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.The Rough Stuff Begins

After the first appointment I did not book any appointments for a few days. It was obvious that Gail could not handle the pace she had suggested. When I put her to bed after the first session it took her 3 days to recover. Her bruises had faded away and she seemed to be he usual self. I asked if she was ready for me to start booking appointments and she said yes. I suggested she go to her apartment for some clothes. She had spent 3 days walking around in my apartment bare ass naked. I didn't mind because even after that gang bang her body was still very pleasant to look at. I told her there was an appointment for tomorrow, it was only a 24 hr. appointment. I old her the men said they wanted her fully clothed with nylon stockings, garter belt panties and bra. They wanted her in a skirt and white blouse, and high heels. What I didn't tell Gail was that all 10 men were quite open in that they hated women and wanted Gail so they could cause her extreme pain. I reminded them there could be no permanent marks on her body. They seemed a little disappointed but they said they could work with that but did say the bitch is going to have marks on her which might take time to disappear. I never asked why they hated women. They did say it was always better when they could torture an attractive woman.

Gail arrive at my apartment as instructed and was dressed as the men had directed. They voiced their approval and left with Gail. I never did tell Gail what could be coming. I thought it would be better to surprise her however unpleasant it would be for her. Again everything was being videoed. They took Gail out of town to a farm. It was not a working farm but had several out buildings. They took Gail into the largest building which was now used as a workshop/torture chamber. There was on older man there as well as a woman. One of the men with Gail said "Hi dad, mom here she is. The two older people said "well son get her clothes off so we can get started." The men tore Gail's clothes off and soon had her totally naked. The older woman took Gail's shredded clothes outside and threw them on the fire outside. The first thing they did was tie Gail's tits tight then they hung her by her tits. The all took turns whipping Gail. Gail howled in agony as her body was striped from her shoulders to her ankles front and back. They lowered her so her toes touched the floor. This was only so they could use her as a heavy punching bag. They wore gloves so as not tp hurt their hand. Some of the men took turns trying to see how far they could lift her off the floor by kicking her in her cunt. The record was two feet. The old man said "Okay boys enough fun let's get serious.

They cut Gail down but only to strap her to a chair and ram a metal dildo up her cunt and heavy metal clamps were snapped onto her nipples. They put a gag in her mouth so she would not bite her tongue. The electric switch was thrown and Gail went into spasms and wailed in agony. After electric shock treatment for an hour Gail was soaking wet. They next took Gail over to the work bench and laid her tits on the table and drove nails trough each nipple nailing her tits to the table. The old man said to hell with no permanent marks and took out two 9 inch spikes and drove one through center of each tit. He said if it heals it heals if not who cares. It is just a useless piece of meat. After that they decided it would be a good idea to brand her. Before the brand heated up they burned off her pubic hair and used her clit to put out cigars. The last cigar was put out when they rammed it up her cunt. By now Gail had passed out and would have to be revived for the branding. They sat and discussed where to brand her. They pulled the nails out f her tits so they could position her for branding. They laid her on her back and spread her legs as wide as they could be spread. Gail cried and pleaded for them to spare her. The glowing brand was raised between her legs then the old man rammed it against he cunt. Grail screamed and passed out. They put ice on the brand to quickly cool it down. Gail was hung by her ankles. they continued to beat her tortured body until it was time to take her home. They drove her back to the apartment and dumped her naked at the front door. I hurried down and carried her back to my apartment. She was going to need several days to recover then we would have to talk. These guys would never get the use of Gail again.

Chapter 5?
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to happycuckknutsford: Yes I have submitted GAIL 5.  GAIL 5 is the end of the story.  Just so you know the end of the story is exactly how it happened
Definitely more please
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