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Airport fun

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I don’t usually tell stories but i was recalling this one recently and though i would post it. I’m pretty lucky as my job takes me all over the world and I have some fun, sexy, interesting stories that i might share. I was on an overnight stop over at Orlando airport after a long haul flight, after cleaning up i went down to the hotel bar. I usually like to sit at the bar so i can find someone to chat to (guy/girl anything to pass some time) I sat down next to a guy who we will call Gary and was probably in his fifties (i was early thirties at the time). We chatted sport, work and travel bef… Read more

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Flashed his dick at hotel pool???

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I was in Arizona for work in late August in a small town close to the border. It felt like 120 degrees outside and it was probably close enough! After work I made my way down to the pool which was shaded by this time of afternoon. I always love to get some pool time in on trips, then the hot tub if available. I was thinking of maybe going to find an adult store hoping for a gloryhole to kill some time, I had that cock sucking urge again. After having a couple beers at the pool and being completely alone a couple other people wandered in as the sun was gone and the shade was nice near the pool… Read more

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Don & Celeste - [MMFFMM] Bi Orgy Part 2

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When we left off, I had just come back from a great little oral festival with Mark, Celeste, Fox and myself to find blankets spread out in the living room, and soft jazz music playing. Tom and Don had been watching the four of us play after they had been in the living room playing themselves. We all came in and sat down on the floor except for Don who sat back down in his recliner. Tom sat to my right side slightly in front of me and Fox was on my left slightly in front of me, they were both facing me in an interesting little triangle, clearly they both had the same idea to play with me, almo… Read more

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My Wife, His Slut: Filipina Wife

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Sus! Ladyboi Keven-Jeanne, naked in a cell with a horny, black stud, sucking his thick cock and hairy nuts, eating out his sweaty ass hole, then spreading his naked buttocks for the man to fuck him - HA! HA! HA! HA! THANK you, Satan! Turn a guy into a female! I'm so fuckin HAPPY! All my dignity as a man, a husband, a dad - stripped - to strut naked in just high heels and red lipstick and serve hard black men! Just like any white bitch out on the streets! Like my wife! I'm as sexy and feminine as my wife ever was! SHE goes for black cock - and so do I! Her black boyfriend t… Read more

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Baby makes three

Lesbian Sex

“There he is, bloody con man,” Michelle Woods said, looking through the net curtains of her semi-detached at the house almost opposite. Alex Moore, her partner of three years came up behind her, enclosing her slightly over-weight stomach. “I know, but I think we should leave well alone, it’s not our business to interfere”. “But he’s deceiving people, and he should be exposed….Look, he’s getting on his motorbike. Shall we call the police? I mean, it’s anonymous isn’t it? you don’t have to give your real name and address do you?” “I don’t think so, look, let’s just forget about it. What if he f… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 19

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This set off a free-for-all that soon had every room of the house filled with naked women, the smell of sex, and the sounds of pleasure. After a couple hours of this the party finally started to break up. Ella gave Adriana a ride home, and Olivia rode with Jackie; Janice walked home. The Collinses and Bowmans, however, decided to stay the night. Their husbands/fathers were out of town for the weekend, so they were free to do as they pleased. Or, more to the point, as Jessica pleased. Her formidable powers of persuasion only deepened as the night wore into the wee hours, and for her nightcap J… Read more

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The Thrupple

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Freddie Reeves steered the red 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan into the parking lot. He pressed the button to open the right sliding door. “Bye, guys,” he said to the Williamson siblings as they bounded out of the vehicle. The caretaker watched them closely as the teacher on duty ushered them towards the school entrance. He headed out to the grocery store to do some quick shopping. Tonight’s menu was BBQ chicken breasts, charred corn salad, and steamed broccoli. The five-ten, slightly chubby, unmanly fellow picked up the items he needed to make dinner. Captain and Dr. Williamson were good employer… Read more

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First time with a man

BDSMFirst TimeAnal

I’d been out on the town and hadn’t managed even getting close to a grope let alone a fuck, so I decided to call it a day and head back to my place for a lonely wank. A couple of miles out of town I saw a guy hitching in my direction, so I thought I’d be charitable and give him a lift. He was a bit older than me, probably around twenty-five—I was eighteen—and we got to chatting. After a short time, he suddenly blurted out “Do you go with men?” It caught me a bit off guard and I just answered that I hadn’t. I must have seemed interested to him and I must admit that I’d often wondered what it wo… Read more

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Summer Love (Chapter 1)

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Note: This is the first clean chapter of a WIP story. If you enjoy the story, be sure to follow me! I’ve always been on the loner type. I never really fit in with anybody else. I can’t say that I was the bullied type, either. People just… kind of didn’t acknowledge my existence. I don’t think I really acknowledged theirs, either. My mind was always occupied with something. I always found myself immersed in one activity or another, quickly dropping it went it got boring, and then picked up another hobby. I guess you could say I had a bit of a s**tter brain. I wasn’t sure why I wa… Read more

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Weekend at the Spa

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

I always wanted to go to one of the spas a lot of men went to, to have sex and play, but never had the chance until the Summer. I always found it hard to hook up with men, and tell if they were gay or bi, let alone top/bottom/vers, so going to the spa would make so much easier. After chatting with someone for a while, they finally asked me if I wanted to go to a spa with them. He was an older man, 42 years old and large, and we both turned each other on to no end, so I said yes. I asked though just to make sure it was all I was hoping it would be, and he confirmed we would definitely have ou… Read more

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Older Men at the Gym

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I joined a gym a while back that's 24/7, and we can swipe our card to get in at any hour. I don't really work out a bunch, but I like going in the sauna, or going for a run sometimes, and I prefer going late when no one's really there either. I went this time at 12am, like most other nights, and after my exams were done, I just wanted to hit the sauna for a while, hit the showers then go home. I swiped my card in, had my towel and clothes, and saw that like usual, there were barely any others there. There wasn't even a front desk person, like always. There were a couple older guys working out… Read more

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Gangbang with Strangers

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My roommates just left for 3 days and nights, and I had the whole house to myself, leaving me to take full advantage of the situation before me. I hadn't used Craigslist before, but I've browsed around it, and looked like I could find someone to fuck me and use me. I posted on there that I was looking for anyone at all, any body type big or small cock, as long as they were disease free. I just wanted to get down and dirty, and didn't care who it was. I posted some pics of my ass that are on my xhamster profile, and waited for some replies, hoping they would get back to me soon, as I wanted to… Read more

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Cock Crave in UK with Andy part 2

Gay MaleFirst Time after our afternoon and morning adventures I returned home from work to my cottage that evening, had dinner and waited for Andy, he knocked a couple hours later, he was smiling from ear to ear. I said to him it seems you have no problem with your cock being in a guys mouth, he said no it didn't matter to him it was all he could think about all day. I said should we get right to it or should I order us a couple beers? He said he was in no rush so beer would be great! I called down they said they would bring them round within half an hour. So we sat with the tv on watching repeats of Fri… Read more

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My New Family.

HardcoreGroup SexTaboo

My parents died when I was young, and for the next few years I drifted through one care home after another, and as nobody seem to want me, I decided I didn't need anyone anyway and quickly became a rebel and a gangster. Well in my mind I was, in reality I was just another troubled teen who fell into trouble quicker than most, until finally I ended up at the home of the Max's. Donna and Tom Max were a couple that had an amazing reputation for taking in k**s like me, and really turning them around. I however didn't care, it was just going to be another foster home and another place to rest my he… Read more

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Julie..the little milf pervert


I had an interview later on that day and I was so un-prepared so took the usual notes in that I had previously used when interviewing potential candidates over the past week. I’m in my office when in walks this stunning 30 something. I cast my eyes over her quickly as to not look like the pervert I really am and watch her take a seat opposite me. It is late October and the weather outside was very cold and with the amount of layers Julie was wearing gave a wrong view of her size. “Do you mind if I take my coat off” she asks as she stands up “Please, it only an small room and it will get very h… Read more

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Summer 86 part 6 'Donna'


Well, this summer so far had been out of this world. Each sordid experience I encountered I thought was it yet another one would come along. When would this stop? Did I have enough energy to carry on doing it? Who was the next one? When was the next time going to happen? All of these questions were running around in my head and I couldn’t concentrate properly and that’s were I got in to trouble. I was in the garage helping my dad as he was working on our car. It was another warm day and I was doing nothing so I asked me dad if he needed a hand. All was well and good until I started to think ab… Read more

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First TimeVoyeurTaboo

A favourite story from Literotica... Jenny by TryAnything John peeked through the hole he had made in the closet wall connecting his room to his sister's. He could see his sister in her room beginning to undress for bed. As he became more excited watching her undress, John dropped his pants and pulled his cock out, holding it in his hand. Even though Jenny was only 19, John knew that she was already mature physically, with big full tits and a pussy that could clearly be seen through the sparse red hair growing there. John was only a year younger than Jenny and big for his age, so mos… Read more

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Back to my cock craving...

Gay MaleFirst Time

So as I got into my thirties I had sucked enough cock to know it was not just a thing that was going to go away. I was married to beautiful woman, k**s, good job every "normal" aspect of life covered except there would be that cock crave that always came back around. I would do it far from home usually, I travel a lot for work going all around the world. And there was never a shortage of cock to be sucked. But I liked to be discreet and be careful with who I chose. At this point I had always had quicker, more direct suck and go experiences. This time, I wanted to be able to take my time. I w… Read more

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Penelope West Story Installment 1

MatureFirst TimeFetish

Married to Penelope 41 years, I realized I could write a book about it, but I will try to keep things as short as I can. (This is all TRUE stuff, so it could get boring) Penelope was a cheerleader in high school, and earned a scholarship in music. I meant her when she was 18, at a Halloween party. A month later we were a couple. She had NEVER had a boyfriend before and definitely a virgin. She had never even masturbated before. Hard to believe but true. We got married 4 months after we meant. I took my first nude picture of her with a polaroid camera a month before we got married. She would o… Read more

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Seduced and Fucked Stranger Facebook Friend

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

I am Achyuth (name changed) 28 years old from Bangalore, 5.8with an good looking. Anyone interested in secret relationships in and around Bangalore can reach me at [email protected] and I can assure you full pleasure with utmost secrecy. This is a story about how one average freakish encounter on FB turned into one of the best nights of my life. Just scrolling through FB, and looking into friend suggestions, there was a request from an unknown person in my inbox. I curiously peeked into the profile but unfortunately no details were provided and it was sure it was a profile created recen… Read more

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