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    First Time with Tranny

    Shemale PornFirst TimeVoyeur

    So this is the story about how I got my first experience being a bottom, and why it was with a tranny. I was 18 and wanted to try being a bottom. For a long time I had experimented by myself at home with different things (hair brushes handles, screw drivers handles, ping pong paddles handles etc...) but I really wanted the real thing. I had the fantasy about sucking dick and getting fucked. I had been watching anal sex porn, gay porn and shemale porn for a long time, and always I thought the tranny porn was the best. The idea of having a beautiful woman fuck me was very exciting for me. So t… Read more

    Posted by backup131313 23 minutes ago 118 100%



    When I lived in Hertfordshire we had neighbours who,s only daughter Frances was quite pretty, blonde with a nubile body usually dressed in a tee shirt and tight jeans with sandals, a petite young lady in pigtails. Wife Sarah, son Rick and daughter Christina Plus Myself were all invited to Franny,s s*******nth birthday party in our neighbours back garden and enjoyed the barbecue meal sitting in patio furniture next to their small heart shaped swimming pool as they had a fair amount of money, the father a well established television advertising executive. Franny and I had got along like I was a… Read more

    Posted by expatriate 23 minutes ago 1 175 100%

    ‘The Garden Room’. #2.

    BDSMFirst TimeAnal

    This is the 2nd part of a full story, that has to be blogged over a number of episodes. It is essentially BDSM, coupled with other unusual sexual predilections.. It is written from my own, the woman's perspective... If you are looking for a quick fix from some sexually charged, short story sex, this isn't for you! If however you like to read about sexual build up, and tension, and enjoy mystery, then this is for you.. There is certainly plenty of sex, because this is a sex story, but there is a plot, and an ending, just like any book... 'Part Two'. ‘On my own in the house.’… Read more

    Posted by Rustyredhead 23 minutes ago 15

    Mr. Woulfe and Red

    First TimeFetishTaboo

    "Please Mr. Woulfe, don't tell my parents." That was not the best thing to say to your guidance counselor after he caught you on your knees in the boy's lavatory. Curiosity on school grounds, it seemed, was a punishable offense in spite of me being of age. "You know that you just prostituted yourself, right?" He sighed as he glanced back at me. I hadn't considered that. I was curious and a classmate was willing to pay me for my time. It never occurred to me that prostitution was as simple as accepting money for sexual favors. Mr. Woulfe smirked as he held open his office door for me, "Le… Read more

    Posted by Erozetta 1 hour ago 464

    The Sticky post it note


    Theres a post it note on my phone I’m puzzled As I squint my eyes to read it. No cameras no iPads no iPhones no filming no internet Those are the rules pick you up at 3 At lunch time I get a text message Just me you a hot tub plus 6 bottles of Château Latour perhaps a few toys & massage oils See you at three 2 pm another text There’s a hot tub Ps leave your costume at home I want you naked ....... It’s a beautiful sunny day I have no idea what he’s planned He’s behaving mischievously But I can imagine Two naked body’s slapping together in the bubbles drinking bubbles… Read more

    Posted by LovelyCoconuts 1 hour ago 100

    Sissy Kajal – Part 1

    BDSMFetishGay Male

    Hi friends, My name is Manish Agrawal. I am a sissy. My Gillie name is Kajal. My age is 18. This story is a fictional story. It is my first sex story. Please write your reviews to my gmail id. In my family there are four members my mother Mitali Agrawal; my father Amit Agrawal, my sister Monika Agrawal and me. I start this story from my c***dhood. I was a brilliant student from beginning. I always get first rank in school. In primary boys were very naughty and I was a simple cute and silent boy so I was not too much friendly with boys. My all friends were girls named Parul Poonam Ekta Yogita… Read more

    Posted by sissyKajalAgrawal 1 hour ago 76 100%

    Girls Lunch

    AnalGroup SexMature

    They had both retired early, although Alice was well into her sixty’s she was still beautiful and had a hot body her natural 40D’s did not sag at all, and she has an ass to die for. She had gone thru the change and came out on the other side safe to ride bare back, and constantly wet, actually dripping when played. Greg her husband on the other hand, after years of beating up his body in various endeavors, working and an inherited illness had left him with a shrunken cock that could not hold an erection. The hell of it is of the two of them Greg was the horny one. Alice was always very vanilla… Read more

    Posted by ohmyyes64 2 hours ago 2 791 100%

    Second time sharing, part 2


    Watching Monica fucked so well by James was so erotic and such a turn on, she cum 2 times in just the first round. His stamina along with his staying power was simply awesome to say the least. After he finished fucking my wife and dumping a good load into her he sat at the headboard of the bed, Monica moved to his right side after a little while of laying there with her legs spread, regaining her composure from receiving what must have been the fuck of her life, at that stage we didn't realize there was to be 10 more years of that. I took my place on the chair I earlier placed at the end of t… Read more

    Posted by funall 2 hours ago 265 100%

    Meeting an older woman


    So I decided to try my luck on AFF. I am desperate to wat pussy because my wife doesnt let me and doesnt like it. So I finally had a woman interested age was only 20 miles away and 68. Did not send a pic or anything but her address. Told me she was home on my evening free to come on out. I was unsure if I should go being very little info. But I went anyways. I pulled up to the house and the outside was very nice. But all the lights were off. Do I knock and wake the wrong person up? Or do I take a chance? I went up nervous ass hell and knocked. I here a lady say come on in. I slowly opened the… Read more

    Posted by spidercum 2 hours ago 2 674 100%

    The New Sales Girl -Part Four


    The New Sales Girl - Part Four Robert rang my door bell at 7:00 the next morning. I wasn't dressed but I answered the door wearing one of Mark's Harley Tee shirts and nothing underneath. I had slept in it. Robert had another bag of clothes with him and said these would be my outfit for the day. I told him I would shower and be right back. He told me he'd like to watch me shower and shave so I took him by the hand and led him back to my bedroom where I stripped off the Tee shirt and he watched as I soaped up and then shaved my… Read more

    Posted by SherryDeAnn1960 3 hours ago 586 100%

    My bound gangbang

    BDSMGroup SexInterracial Sex

    So I have a great friend who I've known for a long time now. We have never been a couple but me and him have fooled around on occasion even after I had gotten married. So about a year ago it was getting close to my birthday which he has never forgotten and always got me something. Now not only have we fooled around but we share all our secrets and fantasies with each other so he knows me pretty well to say the least. On Tuesday a week before my birthday he messaged me and asked if I was doing anything on Saturday cause he want… Read more

    Posted by Mrs_J 3 hours ago 1 633 80%

    Penis Enlargement Treatment

    FetishFirst TimeGay Male

    I had been considering for some time looking into one of the various penis enlargement methods that are constantly advertised on TV, the radio and of course, the constant stream of email spam promising me three more inches in just days. My cock is only five inches long, so the advertisements are constant reminders of my inadequacy. I really want to experience the power of pushing a big, thick cock—MY big thick cock into a girl and watching her squirm and groan, trying greedily to accept every thick inch. I have a girlfriend who I have been with for a few months, I love fucking her but she does… Read more

    Posted by 425olds 3 hours ago 2 532 75%

    Doctor has a NEW E.D. Cure Gay

    First TimeGay Male

    The small ad at the bottom of the sports page caught my eye. "E.D. Non evasive cure. No pills. Guaranteed results. Natural Cure. Call today for your free medical consultation. Dr. Wayne Webber, MD." I had heard of Viagra and the other so called miracle pills, but they all warned of possible serious side effects. At 50 years old, I was losing my stamina and was concerned for my wife's sake. I was willing to try just about anything, so I called and set up an appointment. I arrived at the clinic which was located in a converted home. As I walked in I was a bit apprehensive when I checked in wit… Read more

    Posted by 425olds 4 hours ago 1 621 75%

    Odd Job

    TabooGroup SexMature

    A mature mother/daughter threesome with Uncle Larry… ANOTHER FANTASY – I have been harvesting pictures long since forgotten on XH, which means the user has retired leaving pictures with titles that mean nothing and probably have not been seen since they were posted. Here is another of these, posted 8 years ago and barely a comment or a thumbs up, and my twisted old mind goes to work. I don’t know her, I don’t know who posted them, just old gold. I nearly… Read more

    Posted by lyinglarry 4 hours ago 745 75%

    Promise he wouldn't Cum in Me PT2

    Group SexInterracial SexVoyeur

    Barb had left the house about 8:30 and called me an hour or so later. She asked me to go to a particular Internet site and gave me a password. Minutes later I was looking at my wife sitting naked in front of a computer with at least half a dozen naked black men in the background. When she left, she wore a green front button dress with 3 buttons fastened at the waist leaving no doubt that she had no panties or bra. Her trip out was triggered by Jamie calling earlier to find out how she was doing. Actually he wondered if he and his room mate had knocked her up a month ago. The story called "Ba… Read more

    Posted by 425olds 4 hours ago 743 63%

    Sweet sixteen. Black seventeen.

    First TimeLesbian Sex

    This is a moment in the life of teenager Ariel. She is the only c***d of cosmetic surgeon Eric and dentist Suzan. They seem to have it all. Money, friends, a villa, enormous garden etc. To the outside world, they are the perfect family. But in reality Ariel feels lonely. Her parents are always working. And when they come home, they have no attention for her. For example, they even take it for granted that Ariel does all the cleaning and cooking. On this cold and rainy Monday evening in January her parents had to go to an important meeting right after work. It could take all evening they sai… Read more

    Posted by Litte_amanda 5 hours ago 3 703 100%

    Promise he wouldn't Cum in Me Blacken

    First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

    My pretty wife Barb and I were in a popular sports bar and she was wearing a nearly sheer unbuttoned blouse; a front buttoned mini skirt and thigh high stockings and heels. She was here like that, not to pick up some guy, but to pay off a bet. She was overly confident that her favorite team would win the bowl game and arrogantly made the wager with the certainty of winning; I was delighted to see them lose. I had made her a strong Black Russian before we left home to help her courage and dull her inhibitions a bit. The terms were that if she lost, she would have to wear whatever I chose for h… Read more

    Posted by 425olds 5 hours ago 1,114 80%

    Footjob Jenny

    First Time

    Footjob Jenny This is a real story. It contains little to no sex. If you're looking for a sexy story to get your rocks off. You might consider skipping this one.. It was during my time in Salt Lake, living as a hobo, I was practically homeless. I had been there for several months already, and seen most stuff there is to see downtown, and also some other places. The Rice-Eccles Stadium, The Foothills, Temple Square with the temple, the tabernacle, the visitor center, and the conference center, where an older gentleman had given me a private tour, since no other people had showed up at that ti… Read more

    Posted by princeofegypt777 5 hours ago 78

    The pastor who wanted to piss on my grave


    This is another real story.. As most, or all of my stories, there is little to no sex in it. So if you're looking for something to turn you on, just skip my stories. My stories are puzzle pieces that explain why my sexuality is the way it is, and I'm writing them down also for the sake of processing. The pastor that wanted to piss on my grave. I had just arrived back from America, where I was deported for overstaying a visa, and instead of flying home went to a different state, where I had some, let's call it "business to attend ".. that's all I will say. Nothing i*****l. But something that… Read more

    Posted by princeofegypt777 6 hours ago 189

    A Dancer's Journal

    CelebrityGroup SexAnal

    A Dancers World Tour Journal I just got the news that I will be auditioning for a spot on Shakira’s next tour, this has me so excited and uplifted. If I get this gig, I will know for sure that the dream I have been chasing is that much closer to coming true. I must focus all my efforts from here on out to making sure I am at my peak best when I audition in three days: hydrate, meditate, no sex, don’t masturbate, liberate, annihilate. If all goes well, I’ll be rocking and dancing all over the world for the next year. Shakira’s audition felt like I stepped into a Fellini film, the haze and adre… Read more

    Posted by robolover007 6 hours ago 129