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Greedy Cheating Wife Gets Frozen Out Part One


There isn't much sex in this, so if that's what you're looking for, it might be best to move on. It's an account of betrayal and ultimately of revenge.  All this really happened. The names were changed to shield the guilty.   Here in Canada, our divorce laws are a little different. They vary very little from province to province since they are all governed by The Divorce Act (1985). There are three grounds. The first is separation of a year - this is an uncontested action. Both parties establish separate residences for that period and joint assets are split 50/50. The second i… Read more

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Confessions to a Nun 2


https://xhamster.com/users/sistermegan Confessions to a Nun Johnmdh Well sister, I hang around the local convent until the senior girls (18+) turn out. They are all gagging for sexual experience; I approach the dirtiest looking one and entice her into a nearby drinking den of iniquity. Then we head into the garden and dive into the nearest bushes. She is desperate to keep her hymen intact, so I start to rub my cock head on her swollen clitoris and chew her erect nipples. She lays belly down on the ground and rubs her… Read more

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In the Strip Club

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One Night Tiffany and I were home alone and we were watching TV. Then Tiffany moves her hand over to my leg and started rubbing it up and down and then moves it closer to my crotch as my Cock started to swell. I asked, "Do you have something in mind?" She said , Yes." I asked if it was Bad? She answered, "Very" I asked, "what about?" She said she wanted to lick some pussy." I was totally enthralled and curious as to where she was going to find some. She mentioned about a strip club that has girl dancers and maybe she could try their. So off in the car we went. When we arrived at the club, we… Read more

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Borrowed my wife for a boys weekend

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My wife Jordan and I were both into swingers parties, gangbangs, dogging and anything else sex related. During these parties, we meet a lot of different guys from different backgrounds and ages. One of these guys had his own business and a lot of money as he was successful. He had come to many of our gangbangs and we got to know him very well. Lets call him Brian. Now Brian was a huge fan of motor racing and would travel the world, work permitting, to see these races. After a recent gangbang he asked me if Jordan was into car racing. I said not so much. He then asked me if I trusted him enou… Read more

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Mind, Body, Soul, Freak.

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-sighs- I can't help that I'm a sexual person, I love to kiss, make out, wrestle a little bit and get a little touchy feely, ya know? I can tell when the mood isn't right, especially when I'm being forced to get in the mood and I'm not stimulated. You tell me that you're too much of a woman for me, truth is, I'm too sexual for you. I've been in some relationships (FWB) where it was just, you could call most like a porno but it was arousing and.........I am an exhibitionist, to an extent, but I love to get my cock sucked, it's a must for me, just like I'm gonna eat that pussy for you. I love… Read more

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Mobile glory hole

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A regular Jordan fucker, Taylor, a carpenter friend of ours, modified one of his ex-work vans to be a mobile glory hole. So far the only slut that's used the slut truck has been Jordan. Then again Taylor does come around Jordan's work with the van and he and his his apprentice to fuck her during the week. Some weekends Taylor has to stay home with his wife so Jordan and I take out the slut truck. Taking Taylor's lead, I've gone to weekend work-sites or sites where there's night works and Jordan will either have a head job session or an all holes session depending on how hard shes been pounded… Read more

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Sexting Meghna Aunty

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

This is a series of text messages, between my Aunt Meghna and myself, Arnav. Happy Reading! Meghna: Arnav, was that on purpose? Arnav: Hello Meghna Aunty. What was on purpose? I did not get that. Meghna: Stop messing around now. Did you do that purposefully, or was it seriously a mistake? Arnav: Do what Meghna Aunty? Meghna: Ok, now do not make me angry. Did you just grab my ass at the wedding? I am pretty sure I felt your firm grip on my body. Arnav: What nonsense! I would never do such a thing. Maybe I touched you by mistake. It was so crowded in there. You know that. Meghna:… Read more

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From slut wife to hooker

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My wife Jordan and I have been into the swinging gangbang scene for a number of years. We would both go out on our own and fuck other people as well as attending swinger parties and organised gangbangs. Obviously Jordan fucked way more people than me. She had a few tricks to show guys she was a slut, besides dressing like one. At bars she would bend over wearing nothing under her dress. When opening her purse it was full of condoms and a dildo. Sitting on bar stools she would swing around with her legs open and show everyone her waxed pussy (her favorite). When we went out together she wo… Read more

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War Of The Masks Chapter 1

MatureHardcoreGroup Sex

It was a stormy night. Outside of Venice, in a remote forest, there was a big and luxurious mansion. A limousine arrived outside it's gates at great speed as if the devil himself was after it. Two strange figures, one male, one female emerged from the car without closing the doors or pay attention to the corpse of the chauffer which collapsed on the ground. Inside the house, two twin little boys were sleeping safe and sound under their warm and expensive blankets when... ???: Jason, Lambros, WAKE UP! The horrified boys saw the mysterious couple dressed in black and wearing Venetian masks and c… Read more

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Our Unspoken Desire – Part 1

HardcoreInterracial SexHumor

Where is the damn AC Remote?” I muttered under my breath. It was a ‘summer afternoon’, two of the most beautiful words in the English language. And probably most harmonious sound for an English ear. But not for an Indian ear. It was a coastal place in Odisha. The weather was a pain in the ass. We studied coastal climates,… Read more

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Mother: My Life changer – Part 1


I am going to write down a life-changing story of mine. I came to know that my real sex satisfaction can be achieved only through one person, that’s my mother. My name is Raja Ranjith. I am working in the IT sector. I am always horny. I have a 5.5″ inch tool, which became bigger and better after having sex with my mother. My family consists of 3 people. My father passed away during the f… Read more

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Mother: My Life changer – Part 2

HardcoreTabooInterracial Sex

I am going to write down a life-changing story of mine. I came to know that my real sex satisfaction can be achieved only through one person that’s my mother. Thank you for reading the part-1 and reviewing it. Here comes the hot night show. After cleaning t… Read more

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First Time With Neighbor Lady


I’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I have a 6.5 inches dick. I never really measured it but my girlfriend told me its bigger than 6 inches. I am a skinny type guy but I have really great stamina (you will know in my future stories). Now without wasting any time let’s come to the story. There was a sexy lady in my society. Her name was Aaniya. Let m… Read more

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Passionate Sex With A Married Woman


Today I would like to share an awesome experience which happened a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Stark (name changed) from Surat. I’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I’m 21 years old with 6.5 inches. Now without wasting any time let’s come to the sto… Read more

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Park Fuck Doll

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This story is loosely based on actual events. He held me by the arms from behind so tightly it left bruises; I was bent forward, standing on my tippy toes, trying vainly to escape his brutal 4ttack, ramming his sizable cock deep into my rectum, enjoying my screams of pain, the tears streaming down my cheeks leaving black streaks of mascara, adding to my humiliation. His buddy in front of me squeezing and pulling on my puffy nipples so hard I almost passed out. I was so glad that I'd been sleeping every night for years with large objects up my ass to stay loose and ready. "Hey look," he l… Read more

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OTK Ch. 02


Last night I spanked my mother, and then sent her to bed. I'd stayed downstairs, and wanked till I came, all the while reliving that spanking of her chubby bum, with the tight-stretched panties. Today I had decided that this time I'd see if her spanking had made her more submissive - more agreeable to my demands. She arrived home a little late, and was surprised to see me already there. I guessed she was hoping I'd be late, or out for the evening. I started as I intended to go on. "Mother, come in here, please." Somewhat hesitantly she came into the front room. "What....what's up, Don?" an… Read more

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I got home feeling really horny - it had been a hard day, and my secretary must have had a row with her boyfriend for all the use she'd been. My first thought was to go upstairs and wank, but then I heard a noise from the back bedroom, and she came downstairs, smiling cheekily. "Hi, Don, you're home early. What's up?" Without waiting for an answer she passed me and headed into the dining room. I flipped my hand at her backside, but only just made contact; she laughed, tweaked up her skirt to give me a glimpse of her panties and stepped down into the kitchen. That glimpse, that tiny sight of… Read more

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Best kept secret

HardcoreInterracial Sex

by Williacj I was at best buy in greenfield finishing up organizing the stock room around 10 pm and taiesha munoz came behind the desk"what's up tai I thought you were off today" i said to her. she walked up to me."I'm off, i just came to get my paycheck"she replied.I looked over at her she was wearing a puerto rican flag colored tank top blue jeans and flip flops her finger and toenails painted maroon."bonita boriqua,from your pretty eyes down to your pretty little toes" i told her"she smiled."you checkin me out huh?" she asked. How can a man not see a latina like her and not get a hard o… Read more

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My new redhead gym intructor


That summer my beloved Ana insisted I should try going to the gym, to get a little bit fit. I finally accepted her orders and went to the same gym she used to work out. Due to my own schedule, I found my instructor would be a wonderful redhead babe. She was really very hot. Slim, tall, a perfect toned body with a pair of long legs to die for. My first class there was fine. My hot trainer Sheila made me do some workout at the machines and when I finished, she said I could have a warm shower and she would wait for me… I was under the shower, when Sheila came inside and joined me. I was astoni… Read more

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Good neighbors are hard to cum by.

Gay MaleHardcoreFirst Time

I fumbled around at my mailbox in the hallway of our apartment complex. Trying to get a stuck letter out of my mailbox. The door to the hallway opened up and I heard a pair of heavy biker boots approach. The footsteps echoed menacingly in the hallway. I stood bent over at my mailbox. My ass sticking out toward the guy that walked into the hallway. He planted a boot on either side of my legs and gave me a vicious slap on my ass. "Look at that! ... I did not know this apartment building came with these amenities ... Bent over… Read more

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