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Sisters, an evil friend and pantyhose tf part 1


Anna, Monica and Claudia lived with their mother in a suburban home. Anna and Claudia got along better because they were of similar age.The oldest of the sisters Monica did not understand them a bit, sometimes she got nervous, they often argued, but they liked each other so much. One day, Anna brought home a boy she had been dating for some time. The other sisters were surprised that she was the first to find a boyfriend. The boy's name was Martn and he was 23 years old just like Anna. Everyone ate dinner together, mother and sisters questioned how long they knew each other and what Martin was… Read more

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BDSMFetishGay Male

BDSM CHECKLIST Please note that this checklist is not intended to replace Negotiations; rather enhance it by allowing both parties to give/gain some basic information prior to further discussion. General Information - I am a submissive, slave or bottom My Experience level is: -A little bit Average My Sexual orientation is:: - Bi-sexual I prefer a relationship to be: - Does not matter on the interest column : "Limit" denotes a hard limit (lowest). "Maybe"- you would only do it for the Dom/me/Top. "Curious"- you would like to explore it further. "OK" - an interest or lik… Read more

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BDSMFetishGay Male

BDSM CHECKLIST Please note that this checklist is not intended to replace Negotiations; rather enhance it by allowing both parties to give/gain some basic information prior to further discussion. General Information - I am a submissive, slave or bottom My Experience level is: -A little bit Average My Sexual orientation is:: - Bi-sexual I prefer a relationship to be: - Does not matter Click only one box per activity/column as multiple boxes can be checked causing the results to be confusing to the O/one who receives them. If Y/you accidentally click more then one simply click again on the… Read more

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Big Tits in Bras


Bras aren't fair. Especially modern bras. Let's face it, all tits look good in a bra. The truth happens when the bra comes off. It's a lesson we learn while young. I've been reminded of this recently, while watching women of all ages on XHAMSTER's "Live Sex" portal. I'm a boob man. I usually click on "Big Tits" or "Curvy". Dozens of women of all ages appear. I click on those that intrigue me. The ones with purple hair, or tattoos, or piercings, I ignore. I really hate skanky. So I'm looking at a woman with her top on. She might be twenty, or she might be fifty. Because she's a woman, she ca… Read more

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Joanna Wells, and her friend Cathy Calusa were walking through the shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon. They are both proud members of the Christian Disciplinary Sisterhood, which required them to be modest in their, dress, actions, and character. While they were both still in their teens, with Joanna being 17, and Cathy being 16, they were very mature for teenagers. Joanna with her hair cut in a nice very short, wavy perm, giving her the mature, strict disciplinarian look she loved so much. Wearing a nice long sleeve pink blouson, with a jewel-neck collar, and fitted waistband, bloused nice… Read more

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How we started dogging.

FetishGroup SexVoyeur

It all started one hot night in Summer; my wife Margie, and I, were fucking and sucking in the bedroom. I was feeling so horny, and I had her really worked up and she'd several times reached an orgasm. I don't know what gave me the idea, it just came into my head. "Come and we'll go outside," I said, and climbed off the bed and began to pull on my trousers. Margie took her dress from where she'd hung it over the back of a chair, but I said to her, "don't you get dressed, you're going out naked." "What!" she exclaimed, putting on a face of mock surprise, but then laughing and saying, "what sort… Read more

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Alexis The Dark Fairy Chapter 4

Lesbian SexFetishHumor

After getting into her car Alexis changed back to her normal self and began flying around inside the car. "What are you doing?" Vanessa asked. "I've never actually been inside a car before. We fairies had always relied on magic and flying. What makes it work?" Alexis was buzzing around so fast Vanessa could hardly keep up with her. Vanessa let out a soft giggle. "I'm not a mechanic so could not tell you exactly but to put it simply it runs off of gasoline, which is a flammable substance that the engine runs off of." Vanessa replied. "I have to admit, I haven't been entirely honest with you… Read more

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Revenge of the Living Pussy Chapter 2


Lizzie awoke the next morning and despite the events from the night before she was not sore. In fact, she was dressed in the pink tank top and black shorts just like the night before and everything in her room appeared to be in order. "Could it all have just been a really fucked up dream?" Lizzie asked herself. She slowly sat up in bed and pulled down both her shorts and panties to examine her rogue sex organ. "Hey, are you there?" She said while lightly poking her vagina. "Okay, Lizzie snap out of it. You just had a really vivid and fucked up dream. That's it. There are no such things as… Read more

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Aakash visits London

Interracial SexFetish

Aakash and I kept in contact via email after I got back from India, we would ask how each were doing and sometimes about what happened that night between us. We didn’t let the chat go too far as I’d come to a point where I was getting married and looking forward to the next stage of my life. Obviously I didn’t tell my partner at this point, though I felt a sense of guilt of what happened I couldn’t tell him as we were engaged and it would be disastrous. We got married 6 months after the trip in India, sometimes my mind would still wonder to what happened on that night but I was able to concent… Read more

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Bbw wife cuckold husband


We arrived at the hotel I got the overnight bag out of the car and followed my wife into the reception area. She looked amazing long dark hair with blonde highlights a gorgeous dress of white with long swirls of colour all around it and some lovely red fuck me heels. She was only 5ft1 and a size 20 to 22 with gorgeous saggy 46f breasts a sexy belly that hung over a beautiful hairy fanny and a nice round shapely arse and thick thighs and little sexy legs and feet. My cock was getting hard just watching her. We got our room key walked out of reception and followed the hallway till we got to r… Read more

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Maggie - Part 3 - The Boys Down The Road


Betty’s alarm went off at 4:30 as always. She reached over, slapped the alarm, looked over and Emmitt wasn’t in bed. She got up and headed up the hall to the bathroom. Looking up the hall, there sat Emmitt at the kitchen table. She stepped into the bathroom, peed, then walked into the kitchen. “You ok?” “Yeah, I’m fine. Just worried about what them damn Worker’s Comp people have decided. All of them white-shirt assholes don’t have a clue the pain I deal with.” Emmitt was injured in a mining accident four years ago and had just been through a disability review in Hazard. Sure, he faked a lot o… Read more

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Waitress wets herself at work


It was Super Bowl Sunday and I knew it would be a very busy day at the restaurant. I wanted to look my best so I can get the most amount of Tim's since I knew there would be a lot of guys put on a pair of bikini cut panties white cotton and high-rise and then I squeezed into the tightest pair shiny black jeggings I could find. I didn't want to wear a ridiculously high heels so I put on a nice pair of sexy Flats with a lot of straps on it then I put on my lowest cut white halter top to complete the look. I was already running late because of traffic so I didn't really have time to stop to… Read more

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Snowbound with a fun cougar - Part 2


I followed her up the stairs, admiring her shapely ass in her silk PJ bottoms. Enjoying how we had quickly settled into our roles as Dom and sub. When we approached her bedroom she gestured for me to go in first, "After you, sir." she said as she looked at the ground. I entered her bedroom and pointed to the king size bed, telling her "You're a bad girl and you need to be punished! Get on all fours so I can give you a proper spanking!" Sheila slowly walked to the bed, got up and all fours and said: "Please punish me Sir." I moved next to her and gave her ass a hard smack! "Thank you, Sir!" s… Read more

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Snowbound with a fun cougar


This is a true story that happened many years ago. I was working as a software technician and was often making service calls around the state to different offices. There was a customer that I usually serviced in Princeton, about an hour south of where I lived. The company did medical billing, there were eight employees, all women. Sheila, the woman who owned the company was in her mid to late 50's, she always wore loose clothing, but was a bigger woman. She definitely had a BBW type of body and it was obvious that she had big tits. She was probably pretty when she was younger, I assumed she… Read more

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My date with another tranny of website

FetishFirst TimeMature

This was my first meet with another tgirl from a contact site id recently joined which turned out to be one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences.i started chatting to sandra on the website who was another mature tranny which soon turned into rather naughty cam sessions when we both played until we both had wonderful cums until one day sandra suggested we take it further which was what i wanted so we agreed to meet in travel inn in bristol. Room was booked and sandra arranged to meet me and shed be arriving in sandra mode. I booked in as tracy and took some sexy stuff to change into and the… Read more

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Me and Mr Jones


Me and Mr. Jones “Hey great game guys—gotta jet” “What's up Dillon—gotta hot date”? “Ya, I think so” “No shower ? Hope she likes funk” ! “ya, me too” I grabbed my duffel bag from my locker, and quickly ran out the shower house. We had a good game that night, and I was pretty excited. Even at 10:00 at night, it's was pretty fuckin hot in East Texas—about 80. I was sweatin like a pig, and damm near smelled like one. I hopped in the GTO with Mark Mattox. Catching me right after the game he said he had a 'client' set up for me that liked young hot sweaty jocks. He said this would be an easy gig… Read more

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The First Appointment I told Gail until we knew how much she was going to handle I would book appointments for one day and the next day she would have off. She pouted and looked disappointed but I said try it first and see. The six men arrived at 8:00 am to pick Gail up for their appointment. Gail was wearing a trench coat and the men told her to take it off. Gail was naked except for her high heel shoes. The men examined her, slapping her ass and squeezing her tits. They laughingly said yeah I think the old sow will do. They hand cuffed her hands behind her back. Before they lead her out th… Read more

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Maggie - Part 2 - The Cattleman

FetishGroup SexVoyeur

Maggie sat upright in bed. Her body was soaked in sweat. Sure it was hot sleeping in their trailer’s tiny bedroom, in the heat of early June, but it was more than the heat. She lifted her old nightshirt and felt at her crotch. It was drenched in cum. She was embarrassed and shocked at her feelings over what had happened in the barn last Saturday, yet she still dreamed of it. For her to have felt so much pleasure, enjoy it so much, just wasn’t right. She had snapped out of her dream just as she was ready to scream out again, both from orgasmic ecstasy and disbelief in what she was feeling. Emmi… Read more

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Being Breastfed By Trisha Hershberger


This is Trisha Hershberger. She is very attractive, very beautiful and she has very very large breasts. I think her bra size is a 34DD. I believe her breasts actually got bigger when she got pregnant.... and yes she was breastfeeding. I have masturbated to Trisha Hershberger for years. Mostly, I jerked off to her big double D boobs. I have always imagined having an adult breastfeeding relationship with her. I have always wanted Trisha Hershberger to breastf… Read more

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Sex Party With My Female Cousin - Part 5

Group SexTabooFetish

I went back to my cousin’s house for memorial day weekend. See she and I had been having sex with each other for a couple of years now. Her sissy husband usually joins us and sometimes their friends as well. I arrived at Amy’s house Friday afternoon. Amy opened the door for me in a semi-transparent teddy. She kissed me and ran her hand over my dick through my shorts. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the passionate kiss while I ran my hands over her c-cup breasts. “God I’ve been so hot thinking about you. Lets fuck.” As Amy said this she was undoing my belt, button and zipper. My pants fell to… Read more

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