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Granny makes a move


“Good, you’re here,” my grandmother said. “I came as fast as I could,” I said in reply. “You’re a good boy. Come in.” She opened the door wider to allow me access. “Quickly,” my grandmother added. “Get inside.” Her urgency puzzled me but, I as stepped into the house, I forgot about that. “What’s this about?” I asked, nonplussed by the incongruous high heels and towelling robe. “I want a word,” my grandmother said, sharp in her tone. Confused and anxious, I felt my insides go loose, fear a visceral squeeze in the pit of… Read more

Posted by ricky_writer 5 days ago 9 14,313 99%

Granny makes me so horny


My stepdad's mom (technically grandmother) was dating this guy named Roger who was a nice enough guy but I noticed there were times I'd see them together and she would have a look of boredom on her face. Apparently he wasn't doing it for her not only socially but sexually. At least that's what I heard my mom and my aunt giggling about. This of course made my thoughts about my grandmother even worse. My grandmother is attractive for her age. She has kept very fit and has a pretty nice body. Her hair has that silver and white… Read more

Posted by lexasgreen 6 days ago 8 7,534 98%

Step-mother's revenge


“Your father’s an arsehole,” she said. Surprised, I said, “What?” She’d been sitting on the stairs when I walked into the house. Startled because I hadn’t expected to see her there, I’d blurted out, “Jeez, you scared me,” pausing before adding, “How come you’re sat there?” That’s when she’d said it. I’d closed the front door and dropped my sports-bag onto the floor, car keys going into the small bowl on top of the wooden cabinet. It was when I glanced up towards the first-floor landing I’d seen her. After I’d asked the qu… Read more

Posted by ricky_writer 5 days ago 6 11,107 98%

Teaching my Son to lick Pussy


It started when Mark was in bed with me one night. He was in high school, has excellent grades and is looking forward to the next chapter in his life. Mark is a bit on the shy side. He's cute, but I'm his mother so I may be a bit biased. He hasn't done a lot of dating. An occasional movie or disco with a young girl from school. Anyway, Then it happened... We werein my bed one morning having a cuddle. It's a king size bed. After about 15 minutes having are coffee and a cuddle, I start to drift of to sleep again and Mark is laying there staring at the ceiling in the dark. Mark can hear my… Read more

Posted by Hunter5966 7 days ago 7 9,449 100%

A very precocious daughter


“You’re not going out like that?” It was a question, not a statement. At thirty-one, my daughter was too old for me to make any demands. Those days were long over. I couldn’t ground her and send her to her room, but the short skirt and precipitous cleavage brought out the old-school dad within. Belligerent as I remembered her being when she was still subject to my rules, she looked at me and said, “I am.” I was on the back foot by then. I knew I had no authority but still had to try. “That skirt’s a bit short,” I said. J… Read more

Posted by ricky_writer 5 days ago 6 10,947 100%

Helping Mom


When I was young my parents divorced. It was not a mean or bitter separation they decided the were not meant to be married and have remained friends and I split my time evenly with both of them. My Dad who is named Will had gotten remarried to Debbie a few years ago to a nice but perverted lady and had settled into a happy life. I did not have the heart to tell him his new wife had been hitting on me ever since I turned s*******n. She was pretty and had nice tits but I am not attracted to her. It was getting to the point of making me really uncomfortable. Though I do love older women and truth… Read more

Posted by triphammer73 6 days ago 2 10,666 98%

taboo bucket list part 2


continuing from what happened before im currently waiting for my son to get home from work my husband his dad is away till tomorrow my son promised to stretch me out good a proper :) so i started to suck my sons cock and he was completely submissive right now 20-25 minutes ago i was thinking on how to seduce him i think i did pretty well in short amount of time all the time blowing him i just wanted him inside me not to make me cum or him to cum early in me just to say that iv'e accomplished something on my bucket list he had no idea either what i was gonna do to his cock either blowing him… Read more

Posted by pussymound 5 days ago 6 5,828 98%

My friends birthday present

First TimeGay Male

This is a true story and takes place a few years ago. It was my friend Ryans birthday and we had went out for a few drinks while our girlfriends had a girls night in. By the end of the night we where both quite drunk and decided to walk home and try to sober up a bit rather than take a taxi. As we where walking I made a joke about leaving with my girlfriend quickly so he could get his birthday blowjob. I was quite surprised when he replied that he wouldn't be getting one as his girlfriend didn't like doing it. Now I had fantasised often about sucking another guys cock but never had the guts… Read more

Posted by Pantyhoseboy787 6 days ago 9 5,388 100%

my first time with a man

First TimeGay Male

I was a 20 year old college student at the time. Fit and thin. I was dating a girl but had been interested in feeling what another cock was like in my hands for a while. So I started looking at craigslist every so often. The posts made me horny and I usually ended up masturbating and logging off before doing anything. I has a few drinks one night and logged on. I thought maybe I should finally post for once. I started on my ad, mainly pointing out that I was inexperienced and looking for someone patient to let me touch their dick. I was suddenly rock hard as I typed so I went even further...… Read more

Posted by Lbnhww 6 days ago 10 2,942 100%

Grandma does porn


I was at college when I heard my grandparents had money problems, they apparently had a mortgage still to pay, maintenance work that needed on her old house, and even though my Grandfather was still working he just couldn't make enough money to cover it all anymore. So, one Sunday I drove over to them, to see how they were doing, and as I sat watching my mature Grandmother, a tall thick woman, with shoulder length red hair and a large cleavage under her summer blouse, and a pair of nicely tanned legs under her summer skirt, I suddenly had an idea. "Well... there might be one way you could earn… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 1 day ago 8 3,321 100%

Late night bus

First TimeVoyeurMature

Late night bus. I will start this off with the usual introduction about myself. My name is Mrs Tina Jones, I am 51, married with son’s age 18 and 21. My husband is the only man I have known intimately. I am a big lady, size 18 to 20 with large and now saggy breasts. I am not all that highly sexed, never have been, once a month was good enough for me. A few months ago my husband had a mild stroke, so even that once a month thing stopped and I must admit that I did masturbate a couple of times in the last two months, something I rarely did through my life. On one occasion I am also am ashamed t… Read more

Posted by tonibbw 7 days ago 10 4,771 97%

My Stepsister Hailey P11

MatureGroup SexTaboo

The summer holiday's were about to finish and it was time for my stepsister Hailey to head off to her big posh college, while I stayed at home to go to the local one, but it wasn't just going to be a simple goodbye see you in the holidays with my stepsister, no, she wanted us to travel with her to her new school. So, on the last but one day, before I was a due to start at my college, I climbed into the car with my stepmother ready to drive her the hour or so into the countryside, where her new school was. Now my father once again, was at work, so he wished Hailey good luck before he left, and… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 7 days ago 4 2,894 100%

taboo bucket list

AnalFirst TimeMature

my name is lisa im 53 years old im married to my husband for 25+ years i have one of the highest sex drives ever i wanna explain to everyone reading this my life and life choices with lead up to playing in taboo so im gonna start from the beginning from a young age i was never attracted to just one person i found women attractive and men too im 100% bisexual to this day and that for me won't ever change majority of what im about to tell you iv'e kept in for so long and i just have to tell someone when i was young i always found boys and girls attractive going through school i had the hots… Read more

Posted by pussymound 6 days ago 6 5,650 90%

Mother love - The Begining

TabooFirst TimeMature

Julie sat in her armchair, the tv was on, some lunchtime programme with stupid people buying rubbish at some outdoor market then trying to make a profit at auction. Julie was only vaguely aware of it, her brain was in turmoil, if it wasn’t one thing it was another, just when she was trying to think how she was going to cope with her son James coming home from University for the summer break, and now she had this on top, it felt as if the world was collapsing on top of her. How could Henry do this to her? How could she not have suspected what was going on? She flicked the channels, not really… Read more

Posted by Rossland67 2 days ago 4 5,116 100%

Sex at work

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

Years back I was in charge of hiring the new workers. This real big strong looking black man came in and filled out an application. Taking a quick look I noticed he did not fill out the entire application. I asked him if he needed help or to bring it back filled out. He said no. So I took a closer look and noticed the work history and other parts were blank. I looked him in the eyes and asked why he had not worked for a couple of years. After more questions he informed me he had spent some time in jail. I did not have a problem with that until he informed me it was for ****. This was a pr… Read more

Posted by divedog1960 5 days ago 6 4,277 97%

Cassie and Mrs Cole

Lesbian Sex

The strange thing about what happened, between my daughter's best friend and me, was that it seemed so perfectly natural, so utterly ordinary. It was never a destination that either of us chose, but it was a place that both of us were happy to travel to. More than happy in fact, ecstatic - at least in my case. You'd have to ask Cassie about her recollection of the events of last year. Most of all, it didn't seem strange and it didn't seem wrong, though it was clearly the former and more than likely the latter too. When all's… Read more

Posted by ellaford 5 days ago 3 4,165 97%


First TimeFetish

My mums friend, had her sister staying, she was running from an abusive relationship. They had arranged a night out and I went to look after her k**s for a few hours. When I got there they was just about to leave, she told me her husband was in the shower but had to go to a meeting and they would be back by 1am. I went and got settled as their cab arrived. It wasn’t long before the baby needed a bottle and I went and got one for him, he soon went back to sleep. So I watched TV. I got a little bored and played a few games on their computer but after a while I got curious to see what might… Read more

Posted by Greatessex 5 days ago 4 6,316 100%

Cum on Robyn


When the doorbell chimed, I was naked – except for the shoes. I’d put on a pair of heels, expensive Louboutins I keep for inside wear only, for when I wanted to enhance the feeling of femininity and to make me feel sexy. Putting those shoes on and examining the effect in the mirror always makes me feel good. I adore the way the height of the heels exaggerates the length of my legs. Nudity and those shoes worked their magic when I answered the door. I saw the boys’ faces and was thrilled by the hunger I saw. Ignoring their g… Read more

Posted by ricky_writer 5 days ago 16 9,194 100%

Siblings Part 4


I was excited when Val told me she that Alex had agreed to come practice with us and that she would be round tomorrow morning, she told me that they had agreed that her and Alex fight first and I referee and keep the timer and a close look to ensure the pins are legal and then I will fight the winner while the loser is referee, I was fine with that. After Val’s admittance that Dad helped her I looked at him in a different way, I even looked at Mum in a different way too, was I missing something her and after-all she was quite an attractive woman and she did have a good body. I went to bed ve… Read more

Posted by britguy 7 days ago 3 2,194 100%

First Cock in hose as a teen

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

My first cock was as a teen. I had a neighbor that had a ham radio, and I was always interested in the antenna on his house and talking on a radio across the world. As my interest grew, so did his interest on me as a teen. I never really paid much attention to his "advances" until they became obvious when he would walk out with his cock hanging out and act like it was an accident. He would purposely leave out porn for me to find and when I would glance at it, he would grab it and say "lets check this out together". He had a BBW wife who as far as I was concerned, was just an older lady with bi… Read more

Posted by rockymtnpantyhose 6 days ago 8 4,796 97%

California Business Trip Ch. 01

Interracial SexVoyeurGroup Sex

I had to go to Southern California on a business trip and my wife Stacy wanted to go with me to visit her sister. Stacy hadn't seen her sister Laura in a couple of years and my wife was looking forward to a week with her only sister in the warmer weather. The sisters were almost complete opposites. My wife Stacy being petite with D cup breasts, red hair, pale skin, and lots of freckles loved the colder climates. While her sister Laura was a tall leggy blond with tanned skin and dark eyes that loved warm weather and beaches. Our flight arrived, we picked up the rental car, and soon were at her… Read more

Posted by OckenDon 5 days ago 3 4,539 90%

First time up the ass

First TimeAnalGay Male

This is my true personal account of something that happened in my early twenties. It's my story about first time anal sex so if this isn't what you want to've been warned. I was on the last part of my third year in the Army and stationed in Korea. I liked to drink and I had no On/Off switch so sometimes I drank too much. One morning I woke up with the urge to the call of nature so I made my way to the latrine. As I sat, I realized that my asshole was extremely sore as I took care of business. At first I didn’t think anything of it but there wasn’t much happening which made me wo… Read more

Posted by minermike61 5 days ago 11 6,472 90%

Siblings Part 5


I slipped my shorts back on but because my cock was still semi my cock and balls were still visible as I picked up Alex’s panties to hand back, as I held them the gusset felt a bit damp to I held them up to my nose and took a deep delightful sniff, not Val and Alex looked on as I closed my eyes to savour the aroma. I couldn’t make out the look on their faces so quickly said “Oh, just checking to see if they were sweaty” which Alex seemed to accept but Val looked concerned and edged to the edge of the sofa with her legs wide, “What about mine?” she asked quizzically with a sad face so I crawled… Read more

Posted by britguy 7 days ago 1 2,649 96%

Wife's Massage

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

Recently I had to go to the USA on a business trip. I usually travel alone but on this trip I convinced the company to pay for my wife Jan to travel with me and to also extend the trip for another week for some well earned R&R.I was to be there 1 week before Jan arrived to do all the business stuff and the next week would be filled with tourist adventures. On my arrival at the hotel I was informed that we had been booked into a 2 bedroom luxury penthouse suite overlooking the city and magnificent bay and harbour. The room was truly luxurious .In the middle of the room stood a spa which wo… Read more

Posted by OckenDon 7 days ago 3,445 100%

Adam's sister part 1 ( Oil Company Chronicle)

First TimeMasturbation

My friend, Adam and I went home to him. He is three years older than me. I´m 19, we work at the same company. A oil pipeline company. We have been busy lately with work so now it was our week off. We have been planning this week for over three months. We wanted to spend at his house and with his family. I have my family that lives far, far away from where I was working. “ We are almost there,” he said As we got closer, I saw a big villa just outside of the city. He was driving the car. A BMW X5. I was amazed by how big this place was. It looked like a palace. I’ve always know he was rich an… Read more

Posted by Harrykenobi 5 days ago 2 3,176 96%

Skate park quickie. Wife with skater boy.

MatureVoyeurGroup Sex

We were out enjoying the beautiful weather and doing some shopping. Having dressed for the weather, and being naughty, Erin wore a short summer dress with no bra or panties and with her hair tied back. She looked delicious as always. We made a few stops and as usual I caught men sneaking peeks at her when they thought no one was looking. It was getting very hot out and we were getting hungry so we decided to grab some food to go to a local park area to enjoy our picnic. While we ate we started to play footsies and soon I had my foot between Erin’s legs, rubbing her bald pussy. She was gettin… Read more

Posted by US24U2010 7 days ago 11 2,451 100%

My sexy neighbor


Back in the mid nineties my wife and I purchased a home on a private road in New York. It had a fair amount of property and behind the home the lawn went a good 200 feet to my property line, which was lined with a stonewall. My property in the back bordered the yard of another couple. They were a few years younger than us and had three young boys. We became “friends” and often chatted at the property line. My only son was close in age to their sons and they became close friends. We started getting invited to parties for the k**s and occasional BBQ. Over the years we spent more time together,… Read more

Posted by mileslong292 1 day ago 3 2,525 95%

Robyn fucks an old man


If you asked me why I did it, I couldn’t give a reason. There was no one single element to what happened that I can point to now, many years later, and say, “Yes, that was why I did it.” It was a hot summer, I was nineteen and had only just realised that when men looked at me they were often imagining what it would be like to see me without clothes on. A boyfriend I’d had at the time enlightened me by going on about how I should wear shorter skirts to show off my legs and bottom. He would rave over the size o… Read more

Posted by ricky_writer 5 days ago 10 5,193 95%


AnalMatureFirst Time

Many years ago my wife and I had a friend. I’ll call him “Mark.” Mark’s marriage fell apart and as his divorce was shaking-out he was over at our house a lot. He practically lived with us for several months. His wife had been a real piece of work. A total bitch. My wife and I had never liked her. Not surprisingly their divorce got ugly quickly and real expensive. So my wife and I had great sympathy for Mark. My wife is a nudist. She isn’t overt, she doesn’t flaunt herself or do it for attention. She’s just comfortable being naked or mostly naked. At home in and around our yard, she’ll often… Read more

Posted by WhoopsieThatsNSFW 6 days ago 1 3,814 100%

The neighbor's wife


My neighbor is a jerk. He is about 12 years younger than me and when I bought my house, he was a pre teen jerk. His father never made him work, he purchased him a car, which he promptly demolished and his dad bought him another. When he was 18 he moved out due to an argiment with his dad. His dad had a bad heart and developed CHF and he moved back. His dad died not too long afterward. So he was left the house and a large endowment. That was 25 years ago. In the man time he has been through a few girlfriends until he met the woman he got pregnant and married. She is older than him, She is 50,… Read more

Posted by Bonr717 1 day ago 4 4,509 96%

I woke up horny out of my mind at midnight.


In a burst of heat, I woke in the middle of the night. Light from the traffic signals outside spilled through my windows, bathing my room in red and green and yellow in turns. And despite the stillness, the bloated quiet of the hour, a thunderstorm surged within me. My heart was racing, my mind spinning, and I was breathing hard as if I were in the middle of a glorious fuck. As if someone had me pinned down to my bed while he thrust into me, repeatedly with the intent of breaking me. All I could do was moan and pant and beg for him to go harder and harder while I dug my fingernails into the m… Read more

Posted by sweetasianfaye 5 days ago 4 2,433 100%

The First Time Carlie Touched Me

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

I woke to realized that Carlie's fingers were massaging between my legs, stroking through the soft cotton fabric of my panties. She had slept over many times since i met her this semester, sharing my bed with me every time. We were always snuggly, more than with my other friends. I was used to waking up and finding her arm over me, her warm body fitting into the curves of my back and butt. But, never had she touched me like this. I was surprised at first, but it felt so amazing I didn't resist. In seconds my breathing was quickening. I could hear her breath in my ear. She was really turned on.… Read more

Posted by girlgirlexperiment 2 days ago 3 2,243 100%

Sissy and College Jock

Shemale PornGay MaleFirst Time

It was not the sort of occasion when you would expect anything exciting to happen. The job I had for the summer vacation meant I had to travel around doing interviews all day and staying in Guest Houses at night. So it was evening and I had just found this B&B. The landlady had shown me to a twin room which seemed fine. I was relaxing in the garden at a table with a parasol and enjoying a cool drink while she chatted to me about the problems of running the place. Presently we noticed a large bus had drawn up nearby and a couple of big young men dressed in sports gear came through the gar… Read more

Posted by transgenderromance 7 days ago 2 1,916 100%

Taking Anne's ass

AnalFirst TimeMature

I met Anne while working at an advertising company during college. She was very, very hot. She had the classic American look, blonde hair framing an light oil complexion and big soft lips that were built for sucking cock. She was skinny with curves in all the right places and had nice round breasts to complete the package. Needless to say I was attracted to her right from the get go and was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the attraction was mutual. We began to see each other frequently, and the sex was hot. The only things that were missing were certain sexual acts that Anne refus… Read more

Posted by ScaredyKat26 2 days ago 1 2,021 100%

Uber Slut and the Graduation Party Gangbang

AnalGroup SexMature

Hi Y’all, Last weekend I was contacted by Tom my retired Navy pilot friend who had gangbanged me with a group of his older friends. He asked me if I was interested in some more fun but this time it would be to dance and have some fun at his son’s private high school graduation party with a select group of his son’s friends. That was a wild offer and while I couldn’t imagine my own k**s having such a party I had heard of dads taking their sons to whore houses and figured I could likely provide the same amount of fun and education. So sure it sounded wild and exciting. Tom set it up that we’d… Read more

Posted by UberSlutMom 2 days ago 4 1,409 100%

Turning 60 in Barbados

First TimeGroup SexInterracial Sex

MWF-60, at the time. I celebrated my 60th birthday in Barbados with my my sister, and 2 friends that I grew up with who are sisters to me. My sister Amy is younger than us by 4 years. Rachel, Chris and I were pretty wild growing up. It was the 70's and we partied a lot and hooked up with guys all the time. But, my friend Rachel was a real slut! So it was no surprise to me or Chris that Rachel planned on getting laid while she was here. We partied that first night doing shots. Amy was not wild as a young girl. She had a few boyfriends. Had sex with probably 4 guys before getting married. My… Read more

Posted by coasterrack 6 days ago 4 2,984 100%

Sweet Lady

TabooLesbian SexMature

So, here's another thing that happened! My mom has this friend. I'll call her Ms E (not the same Ms E from the other story! This is a different lady!). I think she's in her mid-40s or so? She's from our country, so she doesn't speak English all that well, but she does ok. (I'm gonna write her stuff like she speaks English as good as me). Anyway, she comes to visit us a lot and sometimes she stays for a few days. She's always so nice to me, like telling me I'm pretty and smart and stuff. And I totally am! I'm awesome! :D And she's so pretty too. She's maybe 2-3 inches taller than me, with sho… Read more

Posted by rotten_little_brat 6 days ago 2 3,527 100%

Bad Pamala

TabooVoyeurLesbian Sex

I’ve always hung about with Pam since I was young, I knew her and her dad have always been close. The other day I found out how close. We had been backpacking around Norfolk for a long weekend. I was with Pam her dad and their family friend Adam. When we started our hike & was all in good spirits, till Adam got a call and just ran off, shouting he had to go it was an emergency. I never did find out what it was. We carried on across a few fields and got near some lake they knew and set up camp, me and Pam was sharing the bigger tent and her dad was in the smaller. Pam and her dad went t… Read more

Posted by Greatessex 7 days ago 3 3,386 94%

sissy caught

Interracial SexGay MaleFirst Time

My new next door neighbor is a ebony goddess i cant stop looking at her perfect body as she walks out her perky titties in her summer dress bouncing up and down , so sexy and firm body I was surprised when she told me she was turning 40 this weekend its seems a nice way to know her better, i invited her for dinner, i went out to buy wine and food she rang my door after work time, she look freshy out of shower in a beautifull white sexy dress we talk and i cook dinner for her, she was very nice telling me she liked a man who cook well smilling at me with her sexy tities moving left rig… Read more

Posted by kylefuckyou 2 days ago 2 2,100 95%

Fathers Day

MatureFirst Time

Me and my husband have been separated since I let my sister move in with us. They have always got on but after a few weeks the arguments started and he moved out. So on Father’s Day I thought I’d try and persuade him to move back in, I made sure the house was empty, my sister took everyone to the park for a bit with some friends so I could be alone with him. He rang the bell and I went running to the door in just my knickers and a vest top. I’d made sure I wasn’t wearing much for him. He looked at me and told me I looked hot as he walked in the door. I felt my heart beat faster and couldn… Read more

Posted by Greatessex 2 days ago 3 2,740 95%

Ravaged at my own living room


That Friday afternoon I left my office early and went directly to the gym. After a nice two hour session of hard work out, I took a warm shower, dressed up in my office clothes and came back home by walking. It was a very fine warm day and I was walking as I checked my phone. I did not realize I was being followed. I got up to the front door and opened it; when suddenly someone from behind pushed me inside. I fell forward on the floor and when I turned around a man had entered and closed the door behind him. The evil smile in her face told what he wanted… I tried to back away on the floor but… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 7 days ago 1 3,873 100%

aFtEr ThE DiVoRcE pt1

TabooMatureFirst Time

When I was yngr she would have me wash her back while she showered. It was when I was a teen when I realized that her moans when I got to her ass and pussy were of pleasure. After I left my wife she offered me a place to live. Her husband past away four years prior and she lived alone. She was lonely and hadn't dated in all that time. I had nowhere else to go and it seemed like a great place to get back on my feet. The first night there she started making little comments about how lonely she had been and how it was nice to have a man back in the house. I come from an affectionate family an… Read more

Posted by Tomaxxamot 6 days ago 1 3,192 100%

Lexi's Mom's Party

FetishLesbian Sex

"Why don't you join us, Ella?" said Lexi with a syrupy sigh. She lifted her foot and flexed her toes outwards, spreading apart the thin nylon of her suntan pantyhose. With a distracted eye, I noticed that her toenails were painted a shade of deep crimson that perfectly matched the shimmering gloss of her full lips. Beside her, Karen slid her hand along Lexi's thigh and nuzzled into her neck, causing Lexi to lean her head back and moan quietly. "I'm sorry... I mean, I'm not a..." I paused, unsure what to say. I… Read more

Posted by ellaford 5 days ago 1 4,181 100%

Life lessons


This is fictional and was previously posted on an old profile. We had always been close, despite the age gap. My cousin Katie was 22 years my senior, my father being the youngest c***d and me his youngest while my Aunt was the eldest and Katie her firstborn. In my youth my cousin Katie would often be called upon to babysit for me and my brother, and as I entered my teens and no longer needed to be looked after, I would often be at her place, watching movies and generally getting underfoot. I was always painfully shy, while my brother was always the gregarious, outgoing one, quick to make ne… Read more

Posted by Cymro99 7 days ago 2 1,436 100%

Vanessa, the pleasure masseuse!

Shemale PornMasturbationAnal

This story happened a few years ago. Every time I remember it, I get an erection. It all started one day when I went to an administrative office to do a paperwork. I entered, they gave me a turn, I sat down to wait. While I waited I read a book I had brought. After several minutes another person enters. He sits in front of me. When I saw her I was surprised by her beauty. Was beautiful. She had blond hair, light eyes, small nose, thin red lips, very delicate skin. I was wearing a shirt through which you could see small but firm tits. Underneath was a very short skirt, under which protruded lon… Read more

Posted by Santiguapo 5 days ago 2 5,151 78%

Brutally used by a dealer.

HardcoreAnalGay Male

When I was 17 I started seeing this lad who shifted hash as an additional income stream. Nothing major, just knocking out an ounce or two to his mates. I thought that looked an easy way of making some extra cash and asked my mate to hook me up with his supplier. We jibbed round the the blokes house, had a few smokes and my mate had to go. So me and the dealer, Mike, hung out, chatting, smoking, listening to music. 'I see you looking at my cock?' Mike suddenly said. 'Wha. Nah.. I... Er..?' I blurted in reply. Now I'll admit I had been looking at his cock, it was massive, hard to miss,… Read more

Posted by cubbed2death 7 days ago 1 2,684 94%

Early Family Life Part 2


I slipped my shorts back on and followed Mum back into the house, her panties had ridden up the crack of her nicely rounded arse and I could see the tightness of them in her thigh gap, she knew I was looking and gave a little wiggle as she walked into the kitchen. She looked down at my shorts again to see the reaction and I wasn’t going to disappoint as a visible bulge was appearing, it was like she had a new toy and was determined to get the best use of it, she reiterated again how pleasing it was that Dad and Val had a close relationship and hoped that we could enjoy the same, no pressure bu… Read more

Posted by britguy 6 days ago 5 3,778 95%

Led on the path of BBC

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It was 1999, the internet was still kind of a new place to most and the rules not set very well In chat rooms. Young people and older people mingling in chatrooms with no filters or function other than “block”, “exit”, “send.” It was in this room that my young self found a friend. Melissa was, as she told me, 22 at the time and was very interested in talking with a young boy. Being on the start of puberty and scared to look up porn online for fear of viruses and other harmful thing, I was all for talking with her. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was looking at porn. Mostly guy on girl porn. Howe… Read more

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The Art Of Seduction

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Joel flopped down onto the smooth black leather couch next to his wife Shannon after a long night drinking with their friends John and Sara. Off The Chain was packed and John and Sara had even talked the two of them into dancing out on the dance floor for the first time in years. Joel and Shannon had been very social and outgoing when they were younger, but had really isolated themselves the last few years. After a long night of drinking they headed home exhausted. "Could you believe what Sara was wearing tonight," Shannon said in passing. "Ya! she was definitely getting a ton of looks from… Read more

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