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April 18, 1996 I met Thom at a club in the city. One of those real fancy places with all kinds of silly martinis and such. What did I care about that? I was a gin and tonic man. Always had been. Always will be. Thom was wearing a beautiful grey suit but had on a maroon turtleneck sweater. His physique was great, but you couldn't see it through that silly thing. In any event, I wanted to get him out of it as soon as possible. It took a few more drinks than usual, but he loosened up. Something was on his mind but he wouldn't tell me what it was. Back at my place we sat on the couch and talked b… Read more

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Post # 3 This time it happened yesterday...

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So after writing my second post yesterday I really had fun doing it and was pretty worked up thinking about old times and I had to continue to try and find a cock to suck after many months of doing nothing and just recently beginning to explore options. No glory holes though, I wanted something different and challenging that I had to find and work for. The hunt was just as much fun. I've spent the past month looking, driving for a half hour after work, with my zipper down, underwear pulled over and the head of my cock pointing straight up enjoying my fingers rubbing it the whole time, on highw… Read more

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Our Yard Boy

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The drive back from Imperial Beach was a long boring trip and I was getting exhausted from the monotony of the road. I enjoyed these business trips a lot more in the past when I could check out the roadside rest stops for a quick blowjob. Since San Diego County had closed all their roadside johns there was little reason to cruse its rest stops anymore. Even now just thinking about a good blowjob is making me horny as hell. Massaging my nuts gave me a little relief but I just had to get my nuts off. At the crest of the hill I began reducing speed to check out an interesting looking abandoned re… Read more

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3 Stop's & Start's for 7 sessions (C

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In 2002 and 2003 when I was 23-24 years old, I decided to do a series of interesting masturbation challenges and I made detailed notes of the results. Here are the notes from one of those challenges: Challenge #3 - 3 Stop's & Start's per session for 7 sessions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DATES: September 19, 2002 - October 7, 2002 LENGTH: 18 Days, 13 Hours, 19 Minutes Challenge: To use the "Stop and go" method (Bring myself close to ejaculation, then stop stimulating for a bit, then start again) three tim… Read more

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BBC Through A Glory Hole

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This is a true story. I was 19, in college, and horny as fuck. I had a car so one afternoon I drove 20 miles to the nearest city, searching for an adult video shop so I could watch some porn and jerk off my 8 inch dick until it was ready to shoot out a load of jizz. I found one and as soon as I walked in, I was the center of attention. A very cute 19 year old surrounded by at least 15 unattractive older white men, most of them at least 50 years old. I walked to the back where the peep show booths were, loaded with quarters, and I checked out each booth. It was 1981, before the age of video,… Read more

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Grass Cutter Part 2

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After my first gay experience with the 25 year old Scott, a customer of mine who I cut grass for, I was beginning to think I was totally gay. Scott and I would have sex before and after I cut the grass; and this happened every Friday afternoon. I was losing interest in having sex with my wife, and when we did have sex I always thought of Scott. And top it off, Scott's older roommate Johnathan, I believe, was getting suspicious of Scott and I. One Friday afternoon Johnathan came home early. I had just finished fucking Scott and we both had just gotten dressed when Johnathan came in asking me ve… Read more

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Good neighbors are hard to cum by.

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I fumbled around at my mailbox in the hallway of our apartment complex. Trying to get a stuck letter out of my mailbox. The door to the hallway opened up and I heard a pair of heavy biker boots approach. The footsteps echoed menacingly in the hallway. I stood bent over at my mailbox. My ass sticking out toward the guy that walked into the hallway. He planted a boot on either side of my legs and gave me a vicious slap on my ass. "Look at that! ... I did not know this apartment building came with these amenities ... Bent over… Read more

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The twins Haitien boys

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It was going to be a nice camping trip i was so excited to try my new tent and sleep in the woods I packed all my stuff and on friday we left my parents and me 3hrs away from home Wr got there just before dawn and i set up my tent on my camp ground momy and dad in the little chalet they rented not far maybe 500 feet from my campground we ate diner and i was out riding my bike in the camping trails they were 2 identical black twin guys fishing down the river I stop curious if they caught anything maybe 3 yrs older than me ''hi is the fish biting?'' ''hey, no we just got here wanna fish w… Read more

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Story Number Two, my journey in search of dick

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after my first touch of cock as detailed in my first story titled "any others" I had a few months of not being sure of myself, I had a girlfriend, was the typical jock, and enjoyed being the center of women's attention, as I still do lol. but when alone, or in the middle of fucking some girl I would fantasize about that one hard cock touch and it would put me over the edge every time. So I started to search for more local adult video stores and going to them to look to see if they had arcades and there were several but some pretty shady looking which I didn't go into. In looking for the holes… Read more

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Homophobe schooled

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When I was a young man I had a thing about teasing gays, I'd laugh at them, tease them about having cum on the heels of their shoes, shit like that. Just being mean telling them I was an "exit only" kind of guy. I was mercyless and I paid a big price for a few years later. I was in another town only a few hundred miles from my home town just checking it out after landing a new job there. I went into sports bar there to have a couple drinks. This guy came up to me and asked " are you Spike?" I said "yes" and he proceded to tell me his name and where he went to school. Turns out he was one of… Read more

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I Simply Love To Fuck

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I Simply Love To Fuck By: Londebaaz Chohan Somehow, I absolutely hate labelling the human beings for their sexuality or on the basis of their sexual orientation. Reason being that I never thought, I was gay and truly loved pussy licking and fucking. I had girlfriends when my cock needed them. My very first girlfriend was such a cock hungry bitch. She just could not live without sucking me off every chance she got. As a matter of fact, all her daily 3-liter requirement of liquids was my ball’s juice given to her orally or through her pussy. She would wear me out all the times and stil… Read more

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On leave from West Germany and the US Air Force I was staying with my late parents and younger brother in eastern Washington, Sister Anna having married in 1966. I met a man named Ted Dissley who my parents rumoured as being “queer” as he,d never married and was fifty years old, but seemed nice and a keen fisherman which I love to do. We met in the local greasy spoon cafe as he came in for breakfast and lunch. He Didn,t work as he had loads of money he,d inherited, but loved to work on vintage cars which brother Austin also liked to do. My parents did not like Austin associating with him and w… Read more

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Candy's beginnings

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Candy’s beginnings. I’ve been asked a few times when and how I started dressing and what turns me on about it, so here is the story of Candy’s beginnings. I went to a boys only boarding school many years ago. I suppose I would have been 13 when the adolescent rush of hormones became so overpowering that I began to have sexual desires and, as there were only boys there, there was only one way to go. There were many boys at the school who had relationships with other pupils. One in particular who sparked the desire in me to enter into exploring a sexual relationship was a boy named Peter. He… Read more

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Being watched in the pool changing room

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This is a very recent experience that i thought I'd share. Last week I went to the local pool for a swim. It's in the town centre and it was lunchtime, so lots of office workers getting in a quick swim during their lunch break. I'm going through quite a fem phase right now, so have shaved everywhere from the neck down - totally smooth, body, arms, legs and of course everywhere in between. I wore a pretty small pair of swimming trunks - tight black speedos that are quite low rise and cut high. Nothing too outrageous but not for anyone modest! The pool has communal changing rooms and showers… Read more

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Camping trip

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Back when I was in Jr high it was a couple of days before Easter break. My friend David said he and his dad were going camping and wanted to know if I could go. When I got home I asked if I could. Mother said as long as it was OK with his parents. The next day I told David I could go. Great he said. We made plans when to meet up and what to take. Thursday after school I packed my bag and waited for him and his dad. A knock at the door and off we went. It took a couple of hours to get to the camp site. Rick, David's dad had a large tent, and David and I shared a smaller one. After pitching t… Read more

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My Last Night In Scotland

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It was a cold blustery evening in remote Inverness, the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. It was my last night here before moving on and I’d just finished eating dinner at a local pub. I figured that as this would be my last night in Scotland, I wanted something to remember it by, and what better way than with a traditional Scottish kilt? I certainly didn’t have trouble finding a shop. Basically, every second shop along the main street sold every manner of Scottish souvenirs and clothing. I chose one of the larger shops I knew to be just around the corner from where I was staying. A… Read more

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Me, Joe and Jason

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The three of us sat there for a short while drinking the drinks I had brought in from the kitchen. Joe sat on one side of Jason while I sat on his other side. After a few minutes I reached over and caressed Jason's cock, "Have you been enjoying yourself?" I asked him. Looking over at me, "Yes' was all he answered "Have you liked what you have done and we did to you?" I now asked. Thinking just for a second, "It's been great" he replied. Smiling and looking over at Joe, "Well, let's see if we can add a little bit more to your fun" I said. I now took hold of his cock which had started to r… Read more

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I met my friend on Hamster, but never imagined we,d actually meet up. It was after exchanging sexynyexts and pictures of our erect cocks that my friend decided to,surprise me. He knew I lived near Manchester, but passed me his email to get my address and telephone number. When he called one afternoon to tell me a story for my wife to cover me as she,s not aware that I do more than just watch videos and dirty pics on I decided to tell her it was a friend I,d made on one of the social media sites who like me was a keen fly fisherman and was here for a few days on business and wanted… Read more

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College Gay Experience

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This story is another that I submitted a couple years ago. In 1983, my roommate during my junior year in college was gay. Ronnie had come out to me and a few of our friends at the beginning of the year. At first, it was a bit awkward, partially because I was afraid what people would think about me. Although I had one day of torrid gay sex while in high school, I was straight. Girls turned me on. I loved watching them on campus. Guys did nothing for me. Ronny would tell me how I’d be shocked if I knew who was gay. He claimed a number of guys that I knew were still closeted. I guessed correctly… Read more

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My education lll

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Jerry woke me up and said to get your brother up and get dressed. Did I do something wrong, I asked. Worried I did something wrong. Rubbing my stomach he said, no your mom called. She's home and wants to back home. I didn't want the weekend to end, Kevin jumped up and dressed quickly. It was a couple of weeks before Jerry came by. I asked him if I could stay with him by my self. Smiling he said, I'll see. We sat down for dinner. Jerry said, I noticed you were looking at that ship model at the store. I was able to get it for a good price. It took me a minute to realize what he was saying. I… Read more

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