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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Hubby Gets to Watch and I get 3 BBCs

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Chapter 2 : Gangsters or Gentlemen The morning after Big Daddy Richie took control of me and fucked me beyond what I thought could ever be my limits, I awoke to the smell of bacon frying. I realized that Big Daddy Richie and I were in my master bedroom in the middle of the king bed and his huge arm was still over me. I squirmed and wiggled out from under his arm and onto his huge beautiful brown chest. I slowly kissed him and he finally shook off his slumber. As his eyes opened, he smiled and his hands gripped my huge ass. "Good morning, Babygirl. I mean, you nasty fucking Whore," he said thr… Read more

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Small Towns!

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What living in a small town can mean. Going through school, I really didn’t have a lot of friends in my hometown in the Central Valley. In the late 60’s, most of my classmates were already forming their own little groups. Now as most people know, that meant that you get associated with some people that you don’t even know, so it made good sense to be careful who you decided to hang around with. Coming from a large family, you tend to get unwanted advice from the older members, some of which you took, some you dismissed as bullshit and know that you know what’s a better course for yourself.… Read more

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Susie tutors Abe

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Susie tutors Abe For Susie and Chris Susie made another trip to the front door, her third in the past twenty minutes. She was anxiously anticipating the arrival of a new tutoring student, a young black male named Abe. She was using her connections with the schools to help students who showed promise, but were having some difficulties in certain areas. Maybe he missed the bus, maybe he was skipping out on his lessons. Susie straightens her dress, making sure the front was unbuttoned to expose just enough of her creamy white chest to be alluring. She checked her hose once again, making… Read more

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the sissie maker

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''Please please mike you said you would never tell anyone please dont do it im so shy'' ''Cindy you are my girl dont worry , you are going to be just fine'' i could not get over the idea other would see me in my disney Elsa pijama, a pijama daddy had a hearth shapped hole braided just for me last xmass before making me into his sissy secret girl, infront of sissy training porn , making me watch and accept i was his little girl all because i was found watching his bbc move for me in his sweatpants one evening in the subway back from work so many people around as he walk in, right infront of… Read more

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My Pregnant Wife Laura Fucked By Friends 5

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So there I was allowing my wife Laura to slide her well-fucked cum filled pussy all over my face while telling me how all of my so-called friends had been using her for months while I stood around getting drunk and not noticing anything was going on. I must admit it was making my cock hard hearing how they had used her right under my nose. I asked Laura what she wanted to do going forward, should I confront them and tell them it is all over and they need to leave her alone. My wife Laura asked me if I remembered being invited around for the big football game where we were introduced to Cha… Read more

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Excess Part 1 and 2 (a petite brunettes first inte

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Excess was packed. The deep thrum of bass was like a racing, hedonistic heartbeat. There was a decadent, almost erotic vibe; hundreds of perspiring bodies pressed up against one another, cavorting luridly in the half-light of the club. I‘d seen her almost immediately; dancing with two friends and ignoring the persistent affections of a couple skinny white boys. Of course she would; she was perfect; she wouldn’t go in for that. She wasn’t classically pretty; she wasn’t tall or blonde and didn’t have big breasts or an hourglass figure. But she was sexy. The way she moved; the way she carried… Read more

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How I broke a prenuptial with my wife

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I married a girl from the better part of town, against her daddies wishes. I met her when I was driving for AAA. I got called out to put her spare tire on when she had a flat. It wasn't me who was talking her ear off but her. She had just turned 18, and her daddy had give her a brand new BMW for her birthday. When I showed up to repair her car, I found she had hit the curb really hard, and had broke the wheel and torn the side wall out of the tire. The whole time I was there she never stopped talking on how her dad would ground her for what she done, and how he would throw it in her face ev… Read more

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Celine begins her porn Theater Adventures

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An Early Excursion to the Theater For Wifex & Celine Celine enjoyed some of our outings to a porn theater, but was still a bit reticent in going very often and was a bit shy in what she would wear to the theater. She was a bit more afraid of what she actually wore to walk from the parking lot to the theater entrance. I was a bit surprised then, when I came home and Celine was dressed in a new, and fairly slutty outfit. She was in a short skirt, black hose and heels, displaying lots of her legs. It was her cowl top. It was having quite a time in holding her large breasts inside the top. B… Read more

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It began when I married my wife. We were both 25 at the time and we loved each other dearly. My name is John, I was slim and had brown hair and pale white skin. My wife is called Jessica, she was white, slim and had blonde hair. People often asked how I managed to pull such a gorgeous girl and I would just say something like "What can I say, I'm a good looking guy!" in a joking tone. I wasn't an ugly guy but maybe Jess was so hot that she seemed way out of my league. The real reason was that we were in love. Jess was from a very traditional religious family and she still held their traditions… Read more

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It was a long journey to your hometown in China. I thought the advert “European English-speaking male wanted for five Chinese girls” was an English teacher job. When I arrive at the address texted to me, Wei Wei opens the door and says “You answered our advert. Thank you for coming to the orgy” I look shocked, is this a mistake. But Wei Wei takes my hand and leads me in to a room with four other girls. “Am I teaching English to all of you?”, I say. “Its not English teaching we had in mind”. Wei Wei lifts up her skirt in front of her friends and I see her pussy mound beneath her lacy panti… Read more

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Ana cheats on me with a black stud

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I was suspecting my sweet Ana was cheating on me with a married black guy from her own office. On Tuesday I had heard a strange call from my wife and then I was sure that night she would fuck him, thinking I would go to play poker with my buddies. After dinner I told Anita I would be back late. I then went outside the front door; but soon came back and entered our house through the garage. I hid into my studio, knowing Ana would not go there. One hour later the doorbell sounded and Anita went to open. I stood quiet in my studio, giving them some time; but soon I got curious and decided to… Read more

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My sexy wife wants another cock

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That week Ana told me she was horny and she wanted another dick to get her sexually satisfied. My nine inches’ dick always felt good buried deep into her horny wet cunt; but she insisted that she needed still even something more. Ana wanted more; she wanted a huge black cock to keep her calm and satisfied… So one afternoon she invited her coworker Tom to come over for some sex. The guy was black and very well endowed, as Ana explained to me. She greeted Tom at the door wearing only a bikini bottom. I heard Ana telling his friend that she had been over a week with no cock and she was extremel… Read more

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A black plumber fixes my leaks

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I stretched out alone at my bed that warm morning, My beloved hubby had left for the airport very early and he would not come back in a full week. Now my favorite ten inch dildo plunged up my tight cunt. My slick pussy lips gripped this nice black piece as it pumped in and out of my wet warm hole. I had one hand driving the thick rubber dildo up my drooling cunt, while my other hand was savagely rubbing my throbbing clit. I was almost there. I needed this cum really bad. I ached for cock, I dreamed of cock and I needed cock so badly since my loving Victor had not fucked me properly during… Read more

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Lana Gets Blacken

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Lana walked to her back yard and sat in her lounge chair, she wore a bikini and was determined to get a nice suntan, and it was a beautiful summer day. The brown haired twenty-year-old girl squinted her blue eyes at the bright sun but did not want to wear sunglasses and ruin her tan. The 5'1" thin girl thought how much she liked her new home but wished that they had a swimming pool. Lana had been married a year and a half and moved from their apartment last month to this new house. With the amount of overtime her husband worked at the office, they could have a pool installed soon, she thought.… Read more

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The Watcher!

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My wife jane and I have been together for 30 years and we have had 3 k**s had a great life and now the k**s have moved out and got their own life's Jane said we need something new in ours but what? we have travelled we have done tennis other sports but she wasn't satisfied with that she needed something exciting! I suggested we try sky diving and other things like that, so we did that and she still wasn't fulfilled she said something was missing. one night I was downstairs I was on my computer and she was in bed and it had been ages since I had had a wank and I thought why not, I could hear n… Read more

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Walk in the park

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It was late in the Florida summer afternoon and Jalisa and Jay were walking on the footpath of the Desoto memorial park. Tomorrow was their wedding day and tonight was the bachelor party. It had been a quick engagement after only 6 months of dating and most of that living in separate states but it was a case of love at first sight. It was a very open and trusting relationship where they shared thoughts and feelings easily between each other so they decided to combine the bachelor and bachelorette parties into one and have them together. They decided to spend the hour before they met friends fo… Read more

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Sins of the Mother

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“Mario Petrovich Panchenko. Culinary arts,” the doctoral robe clad woman said. A few cheers from the audience erupted. The five-foot-eleven, 150-pound man blushed as he walked across the stage. His light-beige complexion had a warm, golden undertone. Underneath his graduation cap sat neat cornrow braids of extremely dark auburn hair. In the crowd, his companion captured video on her smartphone.. “Look at him,” smiled a woman with bronze skin and frosted hair pulled back in a bun. “Isn’t he gorgeous, Granny,” beamed the amateur videographer. “Yes he is, Margaux! You should be proud of him!… Read more

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Big Fat Indian-American Wedding

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“Oh hell yeah,” screamed the effeminate bottom. “Yeah, baby! Take this big dick!” Oh yes! Give it to me, Big Dick Vik!” “You like how I plow this boipussy?” “Yes, sir! Fuck me,” begged the petite, doe-eyed crossdresser. “This sissy ass is so good!” “Fuck me like the little faggot I am!” “Oh yeah, fag,” the wheatish-brown complexioned man. Vik flipped the slutty fuck doll onto his back. He dove back inside the open rectum. He thrusted furiously. His hairy balls slapped the cute small bubble booty cheeks. “It feels so good,” whined the deep brown-skinned tart with the cool rose undertone.. “Y… Read more

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Ana wants to be a BBC slut

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The name was Dumas, the big black guy my wife Anita worked with. She said the huge nigger was a real man, a dominant man who got the wanted. And now the bastard wanted to have my sexy wife. Anita admitted he had not fucked her yet; but she had been on her knees in front of his thick ten inches’ black cock and she had sucked it deep in her soft mouth. She had swallowed all his cum to please him… But now Ana wanted to feel this tremendous hard black cock up her horny cunt and she told me she would make some arrangements. She picked up the phone and dialed the number of her nigger office’s mate… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 45

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Out of Afrika A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi ******​ Our story thus far: Hawksville with the assistance and influence of its major employer, Rhino Industries, has become a truly interracial community where complete harmony between Black and White and every colour in between exists. Interaction between the races is encouraged and because there is no stigma or shame attached to having a mixed race c***d inevitably there have been many offspring as a result. However, there are 'rules' and there are disappointments that have to… Read more

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