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cruising at sea part three

i woke in the early hours and needed a cuppa, while the kettle was boiling and heard a little voice say " two lumps " in mine with a little giggle, we duly had our teas, i tend to feel so much more horny in the mornings after a good nights sleep so with that in mind i knew i'd be fucking her that morning, she asked to use the shower and i said later, she knew what i was talking about and we embraced each other passionately and kissed and hugged each other, this of course got me very erect, i said go and stand in front of the dressing table mirror , why she asked ? because i told you too , " yes sir " was her reply , she did as she was told and fiddled with her hair looking at herself in the mirror, i stood behind her caressing her naked body, she seemed to enjoy the attention i was giving her when i suddenly told her to bend over the chair but still facing the mirror, " yes sir " she uttered, spread your legs i instructed her , she obeyed instantly , i was now fully erect with this little minx bent over before me, i pressed against her arse cheeks just gently rubbing my cock up and down her buttocks, i gave her a playful smack on one of her arse cheeks , nothing hard just a gentle pat, it seem to strike a cord with her and in saying that she said harder !

are you sure i asked ? yes came her needy reply, almost a plead to do it, so as i stood there a proceeded to smack each cheek in turn altenating each cheek in turn, she was breathing harder now but seem to be loving it and if i am being honest i found it a great turn on - yes very much so, " fuck me " " fuck me " came her desperate plea, where i asked ? please came her urgent reply, i was dripping with pre cum by now and i lingered at of all places her arsehole, can i , i asked ? even before she could respond i was pushing in to her , no came her urgent demand, just fucking take it you bitch and i began to stretch her hole, slowly ever so slowly i got deeper inside her, she seemed to be holding her breath as i got further up inside her, she was tight to say the least but i was now horny as hell and nothing was going to stop me, she let go a few little cries, saying it hurt but i said some think like just fucking take it ! again she uttered
" yes sir " that alone encouraged me to continue , she could have easily said stop or something but she did not, finally i was fully up inside her, i " enlarged " myself inside her to which she cried out but i was passed caring, i began to pump her just gentle strokes , while i was deep inside her i returned to spanking her again , strangely enough there was no protest from her , she seemed resigned to her fate so to speak , by now i was driven to nothing but pure lust, i grabbed hold of her hair and pulled on to it like a pair of reins, pulling her hair in such a fashion so as to lift her head up to face the mirror to see what was happening to her , she could see me starting to pound into her with much more haste , i was by now fucking her hard and fast and suddenly i exploded deep inside her, she screamed out loud as i came calling me a fucking dirty bastard , yeah and i'am your fucking dirty bastard i said and she again said " yes sir " time for that shower i think and we washing each other before going for some breakfast , all this and it was barely 6 a.m , more to follow.
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Great Story Keep Me Cumming!!!!
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