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A Night With My Maternal Aunt (Mami)


This happened to me last year when I visited my maternal house. My aunt is around 35 years of age and a typical housewife. She is married to my uncle from 10 years and they did not have any c***d. My uncle is in police and mostly stays out. He comes home only on the holidays. I went to my maternal house on Sunday. Everybody was there – my maternal grandparents, my maamu and mami. We talked at dinner about my continuation of study and many other things. On… Read more

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Mom, dad keeps touching me!

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Mom, dad keeps touching me! What happened to me over the summer started out so strange even I can't believe it. My name is Olivia. I'm in going into my junior year of highschool. I'm 5' 4” and weigh about 110 lbs. I have shorter dirty blond hair, light brown eyes, 32C tits, I do like my nice round ass and I shave my box mostly due to the girls at school laughing at my hairy box in the gym showers. Mom, we have to talk. What's wrong sweetie? Dad is perving on me! Perving? Hows that? I see him looking at me in the bathroom, the bedroom and his hands are roaming around me too freely, grabbi… Read more

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You - and me. And Master.

BDSMShemale PornAnal

We were both in the presence of a dom gentleman. You were dressed all sissy and in maid's uniform. Me dressed more 'slutty CD' with very short skirt, stockings, heels. Naturally, we were both locked in our chastity cages. Our keys were not with us. We were not getting out. First, our dom told us to 'say hello' to each other. We were a little confused. Oh. He wanted a 'show'. So we gently, cautiously started.... little butterfly kisses. Hands roaming softly. Standing so close, face-to-face, my arms were around you. You could feel my cage against your thigh. My hands on your bottom, gently squ… Read more

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Anal with Mom


Billy sat at the kitchen table feeling depressed. Another night out with friends, another night of flirting with girls that led to blue-balls instead of getting laid or making any real connections. It had been so long. He was so lonely. On top of it all he was living at home with his mom. She was definitely a "cool" mom. "She's awesome." he thought. They had a very open and honest relationship and she didn't really place any stupid restrictions on him like some parents. "And she's beautiful." In her early fifties, she was still in shape and hot, as his friends often let him know, much to his… Read more

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Tricked by Law :o

AnalHardcoreShemale Porn

This guy had been sending me messages, bugging me, sending me hot pics of himself. He was so hot, so one day I "Caved" in and agreed to hook up with him in a nearby hotel. He offered me to pay for the room and the sex, so I was a happy gurl :D He instructed me to doll up like a emo, so I did. Black makeup and lipstick, light foundation, nosering and hooops in my ears. My black superstraight hair was all shiny with a pink hairband and a pink rose. I put on a black, offshoulder top and a red bra over it, then a black leather miniskirt with a studded belt to… Read more

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cruising at sea part three

AnalFirst TimeBDSM

i woke in the early hours and needed a cuppa, while the kettle was boiling and heard a little voice say " two lumps " in mine with a little giggle, we duly had our teas, i tend to feel so much more horny in the mornings after a good nights sleep so with that in mind i knew i'd be fucking her that morning, she asked to use the shower and i said later, she knew what i was talking about and we embraced each other passionately and kissed and hugged each other, this of course got me very erect, i said go and stand in front of the dressing table mirror , why she asked ? because i told you too , " ye… Read more

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My cheating wife doesn’t know!!!

AnalFirst TimeVoyeur

It was a hot summer night and after getting home from a long day at work my wife was getting ready to go out with a group of girls and wanted me to help her get ready. Lying on the bed watching her walk around in her knickers stockings and heels wondering what dress to wear you could tell she was excited. Then she asked what she should wear so I pulled out the tightest, shortest and down right slutty looking dress she and saw her eyes light up and after a bit of discussion she gave in and decided to wear it, she tried to cover up she wanted to but it was a bit obvious. To put it simply she loo… Read more

Posted by Naughtyboy83x 1 day ago 1 2,697 86%

Young mans 2nd time!!!

Gay MaleFirst TimeAnal

The first time I was in a 69 sucking cum out of a buddies cock while we were both being Butt Fucked by two other studs--Loved it and wanted more man sex. Two weeks after my first pleasure of Man Sex. my Aunt, Uncle and 18 year old cousin came for a visit. This happened about once a year and he always slept with me. I noted that he had been working out was really well built and of course I checked out his package in his levies--got to tell U it was a very impressive bulge!! When we finally went to bed, I asked him if he liked dirty movies, had a TV in my room and hidden were several tapes, m… Read more

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The BBW at work


Normally I am not into big woman but lately I have changed my tune. Enter Chloe a plus size hottie. She is about five four or so, about 250 pounds. Short light brown hair with a streak of white through the side. She has brown eyes, a nose ring with an amber stone in it as well as about 5 holes in each ear, and big, big tits. Like nothing I have ever seen. In the office where I work she is new. So not too many people have got to know her but I look at her and I think about how sexy she is. She is hot because she dresses casual sexy. She wears lots of skirts, and tight fitting shirts and blouse… Read more

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18 year old joins the preasthood

Gay MaleAnalFirst Time

Me I am 5'10'',165 pounds and am very well built from working on the farm, my cock is 7.5 inches cut with a bigger mushroom cock head and a larger base, have learned that guys think I have a fine ass--have light brown curly hair, non on my butt just little curls around those 2 wrinkled ass-lips on each side of my small ass-hole crack. Love jacking off and playing with my butt hole & yes had thought of getting it on with a buddy but was a real virgin. The 1st thing was a physical the Doctor had me strip down for a shower and he seemed to take quite a time fondling and playing with my cock… Read more

Posted by TSGTDICK 1 day ago 2 1,317 100%

Another bar pick up


That summer weekend we drove to the coast and checked into our hotel; where we would stay for a couple days. On the first evening, after a delicious dinner, Ana and I decided to have some drinks at a near bar. So my sexy wife began her preparations while I went down to the lobby bar for a drink. When I got back to our room, Ana had showered and was in the process of hair and makeup. Standing there nude, her stunning boobs and her round ass cheeks were getting me hard. I fought the urge to strip and grope her body from behind. Ana blew me a quick kiss and got dressed for the evening. I coul… Read more

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First bi, guy, and lady boy experiences

First TimeShemale PornAnal

I've been extremely curious about sex as far back as I can recall... I'm not sure why, but I've embraced it. My first bi experience was in fact completely innocent. Around 12 years old, another guy and I used to look at each others' erections. I am very well endowed so I think he was curious of how big I was. Once I even put his much smaller erection in my mouth. I didn't know what oral sex was so it was just in my mouth for a moment and than I took it out. I remember he and I would put each other's erect cocks on each other's bare butts but that was about it. I was pretty naive and innocent… Read more

Posted by red5globe 1 day ago 2 1,071 86%

Cruising (A true story)

AnalGroup SexHardcore

I love to cruise around to find some horny guys to have sex with. And there is a large cruising spot at a nearby parking lot right next to the Autobahn entrance. At this cruising spot I always had a lot of horny and kinky hours with pleasure and a lot of sex. It was a very warm summer night and I entered the area on a Saturday at around 2:00 am. The parking lot was kinda left and there was not one car and not one single guy who was looking out for a good fuck. I was disappointed because it was such a good I-want-to-be fucked weather and I was expecting some more action around this place. But… Read more

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I become a crossdressers lover

Gay MaleAnal

Rick came into the apartment looking sexier than any woman I had ever seen. His long slim legs encased in silk stockings. He walked better in heels than my wife Caroline. My cock was hard just looking at him He kissed me his tongue sliding in my mouth. I returned the kiss. My hands running down his back to his tight arse. I wanted him so badly. As we kissed the phone rang. It was Caroline and I knew I had to take the call we spoke at the same time every Sunday when I was working away. These rituals pervade married life. I answered and sat on the sofa. My cock still hard. I chatted to Carolin… Read more

Posted by upbob67 2 days ago 2 799 86%

Canine attraction


We were chatting about the attraction of dog sex, and I said “I'd love to talk more about a dog eating your pussy”. Your face lit up, and I continued. “ I would want you get on your back on the floor, and I swat your ass until it's bright red, stopping only to swat your pussy. And as your pussy opens up in excitement my crop hits your clit, you squeal but you love it” You are interested in my story and I lie back, relaxing on the sofa and spin my tale: “I let in my dog who immediately starts to lick your pussy. You hold your lips open so his long tongue can lick your clit and go deep into you… Read more

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Group SexAnalHumor

Jane I have been friends with a guy from work (Dan) for a long time he and his wife (Jane) have been swingers for years we used to talk about some of the places they would go on their vacation . My wife would never do anything remotely like the things they were doing . So after my divorce I got to know them much better . I have been invited over to their house about a month after my divorce (no k**s) because Dan said that I looked depressed at work which I was . My regular supply of pussy when ever she would give me some was gone. I hated going to bars to me it was just desperate people looki… Read more

Posted by n8xpr 2 days ago 1,162 100%

Jane Pt 2

HumorGroup SexAnal

Jane pt 2 Jane , Dan and I were together every weekend until the we headed to the swingers party . I took Friday and Monday off as vacation because if this party was as good as they told me it would be then I definitely would need to rest up before returning to work . The drive took us nearly five hours to get there , Jane told me about some of the regulars that attended these parties , their are several ladies that will go crazy for your talented tongue . Of course your big fat cock won't hurt chances of scoring with all of them too. I called Kelli last night and asked her just who was atten… Read more

Posted by n8xpr 2 days ago 538 100%

Taking Anne's ass

AnalFirst TimeMature

I met Anne while working at an advertising company during college. She was very, very hot. She had the classic American look, blonde hair framing an light oil complexion and big soft lips that were built for sucking cock. She was skinny with curves in all the right places and had nice round breasts to complete the package. Needless to say I was attracted to her right from the get go and was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the attraction was mutual. We began to see each other frequently, and the sex was hot. The only things that were missing were certain sexual acts that Anne refus… Read more

Posted by ScaredyKat26 2 days ago 1 2,021 100%

Adams Sister part 2 ( OCC)


Adam´s sister part 2 ( Oil Company Chronicles) After an hour of sleep, I woke up in the nice guest bed that Adams mom had set up for me. I felt much better after resting, even if it was for just one hour. I was relaxed, how can I not be relaxed after getting a blowjob like that from Amy? I put on some clothes, then headed downstairs. I could hear noises coming down from the stairs. Apparently it seemed, Adam was in a heated argument with his mom. I remembered Adam mentioning to me once that he and his mom don’t really get along. I could hear the loud voices coming from below. I didn’t know… Read more

Posted by Harrykenobi 2 days ago 781 100%

The Encounter. part 1

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

I flopped down backwards on the bed. This is why I was here. He pushed a pillow under the small of my back so I presented to him. He grasped my hips and pulled me down nearer the end of the bed so that our union would be easier. He then pushed my knees wider apart. He reached over for the tube of lube and squeezed some on his right hand. He dropped the tube and, his left hand running slowly up and down the length of his cock, place his right hand in my crack. I felt his finger find me. My hole twitched in anticipation and maybe a little fear. A quick silky probe of a digit and I felt th… Read more

Posted by Northdownbi 2 days ago 1 493 100%