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The conversion 4

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Seeing Ms. Maria sunbathing nude in her backyard, all oiled gave me an instant hard-on.
I went to my room, took off my clothes and returned to the backyard with an already tense erection.
She sighed when she saw me, but she was already becoming very well-trained and immediately began to massage her clit to wet herself. I helped her giving her a quick lick and when I sensed enough moisture, penetrated her. Her big tits were all oiled and slippery. The folding lounge chair creaked as I pumped her, and, and I wondered if it would break. I continued pumping. It was not a very comfy fuck for me in that position, however, and I was glad to hear Maria moan quietly when she orgasmed.
I asked her to get herself on all fours on the lounge chair. I realized I could just straddle the chair and fuck her standing up.
I spread her butt cheeks and saw the inviting anus. Taking advantage of having oil nearby, I lubed it wit a dab and eased a thumb in. I had been giving Ms. Maria good anal training with an anal fuck at least every other day, and it was a far cry from the first time when she was clearly not comfortable. She relaxed her sphincter and I was able to quickly dilate her and poured a bit more oil into the opening. I lubed my penis and put the glans against the opening. After a slight momentary resistance, the anus opened further and my penis slid in. In this position I quickly got excited and was giving her good, lengthy pumps. She quietly moaned "...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh" with each stroke, likely trying to avoid being heard by her neighbors. It was not the first time I had fucked her in the backyard area, we had done it a couple of times after having sex, going to wash ourselves with the backyard hose, and finding our soaped up bodies too inviting. In one of those occasions, the lady next door had been singing while doing her laundry, you could hear her. As the sex noise increased, she had suddenly gone quiet, and Maria, likely realizing we had been heard had looked concerned. There did not appear to be any neighboring noise, so I did increase the volume of my moans.
I watched as Maria's huge buttocks bounced into a rhythm. It was a moment later that I caught some movement among the branches of a tree in the neighboring yard. I made out a head among the leaves and realized one of the neighbors indeed had picked up on the recent unusual noises and had decided to confirm suspicions. I confirmed it was a young man. I had been wearing my dark glasses and realized he had not realized I had seen him. Seeing his mouth open at the scene we were making made me very horny. I had never been watched having sex but I found it exhilarating, and continued to pump Ms. Maria. She had eased herself onto outstretched arms and her knees on top of the lounge chair, and her huge floppy tits, which had been resting on the surface, were now swinging rhythmically, and occasionally slapping together or against her belly or her face, adding to the slapping noise of my balls against her butt. She remained oblivious to the fact that her young neighbor was watching her getting fucked in her own backyard.
I sensed my orgasm coming, and decided to finish porn-style. I took my dick out of her anus and ejaculated three large ropes across her buttocks and back, and three smaller ones onto her open anus.
I offered to wash her, and took her by her hand towards the concrete slab where we showered and turned on the hose. Still unaware of our voyeur, she let me wash her.
At one point, however, she looked directly ahead and froze. Putting her arm across her chest to cover her nipples and the hand of the other against her pussy, she quietly said to me:
"...I think someone is in that tree!". Faking not knowing, I looked across directly at the voyeur, as Maria did, who quickly disappeared from view.
" you think he saw us earlier?" she asked nervously. I said I had no idea, maybe he didn't (LOL). She wondered aloud if we had been too loud or if in fact it had been happening before we began to make sex noise in the backyard.
I told her even if he had, she was a gift of God to the eyes, and that she should not worry if she would end having future spectators when she showered. Realizing the cat was out of the bag in terms of her previous well-known modesty being blown among her neighbors, she sighed resignedly.
She had been excited about a plan I had hatched to take her to a beach, which she had not done in years. I had promised I would buy her a bathing suit and other apparel, as she had none, and that same afternoon I went to a local store which one of the town's prostitutes had recommended to me.
I picked out a sufficiently long and opaque beach dress, made of plain white cotton, a pair of bright white, plastic strappy sandals in her size, and the piece-de-resistance, a bikini. I picked out a hot neon magenta string top and matching high-cut thong. I brought it home and asked Maria to try it on.
She seemed taken aback by the tiny, near-weightless bikini and said she didn't know how she was going to wear THAT. I countered that she should try it first and see, and that she had been already seen completely naked while being fucked in the ass by a neighbor, so this was in fact tame.
I took her by the hand to the bathroom, and told her I needed to shave her. It would be a shame to lose that natural bush, but that bikini could never cover it. She agreed to let me, and with a pair of scissors, and then a razor and soap, I gradually took down the hair until she was completely clean, front and back. She touched her now clean-shaven pussy and seemed to like the way it felt.
She tried the bikini. The thong was barely large in the front to cover her vulva. The straps went up nicely over her hips and in the back, the Y made her large butt look even more spectacularly large. Her skin was now deep-caramel tanned and the hot neon magenta fit perfectly. She then took the top and adjusted the triangles, which barely covered her large nipples.

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