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Riley’s New Professor

About time I put this back up here.

This was my first literary effort, written when I was laid up sick. Starting a new profile gave the opportunity to revisit it. On fresh reading some of it is a bit crude, but I’ve only given it a light polish.

This was written pre #metoo, and it now maybe reads differently because of that context. In my defence I have to say that this one, and the later episodes of Riley’s story, have always been particularly popular with female readers - go figure.

And, oh yes, Riley is 18. She’s just started University after all.


"Mmmmmm my new prof is so hot...’

‘I bet his wife is real pretty. She's so lucky having a man like that. I can't wait until I find a proper boyfriend...
God I don't think I've listened to a word he's said today!’

‘I am so gonna play with myself later thinking of him...
OMG I think he saw me looking at the bulge in his jeans! That's soooooo embarrassing, I'm blushing big time."

"Oh God he wants to see me at the end of classes, WTF?"

Part 1

There was a knock at the professor’s office door. He looked up from his papers, and checked his watch.

"Come in."

He’d forgotten that he’d asked Riley to visit him in his office, but no matter, she wasn’t a bad way to end the day. Such a little cutie, it was hard to believe she was really 18. It was girls like her that made teaching college worthwhile.

"Sit down Riley."

He checked out her slender legs in her skinny jeans and just caught a glimpse of an expanse of bare chest as her shirt opened at the neck as she sat down, her long brown hair tumbling over her shoulders.

"Riley, I couldn't help noticing that you've seemed a little distracted in my class recently, and your assignment grades haven't been great, I was wondering if anything was wrong?"

He noticed a secret little smile flash across her face, and a hint of a blush, hmmm, what was she hiding?

"No sir, I really like your class, and I really want to do well..."

"Well if you don't do something pretty quick you're gonna be failing this module."

"But I can't! I just can't fail this term!"

Her eyes dropped to her lap, and she started fiddling with her hands. She looked up at him again, blinking and moist-eyed.

“Oh God” he thought, “she's gonna start crying, where are the fucking tissues.”

He passed her the box of tissues and pulled his chair closer, so he was sat just in front of her, doing his best sympathetic face.

A couple of tears ran down her sweet cheeks, as she pouted and sniffled, glancing up at him now and then.

He was smitten by her eyes, if anything they were even more beautiful tearing up. He noticed that he was getting hard.

“Hang on a minute,” he thought, “Fuck it, those aren't real tears, the little cow is trying to manipulate me.”

“She might have got through school with those puppy dog eyes, but she's in the grown up world now. Maybe she needs to learn to start playing grown up games. Let's see who's really in charge.”

He leaned forward and held her knees in his hands.

"It's okay Riley, I'm sure whatever it is we can sort it out."

She flashed a glance at him.

He stroked her knees in a way he hoped could still be interpreted as merely reassuring.

"What do you think you could do to make your grades up?"

She sat silently, head slightly bowed, peeking up at him, biting her lip.

He’d been in this situation a number times over the years. This was the critical point. If he could get through the next couple minutes without her running out he would would have cracked it.

Feeling safe from her lack of reaction so far to make one more step, he stroked higher onto her thighs in a way that was harder to mistake. She sat up and looked at him wide eyed. He smiled slightly.

"I think, Riley, you could easily get an A in this course."

He moved closer, spreading his legs so that his knees were either side of hers, and putting the bulge in his pants obviously in her line of sight. Then, after a moment, he leaned in again, placing his hands on her upper thighs, breathing in the scent from her pinking neck;

"So what do you think you could do that would help me give you a better grade?"

She looked down, "I'm sure I could do whatever I needed to, Sir."

His cock felt painfully erect now against the confines of his pants.

"Okay, shall we test this out? If you do what I say, I can make your time here very successful. If you wanted I could ensure that in three year’s time you could be starting your PhD. But let's be clear, Riley, if you let me down I can and will fucking ruin you."

Her eyes opened even wider, shocked by the sudden chill in his voice.

He sprawled back in his chair, casually shifting the crotch of his jeans, so that his erection could move over his leg more comfortably, and appraised her body from bottom to top; taking in her trainers, her skintight jeans over her so slim legs and narrow hips, and up over her white shirt, barely mounded by her small, high breasts.

Now she was blushing deeply, barely able to tear her eyes from his crotch, but then meeting his eyes.

He smiled, "Unbutton your shirt."

She hesitated momentarily before reaching up and undoing the top two buttons of her white cotton shirt.

An expanse of pale, unbelievably smooth skin started to be revealed and then, as she continued, her plain white bra appeared and then a strip of her hard, flat tummy.

His eyes coolly took in the view, "Take it off."

She slowly pulled the shirt out of her jeans as again her gaze dropped to his groin. His cock was clearly lying across his upper thigh under his jeans, looking like it reached right to the outside of his leg. He however seemed oblivious to this, his hands resting by his side.

She shrugged out of her shirt, revealing her delicate shoulders, and her oh so slender arms.

He paused, making her meet his gaze...

"What do you think you should do now, Riley?"

"Take my jeans off?"

"Good girl, you're getting the idea."

She unbuttoned the jeans and undid the zip. She looked momentarily confused as she realised she was going to fall over if she tried to get them off without sitting down.

She looked for permission before deciding for herself to settle back down on the chair, take her trainers off and peel her jeans off.

It was starting to get really hard for him not to touch his cock, but he was determined to play it cool for now.

Her legs were pale and perfectly smooth, and utterly slim, delicate and unblemished.

Her feet were tiny with the nails painted an unexpected pale blue.

She stood up again for his inspection, allowing him to take in her sweet cotton panties. Straining his eyes he couldn't yet work out whether there would be any hair in there.

But there was a definite hint of plump outer lips, and then...

He couldn’t help but swear under his breath.

The unmistakable sign of a little patch of dampness appeared in her panties just in the crotch gap.

He knew at that moment that he had her; exactly as he wanted.

He looked her up and down again, taking in her dilated pupils and the blush that now covered her face and most of her upper chest. He studied her bra, anticipating what was hiding in there, then enjoying again her flat, almost muscular belly, his gaze flowing over her cute panties and down her smooth legs.

"That's enough for today, get yourself dressed."

“I need to think about this. It really isn’t right to give you this kind of advantage if your work isn’t up to it.”

It was time to take a break, before things went any further. If she walked from here straight to the Dean’s office, then nothing had happened that he couldn’t deny, but if she came back tomorrow it was game on.

He stood and stretched languidly, "If I find you back here tomorrow at the same time dressed as you are now then I think that we can safely call that a C on your assignment. If you're not here or if I hear any rumours that you've mentioned this to anyone then I will make sure that you're out of this Uni for good."

He turned, picked up his briefcase and casually walked out, leaving her alone, half naked and dumbstruck.

His wife got fucked harder that night than she had for a very long time. But he couldn't hold out for long before flooding her pussy with a gallon of his thick cum. She screamed and clawed his back as she realised that he had almost certainly made her pregnant with their first c***d as his fertile spunk overflowed her womb; little knowing that he was fantasising about fucking a young virgin pussy as he came.

Riley was deeply confused, but came really hard from her fingers back in her room, thinking about the sight of his cock in his jeans. She had no intention of telling, but felt a mixture of guilt and excitement, and didn't really wonder whether or not she should go back the next day.


Riley jumped to her feet as he burst into the office.

"Jeez, you scared the shit out of me...I didn't know who might walk in!" she said.

"Does that explain why you're not dressed properly? What the fuck is that?"

She was wearing what looked like it could have been her father's old raincoat.

"I'm sorry sir, I just needed something to cover up..."

He noticed with pleasure how she had automatically fallen into calling him Sir, and his anger faded.

However, he had noticed her unseemly expletive when startled, and he decided that she should never swear in front of him again (except maybe in orgasm). He made a mental note to punish her if it ever happened again.

She dropped the coat off her shoulders to show her body; naked except for a new bra and panties.

With an edge of disappointment he saw that she had clearly gone out and bought something that she thought looked sexier, more grown up, but his cock swelled as he saw again her gorgeous petite body.

"I guess I need to give you a key to my office so you can come and go safely."

He sprawled again in his office chair.

"So, have you thought any more about what happened last night?"

"I want to make sure that I pass this year really well."

He could feel his cock growing more as he realised the power he had over this sweet, untouched creature.

"And how the hell is a little girl like you going to persuade me to improve your grade?

She pouted.

"Do you want to see more of my body, sir?"

"Turn around then, I didn't see all of you yesterday"

She turned and posed for him, looking back over her shoulder. He could see a hint of her ribs under her perfect skin as she twisted.

"Bend over."

She bent at the waist, her tiny ass pushed into definition in her lacy panties. He could clearly see from his low angle how her camel toe appeared in the gap between the top of her thighs.

A thought occurred to him.

"Did you play with yourself after you left here yesterday?"

She blushed, turning back to him, and nodded silently.

"Did you think about what you wanted to happen today?"

She didn't answer but he noticed her eyes flick towards his groin.

He stroked his cock through his jeans so its thickness and size were apparent.

"Ah" he said, "I think I know."

"Come here."

She kneeled between his thighs.

She actually felt quite confident in her ability to handle a cock. Although she'd never let a boy near her pussy she'd given a few handjobs and even given head to one special boy she was seeing for a while. She was aware though, looking at the size of his thighs and his arms, that this was a man not a boy, and she could already see that his cock was in a different league to anything she'd had experience of.

"You should touch it if you want."

Riley bit her lip and stared as she timidly reached her hand out to touch his jeans over the bulge. She gently rubbed her palm over his shaft, while he forced himself to keep still and not groan out loud as this gorgeous young creature started to minister to his cock.

"Unzip it." he ordered.

She looked into his eyes as she unbuttoned his waistband and unzipped his jeans. He raised his ass as she pulled them down, together with his boxers.

Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth formed an O as she took in the size of his bollocks and cock. His balls were still hanging down, and his cock was only semi hard but it was already twice as thick and twice as long as the boys she had dated.

"Fucking hell." she whispered.

He slapped her across the face bringing tears to her eyes.

"Don't you ever fuckin swear again, you little bitch!" he said, pulling her hair so she had to look straight in his eyes.

"I'm sorry sir," she whimpered,"I won't..."

She noticed that if anything his cock had grown in response to her cry, and as he released her she turned her concentration back to admiring it, moving closer so that he could feel her breath on him.

Maintaining eye contact with him she kissed the tip of his dick, then licked the underside of his head.

She watched fascinated as it raised itself to the vertical then fell slowly back rigid onto his tummy.

"Hmmmm, looks like you're not totally useless." he growled.

"No hands!" he ordered, as she seemed about to reach for it.

"Behind your back!" She hesitated, then complied.

Riley moved in closer, then licked the underside of his cock from his balls to the head. Then, as she took the head into her mouth, his buttocks and stomach tensed and it became totally rigid. She tasted the first drop of his precum as she marvelled at how big it felt in her mouth.

He looked down at her sweet face, her mouth distended obscenely around him, and thought how carefully he would need to watch himself with her. There was something about her, something that was already getting under his skin.

She started moving her head up and down on it, prising it away from his belly, barely taking half of it before it was making her gag.

She released it to gasp some deep breaths, and he took the opportunity to grab it by the base and slap it on her face, leaving a string of precum stranding from her cheek to his glans. He moved in closer and wiped his cock harder on her face, mashing his balls on her nose, before ramming it back into her mouth.

He grabbed a fistful of hair and started, (gently if she did but know it) fucking her mouth.

Leaning over he ran a hand down her back, admiring the delicacy of her body, and noticing the narrowness of her hips compared to his.

He suddenly pulled out of her mouth, his cock swinging loose in front of her. He peeled off his t-shirt, showing her his hard smooth chest and tightly muscled stomach, and lay back in his chair, casually jerking himself as he inspected her.

"It’s time to take the rest off." he ordered.

Suddenly she looked again like what she was, a sweet virginal 18 year old in lingerie too sexy for her. She dropped her eyes as she reached behind to unclip her bra, then covered her chest with crossed arms to stop it falling away.

He stared, momentarily mesmerised by the tiny blonde hairs on her forearms.

"Show me."

She slowly let her arms fall away, revealing two small perfectly conical mounds, tipped with puffy nipples so pale as to be almost invisible.

She was almost certain she heard him murmur "fuck" under his breath, as he carried on slowly masturbating in front of her.

"Don't stop there." he prompted.

Riley put her thumbs in either side of her panties and wriggled them down, revealing her hairless pubic area, so smooth he found it hard to believe she shaved.

She let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them.

"Sit down" he said, gesturing to the arm chair.

"Open your legs."

He watched fascinated as her legs parted to reveal initially just a smooth featureless, plump slit, then as her legs spread further, a pair of tiny delicate inner lips emerged from inside.

"More" - for the first time his voice had a slight tremor.

She stretched her legs further open, adding definition to her thigh muscles as she strained, and her inner lips parting to allow a glimpse of a wet and pink interior.

She automatically moved her hand down towards her cunt, wanting to match his motion on his cock.

"No! You don't touch today!"

He stood between her thighs, towering over her, his cock massive.

He stroked himself, calmly appraising every detail of her perfect flesh, as she looked hungrily at his cock.

An involuntary moan of lust escaped her lips as massive ropes of cum spurted over her, the spurts so full they almost joined as one. She was covered from neck to pussy in long thick strands of his white sperm.

He turned away, his cock swinging, still dripping on the carpet, and threw her a tissue box.

"Clean yourself up, that's your lesson done for today. You've done well - I might touch you next time."

He picked up her bra and panties, screwed them up and threw them in the bin.

" I don't want to ever see you in anything like these again, I liked the ones you wore yesterday."

"I'm sorry, sir." she murmured.

With that he got dressed and left her.

She took a few minutes to clean herself up, tasting a little of his cum in the process, then dressed and left, thinking as she did that she no longer gave a fuck about what grade she ended up with.

Part 3

Riley didn't see her lecturer the next day, but the day after she had her weekly lecture with him. She sat near the front, wearing the same white blouse that she did their first time, but with an extra button undone.

She didn't take in a word he said, but noticed that he seemed completely unaware of her existence. She was horrified to notice him exchanging smiles with Emily.
Emily was taller than Riley, with long straight brown hair, enormous brown eyes, a more curvaceous ass and legs that went on forever.

Riley had noticed that she always seemed to wear tops that were more low cut than the other girls, so that she was always showing off an acre of her smooth chest and more than a hint of breast.

See seemed to give off an aura of bitch, so none of the other girls seemed to like her much, and the boys didn't dare go near her.

At that moment though, Riley could have killed her.

All the rest of that day Riley was distracted and tormented by thoughts of her lecturer. She decided that she had to go to his office at their usual time to see if she could see him.

He had given her the key, so just after 6 she went to his office door and quietly unlocked and opened it.
She was confronted with the sight of his muscular bare ass pumping into another girl from behind. He had her bent over the armchair on which Riley had displayed herself to him, and she was clearly close to orgasm as he rammed into her cunt.

He must have heard her come in though as he turned his head. With a quickly suppressed look of horror, (but without missing a stroke), he grabbed the other girl's head and shoved it down into the cushion. Riley saw enough of her though to recognise Emily and saw with jealousy her much larger breasts and the fullness of her ass.

He mouthed "Get out!" at Riley, but a brief flash of a look of compassion crossed his face as Riley burst into tears and rushed out of the room, letting the door close behind her.

Furious with himself, he gathered up Emily's hair (which was spread like a sheet over her back), and pulled hard back on it, making her arch her back, bringing her neck to his mouth, all the time smashing his cock up against her cervix. He bit into her neck then put his arm around her throat, throttling her, reaching around with his other hand to maul a tit, as he thumped into her harder still, his balls slapping on her clit. Then he leaned back and smacked her ass cheeks until they marked, as he increased the tempo further.
She almost passed out with the intensity of his fucking, but had one last earth shattering orgasm as he finally emptied his balls into her.

Drenched with sweat he collapsed onto her, kissing her back and neck tenderly, as his cock subsided inside her.

Part 4

Riley spent the next few days in a torment of self contempt, fury, and frustrated lust, as she tried to make sense of what had happened. She missed all of her lectures, staying in her uni halls room slobbing around in her pyjamas.

She was surprised by a knock at the door, but even more so when her lecturer pushed into her room, quickly shutting the door behind him, aware that he shouldn't even be in the building.

"Where the fuck have you been, young lady?"


"This is your fucking education you're screwing up, you silly little girl."

She stood there, not knowing what to say.

He reached out and ran his hand over her cheek and into her hair, caressing the nape of her neck.

Gently he said "It fucking stinks in here. You need a shower."

As she stood passively in front of him, arms by her side, he unbuttoned her pyjama top before dropping it from her shoulders, exposing her pert breasts; the nipples just starting to erect with the brush of the fabric as it opened then fell.

He pulled down on the bottoms letting them pool at her feet.

She stepped out of them, feeling tiny in front of him, but strangely comfortable in her nakedness.

He led her into the ensuite and turned the shower on.

She stepped in under the hot water as he undressed before joined her, his cock and balls dangling large and loose.

He poured a large dollop of shower gel into his hands and started massaging it over her skin.

She gave herself up to the sensation, staying completely passive as her washed her all over, rubbing the palms of his hands over her breasts (the tiny nipples hard points now) but paying them no more attention than the rest of her torso. He washed between her legs, but again with no special attention, just part of his tender ministrations.

She noticed that his cock had grown, but hadn't raised even to the horizontal, and she knew instinctively that now wasn't the time to reach for it.

He got out first, switched the shower off and wrapped her in a huge towel, rubbing her down before choosing another to dry himself.

Wrapped up in their towels they went back to her bedroom, sitting together on the bed, his arm around her.

"You shouldn't have seen what you did the other evening." he finally said.

"You need to understand that I'm married, and that, yes, I do sometimes fuck other students, that's just how it is."

"Emily is a very different girl to you; you've had very different lives, but funnily enough I think you would get on in some might even find yourself liking her."

He turned and kissed the top of her head.

"I see something in you, Riley, something very special."

She turned to look up at him, her eyes liquid pools, questioning, yet trusting, giving herself up to this strong but dangerous man.

"I don't know what you mean?" she said.

"I'm not usually wrong." he said. "Listen, I need to go. Come to my office usual time tomorrow."

He kissed her on the forehead, and stood up. Dropping his towel he got dressed quickly and unselfconsciously in front of her, as she admired his muscular body, his cock a thing of beauty even in its barely awake state.

He left, leaving Riley feeling better than she had felt for a long time. She snuggled up on her bed for a few minutes with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips, before getting dressed and heading out for the library and something to eat.

Part 5

When Riley got up the next morning she realised with a mixture of fear and excitement that she wanted to lose her virginity today. In the shower she explored the entrance to her pussy tentatively, wondering how on earth his cock was supposed to fit in there.

She hoped that he would want to fuck her, but she was unsure whether she dared ask him to, knowing that he might have different plans for her.

She put on his favourite panties and bra, but today wore a cute floral skirt that reached just above her knees and a vest top that was just tight enough to show off the smallness and the height on her chest of her boobs, whilst leaving her slender arms and delicate shoulders bare.

She wore a hint of perfume but decided against any makeup, thinking that he probably wouldn't like it. She didn't want to risk upsetting him, today of all days.

It was the longest day, but eventually 6pm came and she let herself into his office. He was already there, marking some papers.

"Just take a seat for a minute." he said, waving her to the chair.

After a couple minutes he looked up from his work and stared at her, looking so cute curled up in his armchair.

Getting up, he walked around his desk, took her head in his hands and kissed her passionately on the lips. She melted into his arms; she had never been kissed that way before.

He stood up, his crotch level with her face.

"You know what to do", he said.

"Yes sir", she almost whispered. She didn't know whether they still needed to play that game, but she noticed his look of pleasure at her deference, and had a sense that his cock had swollen in his pants - although that might have had more to do with her reaching for the zip of his trousers.

She opened his trousers and pulled them down, taking his semi hard cock deep into her mouth.

She thrilled at the sensation of him growing in her mouth as she moved her head up and down on it, although she could only briefly contain it all before its length expanded beyond the capacity of her little mouth.

For the first time he allowed her to use her hands on him, and she loved feeling the weight of his balls, and stroking his shaft as she sucked and licked the head. Her small hands didn't come close to being able to fully encircle his shaft.

Knowing he had to be gentle with her, he tried to keep still, but, as his arousal grew, he struggled more.

"Hands behind your back!", he ordered, needing to reduce the level of stimulation if he wasn't to cum there and then. She linked her hands behind her back, but redoubled her efforts with her mouth.

He couldn't help thrusting his hips each time she really hit the spot; his cock hitting the back of her throat making her gag. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed it fully down onto his cock for a few seconds, watching her eyes widen as she realised she couldn't breath. It gave him a sort of respite, but also the ultimate thrill of his control over her. He so looked forward to the day he would teach her to deep throat.

He released her; she falling back, gasping for air.

He came down to her, kissing her lips; so wet with her drool and tasting slightly of his precum.

The professor lifted her top off and unclasped her bra, revealing her sweet pointy buds, each topped by the tiniest hard nipple.

He moved down, sucking and nibbling and teasing her breasts, marvelling at the freshness of her sexuality, as she moaned in pleasure, holding him in to her.

He took his shirt off so as to feel the warmth of her flesh against him, and ran his hand up her bare thigh, the smoothness of her skin thrilling.

He traced his fingers over the cotton of her panties, feeling the heat coming from between her legs. He just teased the fabric over her slit, noticing that it was already soaked, before deciding that this needed more concerted attention.

He sat up, pulled her skirt off, and lay her back in the chair.

He started at the inside of her knee, kissing softly along her inner thigh as she opened her legs to welcome him. She trembled as he came closer to her crotch, but he teased all around the edge of the fabric-covered area before working down her other thigh, her stomach almost painfully spasming with the intensity of her excitement.

On the next pass up he briefly kissed her mound just where he guessed her clit to be hidden, then worked at licking around the flesh at the edge of her panties, enjoying her writhing and moaning, desperate for him to touch her pussy.

He finally relented; licking deeply into the sodden cotton over her slit, as she cried out loud.

He ripped her panties off her, but instead of spreading her wide, as she expected, he lifted her legs so they were folded against her chest.

The professor admired her tiny ass, before diving in to lick her minuscule, pink, puckered asshole. She whimpered in surprise and delight as his tongue worked in there; she had no idea men did that, and it felt good!

He looked up at her and said "one day, baby..." She looked at him slightly puzzled until he gently started rubbing his thumb over the wet entrance and exerted enough pressure for her to understand.

He released her legs and she let them fall open so he could fully admire her snatch.

Tiny as they were, her inner lips looked swollen and parted. They were slick with her juices and he ran his finger along them to gather some up, tasting it himself before giving her his finger to suck.

He moved into her pussy with his mouth, watching her reaction all the time.

He started by licking it all over, loving her taste and wanting to drink her down. He then gently spread her lips as far as he could, so he could look deep inside her. It confirmed what he had hoped for and half expected, that her hymen was almost completely intact. Realising this might be his one off chance of a lifetime, he gently tested it against the tip of his finger. He watched her reaction, wondering what would happen if he just ripped it open there and then.

He decided that would be a perverse waste; it could survive a few minutes more.

He started more intense tonguing of her cunt, working up and down, pushing it into her vaginal opening, then focussing in on her tiny erect clit, driving her crazy, using his fingers to pull the hood back, then forming a suction around it as he flicked it with his tongue. He felt her explode, grinding her pubes against his face.

He moved up her body, pausing to worship at her nipples, teasing and playing with each one, biting gently, lifting them away from her body to extend their cones.

Then he raised himself up so that his throbbing cock was at the entrance to her sweet cunt, and he started rubbing it in there. She looked up at him pleadingly; "I'm not sure......."

But he couldn't hold back any longer and pushed the head inside.

She gasped, already it was far more than she'd ever had inside her. He moved it in barely perceptible strokes.

"Does it feel good?"

She nodded, trembling in lust, her hands on his shoulders.

He thrust hard, ripping her open.

She screamed, clinging to him through the sharp pain.

He held himself rigidly motionless, waiting for her to recover; desperate to just fuck her, but knowing that he must hold back, at least for now.

Staring at her gorgeous face, he saw her eyes relax and felt some tension come out of her muscles.

He pulled back a little then gave her some short gentle strokes, just to get her used to the sensation, and hopefully distract her from the pain, before getting in any deeper.

She dropped her hands to his buttocks, grasping them tightly.

"I want more, I want all of your cock in me, fuck me properly!"

He thrust hard again, she squealed, as another inch or so of her virgin hole was stretched open for the first time, then he pulled back and thrust again -another inch gained.

He held it at that depth for another half a dozen strokes, then gave her another big push- another yelp from her as another inch of cock vanished into her pussy.

She felt around to the join in their bodies, it was really wet down there, but she couldn't tell whether with pussy juice or blood. She could feel it running down between her ass cheeks. She felt that he had probably another three inches of cock outside her, but couldn't imagine anymore could fit in her she felt so stretched and full already.

She moved her hand back to his bottom giving him space to take his strokes further.

He lifted himself off her chest looking down on her delicate, girlish body, with his rampant cock splitting her open. He thought it might be just the sexiest thing he had ever seen; the contrasts between the innocent delicacy of her youthful body, the passion in her sweet face, and the sheer dirtiness of that huge, blood-streaked, sodden cock half embedded in her.

He started to pump harder, barely able to maintain any control, watching his cock move in and out of her, always pressuring on the down stroke to go just a little deeper.

Her moans and mewings became more and more intense, and he realised that she was going to cum for the first time on his cock. He pulled her tightly into his chest and raised the pace of his fucking to take her over the edge.

She suddenly started convulsing under him, her back arching as she screaming out her orgasm.

He had already thought her pussy was the tightest place ever, but as she came he found himself completely unable to move in her, such was her grip on him.

He found himself suddenly on the edge of his own orgasm and holding her tightly again built up his pace and intensity of strokes, fingers squeezing into her butt checks, kissing her mouth hungrily.

He suddenly went rigid, his cock full depth, as he spurted over and over into her, filling her pussy with his spunk, it overflowing down her legs and ass, she joining him in her own orgasm, as she felt it squirting her insides.

They clung to each other as their passion subsided, tenderly nuzzling and kissing each other, neither wanting to break the joining of their bodies.

He looked at her and laughed:
"You stopped calling me 'Sir', you deserve to be severely punished for that!"

He play-slapped her breast, but went back to tenderly kissing her bruised lips.
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