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I was at a Friday night party by myself. My girlfriend Jessica was at her apartment studying. She had a finals test coming up and she wanted to spend the whole weekend preparing. I felt lonely just standing there by myself. I looked over at the front door just then and my ex-girlfriend Emily walked in. I left Emily for Jessica a few months ago. It was basically a sex only relationship between Emily and myself and I wanted something more. As soon as Emily saw me, she made a beeline right towards me. "Where is your new girlfriend, Justin?" She asked me. "Home studying," I told her. "So you… Read more

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Ex GF I said I just found Someone

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For the past 2 years me and my ex-girlfriend, Liz, have met up for casual sex. There has been no commitments but the sex has been outstanding. Because we know there isn't any chance of us getting back together it has enhanced what we have done let us go just wild on each other. Ass slapping, face fucking, tying each other up, anal sex, creampie, cum swapping...pretty much anything you could do with two people. As we laid in bed after sex one afternoon the conversation about sexual fantasies came up. It quickly shifted to bringing another partner into the bed with us. "It couldn't be anyone… Read more

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Cuckold expirience


First of all I have to apologise to all people reading this, because English is not my native language. So, sorry for missing letters, wrong spellings and shitty grammar. I hope that you will enjoy this story since it is a true story and still in development... We are married couple in our late 20s, early 30s. We are from one shitty godforsaken eastern european country and about two years ago my wife found one job in one not so shitty european country(Switzerland). So we have agreed that she would go there for work and try to make things possible for my arrival too. So she did. My wife is on… Read more

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First Time High School Senior (Part 4)

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My last real life story ended with Roy being the "boss" in his basement. His parents went to the shore and his sister was at a friends house for a sleep over. Roy took control of the situation and received a sloppy wet deep throat blowjob, made me get on all fours as he gaped my asshole and fingered it. He finished by standing up next to his bookshelf and cumming on my used up face. He was the boss, he was in control, and he had planned out this whole night in detail. After finishing in my face and me thanking him for cumming on my face. I told him I needed to clean up. He had a hand cloth on… Read more

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A Very Interesting Request


I received a very interesting request one day via private message. A woman who had been reading my stories and viewing my favorites here wanted to chat. I may be old and crazy but I am not dead, so the easy answer was, “Of course I would!”. We found a mutually acceptable time. We spoke at length on many topics before she got around to her true desire for conversation. She said she lived very close to me. She was very much interested in talking in person. It was important for her if I would be interested in taking a dominate role in a discrete relationship. I told her I would be more than happ… Read more

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Finding my way 02: My college year

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Chapter two During the holidays, I miss Mary-Jo. I loved our strange relationship. After the holiday I go to College to study ‘Computer and Information Science’. I continue to wear my Goth clothes; it scars most other students away. I can do as I want as other students leave me alone. My experiences with Mary-Jo have an impact. I can walk by single or a few black or white men or even large groups of white men do not bother me. But when I walk by a group of ten or more Niggers, my cunt gets wet, very wet. I hasten my pass and go home to make my homework. As I concentrate on my homework, the f… Read more

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How I find my luck in Orient_4

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Prepare me for the Night We leave the car and the guys guide me to a door, backside the building. We came into a Tiled premises and I realized that we were in the actual slaughterhouse. In the middle was a large stainless steel table, a drain at the bottom on the floor. Wallside were hanging a few Waterhoses. In addition, there was a larger tub on the side. One of my two companions came to me and gestured to undress me. I thought of Pasha's words, followed and put down my kaftan. Now the two grabbed me and put me by my back on the stainless steel table. An icy chill came over me as my… Read more

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Sissy masturbation and light exhibitionism


This is the backstory of the gallery "Sissy masturbation". I would like to share the thoughts and sensations behind the pictures and videos I took. Today my brother had classes in the morning and my mom was driving dad to work. I knew I had an hour to satisfy myself. I took a shower before my family left, don't want to get my last set of underwear dirty. I then retrieved the set of underwear from my secret stash. The sports bra was tight and I struggled into them. The cotton panties were so comfortable, I wish I could wear them everyday. Once my get up was complete I could feel my heart raci… Read more

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My mother's married best friend 2 (Cuckold)


“Pathetic. Call yourself a man?” To hear her say it, the tone she used and the sneer twisting her face made it sound and look like she hated him. It was astounding. Shocking. What I saw and heard couldn’t be true. Where was the love? Where was the respect? “This is what a man looks like,” Barbara continued, her hand working my length. “See how hard it is? She how lovely and thick he is compared to you?” Her husband didn’t reply, which I found freaky because if my wife spoke to me in that way, with such con… Read more

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A rising star.

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... The three black thugs used my white bubble butt in turn. Each ramming their huge black meat deep inside. I had to use all my experience to make sure they got their money's worth. They took me hard, and my ass muscles worked overtime. Milking them dry. One after the other could not withstand my ass for long though. Filling their XXL condoms with loads of spunk ... A continuation of: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-hard-days-work-1019092 Let me tell you how it came about that I was on a call-out with the 3 b… Read more

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She just loves playacting 3


Old Tricia and young Simon were well into their sexy role playing and they started to explore their bladders and shit holes. However, before they started playacting, they both really enjoyed kissing and very heavy petting. Usually Tricia started it by playing the upset granny. Simon would be invited around and found her sobbing on the sofa and would sit next to her and putting one arm around her would comfort her. ‘There, there, Gran. Don’t upset yourself, let me kiss those tears away’ She would look up at him and reply ‘Oh Simon, you can always make me feel good let me give a nice granny k… Read more

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How I find my luck in Orient_3

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Preparings The next days Baba was very busy. Fatmah told me he organize the wedding. She told me that an official ceremony is not possible, but Baba want´s a Bayram to celebrate. He asked a friended Iman for help. The Iman told him that an official wedding ceremony would not be possible, but he could bless Baba, Mustafa and me. So neither he nor the others involved in religious conflicts. Although the Koran forbids homosexuality but it is permissible that his followers dominate the unbelievers sexually. Yes, he even speaks that he will reward them for their actions. And gay is by defin… Read more

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Masturbating in the toilet


Secondary school was a period where my precious time alone was further reduced. My brother and I are in the same school and thus our schedules are fully synchronized and we would always be at home at the same time. My mom would drive to pick up my dad from work in the evening and that would leave me with approximately an hour to masturbate but with my brother now in the way I was unable to. Going into my parent's bedroom fro an hour would invite suspicion. 1 wrong question from my brother to my parents and I'm finished. I was distraught, am I now unable to satisfy my perversions? One day whe… Read more

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My life as a prize wife (Chapter 1 and 2)


It is the confession Hello, I am Christine and I live near Trier. I am 39 years old, married and have two c***dren. I am a European woman, wearing shoulder long brown hair and my eye color is also brown. My body weight varies between 73 to 75 kg. My breasts fit in cup size 95 C and my Po is not big, not small, not fat and not flat. Body Mass: Size 165 cm, chest, waist, hips 95 cm 110 cm 108 cm Fetish: i love it when my husband gives me strange men and women. This is my story. At the age of 24 on a Thursday in July 2004, I married my current husband Peter. Since the household coffe… Read more

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TSA Flagged My Vibrator as a Weapon!


Sitting at the gate reading my book, my name was called to the podium. Since I hadn't placed my name on any waitlists, I was more than a little mystified. I placed the book back in my workbag, and walked up to the podium. "Ms Montgomery, there is a problem with your checked bag," the gate agent said. The poor girl was terrified, trying to maintain a seriousness about her. I adjusted my bag, standing a bit straighter. My mind raced. Recalling the recent lists of "not approved for checked luggage" nothing came to mind. Okay, must be some random check then, and have to get thru this. She led m… Read more

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My Path to Cock Gay

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Summer vacation after my first year at UCLA, my folks were busy travelling round the country on an extended college visiting trip with my sister. They were going to be gone four weeks and had leased the house through a rental agency to make a little money. I was pissed about it, because I'd been planning to make the house party-central for a month but, instead, I would have to stay with some family friends, George and Linda. Linda traveled quite a bit and George worked from home so we had the house to ourselves all day and night except at weekends. He was good company and fun and I was gla… Read more

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I can't get enough Cock Gay

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The first girlfriend I had after I finally got a place of my own was a cougar. It was her that picked ME up in a bar one night. She wanted a toy boy, she said. I was glad to oblige. Never mind that she was older, she was hot as hell and the glint in her eye told me she was very much into sex. She was the one who helped me realize how much I like to get fucked up the bum. I'd never given it any thought. Always considered my ass was just there and not anything to do with sex. That first night she invited herself to my apartment. I quickly realized that she could teach me a lot. We were fuckin… Read more

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My first Prostate Exam Pegged

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I was in my early thirties when I had my first prostate exam. A visit to a new doctor and she (yes, she) told me that it was something men should do regularly once they reached my age. My friends and I had joked about prostate exams, as you do, and I was expecting the worst. But here's the thing. I didn't hate it. The doctor pulled on a rubber glove, covered it in lubricant and had me bend over the examination table. There was pressure and she told me to relax. I managed to do so and felt her finger enter my anus. She moved it around and told me that everything felt normal. I had to laugh.… Read more

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A Sissy Birthday Party

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Fun and games – frills and thrills. It all became clear on the 3rd of July, just a day before her birthday. Beatrice became despondent and tearful, pushing away her boyfriend’s comforting hugs. Will was nonplussed – Beatrice had never been so depressed – and he was determined to find out why and what he could do to help. Sitting down to breakfast the next day, Will asked his sombre lover: “Tell me what’s the matter, honey. A birthday should be a day of fun not tears. Now come on, you know I love you and would do anything for you, so ‘fess up to what’s bothering you.” As she breathlessl… Read more

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Episode 117 - Justine and Molly meet Sophie

TabooFetishLesbian Sex

Introduction This story follows on from episode 112; it's now nearing the end of the long school holidays. Charlie woke up with a hot sticky raging erection - not that unusual for a young boy. But this morning his cock was actually in a girls mouth: "Molly?" he cried in delight, struggling to pull down the quilt covering her head between his legs Instead a pale blue face smiled up at him, taking his cock to the back of her synthetic throat:"good morning young man, it's Sophie - remember now - you borrowed me from school for the weekend". Sophie - the 145cm junior sexbot has a trans… Read more

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