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Princess Hiba pt2

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I now owned my personal servant she only stood 5’ 1” and had a 4” longShe penis. No breasts but I liked her that way. I named her Sobia it means (reward for good deeds) . My first day with her I rode her small cock, it only made me cum once. She was so cute that I still wanted her. She slept in my room, while I slept with Prince Bashir and Inaya every night. That night I asked the Prince if he had a way to make Sobia’s cock larger. He gave me a few things. The next morning was Saturday. And every Saturday morning when the town square filled, I would lean over the balcony railing and the Pr… Read more

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Post # 3 This time it happened yesterday...

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So after writing my second post yesterday I really had fun doing it and was pretty worked up thinking about old times and I had to continue to try and find a cock to suck after many months of doing nothing and just recently beginning to explore options. No glory holes though, I wanted something different and challenging that I had to find and work for. The hunt was just as much fun. I've spent the past month looking, driving for a half hour after work, with my zipper down, underwear pulled over and the head of my cock pointing straight up enjoying my fingers rubbing it the whole time, on highw… Read more

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Me And My First Family Encounter. Part Four.

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Passion and lust. My first family encounter continues. If you have read part one, to part three, of my true story posts, you will discover the true fact that I have been having real sex with my mother for some years before this next exciting part of my TRUE STORY........ But things seem to have got far more hot between my hot horny sexy mother and me, much hotter in fact, since I was now at the age of 18. This evening I felt hot and horny, in fact I had been feeling hot and horny for the whole day, but I had not done anything to myself to make me feel better, I was saving my pent up sexua… Read more

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Entries and Exits

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April 18, 1996 I met Thom at a club in the city. One of those real fancy places with all kinds of silly martinis and such. What did I care about that? I was a gin and tonic man. Always had been. Always will be. Thom was wearing a beautiful grey suit but had on a maroon turtleneck sweater. His physique was great, but you couldn't see it through that silly thing. In any event, I wanted to get him out of it as soon as possible. It took a few more drinks than usual, but he loosened up. Something was on his mind but he wouldn't tell me what it was. Back at my place we sat on the couch and talked b… Read more

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170 Erin and the shipwreck

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He had spent the whole cruise chatting up a tall willowy blond, he had he thought just cracked the case and was escorting the said lady when they hit the mine, an ex ww2 thing that had floated about the vast ocean all this bloody time and chosen there little cruise ship at a moment when he, Erin Mount-bank was about to get his leg over, the fruition of a week of hard chatting! 25 minutes later he was clinging to a spar and apparently alone in a very wide-open sea, littered with a few wooden crates, and little else, in a current that had taken him well away from the rescue attempt area! To sa… Read more

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A story about a 60 year old hooking up again with his sexy 30 something ex-employee. Shortly after the naughty fun with my younger work colleague Suzy (see my story ‘Let The Sunshine In’) I retired and took on part time consultancy work. A few months later I bumped into her at the hardware store. I had just gone through the checkout and when I stepped outside she was waiting for me. ‘Hi Bill’. ‘Oh hi Suzy nice to see you’. We instinctively gave each other a friendly hug. ‘Hi Bill I saw you at the checkout and thought I’d wait and say hello … how’s retirement’? ‘It’s okay but I’m still d… Read more

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Mobile glory hole

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A regular Jordan fucker, Taylor, a carpenter friend of ours, modified one of his ex-work vans to be a mobile glory hole. So far the only slut that's used the slut truck has been Jordan. Then again Taylor does come around Jordan's work with the van and he and his his apprentice to fuck her during the week. Some weekends Taylor has to stay home with his wife so Jordan and I take out the slut truck. Taking Taylor's lead, I've gone to weekend work-sites or sites where there's night works and Jordan will either have a head job session or an all holes session depending on how hard shes been pounded… Read more

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War Of The Masks Chapter 1

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It was a stormy night. Outside of Venice, in a remote forest, there was a big and luxurious mansion. A limousine arrived outside it's gates at great speed as if the devil himself was after it. Two strange figures, one male, one female emerged from the car without closing the doors or pay attention to the corpse of the chauffer which collapsed on the ground. Inside the house, two twin little boys were sleeping safe and sound under their warm and expensive blankets when... ???: Jason, Lambros, WAKE UP! The horrified boys saw the mysterious couple dressed in black and wearing Venetian masks and c… Read more

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From slut wife to hooker

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My wife Jordan and I have been into the swinging gangbang scene for a number of years. We would both go out on our own and fuck other people as well as attending swinger parties and organised gangbangs. Obviously Jordan fucked way more people than me. She had a few tricks to show guys she was a slut, besides dressing like one. At bars she would bend over wearing nothing under her dress. When opening her purse it was full of condoms and a dildo. Sitting on bar stools she would swing around with her legs open and show everyone her waxed pussy (her favorite). When we went out together she wo… Read more

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Sexting Meghna Aunty

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This is a series of text messages, between my Aunt Meghna and myself, Arnav. Happy Reading! Meghna: Arnav, was that on purpose? Arnav: Hello Meghna Aunty. What was on purpose? I did not get that. Meghna: Stop messing around now. Did you do that purposefully, or was it seriously a mistake? Arnav: Do what Meghna Aunty? Meghna: Ok, now do not make me angry. Did you just grab my ass at the wedding? I am pretty sure I felt your firm grip on my body. Arnav: What nonsense! I would never do such a thing. Maybe I touched you by mistake. It was so crowded in there. You know that. Meghna:… Read more

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Our Yard Boy

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The drive back from Imperial Beach was a long boring trip and I was getting exhausted from the monotony of the road. I enjoyed these business trips a lot more in the past when I could check out the roadside rest stops for a quick blowjob. Since San Diego County had closed all their roadside johns there was little reason to cruse its rest stops anymore. Even now just thinking about a good blowjob is making me horny as hell. Massaging my nuts gave me a little relief but I just had to get my nuts off. At the crest of the hill I began reducing speed to check out an interesting looking abandoned re… Read more

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Losing your Hymen, 3 naughty stories

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1.) Frida's awakening I was fifteen when my younger brother have me a clock as a present. I thought nothing off it and got on with being who I was in the confines of my room, growing up and experimenting on my devices and my computer. What I did not know, was that the clock my brother supposedly bought me, was in actual fact, a gift from our downstairs neighbour, with a secret wed cam linked to his computer, recording my every waking moment and the things girls do as they grow up. He had stuff on me for thousands of hours, like the proverbial fly on the wall, he watched me interact o… Read more

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Our Unspoken Desire – Part 1

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Where is the damn AC Remote?” I muttered under my breath. It was a ‘summer afternoon’, two of the most beautiful words in the English language. And probably most harmonious sound for an English ear. But not for an Indian ear. It was a coastal place in Odisha. The weather was a pain in the ass. We studied coastal climates,… Read more

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Mother: My Life changer – Part 2

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I am going to write down a life-changing story of mine. I came to know that my real sex satisfaction can be achieved only through one person that’s my mother. Thank you for reading the part-1 and reviewing it. Here comes the hot night show. After cleaning t… Read more

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Mother: My Life changer – Part 1


I am going to write down a life-changing story of mine. I came to know that my real sex satisfaction can be achieved only through one person, that’s my mother. My name is Raja Ranjith. I am working in the IT sector. I am always horny. I have a 5.5″ inch tool, which became bigger and better after having sex with my mother. My family consists of 3 people. My father passed away during the f… Read more

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Deflowering My Teenage Neighbour Ananya

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My routine was to visit this site once a week and imagine myself as a character of the story I am reading and have a pleasuring time satisfying myself. Later, when I was in casual relationships, I only read sex stories for some really exciting and nasty ideas to spice up my sex life. Now I have decided to give back to thi… Read more

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First Time With Neighbor Lady


I’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I have a 6.5 inches dick. I never really measured it but my girlfriend told me its bigger than 6 inches. I am a skinny type guy but I have really great stamina (you will know in my future stories). Now without wasting any time let’s come to the story. There was a sexy lady in my society. Her name was Aaniya. Let m… Read more

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Passionate Sex With A Married Woman


Today I would like to share an awesome experience which happened a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Stark (name changed) from Surat. I’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I’m 21 years old with 6.5 inches. Now without wasting any time let’s come to the sto… Read more

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cumming out party

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sarah crawled on her hands and knees across my queen sized bed. As she firmly nestled one of her knees against my pussy and lowered her generous breasts to mine and began stroking her nipples back and forth across mine she smiled and said, “How come I have to do all the work?” “Because it’s my bed,” I said, brushing my finger tips along her firm upper arms and onto her back. I raised my head a bit and was rewarded with a long and loving kiss. Sarah lowered her wonderfully warm breasts against mine and looked me in the eye, “But at my place, you always get on the bottom first.” “That’s becau… Read more

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3 Stop's & Start's for 7 sessions (C

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In 2002 and 2003 when I was 23-24 years old, I decided to do a series of interesting masturbation challenges and I made detailed notes of the results. Here are the notes from one of those challenges: Challenge #3 - 3 Stop's & Start's per session for 7 sessions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DATES: September 19, 2002 - October 7, 2002 LENGTH: 18 Days, 13 Hours, 19 Minutes Challenge: To use the "Stop and go" method (Bring myself close to ejaculation, then stop stimulating for a bit, then start again) three tim… Read more

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