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We Are Two Mistresses

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“Oh, God, I’m late!” I almost tripped over my high heels as I ran towards my cherry red Lamborghini, my hobble skirt hitched over my thighs, blonde wig askew. I fumbled in my Dior purse for my car keys. “Phew!” I was so relieved; I couldn’t imagine how much trouble I’d be in if I got to work too late. Thankfully, the Lambo responded instantly to my high heel on the gas and I roared out into the morning traffic. There was only one set of traffic lights at which I was able to tidy up my makeup. Soon the traffic thinned out and I roared forward at 120mph. Within minutes – no, it was probably only… Read more

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In the Strip Club

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One Night Tiffany and I were home alone and we were watching TV. Then Tiffany moves her hand over to my leg and started rubbing it up and down and then moves it closer to my crotch as my Cock started to swell. I asked, "Do you have something in mind?" She said , Yes." I asked if it was Bad? She answered, "Very" I asked, "what about?" She said she wanted to lick some pussy." I was totally enthralled and curious as to where she was going to find some. She mentioned about a strip club that has girl dancers and maybe she could try their. So off in the car we went. When we arrived at the club, we… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: May

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As as much fun as we have with our circle of horny housewives here in Dubuque, sometimes you have to wander outside of your comfort zone. That was the case with May, a cute short haired blonde from Wisconsin that I met online. She lives just an hour and a half away in Madison, where I spent four or the greatest years of my life, when I went to school there. May didn’t attend UW but is still a Badger fan, something we both had in common. That’s about where our common bond ended. She went to college at San Jose State on a softb… Read more

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A Spring Afternoon

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Obviously, I shouldn’t have watched. It goes without saying. Any decent person would have gone about their business and not stared, slack-jawed for well over an hour. Even if I can’t actually name anyone I know who would actually have walked away, I still know I shouldn’t have watched. It was spring. I was home early, windows open, reading a book in my room upstairs when I heard my neighbor’s wife chatting outside with another woman. Claire is a lovely lady about thirty. Blonde, if not naturally then in a classy, well-done way; fit but with plenty of well toned curves to look at; a pleasant,… Read more

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My first GirlxGirl Experience

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I don't know why, but i've always wanted to talk about my first time with another girl. Her name is Rebecca, I was 13 at the time, she was 17 and she was the first person to find out I was Gay. I haven't been with her for years but maybe she will see this..... Rebecca, I'm still thinking about you...... So here we go....... I was sleeping over at my best friend's house one summer night. School was out and her parents had already gone to bed. It was after midnight and we we were up late in pyjamas talking in her bedroom. I don't remember exactly how old we were, but I reme… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 10

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A while later the doorbell rang and Jessica, who knew that Marie was working in the kitchen with music playing, went to answer it. At the door was Janice, who had been feeling bored and horny and come by to see what was up. As they passed the kitchen Jessica got pulled in to consult on the dish Marie was working on, and Janice — who had spotted Kelly out of the corner of her eye — helped herself to a face dildo that was drying next to the sink. Not only was she feeling the itch, she saw an opportunity to establish herself as an authority figure in the cheerleader’s eyes. She knew that Jessica… Read more

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The End of the Bike Trip

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It had started as a beautiful day but now dark clouds were rolling in off the ocean. Samantha had been riding the Cape Cod bike trail with her college girlfriends since about 8 in the morning and they were getting closer and closer to Provincetown when they heard the first clap of thunder. They pulled to the side of the road and Katie said “We need to get under cover for a while!” Jane had a pained look on her face and said “Fine…hang on…we have a family friend who lives down here. Let me call her and see if we can crash at her place for a couple hours. Besides, my knee is killing me. I need a… Read more

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Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 2

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A tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van ******* Chapter Two - Now we are Wed ******* It was shortly after we married that I left the Navy having completed my term of service. As an 'ex-SeaBee' I had plenty of skills on my CV and had no problem in getting a good Engineering job that provided us with a comfortable salary. Jacqui was doing teacher-training and we were confident that when she graduated that she likewise would find a good position. We had no money worries and the living was easy. Our first priority was to find us a place to live and given we had no intention o… Read more

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Hunger meets opportunity--1

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Roshan finally got up, had some water & went back to his sofa. I knew he was getting impatient & irritated because I was sitting on the single sofa. Not to tease him any further, I got up and went to the back of where he was sitting. I bent forward put my arms around his neck & kissed him lightly on the cheek. He said, ¡§Come sit here¡¨ and indicated a place by… Read more

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New Neighbor Part 5 - Pool bet

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On Friday night, after her first week back in the office after moving in to her new house, Katie joined Jill and Todd as they went uptown to check out some of the local bars. Katie was still dressed from work. She was wearing a light green sleeveless blouse, a black skirt, black silk stockings and medium black heels. Her long brown hair was held back away from her face with a black hair ribbon. Jill wore a faded and ripped pair of Levi's that fit her perfectly and a tight black t-shirt. She'd wore her hair down that night. Todd, as usual had on a pair of cargo shorts, a T-shirt and baseball ca… Read more

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Pregnant Wife Caught With pregnant friend

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My Wife (amy) and I who have been together for around 4 years expecting a c***d had a bbq one summer evening. It was put together fairly late and only Amys friend Alice (who was also heavily pregnant) and her partner could make it. I remember when Alice turned up I couldn't help but stare at her magnificent Figure her huge round tits bounced as she walked or giggled, her Ass was incredible and was barely contained in her tight jeans. my cock was beginning to throb as I watched her and my wife talking. an hour or 2 passed and the girls seemed to be getting bored so they decided… Read more

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The Courtesan Empress - Chapter 12 The Finale

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Thea was nibbling Sisa’s pussy as part of a daisy chain. Sisa for her part was munching on Anna who was eating out Marta. Along the chain were Azeena, Elisa and lastly Vella who was giving Thea some attention. They were disturbed by a cough, Thea’s chief spy Tymos, dressed as normal in grey had silently entered. “Sorry to disturb your entertainment but we have a slight problem.” Finally, General Callos and his fellow hostile lords had plucked up the courage to rebel against Thea. They had got together an army and were heading for Byzantos. Some towns and cities were closing their gates again… Read more

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A long weekend lll

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Candy was snapped back to reality hearing her friend call her name. Looking around she realized it was only a fantasy. The moisture between her legs told her it was real enough. Candy, Mary shouted. Hu, I'm sorry she said. Were you talking to me. God candy, Mary scolded. Did you hear a word I said. Yeah, she mumbled. He gave you the best orgasm ever. Smiling Mary said, what an I going to do with you. Sipping the last of her drink candy said, I need to go to the ladies. Mary grabbed her arm and said, me too. Let's go. Making there way to the bathroom, they pushed their way in. Luckily women we… Read more

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First swingers party after gangbang

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This is the true story of our first swingers party. Prior to this, we had a few threesomes and moresomes, but it was under our terms and I arranged the guys. Some were guys from work, especially the first few times as I knew i could trust them. After that, we used the various sex sites and Craig's list. From our 'advertising' Graham made contact and advised he has swingers parties at his house in a northern suburb and asked if we would like to go. My wife Jordan said "I'm not sure. There will be other chicks there. It wont be just about me." "I know hun" I replied "but you will get your s… Read more

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It's Sarah's Turn

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Kat led us to her bathroom where Sarah and I then showered together. It was nice to run my hands over Sarah’s entire body, her small soft breasts under my hands, her nipples still hard. I washed her come from her bush and the insides of her thighs as Sarah moaned again in pleasure. I was treated to the same pleasure as Sarah soaped my entire body and then wiped me clean with the washcloth. After we finished and were toweling off, Sarah washed off Kat’s dildo. She then slipped it into her pussy and wrapped her towel around her, hiding her surprise. Kat was lying on her bed. Her eyes were clo… Read more

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With Coach in Her Motel Room

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“We shouldn’t be doing this…” my soccer coach said with that strong, maternal, authority that made me want to fuck her even more. I felt safe with her, even though sex with her was forbidden and could get us both in trouble. I wanted her more than I’d ever wanted anyone. “But, we both want to, Michelle. So much…” I touched her neck, letting my fingers trace the edge of her collared, coaches golf shirt, emblazoned with our team logo. Down between her breasts my fingers found their way until I could feel the fabric of her bra.… Read more

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Experimenting With Cousin

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The rolling warmth of my cousin's tongue seemed to envelop my clit as she pulled at the sensitive skin, drawing it into her mouth and then releasing it. The sensation filled my body with ecstasy, more than I imagined possible. We had no idea what we were doing, only that we were both really horny and curious what it felt like to have our pussies eaten. We'd been talking about it, trying to decide what it would be like, when she offered to try it on me. I was a little shocked by her question, though the more I thought about it… Read more

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The Courtesan Empress - Chapter 11

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Anna woke up and was idly playing with herself, hands between her legs rubbing her clit gently. Shortly afterwards her mistress awoke, so she dived under the bed covers and found her way in between Thea’s conveniently open legs. A pink tongue flickered out and gently touched her pussy lips and started working away. Anna had a lot of experience with giving pleasure and for that matter receiving it, which she did when the prince consort started to play with her breast with the other hand on his wife’s. The previous night had been a celebration of simple pleasures following a fraught day. An att… Read more

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Kat Seduces Sarah – Again

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After our romantic weekend, I decided to stay in Paris with Sarah for a few more days. One afternoon, we stopped at a sidewalk café for an afternoon drink. As we enjoyed our wine I told Sarah that I had invited Kat for dinner. “Kat is going to treat us,” I explained. “Well, you dropped enough money in her store the other day.” “And you loved every minute, didn’t you? We’re meeting her tonight at 8.” I knew what the evening would bring and dressed accordingly: a sheer see-through blouse and one of Kat’s sheer bras, leaving nothing to the imagination. A short skater-style miniskirt with a deep… Read more

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Tricked My Hot Mom And Sister For Gangbang

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Tricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For Gangbang
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