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Experiments With Exhibition – Part 2

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I was trying my experiment of exhibiting my body to a fruit seller. After spending some time there, on the road with him, he was close to me. His facing was touching my lips and he was lying on my nude body. He was awestruck at that moment. I also behaved shocked at that moment. Suddenly another idea struck my mind. He stood up and tried to explain to me that it happened accidentally. I w… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Five

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Emma intended to give Jimmy a night he would never forget! Finally Emma’s orgasms ended and she opened her eyes! “Fuck Jimmy! That’s the best cunt licking I’ve ever had! What’s next baby?” she asked. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before! You’ll love it too! Get up on your hands and knees slut!” Jimmy ordered. “Fuck you! Make me, you weakling!” Emma fired back at him. This was all part of the game. Quickly Jimmy grabbed one of Emma’s wrists and then one of her tits! “Oh God! Don’t hurt my breasts!” she s… Read more

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A hard day's work.

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... The 2 muscular hunks were on a night out. We went down to the dungeon willingly. They set to work. Taking us in whatever way they wanted. And making them feel they were in complete control of the hot and heavy sex frenzy. Screaming, grunting and moaning, our twink holes got brutally split apart. And the two porn stars did not hold back on our young twink asses. They took us as if they were shooting the nastiest porn movie to date ... A continuation of: https://xhamster.com/stories/wild-and-wilder-1018040Read more

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Open to the Public

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by williacj I've always wanted to have sex in a public bathroom it's hard to find a woman that isn't afraid to get caught getting it on in public. I was headed toward Milwaukee area technical college's west campus when I saw Dylan Dryer getting out of her car two blocks away.”Dylan,what are you doing in West Allis?” I asked walking over to her.“I decided to take a break from work, I'm in town for the Wisconsin state fair, what are you up to?” I gave her that”you don't wanna know” look.she smiled”dude it's okay we're both adults.” “I'm headed to the MATC bookstore then to the bathroom”I told h… Read more

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Codename Lumière - Chapter 01


CODENAME LUMIÈRE –THE BEGINNING Chapter 01 – Dreams Come (and Cum) True “Why don’t you take a seat, Lumière?”, asked the voice before a white armchair, whiter as the room he was, appeared from nowhere. The man still questioned if that was a dream or a sort of trick, but it wasn’t much useful to argue against somebody you want to know who he is. “First of all, I want to know who you are and why I am here” “Every answer you want will be done when time is due” “I do believe that time is now, mister”, the man argued. “Are you what? God? Satan?” “Hahaha, my dear Lumière”, the voice replied,… Read more

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Family Guy: Lois and Jerome 1

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Lois walks into the clam. Peter has just came home drunk and passed out on the couch. As peter was at the clam lois was at home getting ready. She put on her black laced thong, and regular pants and regular shirt. Lois and Jerome and had planned this night for weeks, texting eachother and sending nude pics back and forth. With alot of things in the way like the k**s and Peter it finally fell through tonight. "Lois, don't forget to lock the door behind you." Jerome said. It was 3 am and the bar had just closed. Lois was only staying with Peter for the k**s. Little did he know what she really w… Read more

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Porn Wrestling Federation —— Stephanie McMahon


* * * Porn Wrestling Federation presents... WWE Diva and WWE businesswoman Stephanie McMahon In... PWF Casting Tapings – Stephanie McMahon The video starts up with the view out into an office setting with a door being seen, a couch up beside the back wall and various pictures in frames and award certificates hung up on the side walls. The camera sat on the desk of the office, looking out as we hear a knock on the door and see a silhouette of a female form on the other side. "Come in!" The male voice said from behind the camera, belonging to the experienced porn director, star, and owner… Read more

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Jock Tales--The Beginning PT 5 Game Day


Jock Tales—The Beginning PT 5 GAME DAY It was finally here. Game day. The school was going nuts. Cheers and chants filled the hallways. Blue and silver banners were everywhere. It was nearly out of control. I guess a hundred people patted me on the back walking down the halls during the day. All the players were in their game jerseys, so it was easy to spot us. Three o'clock. School is finally out. Only 4 hours till kickoff. I was a nervous wreck. I went straight to the locker room. No time to go home. Some of the others were there as well, getting painted up. “Kelly, I want to thank you so… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Four

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Emma intended to give Jimmy a night he would never forget! They spent the rest of the day at the beach, holding hands and making googoo eyes at each other. Jimmy knew only a little about Emma’s acting career, so they made up stories about each other. It was Emma who came up with the first fantasy story about Jimmy! “I can tell that you’re a math genius and you’ve made a bundle of money handling other peoples assets (she rested one of his hands on her nearly naked ass)! You’re big in Wall Street! You keep yourself in excellent shape playing basketball at a local gym.” Emma guessed. In realit… Read more

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Beck’s Present

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Beck’s Present Tori was scared, not the kind of scared when Trina was holding a sharp object, no, this was different. She was standing with her arms and huffed above her. She tried to move her limbs but they were restrained. She tried to scream but had a ball gag on. She couldn't even see due to the blindfold. Tori was trying to keep calm but was failing. She struggled against the restrains and tried to scream but it was muffled. She then heard a familiar voice, "Aww don't do that.” It was… Jade. Jade ripped off Tori's blindfold with a really wide and creepy grin. "Now that's not a p… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Three

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All three of them needed to take a shower; alone! Jane was still in need of a cock, so she left first to go down to the beach, towel in hand. The other two looked wistful, but avoided their hormones long enough to also go to the beach. Emma was well fucked by as large a cock as she had ever seen! So down they went also. They walked spryly to the spot where they were to make the commercials. When Erick walked up to Larry, the two of them had a short discussion where he claimed to be sick to his stomach. Larry was prepared though, and he quickly came up with a replacement masseuse for the last… Read more

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birthday Party

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My boyfriend was just 25 years old. He has five c***dren with five different girls. We invite them all, in addition to some friends for his birthday. His first c***d, a son, Have just been four years, is incredibly similar to his father. Is like seeing him. His mother was not the first fucking friend, was by chance they had sex and she became pregnant. She is also bisexual and has a girlfriend. They had sex sometimes before, treehsome. They live in another city and do not see much as much, So invited them to stay overnight, something then would. I saved up in the bed where their c***dren ha… Read more

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31 Days of Summers (part 4)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer - 31 Days of Summers (part 4) 22 August Dear Diary, I'm surprised Buffy hasn't said anything about new found interests in helping Giles with his books and picnicking with Willow and Kennedy. She probably thinks they're keeping me out of mischief, which as I could be cruising the streets and giving blow-jobs through holes in the walls of restrooms is probably true. Anyway today Willow and Kennedy invited me for another picnic and on the way I updated them (without giving too many details) on my lack of anal virginity. Willow near crashed the car in s… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Two

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Emma woke up the next day in her own room, though she had no memory of how she got there. She really needed a shower! After her long shower, in which she paid special attention to her crotch and ass, she dried off and began to remember her night of sex with Andrew and Daniel! “I think they each ass fucked me last night! Part of remembering that was due to her ass being sore - bruised! She had the general sense that she had enjoyed it immensely! She put on one of her new bikinis! It was pure white and went from her high hip b… Read more

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The Powder Room Job By Adam Brody

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Story The Powder Room Job July 18 1992 I was called to a house very early one morning. A middle age woman opened the door. She showed me the way to the bathroom and told me the shower was leaking. It was a beautiful day and the morning was hot already. As I was fixing the tap she came in with a nice cold drink. She introduced herself. Her name was Christine. She was wearing a nice bathrobe. Being so early in the morning I didn't take much notice of her appearance. Because she was much older then myself I thought she wouldn't be interested in me or I in her. Talking about the weather she sa… Read more

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31 Days of Summers (part 3)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer - 31 Days of Summers (part 3) 15 August Dear Diary, I let Buffy's secret girlfriend ogle me and see that Buffy's not the only Summers with a sexy body. I had been thinking that next time I visit Andrew or Xander I shouldn't be nude already, but do a sexy strip-tease. And if I wanted it to be sexy rather than just me tearing off my clothing whilst bouncing my titties I needed to practice. Vi was out so I was able to switch on the Hi-Fi and soon was dancing along to Britney Spears, shedding my clothes as I did. I quickly got into a rhythm to 'Baby On… Read more

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So Monday Night Raw was AMAZING!!! I emptied my balls so many times. And my dreams came true with some fun time in the shower with the Hugger herself Bayley. There was so many sexy ladies of WWE there but there was plenty missing from the fun. So I had to make my way to Smackdown Live!. I didnt have any tickets but that wasnt stopping me. I got on a bus and headed to Orlando. I was so excited. I made my way to the arena as soon as I got there. Now I just had to get inside. Should be easy enough. I hung around outside with the fans, having a couple drinks as I stopped time. And when they starte… Read more

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I Thought Someone Was Hurting You

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I Thought Someone Was Hurting You Cat was walking all the way to Jade's house to work on a science project, it was 90 degrees outside on a Saturday afternoon. When Cat finally reached Jade's house, the door was unlocked. "Jade?" Cat asked walking in. "AAAAAAAH FUCK!" Cat heard Jade scream from upstairs. "JADE!" Cat screamed, she heard a couple rough slaps. "You like that slut?" said a semi-familiar voice. "Oh my god, someone's up there rayping Jade!" Cat screamed trying to find something to grab. She grabbed a steak knife and went up the stairs. Cat saw Jade's bedroom door closed,… Read more

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Love is a 5 Way Street: Chapter 1


Killer Tuna Redux 2 - Love is a 5 Way Street: Chapter 1 Freddie really didn't want to wake up, but as the dull vibrations from his phone alarm shook the nightstand next to him, he didn't have much of a choice. He only had himself to blame really, as he set it himself, so he could awaken 5 minutes before Jade's alarm went off. Slowly, he rolled to his side to see his girlfriend fast asleeep on her side, something she certainly deserved after all the action of the previous day. The Seattle-ite looked over her flawless body and fell in love all over again as his eyes moved top to botto… Read more

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31 Days of Summers (part 2)

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - 31 Days of Summers (part 2) 8 August Dear Diary, Ever since I gave Andrew that hand job I've been thinking about his cock. It's the biggest I've ever seen, okay, it's also the only one I've ever seen, but I'm sure it is big. It was a dirty comment by Faith over breakfast about sucking a sausage and then demonstrating (to Buffy's annoyance) that made me think about taking the next step from hand to mouth. Especially as Andrew was so entranced by the way Faith was sucking down her breakfast he dribbled his down his shirt. I spent the rest of the day… Read more

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