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Discreet lingerie service for old ladies

Since being seduced (or m*****ed could be a better word) by a girdle wearing woman in her in late fifties when I was 15, I was always on the lookout for similar women. But being 58 my interest was only with older ladies of 60 plus.
Since my last fuck buddy of 82 had died six months ago I was having no luck in finding a good old fuck mate. Now, due to retailers of ladies’ lingerie not having the specialist staff or staff that were young, I figured that would put off old ladies and that a personal service might be attractive to them.
In a local web site under personal services my ad said: Elderly ex lingerie designer (male), offers discreet personal advice, measuring and fitting service to mature ladies who are seeking comfortable and attractive underwear including foundation garments, hosiery etc. Reply to box number 001
With absolutely no anticipation of getting any response, I actually got 5 replies and it seems the ladies in question had read between the lines. Here are a few samples.
Dear Sir, I was interested in your service as being 68 and on the plumpish side (16) I find it very difficult to find exciting and comfortable foundationwear. My husband said it would be ok for me to use your service as he will act as a chaperone. Please call me on …….
Dear Designer, I would like to sample your service as although being 70 I have a young outlook on life and find it almost impossible to find pretty lingerie for ladies of my age. If you feel you can help me, call ………….
Not thinking anyone would reply, I quickly found an American company who specialised in almost pornographic under-ware for plus size mature ladies. Using their web site, I set my own template and also had some business cards printed.
I rang each one of them in turn and made appointments, 1 each week for 5 weeks. I told them that the initial consultation would involve taking measurements and reviewing the type of garments they preferred. The second meeting being a fitting and if satisfied, payment.
My first appointment Susan, the 68-year-old size 16 lady, welcomed me and leading me into the lounge I was mesmerised – she was wearing a very tight skirt that was at least 3 inches above her knees. Inviting me to sit next to her she introduced me to her husband, Jack who was just a few years older and seemed interested in finding out about my special service.
‘Jack this is Bob, the nice gentleman I told you about. Bob, Jack was dubious about your service as I have a lot of difficulty in finding lingerie of an intimate nature for larger ladies such as me. You see, Bob, if I can be candid, Jack enjoys seeing me dressed as nice as possible – like this skirt. It helps him get excited which in turn thrills me, do you understand?
Jack, who eyes were fixated on Sandra’s nylon encased thighs, added; ‘Bob what exactly does your service consist of?’
‘Well Jack, first I would like to show both of you our range which I must advise you is highly erotic – almost pornographic in some cases – designed especially for older full figured ladies such as Susan here, and then, if you would like to order any items, I will have to take explicit measurements as most of the items are either tight – like Susan’s lovely skirt here – or essential like bras, foundation garments and knickers etc.
‘Don’t be silly, Bob, how can lingerie be pornographic’ said Susan.
‘Well, I think it best if I show you’. When I opened the laptop, Jack came over and sat the other side of me to get look in. ‘Oh, goodness, I see what you mean’, said Susan as she stared googled eyed at all the cunts and tits on display modelling the lingerie. ‘It’s a lot different to my catalogue, isn’t it Jack? Would you like to see me wearing some stuff like that honey?’ Jack just nodded, adding, ‘I bet Bob would too’.
As they looked at more and more old gals obscenely modelling the garments, they were obviously getting as they called it ‘excited’. Sandra was crossing and uncrossing her legs to the point that her skirt rode up and she was discreetly fingering herself and Jack was trying to hid a massive hard on as was I.
Closing the show, I asked Susan if there was anything that she liked and she chose an all in one spandex outfit that was crotchless and allowed her titties to be shown off. ‘Well, it looks very tight Bob, so I guess you’ll have to be very precise measuring me. Jack won’t be offended if you have to measure my intimate places will you love? ‘
‘Certainly not sweetie pie, in fact, Bob, we are so excited I think Susan, would enjoy a long slow measuring as would I enjoy watching you do it’.
‘Susan, why don’t you strip off for Bob so he can start and Bob, you don’t have to be shy.
Susan started to take off her skirt and blouse letting me take in her chubby fat belly and cellulite dimpled thighs. ‘Susan you have a lovely body, let me help undo your bra’.
‘Will you take off my knickers, too, they are tight’ she requested.
Her titties dropped as I released the bra and when I took off her knickers, I could see beyond doubt that she had the most prominent and hairy cunt I have ever come across which got my cock twitching.

‘She sure is looking good, eh Bob’ remarked Jack. ‘Go on start measuring her all over’. Having run the tape over her tits I then took her waist size and brushing my hands over her cunt, her bush felt it very wet.
Itching to get my fingers into that wet hole, I told Susan to open her legs so that I could measure around her crotch and bottom to ensure a tight fit. With one hand my fingers were slipping in and out of her hairy hole and with the other pressed up her shit hole.
I was so engrossed on Susan, I just noticed that Jack had got his cock out and was slowly rubbing it with liberal amounts of precum and although still limp I could see it was long and very thick.
‘Bob, look, Jack, gets turned on when men touch me up’.
‘What happens when they fuck you’ I asked.
‘Well, his cock gets really hard and he likes to join in, don’t you honey’.
Well, to cut a long story short, as I was fucking her cunt, Jack was screwing her shitter.

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