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Gail said she felt real naughty not wearing panties or a bra while we ate our meal. Many of the patrons were looking at her. I smiled and said" I guess I will have to punish you when we get home" The men were whispering to the ladies they were with. The women looked at Gail with disgust. I called a cab and requested the mini van. When It arrived I helped Gail into the van. This time I put my hand firmly on her ass. When we got to the apartment I helped her out of the van and again her skirt hiked up to her hips this time showing her delightful hairy bush. There were several young guys outside and they whistled and cheered. Before an embarrassed Gail could pull down her skirt I grabbed it and pulled it up to her waist and pinned her arms so she could not cover herself. As we walked into the apartment building these guys laughed and called her a skank whore and one guy slapped her hard on her ass then they all took turns. When we entered the lobby there were several people there. One Of the ladies who was very angry " So you're the filthy whore who just moved in. She reached out and tore the buttons off her blouse exposing he generous tits. She slapped Gail's tits hard. We got on the elevator and by the time we reached the 28th floor Gail was totally naked, even her shoes were gone. I walked her down the hall to my apartment and took my time opening the door. She was totally humiliated, and I could hardly contain my laughter. She looked delicious standing naked in the hall. We went in. She asked "Why?, why did you do that?' I said " You were naughty and I told you I needed to punish you. That was not your punishment, but it is time now to punish you." I put her across my knee and spanked her hard with my hand for twenty minutes. Then I took my leather belt and beat her ass as hard as I could for the next two hours. She was now howling and begging me to stop. When I stopped she sobbed then Said "Neither my husband nor my son ever punished me that way. That was so erotic I had an orgasm. I reached down and her cunt was soaking. Gail asked " wouldn't the neighbours hear what was going on?" I didn't tell her my apartment besides being much larger than any others in the building it was also totally soundproof. If things went as planned with Gail the soundproofing would be put to the test. In a few days if all went well I would introduce her to the sixth room. It had even more soundproofing and a lot of toys to cause Gail a great deal of discomfort.

But for now I held her and kissed her lips and she kissed back. I kissed her beautiful soft tits and sucked on her nipples. She moaned. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I gently placed her on the bed. She lay on her back and sighed. I kissed every inch of her body. I then opened her legs and thrust my cock deep into her cunt. She gasped and moaned as I fucked her hard. She orgasm'd several times before I finally shot my cum deep inside her. She was sobbing and said it has been over twenty years since a man has made love to me.. I corrected her and told her Over twenty years since a man has fucked you. I said we need to talk about a few things.
Firstly: It appears that you want to have sex more often than you have been getting it. She nodded yes then she said I used to tell my husband I wanted to try a gang bang but he never would. I told her could help her with that.
Second: You seem to like a little rough stuff, again she nodded yes. Again I told her I could help her with that as well but we will have to decide how far to let them go, and if it should all happen here or should you go or be taken to someplace where they want to take you. Once we get organized and get the word out you could probably be going seven days a week but we can decide that once we are going. She said How about 14 days on and one day off. I said we will get it all in writing and I will make the appointments they will be divided into gang bang, BDSM or a combination of both. As we soon found out the majority wanted both so I booked all appointments as combinations. and how much time they wanted. Again most wanted Gail for at least 24 hours. The only stipulation was no permanent marks. All customers also agreed that everything they do must be videoed, and when the pick Gail up they must give address where she is going.
After we were satisfied that we had everything covered I sent Gail to her apartment. She had to walk to the elevator, down to the third floor and then walk down the hall to her apartment bare ass naked I watched her discomfort on the security camera.

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to invisibletoy: Yes I am planning on more chapters about Gail.  I am fairly slow and do several rewrites before I submit.  Glad you liked it.
keep it cuming, great story
4 months ago
need to read pt 1 first
4 months ago