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My wife’s Mom Rosa


My wife Gina and I are upwardly mobile, we both work and good jobs, and moved out of the city into the ‘burbs. We have a nice split level home, and no k**s. Maybe k**s one day, but we are happy as we are. Gina’s Mom, Rosalie came to live with us. Rosa as I call her is a short gal in her 70’s, with greyish hair and a bit of a moustache. Kind of plump, nothing too sexy about her, but she is a real sweetheart. She will not let us do house work, as she lives for free and feels it is her duty to help us. She cooks a few meals, and best of all, she makes coffee in the morning, so Gina and I wake u… Read more

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Found Mama's Porn Films! (Part 3)

Lesbian SexVoyeurTaboo

I woke up from a dream where my mother's mouth was between my legs exploring my body. I was surrendered to her, despite how strange and new it was. I didn't care cuz she was so good at it. Then, my eyes opened and I realized it was a dream. My panties were damp and my hair was all in my face. The sun shone brightly in my window, so I closed my eyes to stay with the dream, my fingers finding their way under the elastic of my panties and down into the crevice of my vagina. I was already warm and ready as I slipped easily into th… Read more

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Katie fucked by two generations Dad n younger man


Father and son seems more like something from a porn movie script rather than a Christmas do. I was fucked by my junior colleague and his uninvited friend last year after a Christmas drink - see an earlier story.i cannot believe that it is Christmas party time again. This year my pimping boss promised me to a client after our evening do, well I sort of volunteered. Anyway I somehow found myself sat between a father and son. Dave, a deputy director like me and his son Oliver, a recent graduate from a northern university. Unusual for a son to be invited to our do, but I just accepted it… Read more

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My mother's married best friend


“I fucking hate weddings.” Shocked and embarrassed, I didn’t reply. “Give them a year and they won’t be so, lovey-dovey.” I looked for a way to escape. The room was early-evening busy, and people were starting to show signs of wear and tear. We were the only two still sitting at the table. It was a wreck. Confetti, glasses, empty bottles of wine, and used coffee cups showed the tail-end of the wedding breakfast as a crew of young people rushed to get the place tidy. It was the lull between the meal and evening entertainmen… Read more

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 5

TabooHardcoreFirst Time

For the next few hours, I was tormented this way. I would later find out that this was called “edging”, yet as opposed to getting me close to cumming, and then simply stopping the stimulation, I was being trained differently. My overwhelming feeling of an impending orgasm was immediately replaced with intense discomfort, or even pain! Examples were: my balls being squeezed/twisted, my nipples being twisted, a cane used on the bottoms of my feet/ass/ or even my exposed balls, a flogger being used on my torso/back/ bare ass/bottoms of my feet…. Then the erotic stimulation would begin all over ag… Read more

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BFFs Mom Likes To Eat Me

Lesbian SexFirst TimeTaboo

Janet's tongue skillfully navigated the peaks and valleys of my vagina as I let me legs fall open wider to her. The air conditioning blew a cool, gentle breeze across my thighs in the back seat of her minivan, caressing my bare skin with a soft tingle. Tree branches waved above us, casting glittery shadows on her dark hair as her head bobbed up and down with each stroke of her tongue along the skin between my legs. We parked in our usual shady, isolated spot in the back parking lot of Rose Creek Park, just off the normal path b… Read more

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Nervous Wife Shared for First Time Pic Story

First TimeAnalVoyeur

BACKGROUND My wife usually is a quiet, reserved lady. After twenty-eight years of married life, I know she has a kinky side, but in public, it never shows. Most people we know have an opinion of my wife as being shy and straight-laced. She dresses conservatively without revealing any skin other than her legs during seasons that allow for a dress or pair of shorts. Even her bathing suits tended to be modest and concealing. She has a stunning body. She has always kept a rigorous workout and fitness regiment along wit… Read more

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My Mom

MatureTabooFirst Time

Ever since I was in my mid teens and I saw my mom hanging laundry, and when she bent over she showed her hairy pussy. Again and again. A sight that fueled my teenage masturbatory habits So as I got a year older, and still having ideas about my mom, I was in my room and got up and nearly stepped into the dining room, when I heard my Mom talking to her friend. I stopped and was quiet. My mom’s friend says “So you aren’t getting any from Bill, Alice?” Mom says, ”No, one night we tried and he did not get hard and it’s been nearly two years, and he hasn’t touched me” My Mom’s friend said “Is he… Read more

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Daddy Watching His Daughters

TabooVoyeurLesbian Sex

Daddy Watching His Daughters It was humid and quite warm in the house tonight. Ashley and I had gone to bed leaving all the windows open in hopes of a night breeze with our fans on to move the air somewhat. I had gotten up, gone to the kitchen for a glass of water, and noticed light in Daddy's room. His bedroom lamp illuminated his bedroom and I paused at his door peeking in. The angle of my view only allowed me to see the edge of his bed, which seemed to be covered in open magazines. I moved a bit and was surprised to see he was obviously masturbating. His bed covers were moving up and down… Read more

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Granny's Dirty Photographs - 3


Just to let you know, despite the title, this scene doesn't feature the granny. This is the third installment, where things have progressed. There are two scenes which precede this one. So, if you're looking for the granny action, maybe take a look at them. I hope you get some enjoyment from the following. It's originally from January 2013. Thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Ricky - Cambs, Engkand - August 13th 2019. *** he chances of it happening had to be astronomical, something crazy like winning the… Read more

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She Wanted Her Daddy......2


Michael awoke with a start, his mind struggling to separate fantasy from reality as a vision of his daughter, whimpering and crying out his name with unhampered bliss, echoed in his ears. Had he really made love with his teen daughter last night? He would have chalked it up as a wonderfully erotic, disturbingly i****tuous dream, if not for the petite body snuggled up next to him in bed. The covers were wrapped tightly around her, hiding her body from his confused stare and no doubt warding off the early morning chill. He didn’t have to look at the alarm clock beside his bed to know that the… Read more

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Naughty Rachel

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

'I reckon that if we ever split up; you and Rachel would be really good together.' 'Huh' I replied, rolling over and raising my eyes at my girlfriend. 'I'm just saying; you're both into the same kind of music and films, and she's really quite hot.' 'I honestly can't say I've ever thought about it Chloe', I replied, lying slightly. 'Well I have, and I think it's true...' she rolled back onto her side, ready to fall asleep. '... but don't go getting any ideas though.' How could I not get any ideas? I had always thought that my girlfriend's best friend had been hot, with her sultry, dark lo… Read more

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The Step Sister

TabooFirst Time

We had grown up in the same house for about three years. She is three years older than I am and went off to college while I was still in high school. I had caught glimpses of her before, but of course, just kept my mouth shut and dreamed about it at night. She had grown up beautifully in college, now at 5'8" with long blond hair, blue eyes and very nice tits. Cut to me being home on leave after basic training and getting ready to ship out to my first duty assignment overseas. I had been back home for about two or three days at… Read more

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My First Time

First TimeHardcore

This is the shortened version of my first time having sex. Shortened as it was actually the third visit to the house not the first but hey.... They always say that you never forget your first time. And that's certainly true for me. It was an experience and a moment in time I'll never forget. I was young and I was always horny. It was a warm Monday afternoon in late June, and everybody in the sixth form was already looking forward to school ending and that last real summer holiday before everyone went their own way, either to uni, working or just bumming around. As I stepped onto the school… Read more

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How did I get here?

TabooLesbian Sex

A lot of people ask me how I got here. To be honest, sometimes I wonder that myself, but here is my little snippet about how I discovered my sexuality. I should start off by saying some of this is really difficult to share. I have lost friends, been labeled weird, even had family members catch on and treat me differently. I cannot tell you how many times I've been referred to as "the wild one" by family members, and it hasn't always felt endearing. Despite this, I have grown a Fuck IT mentality, where other peoples opinions mean very little. Sometimes its hard, I worry about being judged as m… Read more

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Sister's Friend Caught Stealing


Sister's Friend Caught Stealing ********** Living and working on a farm changes your life significantly in many respects. The biggest change was getting up before the sun comes up, and going to bed early so you can get up again, in the morning. Since graduation from high school, I too had adopted this pattern of sleep, but my sibling sister, still in school, did not. We share a bedroom and many times, she would invite a friend over to spend the night. Unfortunately for me, that meant that while I tried to get to bed early and sleep, I was forced to put up with them giggling and talking late i… Read more

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We Look After An Old Gay Guy For Our Inheritance P

Gay MaleMasturbationMature

We Look After An Old Gay Guy For Our Inheritance Part .2...Gay Porn makes me want to take things further! A few days went by luckily i shook the whole thing with Bill off and had had a few sessions with the wife just to get pussy on my mind and put the thought of bills cock to the back of my mind, i also avoided Bill for a few days, but eventually i had to go over to help him to put some shelves up that i`d promised a few weeks back to do and today was the chosen day. As soon as i went through the door bill asked me if i wanted tea and then ushered me into the front room and he put m… Read more

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Wife Cuckold's Me

First TimeVoyeur

My name is Marc. My story began, believe it or not, as I was surfing the internet for porn one day. My wife was out and I had finished work early, so I figured there was no harm in relieving myself before she got home. She was on her period, so no chance of me getting sex that night anyway. I was just browsing really, for nothing in particular. Just clicking on any videos that looked good and checking them out. A few videos had looked appealing so I kept a few windows open, letting them buffer as I kept browsing. Then I heard the key in the lock. Shit, my wife was home early! I quickly cl… Read more

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She had to graduate


Patty sat in a chair in the principals office fidgiting nervously while principal Jones went over the file that sat in front of him on his desk. no words were said. on occassion he would just grunt, shake his head and look at her with disgust. She had no idea what he was thinking as she nervously straightened her schoolgirl outfit, pulling on her white blouse and tugging on her plaid, pleated skirt. Patty was a cute girl of 18 with long black hair dark eyes and full ample breasts that she had used to her advantage all the way through school, yet here she sat with Mr. Jones who held her life in… Read more

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New Neighbor


"Hi neighbor!" Katie stopped and put down the box she was carrying as the young couple from the house next door approached. "I'm Jill and this is my husband Todd. We brought you a welcoming gift." Jill handed Katie a cold beer from the six-pack she was holding. "Thanks, I'm Katie, nice to meet you." Katie opened the beer and sat down on the top step of the porch. She'd been unloading boxes from her rental truck all day and this was the first time she'd taken a break. She was sweaty and filthy. "We didn't expect you until next week." Todd said. "Are you all moved in already?" "I'm a few days… Read more

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Glory hole afternoon

Gay MaleTabooMasturbation

 I had gone to my favorite gloryhole in Salem looking for and hoping to suck several cum filled cocks. I had been in the booth for several minutes and was really thinking about leaving and trying one of the other ABSs. I decided that I’d wait until my money ran out and then go. I was sitting, stroking my cock slowly and enjoying the bi movie. I guess I was engrossed in the movie and stroking so much that I didn’t hear the door in the next booth open and close. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and at the same time heard the money machine taking the guys money. I stood up so if… Read more

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I think I need help...

Shemale PornGay Male

Hello everyone. I think I might have a problem and I have no idea how I might solve it. You know, years ago, I discovered a pantie fetish. As youngster I stole panties from my neighbors, just to wear them while I masturbate. It was not, because I felt the neighbors sexy, but because I loved the feeling of the material and the knowledge, that these are female underwear. Later I included even a bra and stockings to it. But I did this not often, because I not felt the desire so often. Over the years I even stopped completely. Today I am married, but it is not really a good marriage. We not have m… Read more

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Step sis secret pt2

BDSMShemale PornTaboo

Laying on the bed thinking if I could pull off the transgender lifestyle. Could I change into a girl for love? Would I even be passable? All this things running through my head. But most of all would my dad be ok with it, would he truly except me? What would I tell my mom? There was no doubt I loved Roxi big cock in my mouth and ass. And I definitely loved cum... Roxi walked out of the bathroom, her big soft cock flopping as she walked towards me, smiling ear to ear. C’mon babe I ran you a bath, as she took my hand and pulled me off the bed. When we got to the bathroom I sat in the tub and sh… Read more

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My first job!

First TimeHardcoreMature

I was 18 and just graduated from high school I had applied for several secretarial jobs and in a couple of days I received a call. It was for a receptionist at an investment firm. There was just my boss and I working there. It was a great job I really enjoyed going in every day ! My boss really treated me great and in my first few months I had already received 2 raises. Mike my boss was 59 and a very handsome man and like I said really treated me great He was always gracious and very professional Mike told me that he wanted t… Read more

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My first time

First Time

My first time. I was skipping off school for the day, my neighbour at the time was a 21 year old lady, who I shall call Fay. Fay was married to an older guy and she had 2 k**s. Now Fay and my mum were good friends , always calling in on each other for coffee and chats and I had got to know her fairly well in the 2 years we had been neighbours. My mum worked during the day and im not proud to say that I spent more time at home than in school, I often saw Fay in the garden and we would chat over the fence, she always said that she wouldn't tell mum that I was off school. I will describe… Read more

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Our last cruise as a married couple


The story I'm about to write did happen in 2013.The last year of our marriage.In the beginning of 2014 we divorced.Things between me and ex now wife didn't went good despite our efforts to make the marriage work.Only thing that worked great was our sex lifestyle.Cuck and swing. So there we were and both wanted to go a last cruise together but with the purpose of last sex cuck style as a couple.So this time we book a cruise with Costa Cruises.Im sure you all know! The route was from Venice in Italy,continue to Bari and then down to Greece to three more parts and in the return a short stop in… Read more

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The Bride Can't Resist Her Maid Of Honor

Lesbian Sex

"We said we weren't going to do this," Ava said, seated on the couch in front of me. My hands were on her knees, which were parted slightly. The pearled white fabric of my wedding dress cascaded between us, my veil pulled back from my face. I was about to marry Chad, but all I could think about was Ava's sweet vagina. "I know. But, I don't think I can do it, Ayv. I want you too much. It's clearer to me every day this wedding comes closer." "Don't blow up your life for me," she said, a touch of pleading in her tone. "What if… Read more

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Family Affair - Entering the wild world.


When Chris arrived home his mother and Kathy were in the kitchen. Chris could not be certain but he thought he saw them suddenly step away from each other as he entered the front door. He walked into the kitchen hoping nothing in his expression or attitude would give away the emotions he was feeling. “Hi Chris,” Kathy said, stepping over to him and giving him a hug. Chris tried to relax the stiffness he felt in his body but suddenly the vision of her naked with her legs spread came into his head, her breasts pressing against him as she hugged him felt as if they were burning holes in him. “… Read more

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Trophy Wife


Alex stared at the tent half hidden in the dark; slowly he turned and stared at his mother standing on the lawn beside him. "What's this" he couldn't help but ask. "It's a tent silly" his mother laughed. "I got that mom" Alex turned back to the large cabin tent. ""What's it for?" he asked "Not what sweetie" his mother stepped to the tent opening. "More who, it's for you" she smiled. Alex tried to ignore watching his mother move in the dim light in the tight cocktail dress she wore. Her hips were swaying with every step. He stared at his mother confused. "I don't get it, why for me?" he t… Read more

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"Mad Dog"


My name is David Newton and this story happened about a month ago. My mom Amanda is 41 years old and looks attractive for her age. She is very fit as she visits the gym every week. She grew up doing gymnastics and when she was in high school she was in the volleyball team. She was very close with her teammates to the point that they gave eachother nicknames and the nickname my mom was given was "MAD DOG" for her aggressive style of play. To this day they keep in contact with eachother on facebook, sharing family photos and even putting their monikers in between their names(ex. Amanda "MAD DOG"… Read more

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Working with Mike

AnalGroup SexMature

As most of you know I had been working at Mikes investment firm for over a year then. Mike was then 60 and I was 19. I have had so many great sexual experiences with Mike and or his clients in the last 16 months or so! I tell all about it in "My new Job" I have had some wild times everything from squirting my first time to anal,riding car shifters to interracial and group sex ! In my last story I tell about a interracial group encounter I had with Mike my Boss. One of his black clients and Mikes 45 year old bro… Read more

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you like looking like a girl?

AnalGay MaleHardcore

we were alone on the couch, sipping wine and talking about work stuff when all of a sudden he changed the subject and asked me, so, do you like looking like a girl? i opened my eyes real wide and asked, excuse me?! he went on, you are just so... pretty in a fem way, you like that? hmmm, i blushed a little then thought for a minute, wasn't sure if i should tell the truth, then thought, of course, tell the truth! so i smiled sweetly at him and answered, yes, I like looking like a girl very much! yeah, i bet, he replied, you look so hot, it must be nice to be so pretty, and, i'm not gay, i'm just… Read more

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Group SexInterracial SexMature

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW … This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them. This is an interracial story. This is a story around a mother, Michelle and her daughter, Natalie. Michelle is 40 and Natalie is 20. Both women have dark brunette hair that falls to the shoulder… Read more

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Sissy's She-Cock Training

AnalShemale Porn

Sissy was in the corner on his knee's patiently waiting for Mistress's command. mind racing at the thought of days adventure, a nervous tremor passed through him wondering what it may be. Mistress had said she had a little surprise in store. Mistress standing there in black leather corset, her ample breasts on display fully fashioned stockings, 5" studded 5" heels crop in hand. Smiled and turned to the dresser grabbing, shiri, and sissy's collar, turning back to sissy in the corner, said over here now with one firm swish of the crop, crawling on all fours headed to Mistress. head up slave… Read more

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Wearing my new sissy panties

Interracial SexGay MaleShemale Porn

Its so much fun , i coudnt resist buying those panties after trying mom underwear last weekend I felt so nice in smooth small panties all i thought about was wearing mine once i received it from amazone after shaving and washing i got in them, looking at my small bubble ass in the mirror feeling so nice i had to go out smoking weed walking in the park in my shorts , the smooth tissus rubbing agaisnt my smooth ass and making me so horny I went home after a while and slept after looking at porn wanting something more i downloaded grndr and advertise myself as a shy white boy my hearth pou… Read more

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Shemale at the airport

Shemale PornFirst Time

The first shemale story I ever read and still one of my favourites... Layovers are a pain at the best of times but the prospect of five hours at the airport was not a good one. My inbound flight had been delayed and I had missed my connection, so there was nothing for it but to wait out the afternoon and catch the next 'plane home to the wife and k**s. The only saving grace was my business class ticket, meaning that at least I could loaf around in the executive lounge and not in the main concourses. Something to read, plus snacks and a drink were the only silver lining to my particular cloud… Read more

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The illicit embrace


I wander outside for some fresh air, to get away from the loud music, the smoke, the incessant chatter of the party guests. I stroll through the long garden, past one or two others who’ve also sought their escape, some to take a smoke, others to couple off and canoodle in some quiet corner. And then I spot them. They’re both married - but not to each other - and are heading down to the very bottom of the garden together, to where the lawn gradually gives way to the wood and the dark gloom descends. I’m too far away to see if she is leading him by the hand or not, but it certainly looks tha… Read more

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Reluctant to BBC

Interracial SexFirst TimeHardcore

Around 2006, my girlfriend and I had been broken up for almost a year. We had remained friends even though we had broken up. She calls me one day and says she needs some money. I asked her how much. She says she needed 875 for rent and another 1050 for her car payments. I said thats a lot of money, and I asked her whati or how can she repay me. She said she fuck me whenever I wanted her. I laughed and said I didnt need to pay for pussy but thanks. She asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted to video her fuck a black man. I could tell she did not like that I even asked her to do that. She sai… Read more

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I Dream of You & Sunlight Cry (Poetry by Joy)

Lesbian SexMasturbation

I DREAM OF YOU ❤️ My fingers glide Down my slopes As I lay alone On grandmother's guest bed Late morning sleep I awoke Having dreamt of you Your touch on my skin Your breath in my nostrils Your taste in my mouth Nightgown softness Cascading over my bare youth Nipples rise Tummy draws in I have never been touched But want you to touch me Fingers descend Down Down Between bare hips Into paradise Slipping into the flow My eyes close and you are here with me My fingers are yours… Read more

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First time cd crossdresser with daddy at pool

Shemale PornFirst TimeFetish

A Day at the Pool One of my buddies and I were at his dads house doing what most unemployed graduates do, laying around being lazy smoking pot. We had just bought a bag and a six foot bong and were smoking it for the first time. We had no idea what to expect from the bong and my buddy, Ted, jokingly said to me 'Ryan if you can't take the whole bong you're a pussy and have to wear a bikini around the pool all day'. I laughed and responded 'okay, but if you can't you're a bigger pussy and have to wear a dress to the gas station to get us smokes '. So with our little bet we packed the bong and… Read more

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First Time taking Cock Gay

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

I'm Nick, a married mid-30's professional. I'm 5'11", in shape, tan, brown eyes, black hair. I work out to stay in shape. I was working out one night and was running late, the owner of the gym said I could stay late and finish my work-out and that Steve and Butch would be staying late to clean up and lock up. I didn't see Steve or Butch while I finished up lifting weights, but when I got to the locker room and headed for the showers, I heard the water running and figured they were cleaning up themselves. I was shocked when I walked in and saw Steve on his knees in front of Butch. Steve was 6… Read more

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My wife's 1st BBC in our marriage. (Notice I

First TimeInterracial Sex

I first met my wife to be when I was 21 and she was 16 through a friend of mine. Carole was a tom boy who had lost her virginity at 14, and shortly afterwards she was introduced to having multiple partners in her life. Carole liked hanging out with us which was a group of 5 guys working on cars, riding motorcycles camping and etc. etc. etc. In a matter of a couple months she just became the group slut and even at 16 she had voracious appetite for sex. The real turn on she looked like the innocent girl next door, and in public she did(and still does act the role) For couple of years until she w… Read more

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PART TIME PRO - SHOCKING!! With approval of CurtB, author I guess my spare-time career started when I realised what was going on with my neighbour and figured it was the answer to all my troubles. Once I got into it, well, I couldn't stop and now I have gained other problems amongst which I'm too successful at my job and I still daren't let my husband find out. When I say 'troubles' what I really mean to say is that that I was suffering from the first-world frustrations of having too much time on my hands. I was like a lot of housewives I knew who most days after seeing their hus… Read more

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The Dinner Party (Sharing is caring)


The Dinner Party I like to train twice a day. Every day I wake up at 05:30 face the horror of another day and drag myself out of bed. Even Sundays suck, I’m so busy in the week I have to spend the only day I’m not busy doing all the things I never had a chance to sort out during the work or getting ready for the next week. Then I train again in the evenings and chill on my own happy I achieved something. I’m in the gym as soon as it opens. I like to feel strong and healthy and I admit the female attention it garners is nice too. After the gym I head strait to work. Every day I’m the first ma… Read more

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AirBNB Part 3


After Mason left I thought that my first experience went quite well, I sent Anika a text telling her how well it went and she replied with a little wink face and told me the fee had been transferred. I decided to go clean the room and change the bedding, I was told to always have the room ready as sometimes bookings come in at short notice, it was just as well I did as it was just after lunch when I got another enquiry. This was an interesting one, it was from a woman calling herself Mrs Wilkins. She was travelling down for a business dinner and needed to stay over, she told me that she would… Read more

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AirBNB Part 2

TabooFirst TimeGay Male

It was late the following day when I received an email from Anika with a link to my bio which she said would go live as soon as I accepted it, I looked at it with interest, the photos were very complimentary, my bio stated that I was very accommodating and easy going even stating that nothing was too much trouble, I liked it. She had me listed at £150 per night which I thought was good as she said it would cut out timewasters. Before a booking is accepted I get sent a text and email with the persons details and have to either accept or decline which was good as it eliminated surprises at the d… Read more

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Tricking My Brother


Tricking My Brother I came home from school early this afternoon. I had told the nurse I was suffering from a severe headache and needed to go home, take my medications and try to sleep. It was a perfect excuse, even if untrue, and she dutifully signed me out and off I went home. Since it was still before lunchtime, I figured that I could slip into the house and up to my bedroom and get on the internet with no problems because Dad would be at work and both, my sister and brother, at school. I was surprised when I opened the door, and heard my brother, Steven and Dad, talking in Steven's room… Read more

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Autostop boy.

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I crossed the German / Czech border about twenty kilometers, and I decide to stop at a service station to fill up with gas and drink a coffee. Sitting at a table to the left of the bar, there is a very young boy with blond hair who watches me come in, I don't speak much Czech, but I make an effort and order a coffee from the girl in the bar. I sit at on a table next to the boy and a moment later a waitress brings me a cup of coffee. You're not Czech, are you? The boy asks me in excellent English, no, I reply, I've lived here for years but I haven't learned much, it's a very difficult language.… Read more

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My wife touched his cock

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My wife and I had been married for eighteen years when this incident took place, We had a typical marriage two k**s boy and a girl. After so many years of marriage we had sex maybe three or four times a month and only the missionary position nothing spectacular but we were satisfied, we had never tried anything out of the ordinary other than oral sex which was only done rarely when we were both feeling a little hornier than usual. My wife was a dish water blond and stood five feet four inches tall with 36dd tits and a nice round ass although she had put on some pounds and her tummy was a littl… Read more

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Just a pair of tits to greet the customers


bimbo4bosses, my screenname...so many just don't get it... A number of years ago i went to work for this company as a receptionist. It is a medium size company and the job was easy. My Boss used to pat me on the ass all the time along with an occasional boob squeeze and, when i did something stupid or made a mistake called me "bimbo", often in front of the others that worked there. Being blonde, i was of course subject to blonde jokes all the time. None of this really bothered me, i just laughed or giggled and went on about my business. One day, my Boss wanted me to sit in at a meeting to as… Read more

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