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<i style=""> <i style="">A 27-year old woman, Cyd, is separated for the first time from her 24-year old female lover, Danni, when Danni leaves for a week to visit her mother. That first night and the next morning, alone, without Danni, Cyd reminisces how they first met, their first encounters together, and her feelings for Danni. Danni’s absence coincides with Cyd’s ovulation cycle which brings a new dimension to Cyd’s loneliness. Cyd’s cravings and urgent need for gratification, together with her longings for Danni, c… Read more

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How I discovered masturbation


I was in kindergarten so I was 6 years old when I discovered the joys of masturbation. Every day at school we had recess for 30 minutes and on the playground was a fort that had ladders, a bridge and a pole that you could slide down or climb up. One day I was climbing up that pole and I felt a really good feeling between my legs. At the top of the pole it went in at a 90 degree angle so I could hold on to that part and keep rubbing up and down. After a minute or so I got a real intense feeling and it went away. I had no idea what it was but the next day I wanted to feel it again so I humped th… Read more

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Wife confessions


A year ago she had actually fucked a boyfriend of mine behind by back so this was just a little revenge We were at home and there were 3 of us watching a couple of films. We were about 18 and 19. Me, My sister Jenny and mark a guy she was seeing. The first one finished and those two had fallen asleep on one of the sofa. They were already dressed for bed so I went upstairs, took a quick shower and got changed into my night dress. I curled up on the other sofa and put another film on. After while I kept noticing mark turning his head every now again to look at me and then I realised that I was s… Read more

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Revenge of the Living Pussy Chapter 2


Lizzie awoke the next morning and despite the events from the night before she was not sore. In fact, she was dressed in the pink tank top and black shorts just like the night before and everything in her room appeared to be in order. "Could it all have just been a really fucked up dream?" Lizzie asked herself. She slowly sat up in bed and pulled down both her shorts and panties to examine her rogue sex organ. "Hey, are you there?" She said while lightly poking her vagina. "Okay, Lizzie snap out of it. You just had a really vivid and fucked up dream. That's it. There are no such things as… Read more

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My Cheating wife doesn’t know!!! Part 2

VoyeurGroup SexMasturbation

It was now a couple of weeks after Marie’s first night with Ben and in all honesty I didn’t know what to think as one the one hand it was all a bit strange but on the other hand I can’t stop thinking how horny it made me feel. When I say horny we are talking a very naughty horny!! The kind which you feel guilty about but really get you going, it was only two weeks ago I was licking Marie’s pussy full of Bens cum!!! Marie was acting quite normal and hadn’t gone out much but we had kept up our regular good sex led in those two weeks so all in all I didn’t seem too concerned. Then one night I no… Read more

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My Glory Hole Encounter


It had been nearly four months since I last got laid. At twenty-three I had no desire for a serious relationship and settled instead for casual flings and friends with benefits, the downside is while it had been four months since I had last slept with my latest fling, I had not properly been fucked in over a year. I found myself becoming desperate for it. At work, I daydreamed about being called into my boss’s office and reprimanded which then ended with me pinned up against the wall and getting my unused pussy pounded. The thought of returning to my desk and finishing work with my thong soake… Read more

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She didn’t know I knew...

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Many years ago my wife and I were going through rocky times for a few reasons however these times led to a few experiences that I thought I would never have let alone enjoy! It was an idle Tuesday morning, rainy, grey and as I got up out of bed to get ready I just couldn’t face work and thought today is going to be a duvet day as you do sometimes. After my wife left I set myself up with a box set and a cup of tea ready to just chill all day but how wrong was I. When opening my wife’s laptop it asked me if I wanted to restore the windows that were open before and thinking nothing of it I click… Read more

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TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

                                                                                “THE BIG SUCK” *ON PAPAS FARM* A MINI SERIES All characters are fictional and made up for fun and your reading pleasures!… Read more

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The Cane, Miss Bush, and Me Part 3


It was late August and a few days earlier I’d received good news about my A Level results. My grades were good enough for me to go to university and it wouldn’t be long before I had to pack my things and head off to the opposite end of the country. I’d decided to wander across to the amusement arcade to see if any of my friends were about as they often hung out there. In truth the Summer holidays were becoming rather boring and I was already in university mode, well, in my mind at least, as I imagined the vast number of attractive girls I expected to encounter when I got there. Although Sand… Read more

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Alone with Tom at the backyard


That afternoon I was sunning at our backyard, when my beloved husband came home with one of his buddies from the office. His name was Tom and he was Victor’s old friend. They went directly to the kitchen, to grab some beers. Then they both came outside and Tom whispered when he saw me in a very tiny yellow bikini. It was really a very small piece of cloth, that barely covered my shaven mound and my dark nipples… I liked the guy, but I was a bit ashamed he could see me almost naked. He could not never keep his eyes off my breasts. I could remember him during a football game at home, having an… Read more

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Rivka - Chapter 1 - Gynecology appointment


Rivka - Chapter 1 - Gynecology appointment It was a beautiful summer day and Rivka was sitting patiently in the doctor's office quietly reading a book that she just really wasn’t into. Because of this, she found her mind wandering often and a lot, making reading the book a chore. She swears she has been reading the same page over again at least half a dozen times in the last fifteen minutes. She is at the doctor's office not because there is something wrong with her, but because she just moved to the Pacific Northwest from Vermont for her first year of college and has decided to put herself… Read more

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Bi or Gay


It's a tough question to answer. Lately all I love to watch are Men having sex,but really love the vintage gay men movies. These are the hottest for me. Every once in a while I watch regular sex with a man and a woman and also love Lesbians and Mature Men. Also just a man outside or at the beach nude with other men is a real turn on. When I was 19 I would go to X rated Movie theater's and watch hours of Porn often taking care of myself in the sticky floor bathroom. As I write this question about myself,I decided to wear one of my tight panties so my bulge looks bigger and already released some… Read more

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She's Human Viagra

First TimeMasturbationMature

I was headed home after a long day of driving. I stopped at a strip bar just to relax, stretch my legs, and of course see some skin. I'm 65, diabetic, and the sex drive sure ain't what it used to be. I watched a few dancers take the stage, had 2 hustle me for private dances, but none really caught my eye. Skinny, heavily tattooed, enhanced boobs & bleach blondes don't do a damn thing for me. Then a brunette, nice muscular legs, almost perfect ass, nice curves, & good sized natural boobs. She has nice eyes, and a pleasant smile. Her olive colored skin was also catching my eye. I approa… Read more

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Instant Need

Gay MaleMasturbation

Instant Need By: Londebaaz Chohan Well past the midnight of a very pleasant weather day of mid-April. Although; ‘April showers, May flowers’ is a very commonly known saying but it has not rained this April and luckily there have been no dark, dirty and dingy dreary days so far. The days have started to be longer but this day had been particularly long and desolate. The best time was that I spent on the dance floor of the bar; being drunk and dancing like crazy. I do not exactly remember, how I got home but here I am, in my bedroom standing in front of the mirror and looking search… Read more

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Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 14

FetishShemale PornMasturbation

Part 14 “Candy it is!” We had been driving for around 2 hours, mostly on the highway. “I'm getting hungry. Let's take a break!” “Yeah, I could really use a coffee too!” I said. “Good! Let’s hold at the next gas station!” After 10 minutes of driving, we turned off to the gas station and found a place to park. He quickly jumped out and got my heels for me, and opened the door for me again. “I got you, Candy! You just sit there with your feet turned to me!” I turned around on the seat. The car was pretty high for little me. He took my ankle again and guided my nylon feet in my white high… Read more

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Party Time

Group SexMasturbationMature

I listened to the whispers in my ear as I rubbed against one of the guys at the pool party, at the end of every semester the rich guy in the year throws a pool party, "You wanna be mine baby?" The rich guy asked as his played with my breasts, I silently nodded as his cock rubbed between my cheeks, moans and groans as well as the occasional scream was heard from every inch of the large mansion and in the pool which was turning white from the amount of cum flowing inside, pretty much everyone at the party was stripped of their swimsuits, I was the lucky slut that got the rich guy (Greg)&nb… Read more

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Honey moon cruise


The story I'm about to write is 100% real.bare with me if my writing skills aren't that good.I will try to write it as it happen.So few years back when me(greek man) married to my wife(Austrian).It was the first marriage for me and the second one for her.Wife had been in the cuck and swing style long before! When we met online she slowly told me everything! After her first divorced and since her daughters had grown up she continue to fuck multiple men that met usually online.Fellow Austrians,greeks and so on! Before our marriage we lived together for a year here in Greece. But we were in a s… Read more

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Jo Buddy

First TimeMasturbationGay Male

The first time I ever masturbated was with a friend.  When I was young my buddy and I had just finished swimming in my pool, and we went into my room to change.  Before removing my swimsuit, I asked my friend if he had started growing pubic hair yet.  He said yes and asked if I wanted to see.  Out of mere curiosity I simply answered 'yeah', and with that he whipped out his already erect penis (I guess the thought of exposing himself had him turned on a bit).  His penis was very large for his age and pointing straight up to the ceiling.  He asked to see mine,… Read more

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Summer Intern


I am an accountant that works out of his home, I have lived in the same house now for 6 years with my wife of fifteen years, who works in the city for a law firm. My next door neighbors the Smiths (Janet and Greg) are good people and have two grown c***dren and one more daughter ready to go to University this fall. Greg mentioned to me his daughter was going to school this year to become a business major, asked if I had any advice or wisdom for her. I told him I had a better idea, she could intern with me for the summer to see how money and accounting works to get a better feel for business wo… Read more

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In the country


I'd turned and started to make my way back home when I saw in the distance a car parked up in a clearing. It looked a bit odd so far into the woods I though I would take a look. As I approached I saw a couple sitting in the car - they looked like they were just chatting. As I got loser to the car the woman, who I later discovered was called Margaret turned and saw me walking towards them. She turned and said something to her husband - who was called Peter - but I couldn't make out what she said as I was still to far away. Wh… Read more

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