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Karen's New Toy

Karen's New Toy
"Well now, this is unexpected," Karen said, more to herself than anyone else. She peered down at the kneeling girl - her prize, her victory - and pondered what on earth to do next.
She didn't even know the girl's name, she didn't even want to. It was enough to know that her lying, cheating, snake of an ex-husband had suffered when he lost her. Karen closed her eyes for a second and sighed, remembering the moment that she'd expressed her final demand during their lengthy and painful divorce negotiations.
Throughout the whole awful affair, she'd waited, biding her time, holding back until after the cruel division of his material possessions and the destruction of his empire was complete, until the moment after every one of her demands had been satisfied and he'd dared to hope that they were nearly done. Then she'd played her winning card.
"There's one more thing I want," she'd purred. Her lawyer turned to her, flashing her a quizzical look. This wasn't in the script.
Her ex-husband had looked up from his papers, ashen faced, mentally exhausted, his sagging features gripped with the sorry look of a beaten a****l. "What else?" he said with a pathetic tone that almost made her feel sorry for him. But not quite.
Karen leaned forward and reached into her jacket pocket, sliding out a simple black and white photograph. It was the photograph she'd found in his briefcase, the photograph that had set her on the path of discovery and the revelation of his betrayal, it was the photograph that had woken her up from her own docile slumber. The photograph of the girl.
She flipped it over onto the table and relished his shocked sigh.
"I want to take her from you," she said simply, studying his face, watching his world fall apart. "I want you to never see her again."
"No, you can't..."
"I can and I will. Either you play ball and give up the little slut that you seem so captivated by, or I'll tell the world all about you and your disgusting appetites. I'll tell them about the things you do to the young men in your congregation, to the young girls in the towns you visit. I'll tell them about the d**gs and the parties, about the infidelity and the sin... I'll tell them everything. I'll ruin you." She paused, letting the full weight of her threat sink in. His lawyer was red-faced and frantic, spluttering about how improper this was, how outrageous. Karen's own lawyer simply looked on with an expression of simple amusement. "But it doesn't have to be like that," she continued, "and this girl is the price of my silence." She reached forward and tapped the photograph with a single slender finger.
It seemed like a lifetime ago, but it was only last week. Karen shuddered at the memory, once again experiencing the thrill of victory. She hadn't quite imagined that it would turn out like this though. She hadn't expected to ever meet the girl that had destroyed her marriage. This girl who was much younger than Karen had thought, barely out of high school. Young enough to be Karen's daughter in fact.
"Do you know why I'm here?" said Karen, intrigued and nervous in equal measure. "Do you realize that I own this apartment now?"
"Yes, Miss," said the girl. Her voice was light and melodic, a hint of trepidation, but otherwise quite unperturbed by Karen's presence.
The girl had been waiting in Karen's ex-husband's apartment in the city, the one that he had so reluctantly turned over to her. She'd found her in the living room, half naked, kneeling on the floor with her arms cuffed behind her back.
"Did my former husband explain the situation to you?"
A note of sadness flickered in the girl's crystal blue eyes, a haunted look of regret that was gone in an instant. "Yes, Miss. He explained that I belong to you now."
"Yes, Miss."
"Wh-what do you mean?"
Karen shook her head and gathered her thoughts, struggling to parse what the girl had said. "Did you belong to my husband?"
"Yes, Miss."
"He bought me."
Karen raised an eyebrow. She knew that her husband had unconventional appetites, but how far did that go? Just how many girls were there like this one? She cast her mind back to the divorce hearing, remembering her words, her final demand. How could he have possibly thought she meant this?
She leaned forward, feeling strangely warm and a little bit dizzy. She hadn't expected to ever meet the girl. She'd hoped that she would be distraught, emotional, as devastated as her ex-husband had been. But she wasn't. Far from seeming emotionally devastated, she seemed almost calm. Not quite resigned, more contented.
"What does it mean... that you belong to me?"
"You said you belong to me, but what does that mean?"
Karen's mind was racing forward at a thousand miles a second.
The girl peered up at her, doe-eyed and confused. She looked bewildered by the question. "It means I'm yours, Miss. You can do what you want to me. You can have me do whatever you want to you. You own me, my body and my mind. I am your toy, your doll."
Karen sighed, feeling a light shiver run down the length of her spine. The situation was getting stranger by the second. Karen felt out of her depth, uncertain, almost as though her victory had been wrenched from her grasp.
"I'm not..." she started, unsure of what to say. "I've never... been with a woman before," she sputtered, as if that explained everything.
"Me neither, Miss," said the girl.
Karen reached forward and gently touched her thumb to the girl's cherry red lips. A minor trespass, a testing of boundaries. The girl sighed and leaned forward. More a puppy than a person, Karen thought. She felt a strange presence in the pit of her stomach, a nagging demand that seemed unfamiliar and insistent.
"And you'll do... anything?"
"Anything, Miss."
"Then, perhaps..." started Karen, pausing as she tried to let her racing thoughts settle.
"Perhaps we can learn together?"
The girl smiled, a radiant sunbeam the ignited bursts of white fire throughout Karen's body. "I'd like that, Miss."
Karen nodded and stood, feeling suddenly very sure of herself, suddenly certain of what her final victory over her sleazy husband might actually entail. To her surprise, the thought thrilled her.
Maybe divorce wouldn't be so bad after all, thought Karen, as she led the girl on all fours into the bedroom and a whole world of new possibilities.
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