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the black bred nurse

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Hi, I am Debbie, 28 and 1.90 m. I used to be a very innocent girl. I was a girl with many ideals. As I always wanted to help other people, I had become a nurse. I wanted to go to Africa to help people over there. I already had applied for a position as a volunteer nurse in Africa, when I met my boyfriend Andrew, a gynaecologist in training at Harvard Medical School. He and I had build a great relation and I thought that we would get married one day. But my live got another turn. A few months later I got a phone call that I had been selected for a stay in Kenya with the Masai. I hesitated a lo… Read more

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BACK IN PATTAYA JULY 2019 After my adventures I went back to Pattaya, I always like it there, many gay bars and some nightlife. I had took the bus from the Ekemai bus station in Bangkok to North Pattaya, simple and not expensive. On the net I had find a hotel in South Pattaya, very good price 1100 Bath, The classroom hotel, a gay hotel in boys town, the room is ok all is there, need nothing more, maybe just some nice handsome guy LOL. I put all my things in the cupboard, took shower and went out. I know this part very well, easy location, shops, beach, bars all in walking distance. I we… Read more

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Amazing story from young English bbw

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Wanna grab your hand and put it down my pants, let you feel my throbbing pussy with your fingers, sliding up and down, in and out of my pussy lips. Then pull your hand out, suck on your fingers tell you how good I taste. Then say you have to wait to be able to taste it yourself. I push you up against the car, undo your trousers, pull down your underwear and reveal your hard cock, I kiss and bit your nick while I run my hand up and down your rock hard shaft. I crouch down, lick your dick from the base all the way to the tip. I then put it in my mouth, tasting your sweet cock. Sucking on it, I f… Read more

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The Bachelorette Party Video

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This is a story of a bachelorette party my wife attended that ended up on the internet at a XXX site. My wife and her friends didn't know that the entire party was being recorded. (M+F+, Cheat, Anal, Oral, Intrr, Inc, d**g) My wife Sandra's best friend Sabrina was getting married in a couple of weeks. Since my wife was the maid of honor it was her responsibility to have a bachelorette party for Sabrina. Sandra had been to a few of them but she never had to organize one. She called around to four or five party planners to find someone who can help her with the party, but she couldn't find anyo… Read more

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Dirty Laundry — Part 5

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This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs* Stacey_tv Dirty Laundry Part 5 Steffie visited the laundromat each week for the next several months. Each time she wore the pilfered lingerie Ty provided and each time she sucked a creamy load from his cock and was thoroughly fucked (not necessarily in that order!). She stripped off the lingerie at the end of each session, only to find a new set waiting for her in her laundry basket when she returned to her apartment. The lingerie was always nothing short of spectacular--Dolce & Gabbana, Cosabella, La Pe… Read more

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Good Neighbors — Part 5

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This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs* Stacey_tv Good Neighbors, Part 5 *** This story continues Stacey's recollections of how she came into her current situation. Please see Parts 1 - 4 for the back story. *** I humped his cock hard, sliding forward as far as I dared and still keeping his cock inside of me; and then slamming myself back onto his cock, sinking down on the full length of it in one swift stroke. "Fuuuuuuck me," Martin said. "Get that dick, girl!" Just as he did while fucking my throat, I held on to his chest, pin… Read more

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The Making of Cindy

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He said it was a family own cabin in the wood near a lake and convinced me to come with him to go fishing and hiking I was waiting for him after school at home Mommy helping me prepare my backpack when Mike rang my phone she kissed me good bye and i got out to Mike car His ford SUV was nice he opened the door and help me get my backpack in the trunk ''ready to go ?'' ''yes '' and we left, Mike driving toward the highway smilling only him knowing exactly the real weekend planning He light up a spliff and we smoke once on the highway it was dark , we still had a couples of miles to do on… Read more

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Good Neighbors — Part 4

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This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs* Stacey_tv Good Neighbors, Part 4 *** This story continues Stacey's recollections of how she came into her current situation. Please see Parts 1 - 3 for the back story. *** Martin's cock easily fit in my mouth and down my throat while only half- hard, but grew more problematic as it grew to its full ten inches. I slurped on it greedily, enjoying how it felt to feel it grow as I suckled on it and worked it with my mouth and throat. My own modest 6-inch cock--even raging hard--fit into Martin'… Read more

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Good Neighbors — Part 3

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This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs* Stacey_tv Good Neighbors, Part 3 *** This story continues Stacey's recollections of how she came into her current situation. Please see Parts 1& 2 for the back story. *** "Are you sure you're ready for this?" Martin asked. "Now that I've sucked your cock, it seems like the most natural thing," I said. "Besides, I'm not sure where this is going, or what happens after today; but I do know that I'm not going to pass up this opportunity. You having second thoughts?" "Are you k**ding? You'… Read more

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Good Neighbors — Part 2

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This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs* Stacey_tv Good Neighbors, Part 2 *** This story picks up in the middle of Stacey's recollections of how she came into her current situation. Please see Part 1 for the back story. *** "Listen, I can explain," I started to say. He cut me off. "No," he said simply. I saw an unmistakable glint in his eye as his next words seared into my brain. "You won't be able to explain anything with your mouth full of my cock." "Excuse me? I'm not...." "I know, not gay. But you are bi-curious. Your curio… Read more

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Good Neighbors — Part 1

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This my original work; originally posted to another site. Enjoy! *hugs* Stacey_tv Good Neighbors, Part 1 "You should really go check in on Martin," my wife said. "When was the last time you dropped in on him?" "Just last week," I said. "You were at your Women's Club that night. I told you, remember?" "Still," she said. "It's the least we can do since his wife left him. They were such good neighbors to us when we moved in." "But the ball game...," I started to say. "No," she cut me off mid-excuse. "Grab a six-pack and go see him. Watch the game over there." "He's a Braves fan," I complai… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 41

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Out of Afrika, Chapter 41 A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi ****** Chapter 41 - Family History (with acknowledgement to John Cleland and Fanny Hill) ****** Our story thus far: Hawksville, a small town on the Eastern Seaboard had become the center of excellence for the application of Rhino's mind-controlling systems and understanding and acceptance of the superiority of the Black Man and woman over the White. The many inhabitants of Hawksville bear testament to the success of this philosophy and all have stories to tell that supports… Read more

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The Farmhouse Of Lust

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The Farmhouse Of Lust On the outskirts of town just off route 626 the huge farmhouse stood isolated and surrounded by the yet to be harvested fields. For as far as the eye could see, Ed the Farmer's land consumed the vision. Ed, the 55 year old widower had worked the land since he was old enough to drive the plow and took over after his parents died in a road accident over 25 years ago. The lanky, tanned farmers stood over 6' 5" tall and looked much younger than his years. He was often mistaken for one of his young hired hands; Tim, blond husky, with thick forearms, muscular calves and rough… Read more

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Our first threesome story. Pt2

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We woke up the next morning and Nath had stayed the night and I expected the morning after to be awkward... and I guess it was, I went down stairs to make three cups of coffee to bring back to bed.. thinking Nath would get the hint and probably quickly head off... it all felt a bit strange... Nath was acting very quiet and as we sipped our coffee I thought, has this ruined my relationship with Chloe, would Nath tell other people I knew from college? Would I be a laughing stock... I felt quite odd, scared and awkward... this is fucked up... and that was the end of it I thought... Thankfully C… Read more

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From Far Righter to Cum Dump for Arabs

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[This is true a story about an experience I had with a girl met on tinder] Her name was Océane. A 3rd year university law student. She grew up in small french village with almost no people of colour living it, and as you might imagine, the people and her family in that village had a irrational fear and disliking for foreigners, especially for North Africans and arabs (such as myself). Growing up, Mathilde shared similar views as her parents and friends in the village (which is understandable, she was only an innocent c***d with few encounters with foreigners), and yet, as she reached… Read more

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Wife must of thought I wouldn"t find out

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I would like to tell you how my wife's boss got in her pants. I wanted to beat the shit out of him and throw my wife to the curb but, she's the only one who ended up fucked out of this. Here's what happened. I bought a business in a nice warm place which meant no more snow, just sunny days and warm nights. One of the reasons I bought where I did was the company my wife worked for had a branch that my wife could transfer too. After her first week she started telling how great her new boss was and how he was always telling how nice she was dressed and how sweet she was looking, crap like that… Read more

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Her (late) confession

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The wife spent some time recently with some friends on a river cruise through southern France. I couldn't go because of work. I gave her permission to have fun if the opportunity presented itself. She told me about some hot bartender she had been flirting with but nothing else while she was gone. This is what she finally told me about a week after she returned. I'm trying to decide if she followed directions. Give me your thoughts. You wanted me to tell you if anything happened on board the ship. I’ll tell you what happened, but you can’t get mad. Thursday night, Tina finally fell asleep and… Read more

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Published by luvcuntlickingsluts / Mommy4sharing a

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Mommy4sharing and Dawn's in wild fuck orgy!!! Part of my inspiration for this story is a very sexy lady here on the site ... Mommy4sharing ... you really should check out her profile page ... For the story I'm going to call her "Heather" after a smocking hot thing I used to work with. So here's how my fantasy goes .... Dawn and I meet Heather and Gary here through "xham" and were very glad we did!!! Heather's this smoking hot thing with even bigger tits than Dawn and Gary's packing 12 1/2 thick inches that I just love watching Dawn suck and fuck multiple loads of cum out of. Heather & Daw… Read more

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Published by luvcuntlickingsluts / Two hot white b

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Two hot white bi-girls sharing a BBC!!! I'd been having the wildest fantasies about getting to watch Birti and Mary sharing a massive cock while I watched and filmed ... the thought of that always made, and still makes me so horny ... So when it actually happened It drove me wild.. It was all I could do to keep from joining in right away but I knew I'd get my chance and wanted to watch for a while first. Birti's a hot sexy brunette about 5'3" tall. 38dds, 25, 36 with a beautiful bush and a cunt so fucking tight .... plus she can suck on a cock like crazy and loves the taste of sperm. Mary's a… Read more

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Dawn her first ever BBC Published by luvcuntlickin

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our friend, Tyrell giving Dawn her first ever BBC This is a fantasy about how I would have liked things to have gone if Dawn was still with me. I like to think that she would have been very excited,hot and turned on getting her first black dick from my friend Tyrell from Xham. On several occasions Dawn and I talked about what it might be like for her to get her first black cock ... and I after meeting and talking with Tyrell I'm certain she would have loved getting fucked by him while I watched and took pictures & video before joining in on the fun. I think I would have had the three of us… Read more

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