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Mommy Leaves Daddy and Britney Alone

“Mmmmmm…..” Britney moaned quietly while she ran her fingers along her pussy. It was rare that she ever wore panties, but sometimes the material felt good on her clit when she would masturbate. The thin cotton g-string she was wearing this morning was doing the trick.
Her parents had been fucking for around an hour now and she felt like she was right there with them. Their bed quietly tapped against the wall with her father’s thrusts or her mother’s grinding; she wasn’t sure which. Every now and then she would hear her mother groan as her father hit her particularly deep. What she really liked hearing was him though. She was a little jealous that he was moaning and groaning into her mother’s ear right now instead of hers. She was a little jealous that he was slapping her ass, and pulling her mother’s nipples instead of hers. The bed tapping against the wall picked up pace, their noises grew louder, and she heard her mother’s muffled “I’m cumming!I’m cumming! Brad!Brad!Brad!....Yesssssssss!.....” Britney went ahead and came with her.
Britney bit her lip and curled her toes as her orgasm rolled through her body. She listened to her parents’ muffled talking and laughs as they engaged in pillow talk and came down off their own orgasmic bliss. Her mother was going to have to be at the airport in a couple hours to head back out of town for business. It had been a long three weeks without getting to fuck her father’s brains out, but all that would change as soon as she left the house. No doubt she would be getting ready for her flight right now, and walking out the door. It didn’t take her mother long to shower, do her hair and makeup, and rush out the door with a couple of suitcases behind her.
Brad kissed her goodbye on her way out, and locked the door behind her. 6 am on the nose. The house was quiet and dark. He was sure that Britney had heard their fucking earlier that morning. It was a particular turn on to know she was listening to them going at it. But now he wanted her. He started to strip his sweat pants off as he walked into his bedroom. He was going to grab a quick shower, and go wake up Britney. Or, at least he thought he was.
As he walked into the bedroom his daughter was laying on the bed, leaning back on her hands with her legs spread nice and wide. Her pussy was the first thing you saw as you entered the room. The lamp was the only light on and cast a soft glow on her beautiful body. Her face was almost emotionless, but her eyes were screaming ‘fuck me!’. “Fuck I’ve missed you…” Brad slowly dropped to his knees and buried his face into his daughter’s pussy. Her labia were completely shaved, but she left herself a neatly trimmed landing strip. Brad hungrily started lapping at her wet slit, teasing her clit with his tongue while she ran her fingers through his hair.
“How was she?” Britney asked of her mother’s fucking.
Brad looked up at her past her pelvis. “Very fun, baby….But nothing…compared to you…” He paused in between licks. “I’m going to go get a shower. Join me?”
“Hmmmm…..that sounds fun…” Britney was running her fingers along the sheets and came across a damp spot she hadn’t noticed before. “Haha, is mommy a squirter?” She rubbed the moisture between her fingers and thumbs and then sucked them.
“Oh god yes baby…like a fountain…like mother like daughter…” They both chuckled. Brad stood up finished taking his sweats off. His thick, hard cock sprung free. Britney’s eyes were wide with passion, and she bit her lip, giving her father a devilish grin. She pulled him close, grabbed the warm shaft with one hand, and his heavy balls with the other, and swallowed the cock. It smelled and tasted like her mother still. Britney loved the way it tasted.
The remnants of her mother’s pussy juice started working into a white film as it mixed with Britney’s spit. Brad ran his hand along her cheek as he watched her blow him. He thought for sure she wouldn’t want to get her mother’s sloppy seconds, but his little girl continued to surprise him. “How is it?” Some of the white film was starting to drip down her chin.
Britney nodded. “Mmmmhhmmmm…” She let her father’s cock out with a ‘pop’ and gave his head some attention with her hand. “How does mommy like getting fucked? Like I do?”
“Kind of. But, she likes to finish on top. She’s able to grind her clit into me really hard and get my cock as deep as possible.” Fucking his daughter was naughty, but telling her about he and her mother liked fucking was equally naughty. It was information no one should have about their parents. He felt like he was giving away a secret about his wife and he could get in trouble. Of course…he could.
“I don’t want a shower…” Britney crawled backwards on the bed. “I want your fucking cock 10 miles deep in my pussy…Now…”
Brad was quick to oblige. He nearly jumped in between her thighs and shoved her legs wide open. Britney winced in pain. Brad guessed he was a little too rough, but didn’t give a fuck. He fell forward on top of her, locked her in his arms, and drove his thick cock into her eager pussy in one quick motion. She was breathless, her mouth open wide, her eyes wide open and staring up at the ceiling as her father started drilling his cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. He reached his hands down and gripped her tight ass cheeks holding her pelvis in place. His fucking got harder and deeper. He wanted to be aggressive and hateful with his fucking. He wanted to hurt her. And that’s just what Britney wanted too.
Typically there was some kind of build up to their fucking. Maybe some slow deep stroking. Slow and deep, but hard. Then it would turn into hard and fast fucking the closer they got to cumming. Brad had skipped the build up. He immediately started fucking her like they were ready to cum. He knew it was a drastic start, but he was sure his girl could handle it. Each stroke was completely up to his balls, and as fast as possible. It was obscene, and pornographic fucking. Britney’s pussy was convulsing to try and hold him out to try and regulate it a little bit, but failed. And she was glad. She wanted as much of his cock in her as possible. She wanted it was hard as possible. She could feel his cock head pressing against her cervix over and over. She clung her limp arms around his neck, too dazed with a sensory overload to dig her nails into his back.
Britney’s feet bounced up and down from the hard fucking. The bed was tapping against the wall just as it had earlier, but faster and harder. She could smell her mother’s scent on her father’s neck and on the pillow case. The obscene fucking continued and she started cumming. Typically she’d be screaming into her father’s neck, but she was so overwhelmed all she could do was gasp. She tried flexing her body and arching her back as her orgasm rolled over her body, but her father was too heavy and just held her in place, continuing his fucking. But, he knew she was cumming.
“Good girl…good girl…cum on daddy’s cock…” He kept fucking as he whispered into her ear. The room was filled with the sounds of sex; their breathing, their hips slapping together, the wet ‘shlopshlopshlop’ of her pussy, and the bed banging against the wall, no longer tapping.
“…hr..nm…” Britney could barely get the words out.
“What’s that baby?”
“…her..nam…” She tried again.
“One more time baby girl…daddy can’t hear you…”
“Her name…call me her name…” Britney had her eyes closed in pleasure and was whispering into her father’s ear. “When you cum in me…call me…mommy’s name…”
The fucking kink this girl had. Brad couldn’t believe it. He slowed down just enough to look his daughter in her eyes and kiss her passionately. His tongue was just as invasive as his cock. “You got it baby girl…” He adjusted himself so that both arms were wrapped around her back and shoulders, one holding on to the back of her head. She adjusted her hips as well to set in for the hell-fuck she was about to get from her father. She buried her face in his neck as he started. His strong arms held her in place so there was no movement. Their bodies were one.
Brad’s cock was deeper and harder in his daughter’s pussy than he ever thought possible. Each stroke made him want to cum. To keep his pace up he quickened his breathing. His balls were boiling with cum, and he was sure that even after filling covering his wife’s face this morning, this load was going to be huge.
Britney dug her nails into her father’s shoulders. The fucking was brutal. She felt like a rag doll in a washing machine. She started moaning, then groaning, then growling, then screaming. “DEEPER!DEEPER!DEEPER!” She kissed her father’s neck, and licked his shoulder to taste his sweat. “CUM IN ME DADDY! CUM IN ME DADDY! HURT ME! FUCK YOUR BABY GIRL!” Britney was screaming into her father’s ear.
Brad couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed his thrusting into overdrive and began tensing up. “Fuck yes!Fuck yes!Fuck yes!Fuck yes!” He squeezed his arms tighter around his daughter and heard her gasp a little as she lost her breath. He remembered her request and started screaming his wife’s name. “Brenda! Fuck yes! Brenda! I’m cumming baby…I’m cumming! Oh my god yes! Oh my god yes! Oh my god!...Fuck! Yessssss! Brenda! Oh my god…” Brad started emptying cum into his daughter’s pussy. He shoved his cock as deep as he could. An intense wave of pleasure crashed into his body, hitting his cock and pelvis first, then radiating outward through his thighs, stomach, into his toes, and then his scalp.
Britney was breathless and gasping for air as she felt her own orgasm collide with her father’s. An intense heat filled her pussy up. She knew he was firing long, hot, white, thick, sticky ropes of cum deep inside of her. She loved the feeling; very hot, then just warm and wet, and very filling. She loved being called by her mother’s name. It was like she was rubbing it in her face that she was fucking her husband. And on her bed and pillow at that!
They both were tired. Brad was still gasping into his daughter’s hair as he slowly slid his cock in and out of her wet, sloppy pussy. He felt her running her fingers along his back. “How do you feel?” She whispered in his neck. Her voice was sweet and husky.
“Fucking great.” Brad was tired. For the second time within only a couple hours he had cummed his brains out. He didn’t want to take his cock out of his daughter’s tight pussy. And as tight as it was, he was sure he had given it a work out and tired it out as well. He felt her pussy spasm every now and then as he gently slid in and out of her.
“I’ll be back.” Britney tapped her father on the shoulder. He rolled off of her and lay on the sheets which were now completely soaked with pussy juice and sweat for the second time that morning. The sun was coming up and there was a soft yellow light coming in through the blinds. Britney padded to her bedroom, stark naked, trailing a river of cum on the floor behind her as it drained out of her pussy, down her thighs and ankles, and onto the wood. Brad slowly stroked his cock. It was covered in a thick coat of his daughter’s, his wife’s, and his cum.
When Britney came back in she was smoking a cigarette and texting. She climbed back into bed and leaned against the head board with a pillow behind her. She took a drag and blew the smoke down her tits as she looked at the blue glow of her phone. She giggled. “Spread my pussy for me.”
Brad didn’t need to be told twice. He reached between her thighs and spread her labia apart. Britney put the phone between her spread thighs and snapped a picture on her phone. She smiled as she took another drag of her cigarette. The picture was great; her pussy was a pink and white mess of cum. And her father’s strong hand and thick fingers spreading her apart were a wonderful touch. She sent it to her friend Bailey and waited.
“Bailey?” Brad asked. She smiled and nodded as she puffed her cigarette again. She held it delicately in her hand as she scrolled through her phone. It vibrated with a response from her friend. She giggled.
“Sooo…here’s Bailey’s pussy.” She held the screen up for her father to see. Bailey was bent over in front of a mirror on her bedroom floor. He had a perfect, crystal clear view of her hairless pussy. “Hahaha, and her ass hole.”
“She looks fucking amazing.” He felt his cock twitch a little.
“I’ll tell her.” Britney sent a text to her friend and waited again. Her cigarette was almost gone. The phone vibrated again. “She wants to know if she can come over. I’m going to tell her yes. That ok?” She looked at her father. He was on the verge of passing out.
“Sounds great. I need to get some sleep though before I fuck you again.”
Britney giggled. “Me too. Maybe she can come take a nap with us.” She winked at her father, sending another text message. He quietly and sleepily laughed with his eyes closed. She climbed out of bed and went to her parent’s bathroom. She flushed her cigarette after taking one last drag and blew the smoke into the air. She gathered her hair in a loose, messy pony tail and looked over her body. Her ass was red from her father’s hard grip, and her pussy and pelvis were red from the hard fucking. She could see the trails of cum drying between her thighs. Her phone vibrated. Baily said she’d be there in an hour. Britney replied back with a naked selfie, and a smiley face gif, then crawled back into bed with her father who was now fast asleep. She laid on her side as the little spoon and pressed her ass against him. His soft cock nestled between her ass cheeks and she smiled to herself. She was glad that Bailey was finally going to get to join in on the fun. It was going to be an interesting few weeks before her mother came back.
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Well done again. You are a Marvel.
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Great story! How long till part two?
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Great! Waiting for the next part...
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