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Mommy's good boy

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Frank knew she was going to bring me with her He had spotted me at her job waiting outside a couple of time and once home coudnt stop from jerking his bbc thinking of my little white boy frame how great would it be to fit his bbc in both my young pink holes Frank cant stop it, he love to meet with cute boy and watch em submit to himself since the first time he ear a btm moan under his fucking he needed more cute ass to own he was so horny, wondering about the last boy he met on his last trip how easy he made him drunk taking him to his room , away from his travel friends and teach him… Read more

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BDSMFetishGay Male

BDSM CHECKLIST Please note that this checklist is not intended to replace Negotiations; rather enhance it by allowing both parties to give/gain some basic information prior to further discussion. General Information - I am a submissive, slave or bottom My Experience level is: -A little bit Average My Sexual orientation is:: - Bi-sexual I prefer a relationship to be: - Does not matter on the interest column : "Limit" denotes a hard limit (lowest). "Maybe"- you would only do it for the Dom/me/Top. "Curious"- you would like to explore it further. "OK" - an interest or lik… Read more

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BDSMFetishGay Male

BDSM CHECKLIST Please note that this checklist is not intended to replace Negotiations; rather enhance it by allowing both parties to give/gain some basic information prior to further discussion. General Information - I am a submissive, slave or bottom My Experience level is: -A little bit Average My Sexual orientation is:: - Bi-sexual I prefer a relationship to be: - Does not matter Click only one box per activity/column as multiple boxes can be checked causing the results to be confusing to the O/one who receives them. If Y/you accidentally click more then one simply click again on the… Read more

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Turning of sexy twink with guy from Grindr

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Let me first start off with I am 19 years old and a sexy twink with a nice ass and very skinny I am 112 pounds many guys find me very sexy this is how I met my freind from Grindr I was on there for many days till one day I said fuck it might aswell use my body when I'm young so I decided to go down and meet him I went to his house and on the way there I was hard all the time thinking about him fucking me the guy was 23 and 230 pounds when I pulled up I messaged him where I should go he told me just walk in and have a seat when I walked in he came over and said follow me then leaded me to his b… Read more

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A Walk in The Park

TabooGay Male

One of my favourite pastimes is walking in the local park in the summer, it’s big and spacious and you will find lots of dog walkers and joggers, both interesting in their own way. There is a huge wooded area with a few selected secluded clearings where fun can be had if you find the right one off the beaten track. On the edge of the woods is a tea bar where you can always get a nice cup of tea or a cold drink and always a friendly chat from Doris who runs the place, unless she has popped to the toilet block which is a bit hidden behind it. Now this toilet block is old, no urinal but two stal… Read more

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My Bi Sexual Experience - Part 4

TabooGay MaleFirst Time

“Oh my God, John!”, Mike moaned as I wrapped my lips around his hard, throbbing cock. I felt my body and mind go numb as I gently sucked on the head of Mike’ erect penis. I had my hand wrapped around his shaft as I licked the head of his cock. Mike’s body arched backwards and I ran my hands up and down his hot chest. I slowly moved my mouth down his shaft and started slowly sucking my best friends cock. I looked up into Mike's eyes as I was sucking him. Mike was moaning with excitement and it made me feel like such a dirty, cock sucking whore. The thought of getting caught while I gave Mike… Read more

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Young mans 2nd time!!!

Gay MaleFirst TimeAnal

The first time I was in a 69 sucking cum out of a buddies cock while we were both being Butt Fucked by two other studs--Loved it and wanted more man sex. Two weeks after my first pleasure of Man Sex. my Aunt, Uncle and 18 year old cousin came for a visit. This happened about once a year and he always slept with me. I noted that he had been working out was really well built and of course I checked out his package in his levies--got to tell U it was a very impressive bulge!! When we finally went to bed, I asked him if he liked dirty movies, had a TV in my room and hidden were several tapes, m… Read more

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18 year old joins the preasthood

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Me I am 5'10'',165 pounds and am very well built from working on the farm, my cock is 7.5 inches cut with a bigger mushroom cock head and a larger base, have learned that guys think I have a fine ass--have light brown curly hair, non on my butt just little curls around those 2 wrinkled ass-lips on each side of my small ass-hole crack. Love jacking off and playing with my butt hole & yes had thought of getting it on with a buddy but was a real virgin. The 1st thing was a physical the Doctor had me strip down for a shower and he seemed to take quite a time fondling and playing with my cock… Read more

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chapter 5 my beginnings

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so it was, for a long while every weekend at about 4 pm my friend. this far into my origin. guess I can tell you his name Vincent, I always called him Vin. for short. my parents came to trust him with me going to the cabin, me then 9, Vin 18 ! my parents weren't as wealthy as his, I mean they both worked we had a nice home food mom a great cook we had a lot.. but going on vacations were out. still thinking Vin was my mentor . in away he really was, he'd come, over helping me with my school work and much more. as I said had to be discrete & quiet when in my room.. I blew him each time.. now… Read more

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looser wear panty p2

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Mike had fuck me 4 times last night i was made to sat i was cindy his new white bimbo jumping on his cock smoking weed moaning i liked being fuck the cam rolling making sure i coudnt back from this i never knew mike this way until last night making me wear a pull up panty diaper my hole dripping cum a leash and collar on me, tied to his belly , sleeping his cock in my mouth , rubbing on my head until we both fell asleep i woke up his cock hard , and coudnt resist sucking him under the d****s , tied on his bbc like a sleeve, throat open to take him all ''ohhh cindy, good morning girl''… Read more

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I become a crossdressers lover

Gay MaleAnal

Rick came into the apartment looking sexier than any woman I had ever seen. His long slim legs encased in silk stockings. He walked better in heels than my wife Caroline. My cock was hard just looking at him He kissed me his tongue sliding in my mouth. I returned the kiss. My hands running down his back to his tight arse. I wanted him so badly. As we kissed the phone rang. It was Caroline and I knew I had to take the call we spoke at the same time every Sunday when I was working away. These rituals pervade married life. I answered and sat on the sofa. My cock still hard. I chatted to Carolin… Read more

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A New Taste Part 28 (Gabriel Dunks His Balls)

Gay Male

Gabriel sent me a message after a few days. He was brimming with the complex thrill of it all. He confessed that his religious guilt was in some sense entwined with his excitement. Everyone around him would be shocked that he had been intimate with a man. They would be disgusted with him and would ostracise him from the church. The truth was that being penetrated by a mans erect cock was like a spiritual experience for him. He felt full. Satisfied. He acknowledged he was cheating but but somehow felt safe with me. Being fellated had awakened him and transported him to a world of pure pleasure… Read more

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Instant Need

Gay MaleMasturbation

Instant Need By: Londebaaz Chohan Well past the midnight of a very pleasant weather day of mid-April. Although; ‘April showers, May flowers’ is a very commonly known saying but it has not rained this April and luckily there have been no dark, dirty and dingy dreary days so far. The days have started to be longer but this day had been particularly long and desolate. The best time was that I spent on the dance floor of the bar; being drunk and dancing like crazy. I do not exactly remember, how I got home but here I am, in my bedroom standing in front of the mirror and looking search… Read more

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sissy caught

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My new next door neighbor is a ebony goddess i cant stop looking at her perfect body as she walks out her perky titties in her summer dress bouncing up and down , so sexy and firm body I was surprised when she told me she was turning 40 this weekend its seems a nice way to know her better, i invited her for dinner, i went out to buy wine and food she rang my door after work time, she look freshy out of shower in a beautifull white sexy dress we talk and i cook dinner for her, she was very nice telling me she liked a man who cook well smilling at me with her sexy tities moving left rig… Read more

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First time at a gloryhole - a completely true stor

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Last night I went into a local porn shop to pick up a cock ring and a ball stretcher. I’ve had this fetish about how I love low hanging balls on men and decided I’d like to try to stretch mine. The clerk was a very nice middle-aged woman who took me around the store to find those items and she described everything as we walked around. We went to the back of the store and could see an area with video booths and I could hear lots of moaning from one of the movies. I had heard of some store booths that have gloryholes but didn’t know if this store had any. The kind lady told me to go take a loo… Read more

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Rest Stop Fucked Gay

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

Late for a promised luncheon with my mother, I had slipped on my sweats without showering after an excruciating 40-minute work out at the cross-town gym. My muscles tingled, especially my hard thighs, firm glutes, and taut biceps. Zipping down I-95 toward "The Proud Peacock" the trendy 'English pub' my mom so loved, I was suddenly reminded I had also forgotten to piss before leaving the gym. I believe in hydration, so I was carrying about two quarts of distilled water in my distended bladder. As the miles ticked by, my need became ever more urgent. The strain of holding back my piss was making… Read more

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Happy Father's Day, Daddies!

TabooFirst TimeGay Male

I am not a father but I have been a daddy once or twice. Ok, three or four times but who's counting? In honor of my father, here's a little fantasy that's been brewing in my twisted psyche for a very long time. I haven't seen my dad in 30 years. He still alive as he hasn't been in the Obituaries yet. Just in the off chance, Daddy, this could have been us. I call this "story"... "DADDY! HELP!" Ben was awoken by his son Seth's screams at the other end of the mobile home. Naked, he stumbled out of bed and ran to Seth's bedro… Read more

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Rick's Awakening

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

Rick had left shortly after our fun as he had to meet some friends, but he said he would be back the next day. I happily gave him the code to the building. I had a drink and contemplated what had happened. I could not believe what I had done. I had never felt like having sex with a man and until I saw Rick in the sexy nylons had I wanted him, but his smooth masculine body encased in panties and nylons and made me wild. I had never wanted anyone so much in my life. Just thinking about him had made my cock rock hard. I thought about what Rick told me about when her was younger. Rick had str… Read more

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The Encounter. part 1

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

I flopped down backwards on the bed. This is why I was here. He pushed a pillow under the small of my back so I presented to him. He grasped my hips and pulled me down nearer the end of the bed so that our union would be easier. He then pushed my knees wider apart. He reached over for the tube of lube and squeezed some on his right hand. He dropped the tube and, his left hand running slowly up and down the length of his cock, place his right hand in my crack. I felt his finger find me. My hole twitched in anticipation and maybe a little fear. A quick silky probe of a digit and I felt th… Read more

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Sneak Previews

Gay MaleFirst TimeAnal

Unlike most people, I don’t have fantasies about having sex in a plane during a cross-country flight, I have never imagined doing the deed at a ballpark in an empty section during a baseball game and I never tried to get it on during a movie. I had some friends who once had sex at the theater. He said he fingered her in the back row during a movie that was half full. For me having sex in a theater is crazy and too risky but before last week you would have never convinced me that I would have the most incredible sexual experience in a darkened movie theater or who I would do it with. Its neve… Read more

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