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<i style=""> <i style="">A 27-year old woman, Cyd, is separated for the first time from her 24-year old female lover, Danni, when Danni leaves for a week to visit her mother. That first night and the next morning, alone, without Danni, Cyd reminisces how they first met, their first encounters together, and her feelings for Danni. Danni’s absence coincides with Cyd’s ovulation cycle which brings a new dimension to Cyd’s loneliness. Cyd’s cravings and urgent need for gratification, together with her longings for Danni, c… Read more

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Alexis The Dark Fairy Chapter 4

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After getting into her car Alexis changed back to her normal self and began flying around inside the car. "What are you doing?" Vanessa asked. "I've never actually been inside a car before. We fairies had always relied on magic and flying. What makes it work?" Alexis was buzzing around so fast Vanessa could hardly keep up with her. Vanessa let out a soft giggle. "I'm not a mechanic so could not tell you exactly but to put it simply it runs off of gasoline, which is a flammable substance that the engine runs off of." Vanessa replied. "I have to admit, I haven't been entirely honest with you… Read more

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My special boo part 2

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I aks my hubby to do d writing this time cause he is much better dan meh at it so here goes part II of my special boo n me... So I had managed to get this sexy, beautiful latin babe housewife into a lesbian sexual relationship with me after being pals in the internet for months. I had wanted her from the day we met at Copenhagen, and now...She was mine :-) Well, at least she had gone to bed with me and have sex with me...First lesbian encounter for her! I was actually very pleased with myself for having managed to seduce her. This lil' housewife had taken a step to the wild side, and she was… Read more

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Just a wonderful day

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It was the end of a few stressful work weeks. Stacey and I figured we needed a break and decided to take a long weekend to decompress. We decided to drive down to Shenandoah for some fresh air and relaxation. We left early, taking our time enjoying the weather and the ride. We felt better as soon as we got on the road it seemed. We arrive at Skyline in the park in the late afternoon. After unpacking, we take a walk and begin enjoying what the park has to offer. Its beautiful here. We have dinner and head back to watch the sunset over the valley and to plan our day tomorrow. We figure everythi… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Date With Gabrielle

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Friday finally came! Emma had been fantasizing about her date with the blonde beauty Gabrielle! She seemed very dominant when they first met, so Emma had packed some special submissive clothing consisting of a belly dancing costume with harem pants, seven veils and a diaphomous face mask, another costume made from various pieces of lingerie. Lastly, she wore high heels, thigh high stockings and garter belt and low cut transparent panties. She wore no bra. A mid thigh length skirt and black blouse completed her outfit! She knew she was going to have some mind blowing sex tonight, but she was lo… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Tina

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I was was lounging around in my underwear last Saturday morning, browsing at some nude pictures on the internet, which is one of my favorite pastimes. Tina called and invited me over for some coffee. I told her I was busy and declined and got back to playing with myself at the computer. I was adding pics to one of my galleries on xhamster and even added a couple nude photos of myself. I like to be included among the many different beautiful middle aged women, and sneaking in a couple pics of myself adds to my excitement. I w… Read more

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Why shouldn't we?

Lesbian SexTaboo

"Why shouldn't we?" Ms. Cole said, touching my knee and slowly teasing her fingertips along the line of my thigh. "After all, you're eighteen now." I'd never seen her like this, this older woman, best friend of my mom and a constant presence in our lives since I was five. Her behavior was strange and creepy, the kind of thing that mom had warned us about, though I'd always thought she was talking about men. And yet, despite knowing that what she was doing was wrong, I couldn't escape the fact that her caress… Read more

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How may I serve you?

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"How may I serve you, Mistress?" That question became the cornerstone of my life in her service, an oral talisman, worn to indicate my complete and perfect submission. But it wasn't always so. I'd come from the rough part of town, the wrong side of the tracks. I was wilful, disobedient, failing at school and at life. I was destined to live out my days in cheap bars and rundown apartments, scratching for money and lacking respect. But she saw something in me, something that no-one else had seen before. She took… Read more

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Karen's New Toy

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"Well now, this is unexpected," Karen said, more to herself than anyone else. She peered down at the kneeling girl - her prize, her victory - and pondered what on earth to do next. She didn't even know the girl's name, she didn't even want to. It was enough to know that her lying, cheating, snake of an ex-husband had suffered when he lost her. Karen closed her eyes for a second and sighed, remembering the moment that she'd expressed her final demand during their lengthy and painful divorce negotiations. Throug… Read more

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Stephanie's First Spanking

BDSMLesbian SexFetish

I don't know why I lied about the stupid vase. It was an accident, a simple slip of my hand as I was dusting the shelf, an unfortunate vibration that caused the ancient ornament to topple over and fall to the floor, shattering into a million pieces. It wasn't even that pretty. I'm sure that Miss Ford wouldn't have batted an eyelid if I'd only come clean about it and told her what happened in the first place. But I didn't. I lied. I looked her in the eye and told her that I didn't know anything about it, that it must have bee… Read more

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Me tits big

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xHamster – Free Porn Videos Search in 179,993 stories... mrslideitin Videos Live Sex Pornstars Channels Photos Dating Premium All stories The best season :-P It's during the best season that you peek always with a little more attention, especially if you have the sis very good, like in my case :-P. It was a nice day of summer, august end august i remember, when i and my sis were at home with an our cousin (young like us :-P), my sis and our cousin are sitting on the bed and started to joking with the cellulars so i take a chair and i'm sitting front to them :-P for to joke with they… Read more

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Experimenting With Emily

First TimeLesbian SexVoyeur

"So, do you ever masturbate?" Emily asked me like she was asking me about the weather. "Oh my god, Emily!" I laughed. These late night convos were when we talked about anything and everything. "Yes, I do of course." I was super self conscious, but I knew I could be honest with her. "Doesn't everyone?" I added to reduce the sting of the confession. "I certainly do," she grinned as she answered. "Have you ever used a toy?" I couldn't believe where this was going, but I was starting to feel a little turned on. Something about the way she was looking at me. "I haven't, have you?" I a… Read more

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Seeking advice for an open relationship

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

First things first, This is non-fiction. I have a “unique” situation and want some, hopefully experienced, advice and opinion. I have been in a committed relationship for 5 years with a bombshell, now 23 year old girl. 6’ tall, blue eyes, brown hair, fit tone body and 36DD to top it off.. She is the girl that gets noticed A LOT when we go out. She is VERY sexually confident and open to everything I can come up with trying. She was a virgin when we met because she is very traditional (no k**s until marriage type) She has had no boyfriend other then some harmless sexting before me. She spent h… Read more

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The First Time Carlie Touched Me

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

I woke to realized that Carlie's fingers were massaging between my legs, stroking through the soft cotton fabric of my panties. She had slept over many times since i met her this semester, sharing my bed with me every time. We were always snuggly, more than with my other friends. I was used to waking up and finding her arm over me, her warm body fitting into the curves of my back and butt. But, never had she touched me like this. I was surprised at first, but it felt so amazing I didn't resist. In seconds my breathing was quickening. I could hear her breath in my ear. She was really turned on.… Read more

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The Seduction Of Carol... Chapters One And Two

First TimeHumorLesbian Sex

(((((Re-written))))) (Please read my Naughty Nighties... story first.) Carol was sleeping deeply. Exhausted and, if like me, fully satisfied from our sex the night before. I certainly was satisfied. Carol had never been with a woman before last night but she'd learned quickly how to eat pussy. Leaning against the door jam leading to the bathroom, I could smell our pussy juices that had spotted the bed with wet spots. We'd stayed up most of the night making those wet spots. Remembering all we'd done to make those wet spots mad… Read more

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Cassie and Mrs Cole

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The strange thing about what happened, between my daughter's best friend and me, was that it seemed so perfectly natural, so utterly ordinary. It was never a destination that either of us chose, but it was a place that both of us were happy to travel to. More than happy in fact, ecstatic - at least in my case. You'd have to ask Cassie about her recollection of the events of last year. Most of all, it didn't seem strange and it didn't seem wrong, though it was clearly the former and more than likely the latter too. When all's… Read more

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Lexi's Mom's Party

FetishLesbian Sex

"Why don't you join us, Ella?" said Lexi with a syrupy sigh. She lifted her foot and flexed her toes outwards, spreading apart the thin nylon of her suntan pantyhose. With a distracted eye, I noticed that her toenails were painted a shade of deep crimson that perfectly matched the shimmering gloss of her full lips. Beside her, Karen slid her hand along Lexi's thigh and nuzzled into her neck, causing Lexi to lean her head back and moan quietly. "I'm sorry... I mean, I'm not a..." I paused, unsure what to say. I… Read more

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Episode 113: Mother's Milk

TabooHumorLesbian Sex

Ms Jones the Human Biology and Sex Ed teacher had already exhausted all the legal material for her Year 11 class, attended by Molly and Rachel. The GCSEs were nearly over and most ch*ldren would be leaving soon for the long summer holiday and then start at the local Sixth Form college. Ms Jones planned one last day for her class to remember - a trip to the slightly obscure Mothers Milk farm. It had no web-site and no need of any advertising, but was very well known by the local maternity units and a large number of satisfied private clients. “Do we need to bring anything?” asked Molly, thin… Read more

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The Porn Star's Sister / Part 3

First TimeHardcoreLesbian Sex

Porn Star’s Sister / Part 3 Chapter 1 / The Offer At 8:30 sharp, the company car picked up Kerry at her apartment. She had rushed to get ready but knew her visit to the company beauty salon would take care of what she had not. She would have to change clothes into the outfit of the day. She was tired but at the same time excited to find out what would be requested of her today. As she opened the salon door, standing to greet her, was Rebecca. She was Mr. Todd’s secretary. As Kerry had learned in her first day at work, Rebecca provided very personal assistance to her boss. She was… Read more

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The Party the Next Day!

Interracial SexLesbian SexFirst Time

Well if you read the story about Rachel Change then you should be up to speed for this part! (( BTW Rachel is in my video and pics. And this is how it happened! )) After sleeping till around 9:30 am I was awaken by the feel of Rachel's hot mouth sliding slowly up and down my now raging hard cock! I pulled her up and kissed her with so much passion as thoughts of the night before started to come to mind. Now our sex has always been awesome but that morning it was like we could not make Passionate Love enough! I now saw a new more Beautiful Woman then ever, If that was even possible in my mind… Read more

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