to love and crave bbc! I’ve been with my husband for 25 years. About 10 years ago to spice things up a little we started looking at porn together and talking about different scenarios and what turns us on and really opening up sexually. We are both really turned on by white wives with blacks. He bought me my first black dildo and that was it - I loved it ! At the time it was huge for me. I loved being filled up so completely, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before... over the years we’ve bought much bigger ones to stretch my pussy out - hence the need to feel a real bbc :… Read more

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Wife caught me Jerking Off


It all started one morning when my wife came home early from work and caught me jacking off. She had stood at the door watching me stroke my cock and playing with my balls, I don't know how long she had been standing there. All I know is that I had just shot off a load of cum and was licking it off my hand when I noticed her standing there. To my surprise she came into the room and stripped off her clothes. She got on top of me and stuck her cunt over my mouth. I could smell sex on her and knew that she had been out fucking her boyfriend again. As I dipped my tongue into her wide-open pussy,… Read more

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Oh God What Did I just Do? A wife's tale

AnalInterracial Sex

We were down in the city for Christmas shopping, well at least I was. Husband was at some meeting and didn't know when he would get back to hotel but would phone to keep me up to date. I had spent four hours in the mall the day before and had got quite a lot christmas presents including one for hubby, a new sexy night attire loose top and skinny thong in black lace. So when I got back to hotel I had a quick shower and put the new sexy stuff on to surprise him when he got back.. It was getting late and I had expected him to be back by now but he hadn't phoned or called my cell. There was a knoc… Read more

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A lucky auction

Group Sex

There's a few things about the house that are more difficult for me to manage on my own. Gardening is one of worst. We have a friend who very kindly mows our lawns for us, but there's lots of other heavy work that I find too much. When the secondary school that our oldest c***d goes to had a charity "auction of promises", of course we went anyway to support their school. When one of the lots being offered was an afternoon of gardening work by a group from the sixth form, that was just too good an opportunity to pass on. I'd checked what local tradespeople would charge for an afternoon of work,… Read more

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Wife sets me up to SuckCock

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

My wife Sara had expressed her interests in watching me suck another man for the last couple years. I was never really sure about it, so it was just something she fantasized about when she was masturbating. Sometimes when eating her, she would tell me to lick her cunt clean from the mess the boys had made in there. Of course there wasn't any cum in there but it got her off thinking about it. To be honest, the thought kind of turned me on. I've never sucked a dick but forced bisexual porn always interested me. I had tried watching gay porn before but it just didn't do it for me. It seemed to on… Read more

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Borrowed my wife for a boys weekend

FetishGroup SexHardcore

My wife Jordan and I were both into swingers parties, gangbangs, dogging and anything else sex related. During these parties, we meet a lot of different guys from different backgrounds and ages. One of these guys had his own business and a lot of money as he was successful. He had come to many of our gangbangs and we got to know him very well. Lets call him Brian. Now Brian was a huge fan of motor racing and would travel the world, work permitting, to see these races. After a recent gangbang he asked me if Jordan was into car racing. I said not so much. He then asked me if I trusted him enou… Read more

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OTK Ch. 02


Last night I spanked my mother, and then sent her to bed. I'd stayed downstairs, and wanked till I came, all the while reliving that spanking of her chubby bum, with the tight-stretched panties. Today I had decided that this time I'd see if her spanking had made her more submissive - more agreeable to my demands. She arrived home a little late, and was surprised to see me already there. I guessed she was hoping I'd be late, or out for the evening. I started as I intended to go on. "Mother, come in here, please." Somewhat hesitantly she came into the front room. "What....what's up, Don?" an… Read more

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In the Strip Club

Lesbian SexHardcoreVoyeur

One Night Tiffany and I were home alone and we were watching TV. Then Tiffany moves her hand over to my leg and started rubbing it up and down and then moves it closer to my crotch as my Cock started to swell. I asked, "Do you have something in mind?" She said , Yes." I asked if it was Bad? She answered, "Very" I asked, "what about?" She said she wanted to lick some pussy." I was totally enthralled and curious as to where she was going to find some. She mentioned about a strip club that has girl dancers and maybe she could try their. So off in the car we went. When we arrived at the club, we… Read more

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Becky Goes to Korea part 3

MatureTabooGroup Sex

~~Start of Part 3~~ Becky looks over that the girls and tells them to come over. They get up right next to us as I am still slowly stroking my half hard cock in and out of her and she says, “I would like to try something with all of us together if you two would like to join in?” Mandy and Sis of course are up for it and ask her, “what are you wanting to do?” Becky tells me to pull out of her and then lay on my back on the bed with my butt right up to hers and our legs bent up. I do and then she has Sis get on top of her… Read more

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The Holiday Many years ago when we were k**s my Grandmother used to take one of us on holiday with her, we had to wait till we were 13 or over so i was 5th in line to go. The holiday was in a caravan at a seaside resort. The van belonged to my uncle he bought it so my Grandma could have a holiday as she was not to good at getting around. On the holiday with us was also my aunt both my uncle and my aunt were single my uncle had a few flings with the ladies but never married the same with my aunt she had a few boyfriends but stayed single. My Grandad was also there, the van was a 48 foot 6 berth… Read more

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 9

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Mrs. Perkins seemed very pleased with me, at this point. My flaccid penis lay submissively on my tummy, my ball’s hung empty and their contents, a milky substance puddled on my chest and stomach. “Good Boy” she said with a smile. “I know that you may be confused because I have always insisted that you remain HARD for Mommy.” she explained, “Yet I want you to experience the intimacy that a woman feels…. only then will you be able to treat a woman properly.” With those words, Mrs. Perkins walked over to a cabinet and returned wearing a harness around her middle. As she approached, I could tell… Read more

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Dad And His High School Friend

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I anxiously waited for Dad to return from the local bar. Knowing that he loved seeing me in sexy lingerie, I had dug through my dressers searching for the perfect outfit to put a smile on his face. I found a slinky looking white negligee with peek-a-boo bodice and a white lace crotchless panties. Standing in front of the mirror, I could see the outlines of my breasts perfectly and my nipples poked out, almost hidden by the top. Looking down and bending over some, my thick labia were nestled between the lacey layers looking like a pretty deep-pink flower petal. I dimmed all the lights and lit… Read more

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Good neighbors are hard to cum by.

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I fumbled around at my mailbox in the hallway of our apartment complex. Trying to get a stuck letter out of my mailbox. The door to the hallway opened up and I heard a pair of heavy biker boots approach. The footsteps echoed menacingly in the hallway. I stood bent over at my mailbox. My ass sticking out toward the guy that walked into the hallway. He planted a boot on either side of my legs and gave me a vicious slap on my ass. "Look at that! ... I did not know this apartment building came with these amenities ... Bent over… Read more

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