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Sanders Plantation

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Another hot summer day on the Sanders plantation. Jamie Sanders the only c***d of James Sanders Sir and Beth Anne Sanders wakes up in a pool of sweat. "Shit! My sheets are covered in sweat again. This kind of heat is too much. At this rate Pa's never gonna get well. He's been in bed for days now. Just as Ma said I'll be having to take control of the plantation after all." Jamie is actually rather excited to take the title as man of the house and the responsibilities that come with it. "I've watched Pa do it for years now. I just have to show my dominance around the plantation and fuck thos… Read more

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Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts - Part 3

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Emma was exhausted! The previous night of fucking and sucking with Judge Jeff had left her physically and mentally drained. At least Jeff found someone to drive her home in her own car. She barely made it into bed where she took a good long nap, awakening only long enough to have a light dinner and a long hot bath. She was in bed again by ten PM where she slept through the night. Emma woke to the sound of her cell phone ringing. It was Ray. He had been talking to the two witnesses. “Emma! The two black witnesses want to pick you up for a quick night on the town! I believe they’re planning an… Read more

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Black CockMen PT1

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Vaughn worked as a ther****t at a residential adolescent treatment facility that specialized in d**g and alcohol treatment. Vaughn stood 6'2", 220 lbs. of strapping, dark-chocolate muscle. 28 years old. He was often told that he resembled a darker Kobe Bryant. Vaughn was involved in a relationship with his girlfriend of one and a half years, Deidre. Deidre was a very attractive brown skinned woman of 27. Very shapely, very pretty. He had let her move in to his place after dating her for six months. As of late, they had been having their problems and as a result, Vaughn had been spending consec… Read more

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Katie Learns How to Please Black Men

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I have been seeing a married teacher from Greenville, Al , who is a submissive. She is about 5 ‘ brown curly hair with big breast and a full figure. She is married to a 6-4 guy who has a 4-5 inch hard pencil dick that can’t satisfy her, but she tolerated it till her daughters were grown. Now she is starting to explore her wild side. I am the first cock to make her cum, mine is 8 inches and a very thick uncut cock. I have been training her to use all her holes and do what i tell her to. Tonight i am going to take her to a club which is almost all black. I decided to have her wear a short bla… Read more

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Friend Learns to Please Black cocks

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He lined up his massive cock with her pussy and even after having been fucked it was still twice as thick as her hole. He pushed hard and the head still wouldn’t enter, Katie took her hands and grabbed her pussy lips spreading them with her finger to help him I have been fucking this teacher from Laverne, Al.Who had until her encounter with me had to be satisfied with a 4 inch thin cock. Let me describe Katie she is 5-3 brown medium hair big tits and a woman who liked to be controlled. I had taught her to except nipple claps, ass fucking and to be used in any way I saw fit. I had been talk… Read more

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That's What Friends Are For!

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Fuck, it’s been a hell of a rough couple weeks. My male partner, John, got diagnosed with early on-set Parkinson’s just before Christmas last year, but fortunately, the d**gs he’s been taking have calmed everything down- more or less. Then back in July, he was diagnosed with anemia and it turns out he had this degenerative bone marrow disease called MDS. And hell yeah- I slapped myself in the forehead and said to myself, “Shit- what NEXT!” Don’t get me wrong- I’m not complaining! Or looking for sympathy either- just got moved to write some shit down… call it therapy… dick therapy if you coun… Read more

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Naughty housekeeper earning her keep . #1

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I got home from work early one evening. I heard some loud moaning screaming vibrating and heavy breathing. I knew my wife wasn't at home. She was going to be home later on tonight. I just got off the with her on the phone on… my way home from work. She was with her sister and Mom up in Oregon. I knew our new housekeeper/nanny at the house keeping an eye on our nine-month-old baby girl named Morgan and was supposed to be making sure the house is a, up immaculate and super clean. Instead, I hear her pleading begging Lustfully calling out to who or whatever is lavishly ravaging her savagely. I cl… Read more

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The Breeding Party Part 3

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Linda's second guest dressed, and went out. She cleaned herself thoroughly, douching again, and, since it seemed that everyone in attendance had already seen her naked, AND getting railed, she decided to go into the waiting room, since it was separated from the rest of the spa by a heavy curtain, still naked. There were a set of beaded curtains between the rooms and the waiting area. She opened the smaller curtain and stepped out into the waiting area. Sure as she'd thought, there were 6 or 7 men sitting there. She was greeted by smiles and several VERY intimate caresses. 3 or 4 guys rubbed h… Read more

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beta testing p2

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Its been only 3 days , my ass is full of cum from so many nice black daddies every time of the day, tonight i met a senior players, im tied on a little sea saw horse in the park my phone beeping from so many players wanting to get release after he posted me swinging, mouth open calling him daddy , little push on the park module to get me swinging , trying to catch him with my mouth at every passage ''i like daddy black cock mmmm'' i cant remember why i wanted to be a boy, cindy is always having fun getting a nice hard black cock in my mouth is so fun i cant believe i never wanted to do… Read more

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Beta testing

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College is finally over, i graduated in computer science and got admitted into a startup enterprise as the intern for this summer I am super excited, apparently there is a new game to test and ill be the tester for the whole summer My first day i met my boss , henry the tall fat black guy who interviewed me for the job walking me to a coffee shop for a meeting Henry was a successful entrepreneur, someone to look up to like a mentor, his calm voice making me feel part of something i didnt read the paper i sign it and drank my cofee talking with him I dont know why . but he started to get… Read more

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My neighbour's uncle (3)

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On the card in my mailbox is only a short statement: 'Saturday, 19.00 hrs. dinner at my place, Dave'. The message brings up the memories of Dave's visit. I haven't seen my neighbour since, but I'm sure there will be a repeat of the event. It is only Tuesday. Still working all week. Saturday is the usual routine for me. Shopping, cleaning up the house a bit, coffee and newspaper. At six o'clock I take a quick shower. Especially to rinse my intestines well. I want to be clean for Dave's huge cock. Exactly at seven o'clock I ring my neighbour door. The door swings open. To my big surprise it's n… Read more

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My neighbor's uncle 1

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I arrive at my apartmentbuilding soaking wet. The short but heavy summer rain has soaked my clothes. I think of a nice hot shower, an easy sweatpants and a spacious T-shirt. While I lock my bike, I see a man standing in the porch, also soaked in clothes. I nod at him in a friendly way and say: "I had a shower too." A sunny smile radiates towards me. "What you call a shower. I was barely five hundred metres away from the apartment and I'm completely soaked. I am used to something in Suriname, but this was a challenge. Now I have to go home soon. I should actually be at number 92. My cousin is n… Read more

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My neighbor's uncle 2

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The doorbell rings. Not from below, but from my front door on the coridor. When I open the door, my neighbour Dave is standing smiling with a baking dish in front of me. "I've come to thank you for your kind reception of my uncle the other day. I've made pom and I've come to bring you a some." I think back on the encounter with Dave's uncle Wesley. "Oh, that was no trouble at all. Your uncle is good company, it was very nice," I tell my neighbour. Would Wesley have given a full account of our meeting? Dave handes me the dish. "This is far too much for me alone. Besides, you never eat pom on yo… Read more

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chatting with a xhamster friend makes me hot

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 Video call  Load more Today and i'm not in a position to take a picture of my cock at the moment either 14:43 ï…ª but i will 14:43 ok 14:44 later 14:44 thank you 14:44 do you have time to write your wildest fantasy in detail? 14:44 take some time and write me back tonight 14:44 yes ma'am 14:46 I think my wildest fantasy would be to have a wife who is in charge of both of our sexual lives - she is free to have sex with whoever or whatever she wants, whenever she wants it - i am there at her whim. she fucks others with or without my presence, but she still fu… Read more

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Cock Tease (Hmong)

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This is a true story pass on to me by a good friend/co-worker. My wife Amber and I have been married for about 4 years now but had been friends for the past 10 years prior. We have two beautiful c***dren together. Both I and my wife are now in our late 30’s. After Amber gave birth to our two c***dren, our sex life took a hit. Instead of every other day, turns to every other weekend. I got frustrated and started my own little collection of porn, stashed in my hidden USB drive, not just any porn, but porn focuses on Asian girls to be exact. You see, I started to have this obsession with Asian… Read more

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My Wife's Rite of Passage #1

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I am Terrence 37+Yo African American male and I am happily married to my 30yo White Wife(mom-of-3) for last 10 years. We met when I was 25 and she was 19 introduced to me by one of my cousins as they both worked as waitress at the same bar. We dated for 1 year and travelled and fucked like rabbits east coast to west coast. So the time came and I decided to ask my GF for marriage when she was 20yo. My dad is an immigrant from west Africa and my grandma was born there. I mentioned to my grandma that I am gonna ask my Gf for marriage and then she joked about how the nearby villages where she was… Read more

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sissy love daddies bbc

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Its so nice and fun to walk in skirt at night, dress up and waiting at the park where there not enough lights, my little polka dot white string keeping the buzzing plug in place, in my wet horny sissy boy pussy all it needs is one of these factory worker to see me and ill be sucking a bbc in no time, like it happens to sissy like me all the time when we go out dress like sluts my hearth starts to beat when i saw these 3 daddies walking toward the parking lots near the park my sissy nature in full effect smoking my cigarette in heels walking in the spot light and watch them get closer and… Read more

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Moms Hawaii black sex.

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My mother was born and raised in Shreveport la well in the year 1985 her and 3 friends went to Hawaii after the graduates early from High school it was late January almost February. Well they arrived and there foal was to get laid her and her friends went to the beach dressed as slutty as possible G string swim suits and all. Well with 2 days left they still haven’t gotten laid. Well they were about to leave the beach it’s about 6pm they are leaving these 3 guys walk up to them 2 white 1 black talked to them they jumped right to it and said we came to hawaii to fuck. So theyball went out to Di… Read more

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my first milf her first black cock

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I met her at work she was a 45 year old married tanned chubby cougar named Pattie working as a cook in the kitchen she had a nice tan a nice plump ass and wonder double d titties She and i rarely ever spoke until one night she was getting her ass kicked I being somewhat of a wiz k** started helping her out Once things started to die down we started talking and things started getting personal nothing to vulgar just the normal getting to know you bs we all do when we don’t know someone to well we seem to hit it off and started getting deeper and deeper into conversation over the next couple of… Read more

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A Day With Rohini

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My queen here is Rohini (name changed). First I would like to ask her to forgive me, please, and also to you people if there is any mistake in the story! About her… she is marvelous, awesome, true goddess and beautiful. She is the true seductive….I still crave for her. She is really good at teasing. She had a massive figure to worth die for… Coming to story, this day was something wh… Read more

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